Good Eats

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He was sitting in a nice Italian restaurant with two other co-workers. Well, really, they weren’t coworkers, but bosses, although they are doing their best to treat him as an equal. This is why they invited him to dinner with them, not because they desired his company or input, but to make him feel welcome. He would rather be soaking under a hot shower, washing the struggles of the day off. But sometimes work has more to do with relationship than with tasks done. Besides, an hour and a half, and he had to do dinner anyway.

They were talking about the local basketball team. He’s not from their city, actually from across the country, and he isn’t interested in sports anyway. He focuses on the lasagna he ordered and how well it went with the wine. Pretty good, as far as Italian food goes. About halfway through his cell phone rang.

He glanced at the phone and saw that it was her. What a relief. Maybe he could talk to her for a bit to relieve the boredom. He glanced over at his dinner companions and caught the eye of one guy, “It’s my wife. She probably needs to talk something out. It’ll just be a few minutes.”

His boss smiled and waved at him, “Go ahead.”

He smiled back and pressed the receive button. “Hey there, how’s it going?”

“Pretty good,” she replied. “Just a bit bored, so I thought I’d give you a call.”

“I know the feeling,” he empathized. “What are you doing?”

“Just reading. What about you?”

“I’m at dinner with a couple of guys at work. Just hanging out.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said sarcastically, “that’s one of your favorite things to do. Lemme guess. One of the guys is your boss?”

“Uh huh. Both, really.”

“And they just asked you out to be polite.”


“And you couldn’t say no for fears that you might offend them.”

“Right again.”

“And you are sitting there bored out of your mind while they talk about their work.”

“Not quite.”


Impressed, he said, “You are good.”

“I’ve got my skills,” she says perkily. “I bet you were hoping that I had some major crisis that you could solve over the next ten or fifteen minutes just to relieve the tedium.”

“If you would be so kind…”

“Sorry, no crisis. Not even a hangnail. Not that I’d be calling you about a hangnail.” She paused for a moment and asked, “What are you eating?”

“Lasagna. Pretty good too.”

“Posh. Lasagna. That’s not what you want to eat.”

“I don’t know. You haven’t had it.”

“Well, listen to me for a moment and I’ll tell you what you really want.”

“I’m listening.”

“I suppose you guys are sitting there in long sleeved button up shirts with the top buttons open and ties hanging off of your necks.”

“No. Ties done up. Kind of a formal place, really.”

“Okay, then listen closely.”

“Alright, I said I’m listening.” One of his bosses heard his statement and smiled. He knew how it was with wives—after all, he’s had three of them. You had to listen to their every chatter, no matter how pointless or uninteresting it was. Ah, well, I suppose that’s part of the work of marriage, he mused.

However he really was listening closely to her description on the phone, for he knew that it was going to be much more interesting that escort ataşehir simply sports.

“Okay, so suppose I walk in there wearing my black gown—you know, the one with the spaghetti straps on the shoulders, that hug my hips tight and that give just a little bit of cleavage if you happen to look at it from the right direction.” Like straight down from the top, he thinks. “So I’m walking through the restaurant straight to your table and say, ‘Hello, I will be your server tonight.’ Maybe I could speak in an Italian accent, ‘Ciao, I will be your server tonight,'” He smiles at her terrible accent and inappropriate use of a foreign word. She knows better, she’s just playing. ” ‘Would you like our special? But of course you do—we have a special meal planned just for you.’ Then I playfully glide the spaghetti straps to the side of my arms and you notice that there are no bra straps beside them. I pull the top of my gown down to display more of my cleavage and I bend down in front of you to give you a deep kiss and our tongues touch. We are both so hungry for each other that we just caress each other’s tongues and lips, while you reach down and pull the top of the gown down more fondling the side of my breasts.”

“That would sure surprise some people” he ventured, not daring to say too much lest his quickening heart rate and deep breathing display his excitement.

“I am sure. They’re eyes would be as wide as saucers. They might feel a bit disgusted at our carryings-on in public, but they would also be a tiny bit jealous that they didn’t have a wife who would kiss them so passionately in public.” I wonder, he thought silently, if that would increase or decrease my chances at continuing work?

“But that would be nothing,” she continued, “as to their shock as they see me get up from kissing you and I begin to slowly creep the skirt of my gown up my legs. It’s pretty tight, so I inch it up, first on the left, then on the right, then the left, then the right, up past my knees so you and they are staring at my legs to see exactly how much I will reveal to you. And you are secretly hoping that I show you everything. Just as it creeps its way up my thighs—mid-thigh, then upper thigh—I stop and sit on you, straddling your left knee. You reach down and caress the outside of my thighs and butt through my dress. Then I pull the back of my dress up over my ass and I rest my mound on your leg, as you cup my buttocks, stroking them with your fingers. I kiss your neck and whisper in your year, ‘I want you.’ Then you realize that my wetness was seeping through your pant leg. Finally the realization dawns on you—I’m not going to wait until we are safe at home. I want you now and I’m going to have you right here, no matter who else is watching.”

He smiled hesitatingly at his bosses, and they smile back and return to their conversation. He sits back and allows her voice to take him back into her fantasy.

“I look over at your bosses across from the table, where they are staring at us with their mouths dropped open, a bit of drool dripping from one chin. I turn to them and say in my brilliant Italian accent, ‘Gratzi, gentlemen, but this is a private party. And though I am sure you would like to join us, I am afraid you have not been invited.’ For a moment they kadıköy escort bayan sit there, dumfounded. Then it hits them what I said, and they slide out of the booth, to another, less private table. I’m sure they don’t mind, for we brought a little excitement into their lives.

