Guilty Pleasures Pt. 04

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It was okay to hide from your daddy right? I mean, if he couldn’t catch me I was safe from that mean hand.

The space underneath the bed looked like a good place, so I crawled underneath and waited to hear the door open. It didn’t take long, and I barely had time to scoot as far back under the bed I could go, clutching my stuffed panda like a shield.

“Here kitty kitty kitty.” I heard him call from the kitchen. I wanted to sprint him and bet for forgiveness but I just tried to make my stuffie hide more of my body. I heard him open the cabinet where he kept the snacks and my stomach dropped, it was all over for me. “I was going to let you have a cookie before dinner…” I heard him open the box, there was a silence and then, “GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW LITTLE GIRL.” That was it, I couldn’t hide anymore. I should have known better than to leave the empty box in the cabinet.

With big eyes and a stuffie dangling from my left hand, I began the slow and solemn walk. I kept my eyes down until I could see his shoes, my eyes followed up his jeans, almost smirking when I saw that the crotch of his pants was already tight. His expression when i got to his eyes made me forget about that. He was disappointed and angry, he was really bad at masking emotion.

“H-hi daddy.” I managed to stammer out. He stared harder.

“Young lady.” Was all he had to say.

“I’m sorry daddy! I was really hungry and I didn’t want to make Mac and cheese…”

“You do remember what I told you, don’t you?” His tone was cold.

“Yes sir…”


“If I’m going to feel any better I need to eat better.”

“And what did you do instead?” I could feel his stare on the top of my head.

“I ate all of them…” I fiddled with the hem of my enormous sleep shirt that I had been too lazy to change out of.

“So now what do you think is going to happen?” I knew, and he knew that, he just wanted to hear me say it. I looked up at him.

“Are you going to spank me sir?” The change in him was immediate, he went from threatening and angry to seductive and domineering in the blink of an eye.

“You bet your soon-to-be pink ass I am.” He was quite happy to do so, I could see it in the way his palms twitched. I expected güvenilir bahis him to bend me over his knee and use his hand, but he started to leave the room, I followed.

He had the paddle in his hand when I got into the room and I whimpered. Sure it was pink, but it stung, and the little heart shaped imprints left a wicked mark. It was one of Daddy’s favorite things.

He motioned for me to sit next to him, so I shuffled across the floor and finally sat down on the bed, continuously eyeing the paddle.

Daddy slid his hand over my leg and i held my breath when his hand slipped up under the hem of my night shirt. His hand didn’t move up any further, it just stayed in that maddening place that’s too close to be ignored. Then before I could form another thought I was being flung over his knee and my ass was bare. I braced myself even though I knew he wouldn’t spank me right away.

He ran his hand teasingly over my ass, squeezing it every once in a while. When there was a pause in his touch I knew what came next, and the sting made my eyes water. His hand smoothed out away for just a second before the next wiz of leather flying through air and sharp declaration of contact. I bit my lip but I wasn’t sure if it was to keep from crying or to keep myself from asking for more.

I was going to get more whether I asked for it or not, and he made me count all ten or he would just start back over. By the time he was done punishing me my ass was on fire and his pants were about to pop open. I took my chance and slid to my knees on the floor.

I didn’t know if i was still in trouble so I acted slowly. First running my hands up his legs and lastly rubbing against his crotch until I didn’t think the material could take it. I kept my eyes on his as I unbuttoned and pulled off his jeans and then his briefs. He didn’t say a word when I wrapped my hand around him and flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock. He seemed to enjoy it, he let a small sound escape and it told me I was doing something right. I licked him again then wrapped my lips around the head. I watched his face as his eyes rolled back, his jaw went slack when I swirled my tongue over it in mischievous circles.

He reached forward and tangled türkçe bahis his hand in my hair, pushing himself further into my mouth. I took my time and finally brought him to his breaking point. He wrapped his hands around my arms and pulled me first to me feet and then down onto the bed. Even still he was intimidating and dark.

The first bite was on my left thigh and I gripped the bed sheets in my fists as his teeth dug into my skin hard enough to bruise. The other thigh was given a mark to match. When his tongue hit my clit my body jerked, and when he started to play with it my body couldn’t stay still with the overload of pleasure, it was almost too much. He was a master of tongue-craft and easily brought me to the edge of my release, but when he knew I was about to cum he stopped. I looked down at him, pouting and exasperated. He just chuckled and moved up my body.

His entrance was slow and teasing, giving me a few inches and then taking them away. I wanted to grab his hips and pull him into me. But I had to be good right now. I closed my eyes and kept myself still as he eased into me. I felt his hips meet mine and I shivered.

“I’m going to make myself cum Kitty, and I’m going to use you to do it.” He was whispering into my ear, making my whole body come alive with little goosebumps all over.

“Please sir.” Was all I could say. He started to move his hips, his pace slow and steady. I bit my lip to keep from making a sound but he used his thumb pull my lower lip from between my teeth.

“None of that now.” He practically growled, never breaking his pace. I let go of my lip and let my jaw hang slack, already breathing heavily. He slammed into me without warning and I whimpered. “Get used to it little girl.” He slammed into me again, making my body jerk and my hands clench into fists, twisting the bedsheets.

His pace was quicker now, and he was fucking me harder. His tongue roamed all over my body, flicking against my nipples and my neck. His hand pressed down on top of my throat, restricting my breathing and I tried to choke out a few words. He leaned down until his ear was right next to my mouth.

“What was that Kitty? What were you trying to say?”

I waited a second to whisper my answer. güvenilir bahis siteleri “Fuck me Daddy, please.” I bit his earlobe and felt his muscles tense.

“You got it little girl.”

I’m not sure how my body took the amount of force that it did, but i kept up with every single rabid thrust. His want was maddening and I was becoming drunk off of the noises he made in appreciation towards my body and what I could do for him. The sound of skin meeting skin echoed of the walls of the room as did my insatiable moans and gasps for air.

I could feel his body tense up and his lips pressed hungrily against mine as he emptied himself into me with a moan that bubbled up from his chest. He pulled out and looked at me, I blushed and pressed my legs together.

“Will you clean me up Daddy? You made a big mess.”

“Of course,” he picked new up off of the bed and nuzzled my hair. “You were a very good girl.” I beamed with pride. He adjusted the shower water and told me to get in, the warm water was heaven against my skin and my still-throbbing ass. I watched as he stepped into the shower, he moved behind me and started to run his hands all over my wet body. “Since you were so good to me I think I’m going to give you a little reward.” If it were physically possible my ears would have perked up at the mention of a reward. I was about to ask what it would be when his hands ran over my hips and started to tease.

He pressed my back to his front and traced a finger along my slit and I leaned my head back into his chest. When he pressed his index finger into me I moved my hips to take it deeper, he held my hips still with his other hand and started to finger fuck me. He was fast with his hands, skilled. It wasn’t long before I felt that delicious burn in my stomach.

“Daddy I’m going to cum!” My legs were trembling.

“Not without permission you’re not missy.” His teeth pulled on the skin at the base of my neck.

“Please daddy…may i please cum?” I needed this.

“Of course.” He latched onto my neck with his teeth and I immediately came, choking out low moans. He held his fingers up for me to taste and I wrapped my lips around them, licking them clean.

After giving me a second to catch my breath I felt him start to massage the shampoo into my hair. I sighed softly in contentment. Soon he would dry me off, dress me, and send me to bed. I made a silent promise to myself that I would be good tomorrow. Good little girls get rewarded.

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