Great Place to Work

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I pop into the office for one last look around before I go. I’ve still 4 hours to kill before I have to be at the airport. 2 weeks holiday in Europe with Barry. God I hope he doesn’t turn out to be too weird. I need the time away from work and most especially from my cheating bastard of a lover. Let’s be exclusive he says and I managed for one whole month with just my range of vibrators and the occasional dirty story from Barry. Then what do I find? He’s been fucking some chick that’s with him on his business trip from DAY ONE. In fact he had her sucking him off when we were supposed to be having telephone sex. If he hadn’t two-timed her as well and pissed her off so much that she told me then I still wouldn’t be any the wiser. In fact I would have seriously considered moving in and maybe even the big M.

I try to push these thoughts from my head. Ignore the bastard. Focus on the holiday.

The office is supposed to be closed on the weekend but there are often the odd one or two in finishing off a project. I see a light on in Bill’s office and go past as quietly as I can. He’s ok and quite good looking but too nerdy for me and he can talk for hours.

I go into my office, check the messages and brace myself for the e-mails. I shouldn’t be looking in case there’s some fuck up and I have to take some work with me. I sigh with relief. No catastrophes. I can leave with a clear conscience.

There is a knock on my door. Please don’t let it be Bill. “Come in.” It’s Shamima, a lovely young Muslim girl, from Morocco I think, working on some kind of exchange. “I’m just on my way out but what can I do for you?”

“Sorry to trouble you Arlene. I’ve had a wardrobe malfunction. Have you got a needle and cotton perhaps?” She walks into my office and I can see she’s ripped part of the waistband of her wrap around skirt. “I managed to catch it on a drawer'” She smiled ruefully.

“Yes, I’ve got. Close the door and come over here.” I fish the needle and cotton out of the drawer. “Take the skirt off and give it to me.”

“Do I have to?” She’s clearly very shy.

“Only if you want me to help? You could always take the cotton with you.”

“No, I can’t sew to save my life. I’ll be here all night.” She takes the skirt off and hands it to me. She has on a red lace thong and I have the distinct impression that she wants to cover herself. I’m getting a little turned on by her shyness and the view I have of her lovely plump ass cheeks. As she turns I see a tattoo on her left butt of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

“That’s a beautiful tattoo.” She turns bright red when she realises I’m looking at her butt. “Why that design?” I’m busy sewing while I talk.

“I had it done when I came to America. It’s to signify me leaving my loving but very conservative parents and emerging as a person in my own right.” “That’s great. The artwork is excellent. I’ve had a couple done myself but the colouring and shading particularly here are excellent.” As I say that I gently trace my finger nail over a part of the tat to indicate the area I mean. I leave my nail there a few seconds longer than necessary but she doesn’t pull away.

“Do you have any others?” I look into her eyes and lick my lips holding her attention. There’s definitely a connection building. I’m getting a bit wet and tingly. She seems hesitant. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?”

She giggles. “Ok then. You first.”

I stand güvenilir bahis up and undo the buttons on my blouse. I pull it back to expose a tattoo on my shoulder written in Hindi script. “It says we fuck to live and live to fuck.” She laughs. I take my skirt off and show her the one next to my navel. It’s a Gemini type picture. “It symbolises the two sides of my sexuality.”

“It’s very nice.” She says and touches it with her finger tip. It slides down to my silk panties. “These are nice too. Were they expensive?” She pinches the material at the side between her fingers. Part of her hand is resting on my hip, casually but like a nervous animal ready to run at the slightest provocation.

“Not too bad. I’ll get you a pair from Europe if you like?” She looks up and smiles. “The last one is here.” I pull my bra strap down so the cup barely covers my nipples, which are getting harder by the second. The tat shows a small pair of lips pouting. “I like my lovers to kiss all my lips.” I say with a slight smile acknowledging the innuendo. I adjust my shoulder slightly and pretend not to notice that my right nipple is now exposed and clearly hard like a pencil eraser. “Your turn.”

