Getting to Know You Ch. 01

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* * * * *

This is my first attempt at a story, having been a member here and appreciating the other stories for some time… hope it is enjoyed. Any constructive feedback is incredibly welcomed 🙂

* * * * *

Glancing in the mirror, I licked my lips and ran both my hands through my short cropped hair in a vague attempt to make it looked passably styled. Sure, I liked it messy, but today it was just a state. Sneering at myself in the mirror as always I fled the toilets and hurtled down the three flights of stairs to my next call. I worked as a Second Line IT technician and the service agreements we were given to respond to calls meant heavy workloads and little rest, despite how moronic half the queries could be. Other days were more challenging and today, with one of our main servers down, was one of them. It was a relief, I suppose. It meant I had almost gone an entire day without thinking about ‘it’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some mentally secluded social alien. The stories you hear about the ‘stereotypical geek’ are largely fabricated, notwithstanding the fact that this year I’ve actually managed to develop a tan… I don’t seem to have problems attracting anyone either. At 5″ 7 I have an athletic build that cognitively challenged people would be inclined to call butch. I have pert little 34B breasts that are never going to take anyone’s eyes out, but hey, at least they’re small enough to avoid gravity for a good while yet. I am 28 years old, and six months fresh out of my latest long-term failure that some people would have called a relationship. My name is Keara Corvale, and I am utterly, utterly hopeless with men.

Which is why I had my current problem. I wasn’t so sure any more that men were my answer. And there was a woman at work who I sorely wanted to put that question to the test.

I had been sure for a long time that I was bi-curious at the very least. But the curious nature in a person that is naturally very shy isn’t going to be prevalent, and I had always pushed my fantasies and suspicions to the back of my mind, instead opting for the comfort of a simple heterosexual relationship. But after the disaster of my last one, ending up in A&E after losing an argument at the end of his fist, enough was enough. I had packed up and moved in with friends until finding a cosy flat near the office. I had thrown myself into my work, revelling in the long hours that could be inherent with the job, keeping me away from the tedium of dating again and keeping my thoughts to the back of my mind. But then at an IT seminar for new staff, I had looked up as she walked through the door, and she immediately threw my reasonably dull expectations of life into disarray.

I hadn’t paid any attention to her credentials. She was just another person to listen to as they whined about the poor standards of IT provision compared to their last company. Besides which, our company’s IT standards are excellent, I would just like to point that out now. The trainer hadn’t earmarked her as anything special. But he really, really should have.

She was wearing black pin trousers, wide-legged, so I couldn’t tell the shape of her underneath. But they did hug her hips, which swayed with obvious seduction as she strode across the room to her seat. She had a crisp tailored white blouse tucked into the top hem, the tightness of it emphasising her beautifully shaped breasts. My eyes held at them — I just couldn’t help it — before taking in the rest of her. She was wearing a blood-red neckerchief which complemented her darkly tanned skin, and had to be tucked delicately in between those beautiful breasts. I couldn’t tell if her tan was natural or boosted through hours on the sunbed. Her lips were thin, and she held a tight smile at the edges which could have been sinister or sarcastic, probably depending on her mood. Her cheeks were flush with colour, and she had light makeup on that emphasised the luscious green of her eyes. Even after the shameful way I had lingered on her breasts, there was certainly no way I could tear my gaze off those beautiful eyes. Like big jewels in their own right, if she had looked at me right at that moment, I wouldn’t have known what to do…

… and she did look at me. And I just blushed and looked away hurriedly, like some pathetic schoolgirl, trying to ignore the involuntary heat building between my legs. What a loser. It had been four months since that seminar, and Cathrin Beck had been doing neither my heart rate nor blood pressure any good since. Every time I saw her, either for a service call, or even just walking past in the corridor, she’d grin at me, and I could do nothing but smile, and blush. I managed conversations, mainly about work… but she had to be able to tell something was up. I must have looked absolutely ridiculous.

The call I was attending now was her, hence my impromptu visit to the toilet for a check in the mirror. Despite being a physical wreck whenever I was near her, I could at least attempt Ankara escort to look respectable. But I was failing this time, obviously. I buzzed myself into the floor and tried to walk smoothly over to her office. Smiling I tried very hard not to make eye contact.

