Growing Pains: Broken Promises

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Chapter I

“Mum, I am old enough,” the eighteen year old girl wailed. She pushed back her dirty blonde hair that was tumbling down her face and gave her mother a frown.

“I know you are but you have an exam tomorrow. It’s very important, babe.”

Sarah sighed and grunted to herself. “It’s English Lit. I have no problem with that. And I haven’t seen Kev for two weeks,” she whined.

Angela Bailey grimaced. “I got you tickets for this afternoon, there is no reason why you can’t do some revision this morning and meet him at two thirty outside the stadium.”

Sarah puffed and crossed her arms. “I want to see him. I have done all my revision and I have already arranged to meet him.”

“And to be honest young lady, after what Mrs Crosse said yesterday I don’t want you going at all. Be grateful that I’ll let you go for the afternoon.”

Sarah uncrossed her arms and then waved them around theatrically. “What the hell was all that about? You saw me leave dressed in jeans and a blouse. And you saw me come home wearing that. I wasn’t wearing some miniskirt, looking like a hooker.”

“Well that’s what she said she saw. She was waiting to get the bus to bingo and said that’s what you were wearing when she went past. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“No,” Sarah replied sharply. “It was probably Paul’s girlfriend, you’ve seen how she dresses. You know how confused the old woman gets.”

Her mother eyed the young girl suspiciously. “Are you having sex?”

Sarah gave a panicked expression and looked around the hallway of their upmarket suburban house. “No, Mum. This is not something I want to talk about. Now I am going to miss my train.”

Angela put her hand on her daughter’s shoulder as she went towards the door. “Not so fast, young lady.”

“Oh what is it now?” Sarah asked exasperated and Angela shot her daughter a dangerous look.

“What are you going to be doing in London?”

“I dunno yet. Meeting Kev. My boyfriend. The love of my life,” Sarah responded dramatically and Angela rolled her eyes.

“You are a teenager. You do not know what love is,” she muttered in response and the Sarah’s blue eyes sparkled angrily. She pulled herself up to her 5ft 8in in height and puffed her chest out.

“I do know what love is,” she barked furiously and Angela groaned. Sarah had had this chat with her best friend, Donna, who had told her that Kevin clearly did not love her as he did not treat her with respect which had caused a bit of an argument, but Sarah knew that being in her boyfriend’s company made her feel warm and content. She had not managed to feel like that with anyone else, doing anything else.

“I will give you a lift to the station,” Angela told her and got her keys. “But I want you home for six. And not a minute later, you understand?”

Sarah groaned. “Oh Mum, purr-lease.”

* * * * *

Sarah sat down in the deserted carriage and waited for the doors to close. The Sunday service trains from Aylesbury to London (via her town of Wendover) were rarely busy and she was lucky in that there was only a smattering of other passengers.

She had resented her mother following her onto the station, but the twenty pounds in cash she had given her as “spending money” was gratefully received and Sarah put her bag down on the seat next to her.

She needed to get changed. She could not meet her boyfriend in just jeans and T-Shirt — he would certainly dump her if she wasn’t sexy and alluring. Sarah scanned the carriage and saw that there was just one guy at the end of the train listening to his music.

The train jerked into life and Sarah was jerked forwards. She waited for it to pick up speed and she ferreted around in her rucksack. She liked this bag, as the lining was coming away at the bottom and with a bit of cleverness, it was possible to hide items underneath the bag, so it was not immediately apparent that there was anything there.

Sarah kicked her heels off. Her mother did not object to her choice of footwear, but then they were not big heels and were mostly hidden by her jeans anyway.

She slid her hand in and took out a plaid black and white tartan skirt. It was short, but it was supposed to be. Sarah took one more look on the train and slid her jeans down her firm, teenage thighs. The harsh fabric on the chair rubbed against the back of her legs and she struggled with the denim trousers. It congregated by her ankles and she struggled to kick off the stubborn garment.

Sarah liked her skin-tight jeans, but they always posed a problem when removing them if required in a hurry. She never went to football practice wearing them as putting them on after having a shower was problematic. Her mother chastised her strongly after she walked home at night wearing them one night, saying they could invite unwanted attention, although Sarah did point out that if she couldn’t get them off, then a rapist had no chance. This theory was not appreciated by either of her parents.