She’s facing me and staring openly at my tits. I think I can hear her breathing going faster. She takes a few seconds and then snaps back into focus. “Well,” she says coyly “My other tattoo is here.” I follow her fingers down to the hem of her panties and one side down almost to the top of her pussy lips. There is a small bright red cherry on the right of her groin. She’s pulled the panties down much too far just to show me the tat. I can see a small area of hair but otherwise she appears to be shaved. I kneel down to have a closer look. In that position she has a great view of my tits and I have a great view of part of her pussy.

“Is there any meaning attached to this one?” She giggles again.

“I told my mother that I wouldn’t lose my cherry until I got married. This is my cherry which I’ll have removed when I marry. That way I can be truthful to her when she asks.”

“It’s such a bright red, and so plump and juicy. I need a bite.” I lean forward and ever so gently grip the cherry between my teeth. She shudders but says nothing. I move my hands around to grasp her butt cheeks and start to dig my nails in. There is a soft moan. I glance up and she has her eyes closed and mouth open.

I suck on the cherry harder and knead her butt. I run my tongue over the exposed area of her pussy and then hook her panties with my thumbs and start to pull them down with my lips following close behind.

“No.” She murmurs but it’s too late. The panties are down and her wonderful puffy pussy lips are fully exposed and are so inviting that I move in and plant a full kiss on her clitoris. I blow down the pussy lips and nudge her legs apart so I can get a full view. She leans backwards onto my desk as her legs are about to give way. I spread her legs further and start to lap at the wetness.

She’s groaning now. I part her pussy lips and stare into the pinkness within. I slide my finger in and gasp at how tight she is. “Are you a virgin?”


My pussy is dripping and as wet as it’s ever been. I shrug my blouse off and remove my bra while continuing to run my tongue around her clit. I struggle to get my panties off without disturbing the moment. I manage it and take the opportunity to pinch my clit and finger fuck türkçe bahis myself. I’m in heaven. I taste my juice and compare it with Shamima’s. Mine has a stronger flavour but her’s seems spicier although it could be my imagination.

I suck on her clitoris and finger fuck her with my middle finger. I’d like to get two fingers up her but she’s so tight and there’s no rush. I can feel her orgasm building and I lick up and down and around her clit and move my finger in and out faster and faster. Shamima’s moaning and pushing her pussy harder into my face. “Oahh, yes, please I’m cumming, yes pleaseeee.”

She slumps back onto the desk gasping and her spasms slow subside although every now and again I suck her clit and she spasms again until she says, almost crying. “Please stop, I can’t take it any more.”

I stand up and lie on top of her and kiss her and undo her shirt and push her bra up over her tits. They are small and firm and beautifully rounded with dark brown nipples which are hard as diamonds. I take one breast into my mouth as much as I can and give it a hard suck. God I love her tits.

She takes my head into her hands and kisses me again and again. She becomes aware that our naked bodies are pressed against each other and she can feel the heat of my pussy against hers. She starts to grind her hips creating a little friction against my clit but not enough to get me off. I really need to cum now, I’m getting desperate.

“I’ve never done anything like this with a boy or a girl. I never dreamed anything could be this good!” I love the thought that I’ve launched this beautiful girl into a life of pleasure but I still need to cum. The frustration is becoming overwhelming. I arch my back to push my pussy harder into hers and free my tits so she can suck them. Shamima needs no second invitation. She notices my nipple ring for the first time and takes the ring and my nipple into her mouth and sucks and pulls like a mad thing. The sensation of pleasure and bit of pain are getting me so close.

The door opens with a crash! “What’s going on in here?” There is a flash and click and it’s clear a picture has been taken.

I stand up and snarl. “What the fuck are you doing?” Shamima screams and tries to cover her pussy and tits.

“I can certainly see who the fuck you’re doing.” Says Bill smugly. “Shut up both of you. You’ll do what I tell you or these pictures will be with management and on the internet in 10 minutes.” I briefly consider jumping him but he’s a big guy and I realise that the only option is to comply. Shamima has sat up on the edge of the table still covering herself and has started to cry.

