Got Milk? – Delilah , Mac Ch. 03

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Hours have passed since the kiss. The school day resumes on as normal. Mac had his P.E. and brief library study session with his group for their upcoming test. Only difference is, Delilah is nowhere to be found. She and Mac usually eat together at lunch time, however, today is a day for her to be supposedly M.I.A.

Mac becomes worried, but not to the point where he loses focus on his test. Currently in 6th period doing some last second studying before his 7th period test, Mac quietly goes over the notes he gathered in the group session. Come hell or high water, he was gonna ace this test. He was ready. He was in the zone. He felt unstoppable…

He almost didn’t feel his phone vibrate inside his jeans.

“Oh shit…!” he quietly mutters to himself as he jams his hand inside his pocket, almost stabbing his thigh with the pencil still attached to it. Quickly placing the pencil on his desk, he resumes the deathbattle of hand vs. pocket. Gripping with his index and thumb, he slides out his Android cell phone, nearly dropping it in the process.

Mac looks at it in disgust, remembering the slightly cracked screen it displayed on the top right side of the phone. Bad memories of an accidental phone drop comes back to his mind, but Mac brushes it off when he sees the notification flashing: It was a text!

And even better, it was from his tag team partner, Delilah.

With a sigh of relief, he pressed into the icon, revealing the text message:

Hey, tiger. Ready to kick that test’s butt?

Cracking his etiler escort knuckles, Mac began to reply back to her message:

I believe so. But, dude, where were you at lunch today?


Haha, sorry, i didn’t want you to lose focus because of my outfit. I know you’re drooling all over it already!


lol Is it that obvios?




“Fuck…” Mac grumbles to himself at his typo. Another reply from Delilah:

Hehe, I’m really glad you like it.


I will, don’t worry. But there’s something i need to ask you about your outfit.


Oh? and what might that be? ;P


It’s like 200 degrees outside. How can you wear that when it’s this hot?


Oh, that’s easy… to work up a sweat. lolol for you, silly.


Gulping, Mac already knew what she was up to. One of his fantasies was already coming to fruition, and he felt it inside his crotch. Feeling his phone vibrate before he could even reply, he read what Delilah texted him next:

Yep… I ate lunch outside today. Sat at the bench all by myself. It was sooooo hot. heehee… my blouse is still kinda damp from the sweat…


Delilah was now getting into his head again with the teasing texts. Before Mac could even reply to that one, he felt another vibrate…

Ugh… so hot… etimesgut escort these stockings are totally attached to my legs now. lolol And my flats… they are sweltering hot. I even had to fidget with them a little using my feet to keep cool.


“Damn, she is a fast texter!” Mac says quietly to himself. All he could really do was try not to touch himself in class from her teasing. Again his phone vibrates.

… would you like to know what i did with my flats while I ate my lunch? 😛


Yes… yes i totally would. >_<


lol ok… but you gotta promise me that you’ll pass your test first. Do we have a deal?


Yesyesipromise I promise to pass. We have a deal



Minutes go by, and no reply from Delilah. Mac is losing all focus, and he can’t even concentrate on his notes. He keeps looking back on his phone, just in case it was malfunctioning. He was getting desperate to know what she did.

His crotch was once again throbbing through his jeans, and he did his best to not let it control him. But the more he waited, the more his mind started to wonder. Did something happen? Did she just troll him and leave him all hot and bothered?

The things he wanted to do to her and her outfit… he was crossing territory that he hadn’t crossed in a long time. But she said this is what she wanted from him. She called him HER sicko. HER pervert.

Did etlik escort she really mean that, or not?

Shivering from his own arousal, he almost dropped his phone again when it finally vibrated. Clicking the icon once again, he carefully studied the message, much longer than her previous texts:

lolol well… I was just sitting eating my lunch, and it was really hot, so I just fidgeted my feet in my flats to keep them from burning. It wasn’t working as well as I hoped, so then i started to take my flats off and put them back on my feet. Dude, my feet got so sweaty in my stockings! Seriously, the fabric was clinging to my toes. Ugh, hehe… so after a while of slipping them on and off, I started to twirl the flats around with my toes. I had to scrunch my toes a few times to get the sweat all lathered up. lol It was a lot of fun, actually. But my feet might smell now… I don’t think you’ll be able to handle it free period when I do it for you again. You think you can handle it, tiger? Hehe, you think you can handle my feet if I played with my flats for you in class? lolol Now shut up and pass that test! I’ll see you in free period.


Stunned… quietness…

A proverbial mind-fuck. Delilah had him right where she wanted him.

Mac could literally burst in his pants at that very moment, but a new-found perseverance overtakes him. He was going to study his brains out and pass this test, even if it kills him.

His best friend was even a better prize than an A or a B could ever be. Soon, he would finally get what he desired. Soon, Mac would have Delilah, and her gorgeous feet.

The bell finally rang, and Mac quietly walked into his next class. He did all the studying he could, and took all the notes he had. It was now or never.

It was time to pass this test…


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