Glen joins the Phallic Explorer

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Glen looked about. The storage hold on the starship was almost full of interlocked containers, and for a moment he panicked. He had to get into the crew quarters before they sucked the air out of there or he would be no more than pink sludge spread over the cargo. Not a nice thought.

Fortunately the alarm alerting everyone to get ready for departure came on just then, with an orange light flashing somewhere behind the cargo to his left. Glen managed to crawl back there and find the exit door, but waited till the red light began to flash and the final alarm hooted before he opened it. Adjusting his clear compression suit he rearranged his package flatteringly in its webbed housing and stepped out into the corridor beyond, ready for anyone.

Looking up and down the corridor Glen saw nothing enlightening as to which might be the best direction to go, so being a man with leftist leanings he took a chance on going left. And around the first corner he came to the flight deck and heaved a sigh of relief and stopped. A spare body form couch stood empty behind the pilot and he slipped unnoticed into it, quickly securing the webbing about him. He set the end of the thin drain tube at his slit and it automatically began to glide up his urethra and expand to form a tight fit, and he sighed and quivered at the feel of it. Meanwhile another tube found his anus and slid in there to fill him firmly by expanding once it was inside.

Glen had always liked preparing for take poker oyna off. And he moaned a bit as the two tubes expanded and contracted inside him like living organs, striving to maintain just the right pressure in his passages to take away whatever came naturally. He could happily dream the next 18 hours away on pornographic mind stimulation and wake up dry, in every way, so he selected a varied programme of erotic fantasies to be fed to his mind on the first leg of the outward journey.

But in spite of the pleasure he was experiencing already, Glen’s last thought before he slept was, ‘where the hell am I going’. He’d not had time to care about the starship’s destination as he dived out of the way of that last blast of a very angry Belinda’s ray gun.


Down in the starship’s medical center SB, the ship’s medic, was immediately aware of Glen’s body hitting the couch. He knew every last molecule of the bodies of the crew and official passengers and had their vitals automatically monitored. But the webbing that Glen was wrapping around himself hit the medic with an immediate sensory overload.

Hmmmmmmm. The medic moaned as the wave of sexual arousal hit. SB had total sensory access to the webbing encasing Glen as he struggled to analyze the stowaway’s vitals and log them in before the ship leapt into star drive, and out of the system.

SB’s sensors told him the stowaway’s body was firm and well muscled. The medic swallowed hard. A body like that was rarely canlı poker oyna found among starship crews. In the navy yes, SB thought with a flash of regret, but not on commercial ships, though the Phallic explorer was better provided than most in that regard. His mind locked onto Glen’s body signs as he sensorily cruised over the man from head to toe, finding the highly aroused mid section most interesting.

The stowaway’s body was humming already from the sensation of the probes making their way inside his two lower orifices. And SB’s own body was getting pretty aroused feeling just how much Glen liked those sensations of intimate penetration. In particular the feeling of the soft nosed round headed probe expanding inside Glen’s anal passage was making the stowaway moan and spasm. The webbing’s sensor’s were also observing the stowaways increased arousal elsewhere as the webbing began its circulation stimulating massaging of Glen’s entire body.

The medic groaned, and increased the firmness of the webbings massage of both the stowaways and his arousal paths. SB was close to fully engorged and moaned as he felt the size of Glen’s growing erection. Shit he gasped. The guy was all natural and hung. He wanted to have them both pumping out their semen till they were exhausted, and he was going to. He had all the webbing controls and could expand and contract and pump the orifice inserts in both their bodies so they screamed and begged for more, and he was going too, he sure internet casino was, and he made the adjustments.

“Yes,” SB gasped as the adjustments took effect, “Oh yes.”


Glen’s almost mindless body responded to the probe in his arse as the head stroked over his walls, giving off tiny stimulating shocks each time it brushed over his prostate. The smaller probe twisted and slipped in and out gently fucking his soft slit deep and shallow, and Glen bucked and pumped his hips as the webbing tightened itself over his body in a wave, before clamping on his hard nipples and tugging at his balls.

The webbing also gave his fingers something to dig into as he moaned and twitched violently as his first ejaculation was sucked up by the pulsing urethral probe. Inside his mind Glen was fucking a beautiful nymphomaniac while an enhanced Longinium stud was making full use of his channel and another was deep throating him. He wasn’t sure which one he was kissing and it didn’t seem to matter, he just wanted more and rolled about till he imagined he was fucking the second Longinium and the Nymph was sucking him.


SB in his medics couch enjoyed much the same sensual experience, without the induced pornofantasy images, the hunky stowaway was plenty for him. Whoever this stowaway was he was certainly welcome on the Phallic. But no way was the man waking till the medic had a chance to examine him in the flesh, and the captain could ensure he carried no lethals. So SB set Glen’s couch to manual override and settled back for 17 more hours of shared sensory fucking, hoping the rest of the crew and passengers had an uneventful trip that didn’t require his services.

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