Greg’s GF Pt. 06: THE TRIP ENDS

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I woke up and looked to my side. Once again, Kate was already out of bed. I hoped she wasn’t at the neighbors’ in her revealing robe again.

As I opened the door, the smell immediately hit my nose. Cinnamon roles! I saw Kate standing in the kitchen and she turned to me as I came outside. She had some frosting dripping from her mouth to her chin. Obviously, she had just scarfed down a cinnamon roll and didn’t even notice she had frosting on her face. My girlfriend was so adorable!

Using a single finger I wiped up the frosting, “what, you aren’t sharing?” and put my finger in my mouth. The frosting had an unusual taste, though.

Kate giggled. “Not quite what you expected?”

“It’s just kind of salty.” I responded.

Kate laughed. “Um, yeah! What would you expect it to be like?”

“I don’t know, sweeter, I guess?”

“Sweeter?” Kate asked.

I laughed. “Uh, of course.” Did Kate not understand how cinnamon rolls were supposed to taste? “Who made that batch?”

Kate laughed again. “Well, that ‘batch’ came from Steve.”

“Well, instead of gobbling up the entire next batch yourself, maybe share with me next time. Who knows, maybe the other guys can do better.” I told her.

“Um, really? You want me to like, share it after the boys have given it to me?” Kate asked.

“Sure?” I’m not sure why Kate assumed the guys would offer dessert to her first. “Anyway, what’s the plan for today?”

Kate shrugged. “I dunno. Why don’t we see what the boys think?”

Just then, JJ and Dean walked out. Unfortunately, it only now occurred to me Kate was naked. I knew I could not stop Kate’s newfound exhibitionism, but I was going to do my best to minimize it. “Why don’t we go shower and get dressed? I’m sure we’ll think better after freshening up.”

Dean took a seat and Kate replied. “Let’s talk now. I’m plenty awake.” Then, fully nude, Kate sat down on Dean’s lap!

Dean reached around, placing a hand on Kate’s bare stomach. “Beach again?” He suggested.

“Or we could do the hot tub again.” JJ said.

I couldn’t care less at that point. I watched Dean’s fingers play around my girlfriend’s belly button. He wouldn’t try to touch her pussy right in front of me, would he? Kate, for her part, was practically inviting him to touch her. She spread her legs wide. I was trying to think of an excuse or something to say that might put the brakes on this. But before he got the chance, Kate moved her own hand between her legs and started to play with herself.

Can’t say I was overly excited about my girlfriend playing with her pussy while two of my friends watched, but I suppose it could’ve been worse. Dean could have been the one touching her pussy.

My friends and I watched in silence as Kate pleasured herself. Several minutes later, the show was interrupted when Steve walked out. Kate was startled and jumped up. “Oh, hi Steve. We were just talking about what to do today. Greg and I have to go get clean, though.” Kate grabbed my hand. “We’ll talk more when we get out!” That’s when it clicked. Kate was only teasing the guys. I should have seen it earlier. She spread her legs to entice Dean, but then began masturbating before he got the chance to touch her. Kate really was taking our talks about limiting herself to heart. This was all an elaborate tease. She’d get them turned on, but only I’d get to have fun with her.

Kate stripped me once we got into our room. “Wasn’t that hot?” She grasped my hard cock. “You certainly enjoyed the show, but I bet you’re even more excited about what’s coming, aren’t you?”

“Fuck yeah.” I replied, as Kate stroked me. I grabbed a condom from off the bed and unwrapped it. She took it from my hand and rolled it onto my cock. Then she pushed me onto the bed and straddled me. Soon she was riding my cock. Got it felt great.

“So tomorrow is our last full day here. Should we kick this into high gear?” Kate asked.

“Ye.. yes.” I managed to say. I was trying not to cum, but I was so turned on it was difficult. A few seconds later, though, it was over and I was cumming.

Kate climbed off of me and rolled onto her back. “Finish me off baby.”

