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I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for, except that I knew it would be pleasant, but my girlfriend Sue had said, ‘Sorry, sweetheart, I have to work Christmas Day, until four. Come round to the apartment about six, and we can spend the evening together. I’ll cook Christmas dinner for you,’ she’d added, with a kiss and a smile and a hug.

Sue works on the switchboard at Mercy hospital. She’d volunteered to work, as her working meant one of the married operators could be with their family for Christmas. The act was typical of Sue’s generosity of spirit. We’d been going out together for about two months and already I couldn’t imagine life without her as part of it. We hadn’t talked about it, not yet, but marriage was definitely on my mind.

At six o’clock sharp I rang her doorbell.

“Hi, Tom! Come on in.” It was Jan, Sue’s roommate. She took my arm and drew me in. I was wondering why she was directing me so carefully, until I realized she’d got me under the mistletoe. She arched her brows in query, and I leaned into her kiss, a sweet kiss, soft, warm lips. A friendly kiss, no more. A Christmas kiss between friends. Jan was dressed for going out and she fastened her coat as we stepped apart again.

“I’m off to see Harry; I’ll probably be back about midnight. Sue’s in her room, Tom, she said go straight in.” Jan waved goodbye and was off, an enigmatic smile on her face making me wonder what was up.

“Sue?” I called.

“I’m in my bedroom, Tom. Come on in.”

I’d never been in Sue’s bedroom before. Our relationship was heading towards what I hoped and indeed expected would be a ankara escort full one, but so far our intimacy had ended at me caressing her breasts. Very nice breasts they are, too, lovely handfuls, and there was promise in our intimacy. I pushed open the bedroom door and stopped dead in my tracks.

Sue was lying on the bed, enveloped in Christmas wrapping paper from neck to toe. Now I understood Jan’s enigmatic smile, for there was no way Sue could have wrapped herself. There was a big bow tied around her waist, with a gift tag.

“Merry Christmas, Tom,” she said softly, a touch of pink on her cheeks. “Come and unwrap your present. I hope you like it.”

My prick grew an instant inch. “I’m sure I will,” I said.

I moved to the bedside and bent to read the gift tag. ‘To Tom. Merry Christmas. With all my love, Sue XXX. All tags are numbered. Please attend to them in sequence.’ The tag was


“What is this?” I said. I think my prick knew what was going to happen before my brain caught on.

Sue smiled, but said nothing. I looked into her eyes, warm, inviting, and reached out to pull at the bow around her waist. It came undone easily. There was a little tag which had been hidden. It said, ‘

. Pull me.’ So I did. The wrapping paper fell away from Sue’s body. Under it, she was wearing silk, in my favorite red. Not a lot of it, mind. Just a lacy half-cup bra and a pair of lace-trimmed panties, almost like boxer shorts.

There was another tag on her tummy. This one said, ‘
. Please remove all wrapping paper.’ Again I complied. It was mostly a case of getting her to lift up so that escort ankara I could get the paper from under her. She co-operated, but when I tried to kiss her she shook her head and murmured, “Not yet, sweetheart.”

My prick was getting stiffer when I had removed all of the wrapping paper, because now I could see that she was wearing stockings, too, held up by lace garters around her thighs. Two more tags had been revealed. One was fastened to her bra, the other to her panties. They were numbered, too, and .

said, ‘Please remove your own clothes, then open here and remove this garment,’ and it was attached to the front fastening on her bra. I grinned at Sue and complied, holding her eye and humming ‘The Stripper.’ I had a bit of a problem getting my boxers off over my erection, but I managed, after a struggle which Sue watched closely. She smiled broadly and licked her lips when she saw what I was offering. My erection was hot and hard, and pointed firmly towards distant horizons

When I removed her bra it was the first time I had seen her breasts in good light and I reminded myself how lovely they are by kissing her erect nipples, if anything making them even stiffer. She moaned a little and I turned my attention to tag . This one said, ‘Remove panties by pulling towards feet.’

I knelt astride her legs and took the waistband of her panties in my hand, drawing them slowly, oh, so slowly, down, while Sue arched her back to let me. I could smell the heat of her. Heck, I could feel it! When I’d drawn her panties down, I saw that Sue’s mound was shaved bare, with ankara escort bayan a message written in lipstick, and an arrow. Startled, I looked at her, and she smiled and gestured to the message.

“I hope you can do what you’re told, Tom,” she murmured, her voice throaty with her want.

“Oh, I think I can manage to do that,” I said. I looked again at the message and my prick got even stiffer. It was a simple message. Succinct, and to the point.

‘Penis to be inserted here and love to be shared at length.’

Slowly, I moved to kneel between her legs, and she moved them, ready for me. I could smell her, and I bent quickly and tasted her, loving the tangy salty-sweetness of her on my tongue. She drew her breath in quickly, her hands pressing my head to her, then lifted my head, pulling on my hair. I looked up, into her eyes, her face flushed, her eyes bright with warmth for me.

“Do what you’re told,” she gasped, and I bent, moving forward, sliding my aching prick into the scalding heat and cling of her. Her eyes were closed, her teeth clenched, and I paused. Her eyes flew open.

“Marry me?” I said.

Startled, she looked at me. I withdrew slightly and she grabbed my hips.

“Well?” I said, and moved back a little more. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but love.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, yes, yes! Now will you kindly get that thing working and fuck me?”

“Of course, my love,” I said, mentally praying to all the gods that I could hold on long enough to satisfy her. I did. I think I still have the scars on my back.

We finally ate Christmas dinner on the 26th. Well, it did say ‘love to be shared at length!’

This is a rewrite of a shorter tale which originally appeared in the Snippettsville Group stories. I thought it might appeal to people who never visit Chain Stories, so here it is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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