Grunting, Glorious, Ass Games

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I was giving her a massage. Of course we were both naked. I loved rubbing the twin mounds of her ass.

She always took my rough massage silently for a few minutes but would then start with these little gasps of pain, intertwined with little mews of pleasure. I’d massage those magnificent mounds even harder, pressing deep, starting a circular motion at the same time.

By now I was rock hard, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. As I pushed harder and harder with my hands, her cheeks would press together around just the head of my cock. When she felt my cock head between her cheeks she sighed and wriggled her body down just enough that my entire cock was now trapped between her ass cheeks.

I kept massaging and through my efforts I was massaging my own cock with her soft sexy cheeks. She was really getting off now, grinding her ass against my dick and her pussy into the bed sheets.

I really wanted a good ass fuck so I stretched upward and started rubbing her shoulders, by doing that I pushed my dick hard against her opening. She clenched at first. I just could not enter the forbidden realm. As I continued my firm pressure along with my strong shoulder massage, I felt her relax her sphincter ever so slightly.

My dick was still getting worked over by her velvety ass cheeks as she ground into the bed sheets, but I noticed, ever so slightly that my cock head entered her ass, just a tiny bit. She really started gyrating in the most wonderful way. All I had to do was to keep my rock hard dick pressed against her butt hole. As she clenched and unclenched her cheeks my dick was getting the most wonderful massage.

I began to realize as she unclenched each time my dick pushed a little further into her ass hole. tuzla escort She started to moan. Maintaining the pressure I started to enter her little by little. God she was tight. As soon as she realized I was in her ass by half an inch she really started to work it.

Her ass cheeks clenched their softness around my dick, and then she unclenched and pushed upward, urging my big hard dick another half inch into her red hot hole. I was in heaven. How I didn’t come there and then, I’ll never know.

Suddenly she heaved up and my dick sprang past her sphincter entirely and I was balls deep into her ass. She squealed with delight.

Scrambling, she knelt up into the doggy position, pushing hard against me to keep my engorged cock firmly implanted up her ass. I grabbed her by the hips and slowly began to work my dick almost all the way out. Without any warning she slammed back into me, driving my dick as deep as it would go.

She was grunting with effort and passion, gleams of sweat appeared on her beautiful naked back. She flipped her head back and her long blonde hair cascaded around me in a wonderful, perfumed cloud.

I got the message and started to ram my man meat into her ass. She reached under her body with her left hand and started tweaking her clitoris. I could feel her channel clench hard around my dick as she began to orgasm. She orgasmed over and over, with each one her ass gripped my dick with a stronger and stronger grip. She could hardly catch her breath as multiple orgasms raced through her wonderful body.

As she finally began to slow down, she finally, completely opened herself and I felt my dick slide that extra inch into her fiery hot ass. I exploded. Roaring, I pumped and pumped into her ass until the both tuzla escort bayan of us collapsed onto the bed. Spent.

Slowly my dick deflated, I could feel it shrink. Finally it plopped out of its heavenly sanctuary. I gently moved off her gorgeous body and lay beside her. After a few moments of allowing my body to recover I gazed over to her. She was gently snoring. Sound asleep, her perfect features were framed by her astounding halo of tousled blonde hair. I found myself wondering how I ever won this adorable creature.

She was still completely naked, and I couldn’t help letting my left hand roam down her back; enjoying the sensation of her velvety smooth skin until I cupped her right ass cheek. I gently squeezed it. Even though she was asleep she moaned and wiggled.

Emboldened I traced my middle finger down her ass crack, feeling the sticky gooeyness, pulling my finger through it and up over her wet pussy lips all the way to her sheltered little clit.

As soon as my sticky finger found her little nub, she sighed and opened her legs, a lot. I stole a glance at her face, her luminous green eyes were open wide, and when I gazed into them she smiled a mischievous smile and ground her pussy against my hand.

Remembering something we had done a while ago my cock twitched. I got up on all fours and kissed my way slowly down her spine. I then lay face down with my face forcing its way between her legs. My tongue was not quite long enough to be effective in this position; vainly I was licking on the lower reaches of her pussy lips.

Reading my mind she hunched up a little, I spun around so that now I was on my back. Now I wriggled up until I could grab her clit in a firm vacuum. My tongue began doing its magic, round escort tuzla and round that little clitoris it massaged. Just like the last time I had done this, her clitoris began to get larger and larger. In a few moments it felt like a little cock. As soon as it was fully engorged I started really working on it.

By now she was up on her knees, she was pushing her clitoris into my mouth like it really was a cock. The juices from her pussy dripped onto my chin. Every now and again, I would wriggle lower and stick my tongue as far up her cunt as it would reach. She would collapse on me, her sopping pussy completely smothering me. Thankfully she was so hungry for more clit sucking, that she only smothered me for a few moments. As soon as she raised herself, I pulled in a deep breath, swallowing her copious pussy juice, just in time to have her rock hard clit rammed into my mouth once more.

By this time my dick was hard again and crying out for some action. I knew it was worth being patient and getting her off again. To that end I jammed my thumb as far as it could go up her ass. That did the trick, she squealed with delight and jammed her clit hard against my teeth. I could feel her anal canal clench again and again, as she orgasmed hard for the second time in minutes.

Without even pausing for breath, she squirmed down to engulf my cock in her dripping wet, and silky pussy. Gripping my cock with her considerable vaginal muscles, she commenced giving me the fuck of my life, without barely lifting herself up and down. Her muscle control was such that I could feel the entire length of my dick being firmly massaged by her incredible pussy walls. Soft and silky, but firm at the same time. Finally though she started to come again and could not contain herself. She began ramming herself down on my cock.

I could feel her cervix hit my cock with each downward thrust, in moments I was coming in torrents, as she screamed through an intense third orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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