Sarah panicked with her trousers escort bostancı stuck and tugged sharply. Finally, the jeans came free and the teenager put the tartan skirt over her feet and stood up to pull the skirt up to her waist. The skirt was at least eight inches above her knee and suggested plenty, revealing lots of unblemished flesh.

Sarah delved into her beg and pulled out a pair of sheer white hold-up stockings. She rolled them over her feet and pulled them up gently so they came over her knees and finished a couple of inches below the hem of the skirt.

Sarah then looked around the carriage again. She pulled off her T-Shirt and unclipped her bra. She wanted to wear her very tight pink top that showed her well-developed bust nicely; and she didn’t want to wear a bra, Kevin liked it when she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Tickets please,” she heard behind her and squawked in shock. The aged gentleman cursed when he saw Sarah’s bust staring at him and rubbed his eyes to check if he was imagining the topless teenager.

“Oh shit,” cried Sarah and covered her bosom with her hands.

“This isn’t a changing room,” the ticket-collector reminded her and Sarah nodded, frantically finding her pink top and slipping it over her head. Her face was flushed and bright red. Sarah delved into her purse and passed the collector her ticket to check.

“Sorry,” she said as he passed it back, but he sighed.

“Listen love, you’d do well not to go to London dressed like that. You don’t look old enough.”

Sarah nodded in politeness and then retrieved her book as he left her. She had never been watched getting changed before, although usually she had time to do it in the local park before making it to the station. Her mother caused her to flash on the train although she could hardly complain to her.

* * * * *

The clock struck eleven and Sarah was waiting underneath it. Her boyfriend had three trains to catch to reach her on Marylebone station’s windy concourse whereas she only had one, but they had definitely agreed eleven.

She was feeling a little self-conscious. Four times, a suited gentleman in his fifties had stared at her, or walked past and he was making no effort to catch a train, buy tickets or do anything but mentally undress her.

He sauntered over to her. He had a pot-belly and piggy eyes and clearly had had enough of performing apodyopsis, wanting more. “You turning tricks?” He asked in a regional accent and Sarah screwed up her face.

“Am I what?”

“You turning tricks, love? I mean, I ain’t seen you in these parts before and I love to try new pussy.”

Sarah twigged what he said and puffed. “I am waiting for my boyfriend,” she squealed and he held up his hands.

He stared at her breasts, the outline clearly visible through her tight top and glanced at her open midriff and then at her short skirt. “I’ll give you thirty for a blowie,” he offered. “In toilets like.”

Sarah gasped. “Fuckin’ no,” she snapped.

“Sorry, love,” he muttered. “Ya just look like one.” Sarah sighed at the cheek of it and stared angrily at the man. How dare he suggest she was a prostitute, she thought. She didn’t look anything like a prostitute in her short tartan skirt, stockings, tight top and heels.

Chapter II

“You are gorgeous,” Kevin said, complimenting his girlfriend the moment he saw her. She flung her arms open and embraced him wildly. Their mouths met and tongues caressed each other. Kevin slid his arms up his girlfriend’s thighs and her skirt rose up as he touched the fold in the skin.

The gentleman watched from the other side of the station. What he wouldn’t give for a piece of that. Teenager or not, the perfectly firm, rounded ass of Sarah set his pulse racing. She was hot and looked like she should be in the red-light district. Sarah detached herself from her boyfriend and grinned. “You look good yourself,” she told him and he smiled.

Kevin was shorter than Sarah with a round face and a slightly pudgy body. His brown eyes were framed by glasses, with a thin silver rim, and his brown hair was long, covering his ears and almost meeting his eyebrows. Sarah looked him and down, his jeans and T-Shirt, the casual, normal look her parents thought she was wearing.

“Babe, I’ve got us a local hotel,” Kevin promised and Sarah groaned inwardly. She knew that sex was important to Kevin and that their rendezvouses meant a lot to him, but she wished that they would do something after the sex. This time, they would do. Her mother had bought them tickets to see an exhibition match at Wembley that afternoon and she was looking forward to going.

* * * * *

“I want to fuck you so much,” Kevin whispered as they scampered up the hotel steps. Kevin had spent most of the last ten minutes as they meandered through the back streets towards Paddington, groping, caressing and admiring the young Sarah Bailey and in return Sarah had felt the lump in his trousers knowing full well that he would be ümraniye escort pounding that into her soft body moments after getting into the room.

