Graduation Celebration Ch. 02

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As the last rays of sunshine had finally disappeared behind the trees and roofs of neighboring houses, the backyard of Shawna and Tom was getting dark. But only for a few seconds, before the automatic light was turned on, another gizmo Tom was obviously able to afford.

The green grass was set in a smooth light, emphasizing the rich color, and lights went on inside the pool, casting it in a silvery and blue explosion of sparkles. If someone had looked down from the skies onto that show of perfectly spent money, another nice piece of luxury would have come into view. Namely, the luxurious body of Shawna, my next-door neighbor for ten years, kneeling on the lawn with her face on the ground, hands gripping the shortly trimmed grass, ass pushed up towards the sky.

If that imaginary viewer had then resumed checking out that body, they would have seen a guy of about 18, stark-naked, kneeling behind that ass, hands tightly gripping Shawna’s thighs, with his face pressed inside Shawna’s naked, wet pussy. That young man was me.

After Shawna had sucked me off, swallowing everything I had spurted into her mouth, she had snuggled up to me, commenting on the brilliant taste of my cum, making me blush and try to not feel too proud. After all, that woman had been like an aunt to me, and she was married to Tom, whom I actually liked. On the other hand, a body like Shawna’s was nothing any man could have resisted.

Starting from her straight, blonde hair, almost reaching down to her lascivious butt, to the blue eyes and pouty lips and then to those fabulous fake tits, jutting out like a teenaged girl’s little budding tits, although large and definitely not of a teenaged girl, her body was perfect.

For a young man, recently graduated from high-school and not exactly a Casanova, the wanton display of that deadly weapon and the invitation to actually touch, it was even more impossible to resist. And when Shawna had then dropped to her knees and sucked my rock-hard dick, all my resistance had crumbled in a matter of seconds.

Now I was kneeling behind her, my face buried between those wonderfully smooth globes of her ass, tasting the tangy fluid her pussy seemed to produce constantly. I still couldn’t believe my luck as my tongue slid up and down her almost bare pussy, the wetness already glistening on my face. I was in a frenzy, I didn’t ever want to stop swallowing Shawna’s juice; to me, it was the water of life.

Shawna was obviously thinking somewhere along the same lines. Whenever my tongue found its way to her hard clit, her body was thrown into little convulsions, almost fucking my tongue instead of the tongue fucking her pussy. Her moans were delicate and turning me on even more, and frankly, I was almost going crazy. That little sexpot with her fake tits and inviting ass was enjoying my tongue playing with her pussy, and my dick was hard again, although it had been sucked dry just a few minutes ago.

I kept licking Shawna’s pussy, savoring every drop on my tongue before greedily swallowing, my hands resting on the cheeks of her ass, wondering in the back of my mind how an ass could be so wonderfully round but yet so firm.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Shawna was whimpering, as I drover my tongue deep inside her fleshy pussy, trying to get in as far as possible. Feeling the inner walls of her pussy contracting on my tongue was a heavenly feeling, making me wish I had a lot longer tongue. I felt my nose resting on Shawna’s puckered asshole, and had an idea. I pulled out my tongue, and slowly licked up her pussy until I was at that spot right between her pussy and her asshole.

I idled there for a few seconds, and being the cunning bastard that I am, güvenilir bahis I was just waiting for what was to follow:

“Oh God, John, please….,” Shawna whimpered, “please lick my asshole!”

I had never licked an asshole before, but I had been fantasizing about it countless times. Something about that small, puckered hole had always made me crazy, and now I was about to actually have my fantasy turn to reality.

Even in my wildest fantasies, I’d have never imagined to be licking such a wonderful asshole. Devoid of any hair, that asshole was already glistening with Shawna’s juices, and as Shawna wriggled her ass, it seemed to wink at me, inviting me to go for it. That I did.

I got a better grip on her cheeks and spread them apart a bit more. Then I slowly made my way towards her asshole. Teasingly, I licked around her asshole, feeling the smooth surface of Shawna’s nether skin. Shawna was definitely not in the mood for teasing. She tried moving her ass so my tongue would actually lick her asshole and not the sensitive skin around it, but I would have nothing of that. I was the one in control now.

I firmly held her ass, spreading her cheeks, and noticed her asshole being stretched a bit. Seeing that little hole being opened up, and if it was just a fraction of an inch, was enough. I was ready to fulfill Shawna’s wish, and plunged my tongue right inside that tiny hole.

