Girls’ Detective Club Ch. 02

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Chapter 2- The Hunt for Big Dawg continues…

With tiny tits and the cleavage of a schoolboy, Laylay decided to use pussy power for her cock hunt. The Filipina gymnast trimmed her skirt so high it barely covered her hoo-hoo. Detective Laylay told her friends she needed to find a guy with big prick… for a science project.

Unfortunately all of her friends were lezbos.

But her friend Lilith said that she’d heard from a girl named Becky, that her second cousin Cathy, said a grad student named Bernard had a big one. So the girl detective set off on her quixotic quest for Bernie’s big one.

Hours later Detective Laylay actually found the suspect in the college parking lot, getting ready to leave campus. “Sir wait minute please. Could you help with me something?” He nodded and Laylay pulled out a ruler.

“Mr. Bernie I heard you have cock so big. Could I measure please? Um… for prick science project?”

“Prick Science? Really?” The guy rubbed his crotch. “Why sure Laylay.” He whipped out his prick.

The inquisitive girl gripped his cock and measured. “It only nine inch. Too small have to throw back.”

“Wait, it gets bigger if you suck it.” Laylay didn’t want to suck the nasty thing but decided, as good detective she should pursue every lead, even if the lead went straight down her throat. Dropping to her knees Laylay sucked Bernie’s boner.

After a bit of deep throating she felt his cock swell and re-measured. “Now it ten inch. But dong still too small, you not Big Dawg.”

“Yes I am. Woof-Woof. Keep sucking it and you’ll see.” So the Filipina girl did, and Bernie helped by pumping her dark head up and down on his prick. Laylay felt like a toilet plunger, but soon his prick swelled up. She tried to pull away to measure but Bernie held her head tight as he pushed his prick down to her tonsils.

Laylay punched him in the knee, but it was too late. Bursts of guy cum gushed out of his cock, filled her mouth and spewing down her small throat. The Filipina gagged at the taste of guy cum and bit him.

“Ouch!” Bernie pulled out as spunk splashed across her dark hair and chocolate nipples. Detective Laylay grabbed his swollen dick and re-measured. “Ten and half inch. You not Big Dawg— you dick lying bastard— and you squirt your stupid cum in my mouth!”

Bernie smiled and zipped up. “Sweetie I’ll make it up to you honey, by licking your honey hole.” He opened his car door and shoved Laylay into the backseat. The guy pushed up her mini skirt.

“Stop! What you to me doing now?”

“You sucked me so I’m gonna lick you.” Laylay felt her panties come off and Bernie splayed her bald pussy lips. And he did it— he licked her pussy! OMG! The guy lapped at her slit like a horny dog. And Laylay loved it… she never imagined a guy could lick pussy as good as a girl.

“AHHH!” Laylay screamed when Bernie’s tongue found her clit and mercilessly batted it back and forth, playing clitty ping-pong. It drove her crazy. “Oh-oh I cumming— I CUMMING!” Grabbing Bernie’s head Laylay pulled his face into her fiery crack as her pussy quivered under his nasty tongue.

After two more orgasms Laylay released his head and collapsed on the seat. Bernie leaned over and kissed her while he unzipped his pants. “Sorry honey but you make me so damn horny… I really-really need to give you a good cocking. Is that okay?”

Laylay spread her legs. “Is okay, I getting used to corkings.”

“Cocking.” Bernie said and mounted the girl, punching into her small pussy with his stiff shaft. Laylay squirmed as the prick plunge all the ankara escort way inside. The muscular guy pummeled her hard, bouncing her Filipina twat up and down on the squeaky seat.

The guy’s dick was so stiff that… once again Laylay felt like she was getting fucked by her wooden friend, Mr. Bedpost. But now Laylay’s pussy liked Real Dick a lot more than Wood Dick… and no damn splinters. Lifting her chest she let Bernie suck her small titties as his real dick pumped away.

The limber gymnast lifted her feet behind her ears and Bernie hammered deep into her wet pussy.

Soon the girl felt burning in her thighs, and her aching thighs burst into flames. “AHHHH! AHHHH! “Laylay screamed, lurching up she clutched Bernie’s chest— her body wracked in waves of orgasm. The little gymnast bounced up and down his fuck pole as her pussy spasmed.

Bernie came too, crashing his spewing prick into her twisting fuck tunnel.

After a second orgasm the Filipina girl collapsed. Laylay felt gobs of guy goo trickle out from her steaming crack. “Wow Joe, you really know how to fuck…”

She let Bernie take a pic of her cream-pie pussy. Then the strong guy lifted her out of the car and buttoned her blouse. And for the first time ever Laylay actually gave her phone number to a male.

