Girl… Interrupted

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She gets out of her car, bag and keys in hand. One long exhalation of breath, sending into the air all the frustrations and anxiety of another day of work in which she feels neither comfort nor enthusiasm. A short girl around five feet tall, curvy, with especially large breasts and a voluptuous, well-rounded ass. She ascends the staircase to her apartment, as usual, to be greeted by her pets, as usual. This was what gave her comfort, while at the same time making her feel somewhat isolated. Everything was just as usual. Her routine was a bore to her, she craved excitement yet she feared the consequences of seeking it. So she felt… normal… as usual.

The one thing she knew about herself that was out of the norm and made her brim full of excitement was her sexuality. Never afraid to fantasise and experiment, she knows almost everything she wants and wants what she doesn’t even know yet. Not feeling particularly sexy, as usual, on this particular day, she quickly moves to get herself showered to relax and put her stressful day behind her. But that’s not all she wants behind her. In that shower was not just a place of physical cleanliness but a place of moral and spiritual disgrace. Her fantasies came from anywhere she fancied and she fancied anything that could satisfy her hunger. Her yearning to feel the edge of the earth, that nudging ever closer to heaven, wherever it came from, was worthwhile and greeted with the kind of smile that would let anyone know she wanted to be taken.

She steps into the shower and lets her mind drift, her fantasy, was as follows. She imagines herself laying in the bath. Her large firm, milky breasts move gently with the ebb of the water, her nipples hard and eager to be touched. Her curves marked in the water by the soft, soapy bubble trails that would leave the impression of a cute innocence, yet were hiding an innocence lost. Lost to an over-powering, screaming, sexual desire. As her hands drift over her body she hears a noise amongst the soft music she has playing. She ignores it thinking her cat is playing up and continues to explore her soft, pale skin with her fingertips.

As her fingers reach between her legs a loud CRASH shocks and disturbs her as the bathroom door swings open and a man rushes in, now standing over the frightened, seemingly timid girl. But inside she is anything but timid. Inside she hopes this man is here for more than what he can take and sell. She hopes, inside, that he’s here for what he can take from inside of HER. He izmir escort bayan tells her to do exactly as he says and she complies. He throws her pink bathrobe at her and tells her to get out of the tub, and as she does she feels a trickle from her inner thigh that is clearly the result of her sexual play and the excitement of this strange man who will do god knows what, to her. Trying to hide her excitement she feigns fear in front of the man. Her robe now on he grabs her by the back of the neck and whispers, “do as you’re told and you’ll be ok”. This didn’t excite her, she didn’t WANT to be ok. She wanted to be his plaything. His cumslut. The man, almost a foot taller and with the kind of looks she’d fantasised about before, had a spell on her and he didn’t even know it.

Still grabbing her roughly by the back of the neck, he sees her robe swing open and gets a quick look at her ample breasts and pert erect nipples. This sends a shiver through him, down his spine and eventually right through his crotch. His mind is made up. Her mind was never in doubt…

In one swift movement he pushes her forward by her neck to bend her over and lifts the back of her robe. Her pussy and asshole now exposed and at his mercy, she tries to hide the small pulsating gushes of her juice that show her true desire as she tries to protest, “no, please” she whimpers, “I told you, QUIET” he demanded and he BURYS his face between her legs, licking in one long swift motion from her clit, right up to her clenched asshole. Licking and rubbing his face down there had left his face glistening with the pollen from her fertile, wanton pussy. Not knowing what to do with himself he merely says, “looks like I got more than I bargained for” as he undoes his pants. With one hand furiously trying to pull out his cock, the other now teasing and rubbing at the entrance to her juicy, hungry hole. Her clit throbbing, she still tries to make out that it’s an attack, “nooo” in another barely believable whimper, “that just makes me want it more” he says defiantly. Then it happens, her head almost in between her legs, she has a clear view of the mans crotch as, out comes his thick, throbbing, juicy-wet fuck-pole. Her eyes now wide with excitement, she swoops on him in one quick movement. On his knees the man almost retaliates with violence, thinking she’s attacking HIM, when her mouth lands expertly and with no embarassment around his meaty cock.