“Hi Cathrin, I’m just responding to your call up to IT. I understand you’ve got some issues with your printer?”

“Hi Keara, yes, it just stopped working yesterday. I really needed it up and running, but you know how it is, I just got the secretary to do all my printing. Could you be a darling and take a look?”

Blushing furiously, I ducked out of her line of site to her printer, which was on a return to the left of her desk. She was wearing a dark green skirt which was knee length, but rode up to her mid-thigh when she sat down. I hate that I have begun noticing these things, and start examining the printer so I can make my escape before embarrassing myself. Trying not to let my breathing accelerate, I briefly caught the scent of DKNY, and my senses were immediately set off.

She started humming, and I couldn’t help but turn around for a glance, almost following my nose. She had crossed her legs and was hunched over some paperwork with her elbows on the desk, tapping her pen on her left temple. It seemed so quirky, I couldn’t help but smile before turning back to the printer. Thankfully for my sanity, the rising temperature on my cheeks and the rising heat in my groin, it was a quick fix. I was about to run out the door when she called me back.

“Keara — sorry, you must be so busy. Can I ask you a favour at all?”

Yes, I thought, god yes, please, anything!

“I have a PC at home…” (Ah yes, I forgot. I’m a geek.) “it’s been running really slowly, and it’s buried into the desk and I haven’t got the first clue how to untangle it — my ex hooked it all up originally. Do you think you’d have time to come over and take a look at it? If you don’t mind, that is…. A few other people have mentioned you’ve helped them out before. I’ll pay you, of course.”

She was completely correct — I had helped out a few people with moonlighting calls on their ailing PCs. Most people didn’t bring them into the office as they didn’t want the rest of the IT department seeing their nefarious surfing habits. I was one of the more diplomatic members of the team. And usually declined any offer of payment at the end of the job.

“Sure Cathrin, no problem. When’s convenient for you?”

“Whenever, really.” she tapped the pen against her temple again, and looked up at me with those stunning green fuck-me eyes. Despite myself, I gulped, grinning inwardly like an awkward teenager. My heart fluttered, and my pelvis felt like doing backflips. “Are you busy tomorrow night at all?”

I wasn’t, and even if I had been, I would have cleared my calendar. “Sure, no problem. I’ll meet you out front after work?”

Cathrin grinned amiably at me and nodded in agreement, putting her head back down to her paperwork. I retreated from her office with a mix of excitement and dread, with a pounding in my heart like a schoolgirl with a crush, and a fire between my legs that no amount of wetness was putting out. Running back to my floor, I went back to the toilet and locking myself in a cubicle, ran my hand inside my soaking wet panties. I bit my lip and stifled a moan at feeling how wet I was. I’d only gone to fix her printer. I’d only seen her legs and caught a brief note of her perfume. We’d only spoken a few sentences… there was no way I was surviving tomorrow night without looking like a perverted fool.

With work as it was, the rest of the day flew by with extra work hours on top for good behaviour (they call it ability, apparently). I was so exhausted by the time I scraped myself into my flat that I fell on top of the bedclothes without getting undressed. I was grateful as sleep took me so quickly, I didn’t have time to start fretting about the following night, and how I was going to react to being in her home.

I woke up the next morning with butterflies in the pit of my stomach. It couldn’t be anything but nerves. I threw myself into a cold shower, chastising myself for being so childish. It was nothing but a little crush, and I was behaving ridiculously. And despite any feelings, sexual or otherwise, that I thought I had for Cathrin, she had given less than no indication that she was gay, let alone interested. Our relationship had only ever been professional. Mentally slapping myself around the face, I stepped out of the shower and prepared myself for the day.

There was no escaping the practicality of my job, and that meant I could rarely dress in a feminine way. A little application of foundation and blusher reminded me I was part of the female side of the human race. Normally I would wear trouser suits and flats, suited for the running around that was part and parcel of the day-to-day tasks. Today I wore plain black, with a pastel blue fitted blouse that somehow managed Ankara escort bayan to conspire to give my breasts that were hidden underneath a complementary shape. I rolled my neck and my shoulder as I went from one job to the next, trying to ease the muscular pain I often felt. I had been in a car accident a couple of years ago — nothing serious — but my back had never felt the same since. My family had urged me to see a chiropractor, but I had never found the time or money. Instead I treated myself to rare days out at a spa, telling myself that the occasional massage would make it all better. That, and liberal applications of heat spray.