“You call me for sure, okay Joe… I mean Bernie?” The guy nodded, kissed her forehead and squeezed her rock hard nipples. Little Laylay stumbled out of the parking lot in a post-orgasmic daze.

As she waddled to the water fountain Laylay felt a dribble of sperm run down her thigh, and soon realized she’d forgotten her panties… again. Dammit.


The next day Detective Amanda went on extreme cock patrol. Displaying an acre of cleavage the eighteen year old detective sometimes let a titty accidentally fall out and dangle like cock bait.

Soon she noticed Tommy walking toward her cleavage with with a wide-eyed tongue-tied look… like a boob zombie. The guy was tall with a good-sized bulge under his zipper. He might be Big Dawg.

“Tommy wait.” He did. Waving her blonde hair, Amanda bent over to examine his lump and both boobs fell out, right on cue.

“Oops! Tommy could you put them back in for me, they’re soo heavy?” The guy did, carefully tucking each huge tit back in her blouse. Amanda smiled. “Thank you Tommy, now let’s go under the bleachers. I need to see your penis.”

“Whoa…?” Tom grinned. “Why-why sure Amanda.” Grabbing her hand the tall guy dragged Amanda out and under the filthy bleachers. Tommy shoved Amanda against a post and groped her tits and pussy.

“Stop it Tommy!” Detective Amanda pushed him away and straightened her skirt. “I said I need to see your cock. It may be involved in a crime. Could you pull out the suspect penis please?” Shaking his head the guy unzipped and proudly displayed his large manhood.

Detective Amanda squeezed and analyzed the throbbing purple prick. Big but not big enough. Tommy wasn’t Big Dawg. But handling his damn prick made her so damn horny…. Tom’s big hands fondled her girl parts again, and Amanda’s pussy growled.

“Come on Amanda… please… my prick is purple!”

Amanda looked around at the trash-strewn ground and decided not to do the lay-down-and-spread thing. Lowering her panties she bent over and clutched the bleacher post with both hands. Amanda wiggled her hairy blonde clam. “Go ahead Tommy— doggy style and hurry!”

Immediately his stiff prick plowed into her soaking wet pussy. Tom fucked her slowly, pumping in and out of her gripping love tunnel. The escort ankara big guy’s hands scooped her tits out, pulling on her rubbery nipples while his prick slammed her pussy so hard her ass-cheeks jiggled. Amanda liked it hard.

Panting, she felt her pussy muscles clutching his stiff cock … and her clitty lit up like a match. She felt the surge coming. Tom’s hand dropped between her legs, rubbing the top of her swollen slit as his prick pummeled her fuck tunnel.

Soon his naughty finger rubbed her magic clitty…

“AHHH YESSS!” Amanda screamed as an orgasm raced through her body, sending wave after wave of pleasure careening up her spine. With his prick pounding away, Amanda tried to hold onto the post. But when Tom rubbed her clitty again her knees buckled.

Amanda collapsed to the ground, her body still reeling in orgasm. Tommy tugged her arm. “Amanda get up please, I’m ready to cum.” But the exhausted girl couldn’t move. She looked up the guy stroking himself, his prick ready to burst.

“Cum…” she whispered. ” Cum on me Tommy.” The guy stroked his prick and it exploded, spewing strings of white cum across her golden hair. Tom kept jacking off as more cum spurts hit her clothes, her ear and covered her face in sperm frosting.

Tommy took a pic and zipped up. “Hate to cum and run Amanda, but the coach will kill me if I’m late for practice.”

Sitting up, the girl grabbed a tissue and wiped the spunk off her face. And she realized two things. First she had to fuck Tommy again, somewhere cleaner. And second, being a spunky girl detective was a messy-messy job.


Chapter 3- …the cock in her ass felt strangely familiar.

After Bernie drove off, Laylay realized she’d left her panties in his car. Dammit. And she felt gobs of guy goo leaking down her legs. Holding down her mini skirt she rushed into the girls’ restroom to wipe his dripping sperm out of her pussy. And it got worse.

When Laylay went to wash her hands she noticed a line of white cum splatter on her blouse. Holy Caca. Guys were like dogs— squirting their stuff everywhere. Stupid guys. Laylay bent over the sink to wash off the cum spots.

Behind her she heard the restroom door open and felt a rush of cold air blow across her naked butt crack. It tickled. From behind, someone grabbed her pussy. Laylay giggled. “I know it’s you Amanda.” Laylay turned to look. “ACK!! Coach Buford what you doing in girls restroom?”

“I’m looking for sluts. And I caught one. A little Filipina twat bending over and flashing her twat at me.”

“But sir I lose my panties… really.”