“Stop snivelling!” His harsh tone shocks Shamima and she manages to stop crying apart from the occasional sniff. “We’re going to do this my way. Once off and it’s over. You get the picture at the end of the session. Clear?” I nod. I nudge Shamima and she nods as well.

“Now I liked what I was seeing and what I heard. I think it’s time for you ladies to swap.” I like what I hear but I try to hide it. Shamima stands up woodenly still covering herself. I take her place on the desk. I sit on the edge and pull her towards me. I kiss her gently on the lips and lick her tears away. I pull her close and hug her. She relaxes a little and drops her arms allowing our breasts to touch and her nipples start to harden again.

I push her head down and she takes my nipple ring into her mouth güvenilir bahis siteleri and I can see she’s starting to get into it again and has almost forgotten Bill. I can see him over her shoulder rubbing his cock through his trousers and it looks like it could be a decent size.

Shamima glides her hand down over my stomach and flicks my clit with her nails. I’m really pleasantly surprised and a flood of wetness begins to ooze out of my pussy. She uses her other hand to part my lips and slips 2 fingers in and starts to pump them in and out while rubbing my clit at the same time. I’m still really turned on from before and I can feel my orgasm building. Shamima bites my other nipple hard and I groan out loud. I glance at Bill again and he’s naked and he has an 8 inch cock uncut and he’s sliding the foreskin back and forwards. The pre-cum on the tip of his cock glistens in the light and he squeezes a drop which falls to the floor. I can’t take it any more and my pussy starts to contract and pulse and I’m cumming, gripping Shamima’s fingers hard.

As my orgasm starts to subside I open my eyes and see that Shamima has her head back and is biting her lip. I look down and see that Bill is on his knees, has her butt cheeks spread wide and is shoving his tongue up her ass for all he’s worth. I push them back and to give me space to kneel in front of Shamima and I start tongue fucking her. She twists putting one hand on my head to push it harder into her pussy and one hand on Bill to push him harder into her ass. She cums again, her pussy juice flooding my face and dripping down onto my tits.

“Can’t stand it any more.” She moans and collapses onto the floor. Bill sees the juice on my tits and pulls me towards him using my nipple ring. I gasp as it’s really sore but he stops and begins licking the juice and sucking my nipples. He’s really going wild and I realise he hasn’t cum yet. I grab hold of his cock and balls. If he can be rough so can I.

I pinch one ball and he bites my nipple. I pinch the other one and he tips his head back and howls. He practically throws me to the floor and pins my arms above my head and positions his cock at the entrance to my pussy. It seems to be even bigger than 8 inches. He slams it into me and pounds away like there’s no tomorrow. He has no technique but his urgency is really getting to me and my pussy is making erotic squelching noises as I’m so wet.

He seems to have lost all control and he’s rutting like an animal, grunting and giving me sharp nips with his teeth. I’m losing it and biting him in return all sense of where we are lost, just trying to fuck him as hard as he’s fucking me. I rake my finger nails down his back and I’m pretty sure I’ve drawn blood. He doesn’t even seem to notice.

Shamima crawls over and slaps him hard on the ass, two, three, four times. She reaches around and I see him flinch as she rams a finger up his ass and then seconds later she rams a finger up my ass. I can see he’s going to cum and I’m nearly there and then the wave breaks over me as he starts to pump his cum, spurt after spurt into my cunt. The finger in my ass is waggling making my orgasm extend as my ass is so sensitive I can cum from that alone.

We collapse in a heap and take a few minutes to disengage ourselves. We lean against the nearest piece of furniture and wait to get our breath back. When we’ve calmed down I ask Bill for the camera and picture. He laughs, reaches for his pocket and pulls out the flash for an SLR. “I didn’t have a camera and I couldn’t miss this opportunity.”

“We’ll forgive you this once. Now help me get the place back in shape I’ve got a plane to catch and I’m going to be late.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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