She sucks on it furiously, like she’d been starving in the desert, in need of any buca escort nutrients she could find, she worked to get all she could from his dick. The man, still in attack mode slaps her face and chokes her to try and make her realise what a slut she is. Here he is burgling and trying to rape her… and she likes it? The little whore. As she sucks on his balls the man rubs his cock all over her face sending what little eye-make up she had on running everywhere and mixing with his cocks juices. Then he forces her head in between his ass-cheeks and begins to force her face in DEEP. Pressing hard, suffocating at times, her delight could be heard as loud moans when she came up for air, spitting on his crack to make it moist so her tongue could slide in and out of his meathole.

On a major adrenaline rush and knowing that this dirty little cunt will do anything and submit to whatever sick, degrading act he could perform, he roughly bunches her hair in each of his hands and pulls her head back. Telling her to open her mouth, she knew what was coming and didn’t even think of the consequences. In one sharply ended thrust he nailed his cock to the back of her throat, making her gag loudly and spit up. His cock now coated and glazed in her spit and phlegm he bagean to fuck this little bitches skull, only stopping so she could clear her throat of the mixture of juices that were clogging it up. Her mouth and throat overflowing, her big, juice tits were now shining and running thick with the assortment of juices and spit that were being coughed and spluttered from her brand new fuck-hole. This bitch had no shame and he had no conscience.

Driving him crazier still with her wanton, filthy acceptance of his debased actions, he moves away from her and then kicks her to the ground where she lands face-down. Her legs were just far apart enough to give him the idea and in one violent thrust he was inside her. She came almost right away, he was huge and if she wasn’t so wet the pain would’ve been unbearable. Not caring whether he hurt her or not the man continues to assault her, pounding harder with each thrust and thrusting faster whenever he pleased. Her moans of pleasure could be disguised as refusal no more as she begged for “more, more, please go deeper”, she cried and screamed as he tried to give her, not what she wanted but, to hurt her. The more he tried to hurt her the more she liked it. She was the worst kind of cock-lover. Picking her up onto her knees but keeping her face on the floor he started to smash izmir escort her cunt. He wasn’t trying to please her at all, never was anybody using a womans body so disgracefully, but she loved it. There was nothing she didn’t like about that hard, meaty, juicy, wet dick. Pulling her hair, spanking her til her sexy round arse was raw and covered with handprints. Fucking her like the slut she knew she was. Thats when it came to him. He pulled out his thick, wet, now creamy cock out of her gaping pussy leaving them both breathless.

The girl shuddering and her entire body glistening with sweat, her face matted in pre-cum, his face still shining with her juices. She starts to turn to him when out of nowhere, she feels what she thought was a watermelon enter her asshole. The scream of pain with the shiver of pleasure made her cum instantly. The scream was what forced him on as he started to take brutal advantage of this little cumwhore. By now he knew she deserved his worst. She wanted his cock when he was trying to steal from her, she wanted his cum when she tasted him. She enjoyed being abused by him and he saw this as his justification. Her punishment for enjoying such sick things, was to be used as a cum-bucket, only good for satisfying the urge of his throbbing dick.

Thrusting harder and harder each time up her tight, sexy asshole, her orgasms piled one on top of the other, her screams now of pure delight as the pain edged further into memory, rubbing and fingering her pussy FURIOUSLY and with one joint scream between them she came and gushed all over herself as he pumped a huge load of hot, sticky cum up her pink little asshole. Both exhausted, they flopped onto their backs, barely able to look at each other.

This ends in the strangest manner when the girl turns to him and says “lay still”, he complies, as any man would after such an occassion with a hot, sexy, young girl. Laying perfectly still, he watches her stand, then approach. Not knowing what to expect, he see her get near, now standing over his head. She squats down and says “open wide” and he does, opening his mouth KNOWING what CUMS NEXT. He closes his eyes half-dreading whats to cum. And then it happens. Out of her hot, tight, red-raw, used asshole comes his hot sticky jizz. Spurting into his mouth in short powerful bursts. At first he is disgusted, then that fades as she sits him up and sucks his mouth dry. Swirling it and making bubbles, she gives him that look that anyone would recognise and swallows his entire load…END OF FANTASY!

This is when she cums. Her shower long over, she rubs her pussy to a thrashing climax and gently moans “I wish I was a Girl… Interrupted”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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