Gina Gets Collared

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I awoke that day to find a fresh blanket of snow covering everything .My favorite kind of day to hole up in a nice cozy hotel room with my Mistress .We had met through the internet and after a few months of writing to each other had finally met to play for the first time but that’s another story .On this day I was very excited indeed. Each time that I had been with my Mistress she had dressed me up a little more each time .As I love to look all sexy for my Mistress, and she enjoys dressing me as her little slut, and today I had some very nice new things to wear for her. Mistress had informed me the day before that she had a surprise for her Gina. Gina is the lovely girl name that my Mistress had given me .I loved to be her sissy little Gina whore. Just thinking of the things that Mistress would be doing to me soon gave me goose bumps and made my clitty begin to get hard.

Mistress was soon knocking at the door and I eagerly went to let her in .I took her bag and began to lay the contents of it out on the dresser for her. There were lots of different toys in the bag along with all of my pretty things and makeup. I carefully laid my clothes out along with the assortment of toys and implements of pain. There were clothespins, some rope, a crop, a paddle, and my personal favorite, the cane. The cane was short and narrow with a small purple tassel attached to it .I shuddered slightly with pleasure as I laid it out with the rest of the items knowing that it would be the cause of great pain later. There was also an assortment of dildos and of course Mistresses harness which I knew Mistress would be using on me later.

Mistress told me to strip and to get on the bed .I had a new pair of panties on, the new black and gold lame’ ones that Mistress had picked out for me on an earlier shopping trip, and a silky black training bra .I am always to be in panties when I am with my Mistress. I quickly shed my boy clothes and joined my Mistress on the bed. Mistress then told me that she was going to do my nails today before she did the rest of my makeup. As Mistress took my hand and began to gently paint my nails red I was so turned on by just being there with her as she slowly transformed me into her little Gina.. I had been dressed up before but I had never had my nails done before and the sight of my bright red nails stirred something inside of me .The nails made me feel soooo sexy and I hadn’t even gotten dressed or had my make up done yet. After my nails were dry Mistress told me to put my new stockings on. They were a creamy white and they felt so good as I slowly slid each one up my legs. Then I was ordered on my knees before her so that she could do my makeup.

After finishing my make up and telling me to go look at myself in the mirror Mistress told me to lie face up on the bed .I had put on one of the dark blue silky nighties and as I looked at myself in the mirror I was shocked at how hot I looked and hoped that Mistress thought the same thing. Lying on the bed as told, Mistress was soon standing over me with her large black leather flogger. As the first blows from her flogger danced across my skin, stinging just ever so slightly I watched my Mistress and I knew from that moment that Mistress truly controlled my body and my soul. Mistress had taken me to a place that I had never expected to go and now that I was there I never wanted to leave.

Soon Mistress grew bored with the results that her flogger were producing and said “turn over now for me Gina girl it is time to turn that little ass of yours red. I want you in position now!!” Being a good little slut I full well knew what the “position “was. I got on all fours on the bed placing my face on the erzincan escort bed, trying not to mess my makeup and my ass high in the air for my Mistress. Usually when I am in this position I know that Mistress is going to spank me hard and I will grab the pillow, but today I tried hard to keep my hands stretched flat out on the bed so that we could both see my lovely red nails .I couldn’t get over how feminine that they made me feel. As I felt Mistresses hand begin to slap my ass very hard I knew that she was putting her hand print into my creamy ass. Mistress said,”mmm that’s nice I like to see my hand print on my Gina’s little ass, especially when I am fucking her” Mistress then proceeded to take her paddle to my ass and bring it to a nice warm rosy red.