My day seemed to mystically keep me out of Cathrin’s way, so I was mildly surprised and had to suppress a little yelp when I almost walked into her in the stairwell. She grinned at me, her usual way, and said something about looking where I was going. I could only look in one direction. She was wearing a plain black trouser suit, the same as me, but she had on the same white blouse she wore for the seminar. Underneath it was a red bra. There was no mistaking how seethrough that top was, and she must have known. I could easily make out the shape of those perfectly formed breasts. Looking firm and pert, it was all I could do to stop myself from licking my lips, I’d fantasised about them so many times. I forced my gaze up to meet hers and muttered something in return. She blinked at me, knowing exactly where I’d just had my eyes. My heart fell to the heels of my feet, but instead of being offended, she merely set the smile back on her face.

“Are you still okay for after work?”

“Sure… no problems.”

After work… she was going to let me do my geek thing, and then let me have it with both barrels. I gulped and wandered off, cursing my stupidity.

And I was right. Mainly.

I knew what to expect of her house, from an employee of her calibre. She also had a flat in the city, though in a slightly more aesthetic area than mine. It had secure underground parking and a concierge. I was lucky if my apartments ever avoided the frequent shouting and a drunk slumped in a stairwell. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that IT is a financially romantic career.

She ushered me in to a laminate floored hallway and through a door to the left into what she had made her study. It was simple enough. More laminate floor, a couple of disastrously-ordered bookcases, and a desk that looked like someone had sneezed cables over it. Underneath the mess was a dusty keyboard, and behind that, a sorry-looking monitor. I stifled a laugh and pointed at the chaos.

“So you need me to sort out that spaghetti?”

She smiled her thin smile. “If you don’t mind! But it’s the PC that’s being the real pain. It keeps turning itself off. Says its got tons of viruses, and I haven’t got a clue what to do.”

“It’s okay, sounds like a classic case. I’ll set to.”

She wandered off in the direction of what must have been the kitchen. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

My brain thought ‘ice cool beer’. “A water would be great, thanks.”

Taking off my laptop bag and jacket and dumping them over the back of her chair, I first rolled it out of the way, then removed my cufflinks and rolled up my sleeves. This was going to be fun. A lot of my job got swamped up with the technical side of things. There was rarely anything as fun as scrambling on your knees under a desk and getting dirty, no pun intended, as I rolled the mass of wires to the vary back of the desk and down the gap at the back.

A couple of minutes later I heard a clink on the desk as Cathrin put my drink down. She must have at least taken off her shoes, as I couldn’t hear her approaching. The floor had little pock holes in from heel markings, so I wasn’t sure if this was through politeness. I had left my shoes on, definitely through politeness, after spending the day on my feet. Cathrin chuckled and I looked around, though all I could see was the underside of the desk and her legs from the knees down.

“Something I need to know?”

“I wasn’t expecting this kind of view. Are you comfortable down there?”

That brought on yet another blush and I tried not to wiggle my ass as I shifted my knees into a more comfortable position.

“I’m okay, thanks, just be a couple more minutes before I work on the PC itself.”

She chuckled quietly. “It’s okay, don’t rush yourself.”

After untangling a couple more wires from the machine and nestling them on the lip of the desk, I shuffled backwards out from my den, pushing the power button on the PC as I slowly knelt up. Cathrin had been sitting cross-legged on the chair, my laptop bag put to the side. On seeing my get up, she stood herself, gesturing for me to take the chair. I did this gratefully, thumping myself down and rolling my neck with a gratifying ‘pop’. She almost imperceptibly winced as the PC gave a little beep and I went to my diagnosis. The monitor filtered on slowly as she Escort Ankara moved to stand behind me. I hated it when people looked over my shoulder when I was working, but just because it was Cathrin, I tried to ignore my pet peeve.

The PC just went straight into the operating system, so I sat and waited as various windows appeared on screen.