I obliged my girlfriend’s request and went down on her to completion. If teasing my friends and fucking me was what Kate had in mind when she was talking about kicking things into high gear, then I was all for it!

We stood up, and Kate looked down at my naked body. “Ready to jump in bursa escort the shower so we can go join the boys?” She walked into the bathroom before I answered.

By the time we showered, dressed, and left our room, the guys were all dressed as well.

“Alright boys, so let’s figure out what we’re going to do!” Kate said.

“Well, whatever we decide to do, I doubt we’ll want to do it completely sober, will we?” Steve asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked in return.

“We’re basically out of alcohol.” JJ replied.

“Someone will need to do a beer run.” Dean added.

“Ok, who should go?” Kate asked.

“We’ll draw straws.” Steve said. He ran into the kitchen and returned with five straws sticking up from his fist.

Kate took the first straw. It was a normal length. Then JJ and Dean. Again, neither of them drew the short straw. It was down to Steve and I. I reached for one of the two remaining straws, then the other several times. I was about to choose, then at the last minute changed my mind and pulled the other straw. Unfortunately for me, it was the short straw.

“Awe, bummer. Sorry, babe, we’ll try not to have too much fun without you.” Kate said, giving me a kiss.

“It’s a bit of a drive. You’ll need to drive into town. There’s a place called Carl’s Liquor.” Steve told me.

Kate gave me a kiss, and I walked out to my car. I searched for directions on my phone to see where Gary’s Liquor was. “A two-hour drive?” I searched for a different liquor store, but it turns out we were in a dry county! I sighed and got to it.

About a half an hour later, I was getting anxious. I texted Kate.

Me: Hey babe, am I missing anything?

Kate: A few LONG things, actually 😉

I didn’t really understand, but gathered she was making a joke about how long it was taking me. At least she was making light of it.

Me: Yeah, honestly it’s a bit longer than Steve lead me to believe. I tell ya, it’ll be his turn next time!

Kate: Oh it’s long alright. And don’t worry babe, everyone will get a turn! That is what you want, right?

Me: More than anything!

Kate: Great! I promise you’ll get your wish 😉 But for now, stop texting while driving!!

I loved how Kate had my back. Next time, the guys would have to do the alcohol run!

The rest of my drive was uneventful. I finally arrived at the liquor store and went in. What I wasn’t expecting was to see Darren and his friends.

“Hey Greg right?” Darren asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, um, thanks for inviting us last night. That was quite the party.”

“Oh yeah? I would’ve thought your girlfriend maybe caught you off guard?” Darren asked.

At first I thought, what did he mean? Then it occurred to me, the lap dance Kate arranged for me, of course. I nodded and smiled. “Yeah, I wasn’t quite expecting that kind of surprise from my girlfriend, but man, she sure knows how to make a guy happy. Most boyfriends wish they could be so lucky!”

Darren looked a bit confused. “Uh, maybe not all guys.” He glanced at his friends. “But if you liked that, we could arrange it for you again.” They all smiled and nodded.

Wow, these were such nice guys. They’d actually buy me another lap dance! I guess I misjudged them. “Thanks guys, I’ll have to take you up on that.”

After saying goodbye to my new buddies, I went about filling my cart with alcohol. I happened past a nice bottle of scotch. It occurred to me that Steve loves scotch. This particular bottle was a little pricey, but I figured it was Steve’s birthday the next day so I threw it in the cart. Besides, he was nice enough to in invite all of us out this weekend. Not only that, but even though my girlfriend had been teasing him and flashing him, he was respectful enough to keep his dick in his pants. Really, in general, I considered myself lucky. With Kate being so wild on this trip, aside from a few handsy moments the guys never pushed their luck. I would’ve been really unhappy if Kate had seen their dicks or if they had done anything sexual with her. Instead, I was lucky. Kate got horny teasing them and became obsessed with my dick and only my dick.

Before driving back, I texted Kate again.

Me: About to drive back babe. What are you guys up to?