Sarah also got two wolf-whistles and a “pip” on a car horn as the white van drove past. She beamed at this, even waving and blowing a kiss to the plumber as he drove past, but Kevin was not impressed at her flirtatiousness. He didn’t have to be; Sarah knew in fifteen minutes she would be his.

The Dover Road Hotel was a tired two-star establishment, in need of renovation but providing its’ guests with reasonable accommodation for a reasonable price. It offered Kevin a double bed for six hours for thirty pounds, a bargain in Central London and as the two lovers skipped into lobby, the young receptionist grinned.

She had taken the call from a flustered Kevin the night before and agreed on the rate. This was the price for the night, and he was prepared to check out at 4pm, so the hotel was making money for selling a room that would normally be empty, but she knew what they would be up to and the anxiousness in the young man’s voice when he rang was almost amusing. She did not need to be Sherlock Holmes to guess who he was the moment she clapped eyes on him, his desperate face and his scandalously attired companion.

“Mr Hall?” The lady enquired and he nodded, panting for breath.


She punched a couple of details on the system and he put three notes on the desk, which was taken immediately. She passed him a key to Room 33 on the third floor and told him to be out by four o’clock which he readily agreed to.

The lift doors had barely closed when Kevin pushed himself up against the defenceless Sarah who cooed at him. He lifted the hem of her skirt up and kissed her. While their tongues met, he roughly prodded her knickers and then slid his fingers inside them. She was damp, he could tell.

He rubbed his finger sharply across the sensitive areas and Sarah jumped in shock. She was not ready for a full-on assault of her clitoris and he was being too rough, but she didn’t know how to tell him that he needed to be gentle without hurting his feelings.

The door to the room had barely closed when Kevin had thrown Sarah onto the bed. She fell backwards and Kevin reached into her skirt and pulled her knickers frantically and tigerishly towards him. As he yanked them, they got stuck underneath her and she squealed in pain as they dug into her flesh.

Sarah reached back and liberated the underwear that he threw onto the floor. She looked at him with desire in her eyes and he kicked off his sneakers, and then his jeans.

“Still shaved then?”

“I like it bare,” Sarah admitted. “As do you.”

Kevin chuckled and her bottomless boyfriend moved forwards her legs. Sarah could not see his cock, but she knew it would be erect. It was, and he positioned it over her opening. She was excited certainly but not completely aroused and as she felt it touch her hole she breathed out.

“Gentle, babe,” she mouthed but Kevin didn’t listen and pushed forwards sharply.

Sarah squealed. “Gently. You’re so big,” she lied and Kevin smiled.

“You are lucky to have such a sex god for a boyfriend, aren’t you?” Kevin asked vainly as he propelled his cock deep into her. She had not questioned his non-usage of condoms but expected him to pull out when ejaculating. She didn’t want to be a mother no more than he wanted to be a father.

Kevin played with her breasts through her shirt and then gripped her wrists, pushing them tightly onto the bed above her head.

Kevin grunted and groaned. Sarah massaged his member with her internal muscles but Sarah was not ready for penetration. It was uncomfortable, but she could not tell him. He would be devastated, he loved to think that he was amazing in bed and she loved him too much to tell him otherwise, so she forced herself to moan and cry out.

Kevin always demanded she came to orgasm, and so after a minute of painful thrusting, Sarah squealed and squeaked her way to a fake orgasm. Kevin smiled and she emitted noises and did her best to wrap her feet around her boyfriend.

“You love it, don’t you,” Kevin cried and Sarah nodded. She really wished she could orgasm with him like she could with her fingers or her vibrator, but just couldn’t get the same pleasure from him. Sarah had spent many long nights worrying why that was and what was she doing wrong. She needed to know what was wrong with her, why another person could not make her feel “special.”

With one more thrust he withdrew his dick that spurted his thick semen onto her shaved pubic area.

Sarah shut her eyes and laid back. Kevin retrieved some toilet tissue and came back into the room wiping his cock. “Can I have some please?” Sarah asked but he grinned and pointed towards the en-suite.

“Get your own,” he replied uncharitably.

Sarah groaned and slid her top off. She didn’t want to get Kevin’s juices on it, and as she wiped the mess from her body in the tiny bathroom, kartal escort bayan Kevin came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck, and then started fondling her tits.

“You ummm … you think these will develop any more?” Kevin asked and Sarah mewed in contented pleasure as he nibbled the back of her neck. Why couldn’t he have done that before he started thrusting his cock into her?

