Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 79

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Jodie gave Monika the A-1 treatment — teasing and taunting, using fingers, tongue, nose, and chin; making her sigh, moan, whimper, and scream; bringing her to the brink of orgasm three times before finally sucking her clit and sending her flying over the edge. She spasmed violently, digging her nails into Jodie’s shoulder, clamping Jodie’s head between her lean, strong thighs.

When Monika released her Jodie sat back on her haunches, catching her breath. Miss White came to her and gave her a big, wet kiss on her pussy juice-smeared mouth. Then she licked a little of the nectar off Jodie’s face, smacking her lips lasciviously.

Monika smiled and stretched. “Well, that was lovely.” She sipped her cognac. “What’s next on the agenda?” In her own daily life, Monika was most definitely the one in change. But something about Alexis White made Monika trust her, and it was nice to let someone else drive for a change.

“Let’s adjourn to the bedroom, shall we?” said Miss White.

“A capital idea,” answered Monika, layering an English accent over her German one to hilarious effect.

In the bedroom Miss White had Monika lay face-up on the bed and tied her wrists to the headboard with the sashes from the white hotel bathrobes, then secured her ankles to the foot of the bed with two belts. It always thrilled her to have a woman completely at her mercy, and she took a moment to savor this moment of infinite possibility.

Miss White leaned over and whispered in Jodie’s ear; Jodie obediently climbed up onto the bed and knelt straddling Monika’s head. Miss White imagined that Monika would want to taste Jodie’s sweet young pussy now — that’s certainly what she would have wanted, and they seemed to be kindred spirits.

As Monika began to happily lap away, Miss White found her strap-on and got ready. There was lots of room on the bed between Monika’s long legs, and Miss White positioned herself there. For a minute she just sat watching Jodie’s ass move as Monika licked her; it was quite a sexy little rump, and Miss White reached out to give it a slap. Jodie yelped and then giggled, looking back over her shoulder at Miss White with a sly little smile. Miss White felt her heart skip a beat. That girl is just the cutest little thing, Miss White thought to herself.

Miss White shook her head and tried to remember what she had Ankara escort been doing. Looking down at Monika’s crotch she realized, well, that pussy isn’t going to fuck itself. She spread Monika open with her thumbs and plunged in.

* * *

When Monika was finally untied she was in a daze, pussy thoroughly plowed, her face a sticky mess. But she desperately needed to pee, so after a minute she willed herself to a sitting position, then gingerly stood up and made her way to the bathroom on wobbly legs. Miss White had gone to the kitchen for water; this strap-on fucking was thirsty work. Jodie had wandered over by a window in the living room and stood just staring out at the city, seemingly lost in thought.

After slaking her thirst Miss White walked over and put her arm around Jodie; Jodie rested her head on the older woman’s shoulder, and they had a nice peaceful moment together. When Monika saw them there she thought maybe it was time for her to go. She started looking for her panties, but just then Miss White turned around and looked her in the eye.

Miss White felt like she had engendered enough good will to ask Monika for what she really wanted. “I wonder if you’d do something for me,” she said.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later the three of them were sitting in the hotel bar. Miss White and Jodie were in their regular clothes; Monika was wearing her fur coat with nothing underneath.

It thrilled Miss White no end to think that there was a naked body under that coat. It was all she could do to sip her drink and sit still; but she wanted to take this slow, stretch it out, make every moment count.

Finally, though, they finished their drinks; it was showtime. Standing up from the table, Monika walked through the front door of the casino. She stood there for a minute looking up at the moon; though it was bracingly cold out she was quite comfortable in her heavy coat. Then she walked back through the door she had just come out of and retraced her path of the previous night. This time, though, Miss White and Jodie stood and followed her, keeping a good ways back, trying to look stealthy.

Monika had figured out how to get to her room without using the elevator — she always did that when she stayed in a hotel, so she could get more exercise — and so Miss White and Jodie followed her down a long hallway, Ankara escort bayan then up several flights of stairs. Monika never broke character, never once looked back.