“Sure you did you Filipina Floozy. You’re under report, come to my office.” Laylay followed him inside while trying to hold down her skirt. “Now bend over and grip the desk. You’re gonna get a spanking.”

“But I no like spanking.” Coach Buford raised her skirt and Laylay braced herself. His fat hand smacked her naked butt three times. Then she felt his finger pushing into her pussy hole. Laylay didn’t move. Soon she felt the coach spread her butt cheeks. “What you doing?”

“Showing you my special spanking.” Laylay squirmed but he held her down and unzipped, pulling out his erection. The Filipina knew once a guy’s cock was stiff—she was stuck.

Laylay braced herself for a hard corking. First he fondled her little titties, then his fat prick stabbed straight into her rectum. “OUCHIE!”

“Ha! Take this you floozy.” The girl groaned and gripped the desk as his boner shoved deep into her asshole. “Ouch- ouch- ouch!” His fat pummeled in and out, stretching ankara escort bayan her tight little rectum.

…but the cock in her ass felt strangely familiar.

Looking between her legs Laylay recognized the shoes— Coach Buford’s extra-extra wide Nikes! OMG! So it was Coach Buford’s extra-extra wide prick pounding her ass…

Holy-shit Coach Buford was Bubba!

The girl detective couldn’t wait to tell Ms. Hanna, but first she had to finish getting butt-fucked. Maybe she could hurry the guy along. Moving her hips Laylay fucked with him, grinding her ass against his stabbing prick and moaning.

“Oh you so big… Oh you so big… Oh you REALLY BIG PRICK!”

She heard Bubba panting as he humped faster. “I’m Cuuumming!” Then the man pulled his spewing prick from Layla’s asshole and stuck it straight in her mouth. And for the second time in her life Layla had to swallow down a load of guy cum. And it didn’t taste too bad.


After getting the call Ms. Hanna called an emergency meeting of the Girls’ Detective Club. Amanda and Laylay hurried into Ms. Hanna’s classroom, sat together and sucked each other’s tits.

“You horny twats stop it, business first!” The girls looked up. “Detective Laylay has just discovered Coach Buford is Bubba. We need to tell Dean Holmes, so he can help us find Big Dawg and bring him to justice!”

Amanda held up her hand. “Okay, but first can we have a quicky meeting of the Daisy Chain Club?”

Laylay giggled. “Oh yes, a licky quicky please Ms. Hanna?”

Ms. Hanna replied by dropping her panties and pressing her bushy red twat to Amada’s soft pink lips. And all three slipped into their favorite mouth to pussy positions.

Just then the door burst open. Big Dawg and Bubba stomped in wearing their ski masks. “Hot damn! Look at all that pussy. It’s a pussy wonderland. ” Bubba yelled. ” Hell that’s more twat than you can shake your stick at!”

The naked girls stopped in mid-lick and looked up. Laylay screamed. “It’s them! It’s them!”

Amanda pointed her finger. “Mr. Bubba we know your Coach Buford so take off your mask.” Bubba pulled off his mask and yanked out his fat cock. Big Dawg yanked out his long prick, waving it around like a fleshy sword.

“Wow… it is ginourmous,” Hanna whispered. The big man yanked off his mask. “So it’s you Dean Holmes? You’re Big Dawg?”

“Ruff-Ruff,” he barked stroking the hilt of his cock. “And I heard you pussies want to bring my prick to justice.”

Ms. Hanna smiled, pointing to her saliva slick twat. “I got your justice right here big boy, right inside my hot hole.” She lay across her desk and spread her legs invitingly. “Now Dean Holmes I order you to deliver your foot-long dong into my sweet justice.”

And Big Dawg did with a vengeance— shoving his fuck pole in so deep Hanna thought it was going to come out her throat.

Bubba growled. “So where’s my damn justice?”

A grunting Ms. Hanna snapped her fingers at Amanda, who immediately got on all fours and wiggled her butt. “Here’s your jiggling justice.” Amanda giggled. “I know you like back-door justice.”

Bubba’s prick plowed straight into Amanda’s anus. “Yikes!”

As Ms. Hanna squirmed under Big Dawg’s humping prick, she flicked her tongue at Laylay. The Filipina girl quickly slid under Big Dawg, licking away at his hairy, cunt-slapping balls.

Hanna motioned to Amanda. And with Bubba riding her ass spunky Amanda crawled over to Laylay, to lick her best friend’s pussy. Ms. Hanna gripped her legs around Dean Holmes, holding on as his big prick fucked her like a wild beast.

“WOW! Now ya’ll don’t be strangers. From now on I want you and your pricks to come— I mean cum— to every meeting of the Girl’s Detective Club.”

Amanda giggled. “And the Girl’s Daisy-Chain Club too.”

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