Shawna was definitely hooked on anal delights. As my tongue made contact with that tight ring, she yelped out loud, her ass bucking, and almost throwing me off her. The fantasies I had had about licking assholes couldn’t have me prepared for what that really felt like. As my tongue was pushing inside Shawna’s asshole, her tight outer ring out of reflex tried to push me out, squeezing my tongue. Letting my tongue rest a bit on Shawna’s asshole, she relaxed and had obviously told her body to not fight that intruder, because when I pushed again, my tongue slid right in.

The tight, warm feeling was now paired with an interesting taste that I hadn’t expected. I mean, it didn’t taste like I imagined shit would taste like, but it rather tasted a lot like her pussy, paired with some other taste I couldn’t identify, but didn’t dislike. I pushed again, before sliding my tongue out.

Shawna was now panting into the lawn, waiting for me to go at it again. I looked at her asshole, now wet not only with her pussy juice but also with my saliva, and dove right in again. My tongue smoothly slid in again, and I decided it was time for my fingers probing Shawna’s pussy. I took one hand off Shawna’s ass, which had her reach back and pull apart her own ass. God, she really was hooked on that.

I touched her pussy with two fingers, and feeling that she was even more soaked than before, I knew I could easily slide those two in. Applying a bit of pressure, the fingers sunk in to the knuckles, making Shawna moan and move her ass even more towards my face.

I wriggles both my fingers in her pussy and my tongue in her ass, causing another moan from Shawna.

“Oh John, you do that so well, don’t stop!” she panted.

That was making me go crazy. I pushed my tongue in as deep as possible, and furiously started to finger fuck her pussy. Her ass now felt like the most wonderful place on earth to be, and I could even feel my fingers working in and out of Shawna’s pussy. I almost forgot to catch my breath, I was so worked up doing Shawna’s holes.

Suddenly Shawna’s panting and moaning became louder and more rapid.

“Oh John….I…am….coming!” she screamed. I quickened my pace even more, licking, probing and fingering, and within a few seconds, I felt torrents of juice flooding türkçe bahis my fingers while Shawna’s asshole contracted on my tongue, almost making me feel like my tongue was going to get cut off.

As Shawna’s bucking writhing on the lawn had slowed down a bit, I let my tongue and fingers slide out of her tight holes, and looked at the mess I had produced.

Shawna’s pussy was literally dripping juice, and her asshole was also glistening and quite a bit distended. Only then I noticed my rock-hard dick again, jutting out and almost touching my belly.

“oh, push it in, please, fuck me!” Shawna begged, looking at me through half-closed eyes. Well, I was not going to disappoint her, that would have been really stupid.

So I positioned my cock at her wet pussy, and without much effort, it was in to the hilt. Shawna’s reaction came immediately and was powerful. She arched her back up to the point I thought it would snap, and let out another scream. At the same time, she pushed back her ass, and with the tip of my cock I touched something, and knew it must be her cervix. Now, I had never fucked a girl so thoroughly, and I knew my dick wasn’t exceptionally large, but I was definitely touching her cervix. It was making me crazy.

Grabbing Shawna’s hips, I pulled out my dick and drove it right in again, pushing her forwards on the lawn. Shawna’s head was up now, her long blonde hair trailing down her neck and hanging over her forehead, some strands already matted to her face by her sweat. She looked like a fucking goddess, and for me, she was my sex-goddess.

Between moans and yelps, Shawna urged me to fuck her harder, and I did my best. I had never fucked a girl like that, but I was becoming a huge fan. Seeing my cock piston in and out of her slippery hole and hearing her immediate reactions to it was better than all my sexual contacts I had had before taken together.

After a few minutes of furious fucking, I felt an orgasm trying to free its way out of my balls. A I announced I was coming, Shawna pushed back hard, impaling herself on my dick, forcing me to cum deep inside her. As I spurted my load inside Shawna’s womb, she moaned out loud all the time, while squeezing my dick with her pussy, literally draining me of everything I got.

We collapsed on the lawn, both utterly spent, my dick still inside her. When I looked up from that hot, sweaty body underneath me, noticing that presentation of splendor in the backyard of my neighbors, it hit me.

