Great Pain

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She smiles sternly at him; still there is a twinkle in her eye. On his knees before her, his nose inches from her naked cunt, He cringes. The combination, the Mistress–smile with the twinkle, the glint of anticipated pleasure, does not bode well for him in the next hour.

“Pet, I have gone to great pains to teach you how you must behave to please me. Sadly, the pain is yours. The way you insist upon behaving, disobeying me, you’d think you enjoyed the punishment more than pleasing me.” As she speaks she runs the finger tips of her right hand through his short cropped hair. He dips his head forward in a gesture of contrition. His nose inched closer to that strong-smelling pussy. He wants her to dribble her pee on him. He moans with the thought as her fingers draw into a fist pulling his hair slightly. His cock throbs and a clear bead of pre-cum falls to the floor between his knees.

She whispers, “Oh, I see you really do enjoy being a bad-boy. You want me to punish you. Tell me the truth.”

Matching her hoarse whisper, he speaks. “Yes Mistress, I want your punishment as much as I want to please you, to address you every need. I want to serve you and be punished for not serving you well enough. Does that please you?” He dares to look up into her face.

“Were you given permission to look at me? You just can’t seem to help yourself or you don’t want too. Lie down on the floor and spread your legs before me. As you await the pressure of my foot on your balls, I want you to pinch and twist your own nipples. Hard. Don’t disappoint güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me, Little Boy or I’ll stop and leave you alone.” As he drops his naked ass to the cold brick tile, she slides a long, muscled leg forward in sync to the spreading of his tanned legs. Her big toe toys with his left nut, bouncing it atop her red lacquered nail. His cock dances in response to the pain he is creating in his nipples and the anticipation now extends from his scrotal sack to the pit of his stomach.

“Tell Mistress what you want Dirty Boy. Your prick is oozing juice and your ass is dancing on the floor.” Tell Me what you want me to do.” Her toes begin to dance on his scrotum, pressing softly and quickly from one nut to the other.

“Step on my balls and let me jerk-off, please.” Even as he asks, his own excitement causes him to twist and turn his nipples more aggressively between each thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, I don’t know. You’ve been such a Bay Boy. I just can’t give you what you want.” He moans as she actually turns and walks away from him. She leaves his line of sight as he withers on the floor abusing his own nipples. He hears her, across the bedroom, rummaging through their toy box. “Don’t stop working on yourself,” she calls. “I want you very excited for what’s next.”

He hears her return steps across the floor. “Now, open you eyes and look at me. I want you to see what I going to give you instead of your own hand. I am going to shove a dildo up your ass. It is bigger than anything I’ve put in your ass before. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri You are going to take it and love it or I’ll walk away. Do you understand?” He opens his eyes. His Mistress is lubing an eight inch dildo. It has a three inch girth. He has never had anything larger than a finger in his ass before. How can he accept this? Only because she is the one who will be fucking him, his Mistress.

He asks with truly mixed emotion, “Must I?

‘Oh yeah, you really must. Bend your legs; pull your knees to your chest. Reach beside you and spread your ass cheeks. Show me that puckered hole of yours. You really want to be nasty about it. Show me how nasty you can be.” He released his nipples and the flow of fresh blood to starved tit-tissue brought sharp but erotic pain, great pain. His asshole actually pulses in response and he suddenly knows how to please his Mistress.

“Please fuck me deep in my ass with your cock Mistress. I’ve never been fucked in my ass before. I give it to you. Look, I’ll open it really wide for you. Drive your cock into my hole. Give it to me Mistress.” His knees to his chest, ass cheeks spread-wide with the pressure of his fingers, he works to open and close his asshole. He pushes out and contracts in a rhythm that actually causes two things: his cock oozes pre-cum and his asshole loosenes in a manner very obvious to his Mistress.

“Oh Baby, that’s so nasty. Show me more of your asshole. It is so open, your own pre-cum is dripping into it.” At this point his Mistress extends güvenilir bahis şirketleri her big toe, and with an erotic thrust, she forces it deep into the wide-open anus. She feels his immediate, tight contraction. Excited, but without losing her composure, she drives the toe in and out of his asshole, withdrawing only when she see her actions are about to grant him an orgasm. “You nasty, nasty boy. You almost made me let you come.”

“In fact you got me so excited I need to put something in my cunt. But, not you. My own cock. Watch.” He looks up, between her legs in time to see her drive the dildo deep into herself with one thrust. At the same time, her right thumb aggressively pounds her clit. Her tits bounce and her pelvis rotates above him. He thinks his Mistress might bring herself off. She does, so hard she had one of her occasional squirts. Her jism splashed across his ankles up to his thighs. She states, “Oh my god, a toe deep up your subservient ass. That was fucking great. Now I am really going to fuck your ass. My edge is gone.”

“Get them up,” she says bending from her waist with the dildo in her left hand. Again he exposes that asshole, no longer so virgin. Still excited, she rams the dildo home in one stroke. In spite of himself, he screams. Great pain, but very, very exciting. He feels the cum bubble in his scrotum The sound of his pleasure/pain invigorates her. His Mistress draws the instrument in and out its full length several times, stopping and rotating her wrist at the beginning and ending of each stroke. He’s running juices, a puddle beneath his floating balls. His cock dances, flinging pre-cum from his toes to his chest. As he is about to cum, she stops stroking, stands erect and places the ball of her foot squarely on his balls and presses, hard. Great Pains. Cum oozes and he moans, “Oh my Mistress.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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