Good Morning

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I woke up to the most delicious feelings racing through my body. I opened my eyes to find my body already half way towards an explosive orgasm thanks to the attentions of the man that had taken up residence between my legs, not that I was complaining. He had manoeuvred my thighs apart very skillfully, though I wasn’t so sure that that hadn’t been partly down to me, my body was very capable to taking over even when I wasn’t aware of it. I ran my fingers down my body and slid them down to his head, caressing the silky strands for a second or two, enjoying the feel of his hair under my fingers.

His hands glided up my body, coming to rest over my breasts, cupping their fullness, his fingers tweaking my nipples just enough to give me a jolt but not enough to hurt. I suddenly gasped as his tongue did that little curl thing that drove me wild, sinking inside me, stroking over my inner walls. My fingers instantly slid into his hair, gripping, pulling him closer. I opened my legs wider, lifting to drape them over his shoulders, arching my hips to work my flesh closer to his mouth, sighing deeply with pleasure.

His tongue continued to lick at my insides, spearing in and out, so I felt like i was being fucked by his tongue and I loved the feeling so much. I tensed my inner muscles, trying to clamp down on his tongue, trying to squeeze it as I would his cock but was unable to. I almost whimpered with disappointment when he withdrew his tongue but my protests turned quickly to moans as he moved up slightly, his tongue brushing lightly over my clit. I gasped again as I felt heat infuse me, felt my clit filling with blood, growing more and more sensitive, more bostancı escort tense as my orgasm began to build within me. It started as a clenching of my stomach muscles, like a dull ache but a pleasant one, the base of my spine began to tingle, making me shiver and writhe against the sheets, almost grinding my pussy against his face, his tongue working me perfectly.

He started out with long laps, soothing strokes that felt so wonderful, so soft and loving, like I was his favourite ice cream that he was thoroughly enjoying. But then he began to add a little circle of his tongue right over my nub, and that had me squirming. My hips rode slowly up and down, following his tongue as he lap, then would circle with him, almost playing chase with his talented tongue.

I can feel my end nearing and almost instinctively tense my thighs, flexing to pull him closer. My fingers tightening on his hair. My whole body is tensing, readying, my breath coming in little panting gasps. The feeling of pleasure is growing inside me, pooling low in my stomach. “oh god yes ” I moan as my whole body begins to tremble, my muscles tensing and releasing, my clit growing more and more sensitive. His lips circle my clit, his tongue flickering back and forth, making me gasp and moan, before his lips formed a circle around my clit and he suckled gently, the small suction enough to make me explode, his tongue working me as I rocked against him, working me to my absolute limits. I groaned, white hot heat flooding my body, waves of pleasure radiating through my body, little zips flashing up my spine, my womb and inner walls spasming, grasping at nothing. My nipples ümraniye escort bayan beaded into hard points against his palms, rasping against his skin sending little darts of extra pleasure down to my core.

I shivered all over as my orgasm began to fade and his lips released my clit, which was still feeling extra sensitive and his tongue began to lick in long lines up and down my length, dipping into my core to catch every drop of the juices spilling from me.

I collapsed back against the bed, trying to recover my breath as he moved over me, his lips kissing and licking their way up my body, stopping to pay special attention to my nipples, flickering his tongue over them as he had my clit, circling my buds then sucking them softly before moving away, leaving them wet and aching. I felt the tip of his cock nudge against my still dripping pussy and I couldn’t help but arch against him, begging for him to fill me. My legs were still draped over his shoulders as he leant over me and i knew that if he fucked me in this position I would be orgasming so deeply, so quickly that I was liable to pass out.

His lips met mine and I instantly melted against him, my lips parting to accept his tongue, moaning as it stroked against mine. He broke the kiss to whisper in my ear, reminding me of his promise as we had fallen asleep and I shivered at the tone of his voice. I opened my eyes again and looked at him, our eyes meeting, catching and holding. Suddenly his hips bounced forwards and he slid inside me in one long, hard thrust that had me gasping at the intrusion. My wet walls parted instantly for him, fluttering and gripping tight. He kartal escort began to move, slowly, long , deep strokes that I felt all the way to my soul. He would pull out almost all the way, leaving just his tip inside me, my walls gripped him and I tensed as I waited for him to plunge back inside. Every trust, every stroke was so worth waiting for. My legs are bent back so that my knees are touching my stomach, which tilted my hips up, lifting my pelvis, putting us both in the perfect position for maximum pleasure. I loved this position, it made his tip brush my front wall perfectly, hitting my g spot every time, but it also meant that his pelvic bone could catch and rub against my clit, giving me extra stimulation there too. My amazing orgasm thanks to his skilful tongue, had left my clit sensitive, swollen, ready for more.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, lifting my hips, matching his rhythm as his thrusts increased in speed and depth, making me moan almost constantly. Our lips met again in a bruising kiss, full of passion and fire. I felt his whole body tense and I knew he was close, which was perfect for me as I was so very close too. I just needed that little extra push.

The push came when he did, the feel of his whole body vibrating with pleasure, his muscles tensing, the way his head dropped back for a second before his eyes latched on to mine again, seeing the evidence of his pleasure in his gaze, the feel of his cock swelling, pulsing inside me, the way it kicked back with each spurt of his seed tipped me over the edge and I went with him, my inner muscles clenching around him, milking every drop of his release. I shuddered and shook, tremors racking my body as my hips rocked against his.

Slowly we came back down together and he lowered my legs back to the mattress, our arms wrapping around each other as our breathing slowed, evening out as we cuddled close, kissing softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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