Kate: Ugh, we’re inside now because of the storm. You definitely aren’t missing anything at the moment. The boys all have their clothes on.

Kate was reassuring me yet bursa escort bayan again that the guys weren’t trying anything. She was great!

Kate: How did the trip go? Get the good stuff?

Me: Yeah, and I was thinking about how Steve’s birthday is tomorrow.

Kate: And you think he should get a present 😉

Me: lol yup, great minds think alike!

Kate: OK! We can talk more later. I’m horny! Hurry back!

Didn’t need to be told twice. Kate wanted me bad. Unfortunately, I hit the storm on the way back and it took forever.

When I finally got back the lights were out and a movie was on. Kate hopped up from under a blanket she was sharing with a couple of the guys. She nearly knocked me over hugging me, not just from her running start, but also due to my surprise that Kate was naked under the blanket.

“So, nothing happened other than you getting naked then?” I asked, seeking reassurance that nothing was happening under that blanket.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got the best yet coming for you baby.” Kate whispered to me. Then she nibbled my ear to emphasize that this was all only a tease for only our benefit. And to remind me that only I could have her. “You excited?” She asked.

“More than anything.” I replied, squeezing Kate’s perky ass.

After promising she would only tease the guys under the blanket, everyone grabbed something to drink and settled in to continue watching the movie. I kept an eye on the couch. The blanket was so thick that I couldn’t see much, not that I needed to. I already knew Kate was only teasing them. She soon tormented them more by letting out a moan. I could tell they were squirming being totally blue-balled by my sexy girlfriend. Kate’s teasing didn’t last long. She seemed bored with them anyway. Kate could barely stay awake, her head was tilted back and eyes closed. The only thing that seemed to wake her briefly was when one of the guys got up and switched places.

Kate woke up right as the credits began to roll. She whisked me off to our room. Luckily, even after her nap, she was still horny. We were barely through the door when we started kissing and making our way to the bed.

“Do you think I was too much of a tease?” Kate asked.

I wanted to reassure Kate that I didn’t mind the innocent teasing, especially since I was the one guy getting lucky. “No, I like it babe. I feel like we’ve grown so much sexually.”

“You really think so?”

I opened a condom. “Yeah, I mean, look at how much happened on this trip. And it was all so fun. I can’t wait for more!”

“In that case, I will see to it that we take this as far as we possibly can!” Kate said, taking the condom from me and getting it on my cock. Maybe if I played my cards right, she’d let me fuck her without a condom in a few months!

I came faster than I had hoped, but based on how eagerly Kate got my head between her legs, it was enough to get her going.

I got Kate off while eating her out faster than ever. I felt like such a stud. At this rate, if kept improving, I thought I might get her to squirt one of these days. Now that we were both satisfied, I held Kate until we both fell asleep.

Steve’s Birthday Arrives —-

Yet again, Kate wasn’t in bed when I woke, but I heard the shower running. At least she wasn’t next door flashing anyone this time. I decided to surprise her in the shower, got naked, hopped right in, and kissed her.

I noticed Kate’s mouth tasted just like the frosting from the day before. Someone needed to teach the guys how to bake. I teased Kate about not sharing her snacks with me again.

“Don’t worry, I promise to share a lot with you by the end of the day.” She replied in such a seductive voice that I felt like we weren’t talking about cinnamon rolls anymore. Hearing her promise of more sex got me instantly hard. She glanced down and was so turned on by my raging cock she fell to her knees and took me into her mouth.

After satisfying me, Kate got out of the shower and left me to finish my shower. I joined not long after. Kate had a bunch of French toast ready by the time I came out and Steve had drinks mixed.

Dean asked Steve what he wanted to do for his birthday. Steve shrugged. “Really, I’d just like to party. That’s why I got drinks ready right away.”

That’s when JJ pulled out a bag of weed! I was excited. Between this and all the sex with Kate, I knew this was going to be a wild day! escort bursa “Well, Kate and I have a surprise we think you’ll like too.” I told Steve, and giving a wink to Kate to remind her I already had his present under control. Not wanting to wait to get the party started, I quickly downed my drink and grabbed another.

