Grace Ch. 03

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The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of groupsex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 3-The City Client

Two weeks later Grace found a message on her phone. Alex told her the city client expected her in the evening noting the time and the address.

Dressed in jeans and a jacket, Grace arrived on time at what turned out to be a stately home. She rang the bell, was let in and shown a large room at the back of the building. The window blinds were closed. The carpets were red just like the upholstery and lighting. There were red sofas in the dimly lit room and a red podium in the middle with a cage the size of a modest car. It was high enough to stand in. Alex gave her some details but didn’t tell her about the cage.

She met the guests; one man and three women in dark formal eveningwear entered the room. Soft rhythmic music was playing, champagne was served and Grace mingled, drank a glass or two and entered in polite conversation.

As the evening progressed Grace noticed how the women were trying to touch her up. Alex had told her about the ‘audience’, to expect groupsex. The females were kissing her and she eagerly kissed them back. At the same time she felt a hand opening her pants and fingers moving between her legs into her panties. More and more she was touched and groped by the man and women alike.

Buttons came undone; her clothes fell to the ground. Grace was the only one naked in the room between these four people in evening attire and shared amongst all present. She was asked to place one leg on the couch and slightly squat. All four people took some lube on their fingers and inserted güvenilir bahis it between Grace’s legs. She closed her eyes and gasped when fingers entered her cavities.

A servant opened the cage. Grace was asked to enter and went inside. In the middle of the cage she slightly squatted with her legs spread and placed one foot up against the side of the cage. She opened her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand, with the other hand she held on to the roof. The audience had a good view of her exposed genitals.

Grace was nervous. She didn’t know what would come next.

Two naked African men appeared. They were both muscular, well-endowed and rock hard. The cage opened, the men were let in and the door closed. They liked the sight of Grace squatting in front of them.

They virtually attacked Grace’s crotch from both sides. The women were very close to the cage as to not miss anything of what unfolded. The men were frantically licking her inside and out, vigourously sucking her pussy lips. Grace was horny and enjoyed these hot tongues penetrating her. After five minutes of frantic action she lowered herself to the ground.

Grace went quickly on all fours, spreading her legs wide, arching her back, pushing up her ass. One man immediately mounted her, entering her slit with his hot rod. She crawled through the cage to get away. A deliberate ploy. It made the action look more dynamic. The man behind her latched on to her. The other one force-fed his cock into her mouth. Grace pulled herself up against one of the sides to give the audience a spectacular view of the meat penetrating her. She spread her legs parallel to the cage grille half a meter from the ground. She was türkçe bahis hot as hell and wanted the men probably more then they wanted her.

One black man clung on to her from behind and fucked her vertically between her widespread legs while the other one squeezed her boobs, licked her neck and deep-kissed her. To relieve the friction she pushed her ass up in the air. That only made it more intense. The raging cock went even deeper inside, wildly pumping her red hole. The women were on the other side of the cage, only centimeters away from the cocks and tongues sliding into Grace. They saw up close how Grace’s area between her legs was red, swollen and throbbing. The men were pushing each other to gain access to Grace’s holes.

The women were egging the men on to fuck harder. Grace was now hotter than she had ever been and couldn’t get enough. The friction between her legs drove her wild. She slowly dropped from the side of the cage offering herself to the men as fuck meat.

She was on the floor of the cage on her back, spreading her legs as wide as possible, pushing her pelvis up. She invitingly presented herself to them. The guys sensed how hot Grace was, that she was as ready for mating as they were. The pace of stabbing cocks and penetrating tongues increased. Grace loved every minute of it. The dim red lights and pumping music turned her on even more. The audience was right next to the cage as to not miss a second of this fuck spectacle between a hot young teenager and two raging studs.

After what seemed like an eternity one of the men grunted, latched on tighter to Grace’s midriff and shot his load. Grace felt how the hot liquid ran down her cavity. The black man let go güvenilir bahis siteleri and immediately the other one took over. He stabbed his burning cock into her slit. Her hot pussy lips clamped the fast sliding meat. The pace was furious. The guy was panting and grunting.

The women in the audience loved the hot fuck show. They had a close-up view of the action. They were by now all naked and fingering themselves out of hotness and excitement.

Grace turned around and pushed her bum up, opened her ass cheeks with one hand and spread her legs wider. The manÕs cock left her slit and pushed into her anus. She felt the hot meat entering her cavity. Suddenly he moaned, stiffened up and deposited his cum deep inside her bowels. She felt the hot spunk hitting her inside walls. Grace was close to losing it. The women in the audience saw how Grace’s muscles tightened. She trembled, her legs turned into jelly. She was panting heavily and grimaced. With a slight squeal liquid squirted out of her pussy. Grace and the men fell to the floor exhausted.

The cage was opened and she climbed out. The rest of the evening was spent fucking on the floor and couches. Grace’s first hot and anonymous groupsex experience.

Tongues penetrated her deeply from all angles and the women fucked her with strapons in many positions. She didn’t know these strangers but that didn’t matter. She eagerly spread her legs really wide to give the men and women the best possible access to her red holes. Tongues licked the length of her crotch. Lips and fingers worked her clit. At one point she was on all fours on the ground licking someone’s clit while a woman’s head was between her legs eating out her wet slit. Grace came several times that night.

It was early next morning before she put her clothes back on and returned to the University grounds. She had trouble going to sleep. Her genitals were throbbing and carnal images filled her mind.

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