I was then ordered on my knees in front of her once again. Handing me a condom she told me to put this on her cock for her like a good little panty slut with my mouth. Taking it into my mouth I easily slid the condom onto her stiff cock sliding it all the way on till her cock was completely filling my mouth. Mistress grabbed my hair and firmly but gently began to pump herself into my wet mouth forcing my face down on her dick. She said “that’s a good girl suck, Mistresses cock and get it nice and wet so that I can fuck your hot ass with it baby.” As I sucked on her stiff cock I could not wait to feel her deep inside of me and I begged her to “please fuck my little hole Mistress.” I crawled up on to the bed sticking my ass before my Mistress wiggling it before her desperately wanting her to fill me with her cock. I truly felt like her little slut as I waited to feel her penetrating my wet pussy. As I felt her cock against my hole I tried to push myself against it as I needed her inside of me badly now. Mistress pushed ever so slowly as her entire cock sank deeply into my ass. I pushed back against her wanting to feel every last inch of her inside of me. It felt wonderful as she continued to pump my wet pussy with her cock. After a while Mistress I felt her slip out of my little hole as she told me to go clean up and return to the bed.

I was instructed to kneel before Mistress .She said I have something very special for my Gina. I had no idea what my surprise was and Mistress looked deep into my eyes and said I want to collar you. I was shocked beyond belief as Mistress produced a metallic blue collar with a small padlock on it and a tag that read “Underherwills Gina.”I was truly amazed and felt such an emotional connection for my Mistress at that moment I almost cried .The past few weeks that I had grown to know and love my Mistress were so incredible already and now she wanted to collar me!!! Mistress asked if I was ok with this and I defiantly was. As I heard the faint “click” of the lock snapping shut as she placed the collar around my neck she said, “there my sweet one now you belong to me.” My head was bowed down in respect and awe for the beautiful goddess before me. As I glanced up and gazed into her warm and knowing green eyes I felt a rush go through my body as though from her eyes she had spoken to me saying that no matter how severely she may discipline me, that she loved me and would never let any harm come to me. Mistress motioned for me to crawl up on to the bed beside her as she gently took me into her arms and held me tightly against her body. As I lay there in her arms with my face resting on her bosom I was quite sure that a small piece of my heart melted and seemed to flow into my Mistress where I hoped it would remain forever. I truly wanted to every part of my very being to be controlled by my Mistress.

After lying in this heavenly state of bliss for some time erzurum escort beside her she turned her body in the opposite direction of mine and placed her foot at my face telling me that her feet needed some attention. I jumped at the task of servicing my Mistresses feet and I wanted to be sure that I was very attentive at my first task and wanted so very much to please my new owner .I slowly licked each of her toes before gently sucking each one slowly into my mouth bathing it with my tongue as I slid them in and out of my lips I love to service my Mistress feet in this manner and it was beginning to make Gina very aroused as she could tell that she was indeed pleasing her deserving Mistress. Mistress then placed one of Gina’s stocking clad feet between her own legs telling her not to stop wiggling her toes.

Gina knew that Mistress wanted Gina to pleasure her with her foot and Gina tried her best to apply pressure with her sissy little foot in a manner that would allow her Mistress the pleasurable release that Gina knew that she desired .As she continued to rub her Mistress there with her little foot she was instructed to “play with your little clitty now baby. As Gina began to stroke her hard clitty she knew that she would not be able to hold out very long, as she was being used to pleasure her Mistress as she pleasured her self. Gina soon cried out, oh please Mistress I cannot hold back any longer your little slut needs to cum so badly, may I please Mistress?? Mistress did not speak however looked over at her little girl in an approving fashion that Gina took to mean that she had been granted permission and she exploded all over herself making quite a mess. Mistress had also reached the point of no return as she clamped down on the foot that little Gina still had buried between her legs and the waves of pleasure racked her body. Gina felt so much pride knowing that Mistress had been pleasured by Gina’s actions. Gina knew that she would do anything to please her Mistress in anyway.