“Does that always happen when you roll your neck?” Cathrin asked quietly.

I sniffed and wiggled my nose. More DKNY. Delicious. “Not always. It gets stiff sometimes. Normally if I’ve spent a lot of the day at my desk.” I thumped a few keys, starting my diagnosis, flipping the mouse across the screen. There were a few telltale signs of viruses. It wouldn’t be complicated to fix, but it could be time consuming. “This may take me a while. Do you want me to take it back to my place, or kick off some scans and come back?”

“I don’t mind how long it takes, as long as you’re okay with that. Do you need me to fix you something to eat?”

I declined politely, as I’d eaten earlier in the day, turning instead back to the screen to put the viruses into submission. As Cathrin wandered off, I lost track of time, as I often do, hunting down the problem. Sure enough, like every other person that had a problem with their PCs at home, the root of the problem lay in malicious downloads and porn sites. As I cleared out some files, I couldn’t help but sneak a look at some pictures on there. My heart leapt into my throat as a Caucasian twenty-something with massive breasts and a tiny thong pouted at me from the screen. I rapidly closed it, and kept my curiosity to myself. After a while Cathrin wandered back into the room with another water, and to check how I was doing. I couldn’t help but make light conversation about the mess of it, as it would be taking me another hour at least.

“Your ex sure made a thorough job on this one! I wouldn’t have let him on it so often, if I were you.”

Cathrin chuckled again.

“I wasn’t to know, IT isn’t really my thing. She won’t be allowed on it again though.”

My brain did a 360 as it caught up on this sentence. I tentatively said one word.


I could almost hear Cathrin drop her head; almost hear the grin spreading across her face as I reacted with the same shock as possibly everyone else that ever found out.

“Yes, I’m gay.” She sounded a little more pensive. “You don’t have a problem with that, do you?” There was a sharp edge to her voice, that possibly hinted there were a few people that had. I was definitely not one of them.

“No, not at all. Just surprised, that’s all.” I couldn’t help myself. “You’re… more attractive than most gay women I’ve met.” And that was an understatement. She was more attractive than most women, full stop.

“Thank you Keara. So what’s the prognosis?”

Moving quickly back to professional mode, I started reeling off the issues on the machine, and how long I thought it would take to fix it all. She made positive sounds at the parts where she thought she needed to contribute, not arguing with my opinions at all. I capped it off with another roll of the neck. This brought another ‘pop’ and another wince from Cathrin.

“Well if you’re staying, at least let me try to help you out with that ghastly noise.”

I jumped at first as her soft hands rested on either shoulder, but quickly soothed as I remembered it was Cathrin that was touching me. I told my groin to calm down, and tried not to smell the DKNY that flavoured her wrists. Her fingers moved to my neck and started gently rubbing across, up, and back down to the top of my shoulder. I bit back an appreciative moan as my muscles started to ease under her careful touch, concentrating on getting her PC sorted.

After five minutes of stroking the nape of my neck, she asked if she could move my collar aside a little.

“I can feel the tension go down to your shoulders. I don’t mind seeing if I could get rid of a few knots for you?”

I certainly wasn’t one to disagree as I undid a button on my blouse and slid the collar open. My shoulders did burn, and she had the touch of a professional. Just one of the things I was yet to find out about Cathrin Beck… but right then, it was all I could do to concentrate on the screen in front of me. Her hands were deliciously soft and she was kneading my skin in such a tender way. I was starting to get frustratingly horny with her hands on me, and the memory of the woman on the screen burned into the back of my mind.

She started to make small-talk on what I was doing, and as I explained it to her I had to admit it was the first time in my life I wasn’t frustrated with a ‘user’ looking over my shoulder as I worked. As the conversation wore on, her hands became firmer, and her strokes wider. Her fingers fanned out, stroking down to my collar bone, and instead of massaging, gently glided over my skin back to my shoulder. I shuddered, and my arm broke out in goosebumps. Oh so slowly, my breathing was starting to get heavier, and the pulsing between my legs only rose as her hands went firmer and lower, now stroking at the top of my bra. Her head by my ear, she breathed gently, popping open two of the buttons on my blouse.

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