I had just fucked Shawna. My neighbor, Tom’s wife, my parent’s trusted friend. I had just shot my juvenile sperm inside that thirty-something aunt-like woman, prior to that licked her pussy and asshole.

“Don’t worry, John. It was the only option you had,” I suddenly heard Shawna talk to me, still a bit out of breath. “I wanted you to fuck me, and there was no way in hell you could have resisted me today. Frankly, I thought you’d fuck me already when I would show you my tits. Oh well, you’ve got a strong personality, and it took a bit more than just a glimpse of my tits!”

I pulled out of Shawna’s well-fucked pussy to look at her. She was propped up on her elbow, smiling up at me. As I saw her face and what she had just said had sunk, I had to smile too.

Fuck, she had been planning all that, and I was her victim. Well, I never enjoyed being a victim more than I did then.

Shawna got up and pushed me lightly, so I fell to the ground. She jumped on top of me, and sat on my belly.

“Give me a kiss, you hunk!” she said and lowered her face to mine. I gladly sucked her tongue into my mouth, while I felt a mixture of her juice and my sperm drip onto my belly. God, she was fucking irresistible. güvenilir bahis siteleri

For the next quarter of an hour we kept hung out on the lawn, kissing and groping, enjoying our bodies mashed together.

“You hungry?” Shawna asked after our lips had unlocked. I gazed at her pretty face, and although I was hungry for her body, I noticed my metabolism screaming for food.

“Yeah, let’s have something!” I said.

We went into their house. I had been there a few times before, but it never ceased to amaze me. Everything was all stylish, and I bet there inventory was worth more than my father earned in ten years. There sofa was huge, all white leather, but still discrete enough to not be tacky. They had a fantastic TV, something you only see in villas. Dolby surround and all that. It was heavenly.

The kitchen had everything you could imagine, and within a few minutes, Shawna had prepared a fucking great pasta. We were still nude when we ate, and only the fantastic taste of the pasta made me not have a hard-on.

After the meal, we sat opposite each other, Shawna smiling.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Well, here we are, neighbors for such a long time, suddenly fucking in our back-yard. Tom will be really proud of me!” she said.

I think I choked on the beer I had been sipping. When I had recovered, I saw Shawna laugh. I just looked confused, and she resolved it.

“See, Tom and I, when we fuck, we make up stories to turn us on, and one had been me seducing you. It has been a recurring theme for the last three years.” Shawna explained.

Wow, three years, that means she has had the hots for me when I was mere fifteen years old. That was a bit perverted, I though, but in fact, it was plain horny. She was a goddess.

“So, when Mike left for Florida, he told me to go for it. He is the man I love, and I guess you know why. Because he loves me the way I am, sex-crazy and slutty.” She smiled at me, her long blonde hair almost covering her tits, nipples peeking out between those silky strands of hair.

I was speechless, but my dick wasn’t. It was hard again, and through the angle we were sitting, Shawna had a damn good look.

“Judging from your cock, you like the idea of me being a slut. A cheating slut, with the consent of her husband. Well, it’s not that Mike doesn’t fuck around too. With the little exception that Mike’s escapades aren’t taped!” Shawna winked.

“So, you mean, Tom films while you are fucking other guys?” I asked. I know, I was a bit dumb then, it had all been a surprise for me, so I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing.

“Yeah, and sometimes he joins in, I like it to have more than one cock at my attention. I bet you’re shocked now, right?” Shawna said.

I was far from being shocked now, in fact, I was just imagining Shawna being fucked by two guys. I had to broaden my imaginary fucking horizon even more:

“Well, sometimes, Mike brings home some other girl, mostly young college chicks, and we have a threesome. I love licking pussy!”

Ok, so there I was with a natural slut, who liked fucking both sexes. It definitely was the best day of my life.

“I guess it’s time to feed you sexual appetite again, young man. Why don’t you just sit back, while I show you some of my talents.” Shawna ordered. So I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Shawna got up and went over to the fridge. It was one of those shiny metal thingies, with all kinds of gadgets. She opened it up, and when I saw what she was taking out, I knew what she was about to do.

In her hands, she held a few bananas, a few carrots, and bag of strawberries and a huge eggplant.

“See, I make some especially good dessert. It’s called strawberry pussy. The other things are for later.”

I was definitely enjoying this kind of dessert. I was burning to see her preparation of the best dessert I had quite probably had in my whole life.

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