Go Ahead – Take a Chance

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I studied the man. He had come highly recommended by Angela so I agreed to take a chance and share him with her. He was tall and lean. He looked like a long distance runner and Angela had assured me that he had plenty of stamina. He wore jeans and a tee. His hair was long, blonde, and curly.

He was shod with Nike running shoes.

I wore a knit ‘Everlast’ shirt, cut off at the midriff: if I raised my arms above my head, the lower halves of my breasts were exposed. I wore a short skirt that was the same olive colour of the shirt. I was wearing no underwear, but he didn’t know that yet. I thought it was time to let him know, so I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and pushed down. His eyes followed the movement and I heard a sharp intake of breath from him when my well trimmed landing strip came into view. I had prepped for this meeting, everything was trimmed and washed.

Angela had prepped too; and now she watched from the end of the bed. She had on a close fitting sun dress with a scoop neck that, I knew, offered a magnificent view of her tits when she leaned over just right. The hem was positioned just above her knees when the dress hung, but it had been pushed up higher when she sat on the bed. The material was white cotton with a small blue flower print. She wasn’t wearing anything beneath her dress either. Ange looked great in that dress, and normally I would have been trying to get her out of it. Right now, though, my attention was on the man.

Angela had told me that his name was Chance. They worked together and a couple of years ago they had been an item. She told me that his dick was huge. I wanted to see it. Chance put his hands on my bare hips and lightly brushed my bush as he moved his hands first downward and then upward and under my cropped top.He squeezed and kneaded my breasts before pushing my shirt up higher to expose my small, but firm, tits. He bent at the knees and wrapped his right arm around my waist to pull me closer. I could feel his cock pushed against my leg and it was growing inside his jeans while he licked and sucked poker oyna my nipples. I needed to see this mythological dick and I began working to unbutton his trousers. I struggled, but could not get my fingers to work properly.

I reluctantly pulled back and said, “I can’t get it. I need you to pull your pants off.” As he complied with my request I pulled my shirt over my head and stood naked; watching, anticipating my first view of his sex. The trousers and briefs came down with the same motion and as he stepped out of them I admired what I saw. Angie had not lied, he was huge.

I like 5 – 7 inch cocks, personally, they fit firmly in my pussy, fit comfortably in my ass, and I can take them fully in my mouth (most of the time). Chance’s was slightly larger than that, I estimated 8 – 10 inches; a bit bigger than I would like for anal, but good for everything else, excepting deep throat. It curved upwards sharply at the end. What was truly impressive though, was the girth. His knob was the size of a tennis ball.

“Now the shirt,” I told him and once again, he complied. He looked good, like an athlete, not like a gym rat. I wrapped my fingers behind the head of his cock and pulled him to the side of the bed. I sat down on the edge and lay back, spreading my legs as wide as I could. I was wet, and I wanted him inside me, but at the same time I was a little fearful that he might be too big. He moved closer and pressed his cock up against the lips of my pussy.

“Gentle,” I urged.

With one arm wrapped around me, he raised my waist higher. With his other hand he positioned his cock and slowly pushed. I took a deep breath as he entered and filled me. I pushed as he made slow, tiny thrusts, using my juices to gradually wet the entire length of his cock. It wasn’t until he was all the way in that I exhaled. He leaned over then, even closer to me till his mouth found mine. I nipped his lower lip slightly before opening my mouth to accommodate his exploring tongue as I, in turn, wrapped my tongue around his, sucking gently.

I was enraptured. canlı poker oyna Filled with an oversized cock, mired in intimacy which was only exacerbated by the kiss, and Angela was watching from the end of the bed. I knew she was watching and so did Chance. I felt as though I was the center of the universe.

He began to move his hips thrusting his dick deep inside me. He didn’t start slow either. It was a rapid pounding, in and out. I felt as if I were flying above the clouds, close to the sun. Suddenly, everything went dark and then a bright light exploded behind my eyes. I was falling from the sky with my climax. I shook, I tensed, and I wrapped my legs tightly around his ass. He refused to slow down or relinquish control he kept thrusting hard and fast. My juices flowed and I fell closer and closer towards the ground beneath me. I died when I collided with the earth and he ceased the relentless pounding, allowing me to recover slightly. He had not cum yet.

“Again?” I begged, and again he complied but this time slower, pulling almost all the way out of me before pushing back inside, tickling my cervix as he worked; after a few moments, he changed the action from long and slow to a short rapid push, followed by a short pull. The massive knob on the end of his dick was massaging my G-spot with a vengeance. Again, I had no control and I came a second time within minutes of beginning. I came softer this time though. It was warmer, like an apple pie.

He motioned to Angela and extricated himself from me. She moved closer and he rose up to even his cock with her mouth. She knew what he wanted and she took in as much of him as she could. She had most of the head in her mouth and I could see her tongue working him over even as she gave him in and out access.I moved my hand up and cupped his testicles. They were pulled tightly up to his body and I could tell he was going cum soon. With my fingers I stimulated his anus along with his gooch, or perineum; his taint or whatever you wanted to call it. Everything in him suddenly tensed and both Angela and I knew internet casino he was ready to explode. He did, and when he did his cum was suddenly everywhere. So much of Angela’s mouth was full of cock that his semen spewed immediately from her nose and the corners of her mouth. She couldn’t swallow fast enough so I reached over for some. I grabbed his throbbing dick and took a blast in the face that closed my eyes but I got a good mouthful as well. Angela and I traded spurts until they slowed down and eventually ceased. My hair was wet and sticky. I used my fingers to wipe the cream from my eyes, so that I could see again. I swallowed.

Angela pushed me back down on the bed and lowered her head between my legs. She began licking and sucking.I knew that I was going to cum a third time. I did and then she straddled my head as Chance moved in behind her. He was either still hard or already hard again. He pushed his way into Angela’s shaved snatch as I began sucking on her clit. He was giving her the pile driver pounding, like he had done for me the first time he brought me off. I could tell that Angela was close to her first orgasm by the decrease in attention she was paying to me. I moved my head up and pulled one of Chance’s balls into my mouth. I sucked hard. I wanted him to feel a little pain and to know I was there. He and Angela came at the same time and when he pulled free of her I licked the co-mingled juices from them both. Then I pushed out from beneath them, grabbed Angela’s head and twisted her around to drop a snowball into her mouth. We swapped Chance’s cum back and forth a few times then gave it back to him by drooling it slowly onto his pubic patch. Angela rubbed it all over his cock and balls and although he twitched a few times, he didn’t fully stiffen again.

That suited me fine. My pussy was sore, but I managed to waddle down to the kitchen and fetch three glasses. From the wine rack, I snagged a bottle of Pinot and the corkscrew.

I rejoined the others. We opened the bottle and each had a taste. Angela sipped her wine and stroked Chance’s dick, watching it begin to grow again. I sat back and let him rub my nipples with his thumb, I watched them grow as I fingered Angela’s pussy and felt it dampen even more. Looks like the afternoon is off to a great start!

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