Finally they emerged into another hallway and made their way to Monika’s room. Monika fumbled for her key, popped the door open, and stepped inside. Only then did she look back to see the two women behind her.

The look Monika gave Miss White just then was exactly like the one in her fantasy: sly, knowing, alluring. Then she turned and continued inside, leaving the door open behind her.

When Miss White and Jodie came into the room Monika was standing there with her coat open, boobs and bush on proud display. She looked like a goddess and Miss White showed the proper respect, dropping immediately to her knees.

Jodie wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. She decided that this was Miss White’s fantasy, that she should stay out of it for now; so she slunk back into the shadows to watch as Miss White nuzzled her face into the wiry fur between Monika’s legs, while reaching both hands out to stroke the smoother fur of the coat. Jodie had never seen Miss White act this way; it was truly something to behold.

Monika closed the coat around Miss White, so then all Jodie could see was her head moving around underneath. Whatever she was doing must have felt good, though, because after a minute it became clear that Monika was having a hard time keeping her balance. She shifted her stance and leaned slightly forward against Miss White, and Miss White slid underneath, stabbing her tongue up into Monika’s cunt.

A minute later Monika’s orgasm transformed her already lovely features in to a vision of bliss. Monika opened the coat again and Miss White wriggled out, looking more radiantly happy than Jodie had ever seen her. But she wasn’t done yet; hopping to her feet, she took Monika by the hand and led the way to the bedroom. Jodie followed; she wasn’t going to miss a second of this.

In the bedroom, Miss White pushed Monika down onto the bed and quickly mounted her, covering Monika’s face with her pussy. It had been neglected all evening until now, and was desperately in need of a little TLC. Monika understood this and got right to work.

Miss White now arranged the fur coat so it covered Monika’s legs but not her crotch, and once she had Escort Ankara it the way she wanted it she nestled down into 69 position. Her arms rested on the soft fur as she and Monika pleasured each other and Jodie leaned against the wall touching herself. It was entirely likely that some pussy juice was going to get on the vintage coat, but at the moment no one seemed to mind.

* * *

Once all their appetites were sated, Miss White, Jodie, and Monica lay around in Monika’s bed talking; it was a King and plenty big for the three of them. Monika’s flight left in just a few hours and she didn’t care if she got to sleep or not; she was flying first class and had no problem sleeping on planes.

In the course of the conversation it came out that Monika lived in New Orleans, and that neither Miss White nor Jodie had ever been there. (Miss White felt a little embarrassed admitting this; the truth was that, despite her worldly demeanor, she had never really done that much traveling.) Monika was appalled, and after thinking for a minute she asked, “What are you doing for Christmas?”

“Um… not really sure,” said Miss White. “We’ve been winging it.”

“Why don’t you come to New Orleans? My treat.”

Surprised, Miss White said, “That’s very generous of you, but we couldn’t possibly…”

Monika raised a hand to stop her. “Alexis, please. Just between you and me… Astrid and Annika’s father was a very wealthy man. I did quite well in the divorce and I’ve made some good investments since then. This is not an issue for me.” She picked up her phone and after a minute she said, “I can get you on a flight Wednesday morning.” At the moment it was in the wee hours of Tuesday.

“What about our car?” asked Miss White.

“Leave it here,” said Monika. “The casinos don’t care, they have enough parking for half the world.”

Eventually it came time for Monika to pack her things and head to the airport. As she was leaving she suddenly said, “Since you love it so much, why don’t you hold on to the coat for now? Bring it with you when you come.”

“What about you?” asked Miss White.

“I need to get from the hotel to the car and from the car to the airport. Not a big deal.”

“Well, thanks. This is all so amazing.”

“I can’t wait to show you New Orleans. It will be my pleasure.”

Miss White and Jodie helped Monika take her baggage to the lobby; she could not exactly be said to travel light. They hugged and kissed goodbye. Miss White, standing there in the luxurious fur coat, caught sight of herself in a nearby mirror and grinned.

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