“Do you want them to?” Sarah asked and he gave a muffled reply.


“Why, they are fairly big. Won’t it just be too much?”

Kevin guided the naked Sarah back towards the bedroom. “I know a girl with big tits at school and they look awesome. What size are yours?”

“36C,” Sarah replied and Kevin shrugged.

“You see, most sexy women are D or E cups. C isn’t bad I suppose but is on the smaller side.”

Sarah rubbed her eyes and started at her boyfriend. She was well-endowed compared to all of her friends, so why was Kevin saying she wasn’t? “I mean I have an above-average cock size. Massive. But me bird has small tits,” he said in a playful voice and Sarah bit her lip. She didn’t like her boyfriend criticising her and wanted him to like her as she was.

“How do you know you have a massive cock?” Sarah asked and Kevin screwed his piggy face.

“‘Cos I’ve seen other guys in the shower,” he replied and waved his withered manhood at her.

“Not very big at the moment,” Sarah teased and Kevin scowled.

“Well that’s your job. Kiss it, and it will get bigger.

Sarah smiled and sunk to her knees. She took the shrivelled manhood in her hands and ran her lips over the end. It twitched and Sarah grinned. He was always receptive to her touch, and she sucked it gently until it was fully erect.

Despite what Kevin claimed, he did not possess a large cock, either in girth or in length and Sarah could take it in her mouth without too much problem. She had practised on her vibrator so she could deep throat but had never been able to counter the “gag reflex” and instead wrapped her fist around the base and slid that up and down as well.

Kevin put his hands on the back of her head and began thrusting his cock against her. Sarah was glad she had put her hand at the base of his member, or else he would be going in too far.

Sarah sucked on the head and ran her tongue underneath his head. Kevin sighed and groaned. He muttered something and began thrusting harder and harder.

He could not resist and without warning, he flooded Sarah’s mouth with his seed.

She sucked all of the cum out of him and he twitched his hips a couple of times but Sarah looked up at his smiling. He saw her swallow and he grinned back.

“That’s cool. You suck cock like that and it doesn’t matter that you are flat-chested,” Kevin teased and Sarah stood up. She went to give Kevin a kiss and he flinched and moved away. “You’ve just swallowed my jism love. I’m not kissing you. That’s just gross.”

Chapter III

“Go on, love,” Kevin pleaded and Sarah shook her head. “It’ll be fun. It’ll make me happy.”

Sarah scowled at him. “But other people might get to see me naked,” she argued and Kevin smiled.

“I know. It’ll be a laugh.”

Sarah took a deep breath and opened the hotel door. Kevin had asked her to go to the lifts naked, travel down a floor, run up the stairs and then back to the room. This was her “dare” that had been issued as part of Kevin’s game of Truth or Dare.

Sarah’s heart was beating furiously. She was sure that anyone in an adjacent room would hear the floor creaking or her bare feet on the soft carpet. She heard a noise in one of the bedrooms, and her stomach leapt.

It was too warm in the airless corridor for Sarah to be cold and she was glad that there was the lift carriage was already waiting on the third floor of the hotel. She had no waiting, and with her fingers trembling, pressed the second floor option. She lift doors slid closed and she breathed a huge sigh of relief when they opened on the floor below and there was no-one present.

Sarah tore down the length of the second floor corridor and reached the fire doors at the end. As she dived into the stairwell she heard a door unlock and her heart skipped a beat. She was out of sight, but scrambled up the set of stairs, and peered out onto the third floor.

She saw a couple waiting by the lift, and although they were not facing her, and were forty metres away, they would see her if they turned their heads. Sarah swore and waited. They departed thirty seconds later and Sarah walked nonchalantly towards their room, number 33, situated half way down the corridor.

Kevin had his head peered round the door, and Sarah wiggled her hips as she walked towards him. And then she froze.

Walking directly towards her, open-mouthed and shocked was a young man with short blonde hair and a big rucksack. He had just got out of the lift and had a key in his hand.

“Hi,” he said nervously as a bright-red Sarah passed him in the corridor. He was a few years older than her, and had a kind, warm face with soft eyes and chiselled features.

Sarah took a deep breath. “Hiya,” she replied in a nervous tone of her bubbly voice.

“Are you OK?” He asked and Sarah noticed a bulge in his shorts. Sarah smiled.

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