I was three drinks in by the time we finished breakfast. JJ got the weed out, and we passed the bowl around. My first hit was a little too much for me and everyone laughed when I coughed. Luckily I did better on the next round.

We all had a great time. Before I got too wasted, I figured I should get Steve’s present. I retrieved the bottle of scotch I bought from our room and grabbed five glasses. As I filled them I turned to Kate, “think it’s time to give Steve his present?” And gave her a wink. She smiled and nodded, so I handed everyone a glass.

Steve looked happy. I was glad he liked his gift. We finished the entire bottle together! However, by the time we were done, my already inebriated state and degenerated into near blackout conditions. Kate stood up and spoke to Steve. I could barely make out what she was saying. In fact, the only words I could understand were “birthday present”

Steve said, “absolutely,” and Kate looked at me. I gave her a thumbs up in recognition of Steve loving the scotch so much. Unfortunately, I blacked out after that.

When I came to, Kate was whispering something to me. I didn’t hear her at first, but I did feel her hand over my crotch. “Biggest penis I’ve ever had inside of me.” In an instant, I was rock hard. I always wondered where I ranked, and even worried I might be a bit below average, but hearing Kate tell me I was big turned me on. “You may have gotten yourself in trouble mister, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up. But, that’s what you wanted, wasn’t it babe?” I could only manage a nod. My cock was aching to be released from my pants while Kate’s hand rubbed it. She said something else that I didn’t hear, followed by, “right babe?” Again I nodded and Kate kissed me. Once again, I passed out.

I woke in our room on my back. My pants were off, Kate was straddling my face with her pussy hovering right above it, and she was stroking my cock. “Here’s the prize I promised you Greg. Lick me clean babe!” I didn’t understand what she meant by the word clean at first until I felt it on my face. Kate was so horny for me that her pussy was soaked and literally dripping on my face. She wanted me to lick up all her pussy juices and I gladly obliged as she lowered herself down onto my face.

Kate’s pussy tasted different that usual, but still familiar somehow. I was too drunk still to remember how it was familiar, but I liked the taste. I did exactly as Kate asked, and left no part of her pussy not licked. More juices flowed from her pussy, was she squirting? Knowing the affect I was having Kate’s body combined with her still stroking me put me over then edge and I came! I kept licking her and soon she orgasmed one more time.

Kate collapsed on the bed next to me. Still catching her breath she turned to me and said, “so, was this weekend everything you could have hoped for?”

I chuckled, “you could say that.” I replied.

“Really?” Kate asked excitedly. “So.. this can happen again?”

“Hell yes. And again and again after that!”

Kate chuckled, reaching over as she gently fondled my now soft cock. “Well, if you insist I indulge, I don’t mind getting filled with some big dick.”

I loved how Kate kept commenting at how hung I was. “You can indulge in it anytime.” I assured her.

Kate tugged on my cock and smiled. “So you don’t mind that you didn’t get in me and just ate my pussy?”

While it would’ve been nice if I hadn’t cum so quick and could’ve had sex with Kate, it was still hot eating her out with her so turned on and wet. “Honestly, it was still one of the best orgasms I ever had!”

Kate kissed me, snuggled close, and I fell asleep.

Time to leave —-

The next morning was quiet. Kate was up before me, told me she wanted time to say her goodbyes to the guys before I woke up and we needed to pack. I was happy everyone got along, although I was still unsure how I felt about the fact my friends knew what my girlfriend’s naked body looked like. Still, I was the only one getting any. I should be happy about that. Besides, Kate’s exhibitionism and flirting just gets her horny for more action with me!

Finally, we packed our bags in my car and said goodbye to my friends. This visit to my friend’s lake house ended up being somewhat of a sexual awakening for Kate and I. The trip may have been over, but at least I was heading home as a stud.

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