They lay there for a while basking in the pleasure of the moment before Gina was instructed to roll over. Lying on her stomach now she was blindfolded and heard Mistress gently whisper in her ear “I am going to beat you now my darling one, I am going to cane that little ass of yours until you are wearing my stripes all down your sweet backside.” Although somewhat fearful of her new fate gina secretly could not wait to feel the cane biting into her as she was very eager to give as much as she could to her Mistress Although Mistress had on one occasion caned her quite severely she had not reached the point of tears for her Mistress and hoped that she could do that for her Mistress sometime soon. Gina was anticipating the first blows against her taunt skin when Mistress Sherri suddenly said I think Gina needs to have something shoved inside of her this time when I beat her. At that she produced a smaller curved dildo and proceeded to slip it into Gina’s already wet pussy. Gina moaned as she felt the dildo being pushed inside of her. The feeling of it as it easily slid in and out of her little hole was giving her sensations that she had not felt before and her clitty was instantly hard again

. The feeling was sensational as Gina continued to be fucked, she was so engrossed with the dildo that she failed to hear the sound of the cane as it cut through the air and made its first contact, slicing into Gina’s already red ass. Gina allowed a small whimper to escape her lips as she felt the first blow .It was a great shock to her because she had been so busy getting her pussy ravished that the cane had caught her completely off guard. The dildo was no longer moving esat escort but it was still buried inside of her as she felt her ass being pelted with numerous blows from Mistresses cane. They stung very badly and Gina pushed her face into the pillow as she tried her best to take her punishment. With each stroke Gina would tense up in anticipation of the next blow. She wanted to take her punishment gracefully for her Mistress but was afraid that she was not doing this very well as she squirmed and jumped beneath the canes assault. Mistress was now caning the bottom of Gina’s little feet and the pain was incredible. Again whispering into little Gina’s ear that she was just getting started Mistress continued the harsh strokes.

Hearing this Gina became afraid ,not afraid of the cane or the pain that it was producing but afraid that she would not be able to withstand her punishment and be a disappointment to her Mistress .It was at that moment that Gina realized that she must quit trying to brace for the blows and to just relax and to try to focus on the pleasure that the pain gave my Mistress as well as the pleasure Gina received from her whippings Having realized this a certain calm came over her and she suddenly realized as she seemed to slip into this state of being that she could and would be able to take whatever punishment that befell her. As her whipping continued Gina now welcomed each blow and was secretly very proud of her new discovery and hoped that Mistress would take her to tears on this occasion, as her whipping now seemed to have a strange calming effect over her. Mistress suddenly stopped and told Gina that her ass was quite red for this day. and the whipping was over .Gina was sure that she could have taken much more and was eager to prove her devotion to her Mistress but knew that her Mistress would bring her to tears in the very near future and was already looking forward to her next canning .

Gina was rolled over on to her back again as she heard Mistress sliding the dildo rapidly in and out of her pussy. Gina was very hard, as the canning had greatly aroused her when suddenly something very strange happened. Gina began to feel a strange sensation coming from her pussy and the feeling was getting stronger. Gina tried to push back against the dildo like she was fucking it .She was overcome with pleasure and she couldn’t stop. For the first time she was more into having her pussy fucked and the pleasure that she was receiving from this and her cock was no longer important, she was literally getting off on being fucked like the little slut that she knew that she was. Mistress however told her to play with her little girl pole and Gina grabbed it and began to stroke it .The pleasure of being fucked already had Gina close to cumming and mistress told Gina to stop playing with myself as she continued to take my pussy with the dildo. She had me do this several times until Gina was going insane with lust and wanted to cum so badly she was almost screaming for release.

Mistress took Gina’s little clitty in her hand and Gina began to pump her clitty into Mistresses hand begging her not to stop. Gina’s entire body begin to tremble as she felt her orgasm building, rising from the sensations coming from her wet pussy and the electrifying feeling of her Mistresses hand against her hard clitty .She bit her lip and her head shook from side to side as the wave of ecstasy overtook her body and her swollen little clitty erupted sending her into mild convulsions that racked her body for several minuets gradually subsiding as gina slowly and grudgingly began to float back to earth. Gina, with glazed eyes lovingly gazed into the eyes of her truly amazing Mistress and at that moment felt that she truly was Sherries little slut .A warm glow enveloped her and she knew that she truly did belong to her Mistress Sherri and that hoped that she would have the honor or serving at her feet for a very long time to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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