“I hump myself a little on your leg, but that is not enough for me. I need more of you than that. Still sitting on your leg, I wrestle the dress up over my torso and sit before you, on top of you, completely nude. I press my hardened nipples against your chest and kiss you deeply again. You are stroking my back, my ass, my breasts, my hair and my legs. Every part of me excites you, and I reach down to feel your hard member. I am stirred inside myself even more and I cannot wait another second.

“I get up off of your lap and sit on the side of the empty table, covered with a thick white tablecloth. I lay back until I am completely resting on the table, with my head dangling off of the opposite end from where you sit.” He hears her shifting on their bed at home. He knows that she lay there on the bed, nude, breasts raised up and her hand resting on her thigh, just waiting for the right moment in her story to plunge into herself. He wished that he could open his pants and touch himself as she spoke. But he was lucky that the tablecloth that covered his lap completely hid his ungentlemanly erection. “I open my legs wide until my slit is fully open in front of you. I raise my head and stare into your eyes which can’t tear away from my body to look me in the face and I say, ‘Dinner is served. Please enjoy.’

“And you do. You put two fingers gently between my folds and part them and then lower your mouth to meet me. I drape my legs over your shoulders as you breathe my scent in deeply. Then, tentatively, your tongue wets the red folds of my skin and then it delves in deeper to seek out my erect clit.” He can hear her breathing increase as her fingers stroke herself and enter her wet juices. “It doesn’t take long for you to find it…” she pants a couple times, “and you stroke me deftly with your tongue with precise, gentle movements.”

As she paused to experience her pleasure without distraction for a moment, he wished that his face was pushed between her thighs and he could imagine tasting her, as he had so many times before. Salty and tart with just a hint of bitter. He could feel her moist folds of skin giving way before his stiff tongue, opening up her center of pleasure. The tip of his tongue slowly stroked her hardness and his lips could feel her vagina walls tense. On either side of his face, her thighs tightened and relaxed with every stroke of his tongue over her small ball of hardness. She would never understand what pleasure he received in being so close, so intimate with her most private, intimate self. Her most sensitive vulnerability, and she opens herself up to me, to touch, to taste, to breath until she fills his mouth, covers his tongue, becomes the very air he breaths and fills his mind. They are one in her pleasure, so that he can enter it and experience it for himself because he is so very close, so near to her implosion that he is pulled into her through the avenue of her orgasm in his mouth.

Panting, she continues her description, “Your arms escort bostancı reach around my butt and caress my belly, drifting up… my breasts…. You light your fingers over my nipples, but I cry to you, ‘Harder… on my nipples…” and I moan as your thumbs roughly stroke them… in circles.” And she does moan in his ear, just low enough for his companions not to take notice. “OH! I put one hand in your hair and …pull it slightly and …your tongue presses harder against my clit… and I am going to go in your mouth and… oh you feel so good, don’t stop, don’t—oh, yes….” And he could hear her soft sighs as her orgasm flowed through her body, waves of pleasure flowing within her.

Her imaginings excited him, thrilled him, really, but now he felt so empty. She has released herself, three thousand miles away from him, and although he participated in her pleasure and could imagine her delight, he felt empty. He felt so horny but lonely in this eatery, his only companions people he must respect, but never know. Was he really intimate with his wife just now? Her story was funny and exciting, but in the end, where does it lead? He so wanted to be holding her, caressing her, kissing her on their bed such a great distance away, allowing the final remains of her inner glow flow through his chest until her eyes opened and she stared smiling in his eyes, kissing him lightly on the mouth as her naked body rested against his. But this isn’t for him. Not now. He had to wait.

He paused until she was able to speak. When she did, her breathing was back to normal and she related happily as if nothing had happened. “For that, I get up off of the table and sit on your lap again…”

“Hey,” he says, “Maybe we can wait on the rest of this until later.”

“Are you sure? Because I’m really hungry now. Don’t you want to hear about how I take your painfully hard member and place it in my mouth, stroking it deeply with my tongue….”

“Oh yes, I really do want to hear about it. But perhaps not now. Let me finish my dinner first. I’ll have dessert later.”

“But I think we should have our dessert first…”

“Absolutely, and so you did. I’ll have to call you later about that.”

She noted a bit of distance in his tone, “Did I do something wrong? Was it wrong of me to do that to you in that public place…”

“No, no. It’s fine. In fact, I really enjoyed our talk here. But I think I’d better get off now and we can finish this later, okay?”

“Sure. I get it. Later.” She figured that she could spend the time thinking up a really erotic story for them to act out when he was alone in his room. “But I just wanted to say, thanks. I really felt good.”

He laughed, “I didn’t do anything. I just listened.”

She smiled and giggled, “Sometimes I guess just having you listen to me turns me on.”

“Wow. What powers I have.”

“You’re the Superman of erotic ability. You can give your wife an orgasm from three thousand miles away.”

“Cool. I wonder if I could do that for anyone else?”

“I hope not! Those are my personal powers, boy!”

He chuckled. “Well, talk to you later.

“Oh yeah, my man. I look forward to it.”

As he hangs up, one of the men at the table glance his way. “That seemed to take a while,” he mentioned without any irritation in his voice, but curiosity.

“Oh, you know women,” he said, “they get so emotional. She just needed me to listen while she worked something out.”

“Did she work it out?”

“Yeah, I’d say she was pretty successful.”

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