Gwen , Sarah: The Pissmop Sisters

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I would recommend you read my two previous Gwen the Pissmop stories before you read this one so everything makes sense. They are also not entirely serious (angry readers please note).

* * * * *

So it came to pass that Gwen returned to my office for a third time. Her hair had grown back sufficiently to be in a very neat short, bob style haircut that accentuated her cute face and actually, I felt, made her prettier than before. Amazing what a head-shaving bukkake can do for a piss slut. However, all thoughts of Gwen exited my head when her sister followed into my office behind her. I guess my mouth may have been hanging open as Gwen introduced us and I mumbled dumbly how nice it was to meet her. She was, to be frank, an absolute stunner!

Sarah was tall, about five foot nine and wore a miniskirt that made it seem like her long legs stretched on forever. She had the prettiest dark red hair that lay down and over her thin shoulders (that peeked over a thin pink top). Her skin was porcelain white and gave her a classical beauty. She was very slim and had a very pert but not large bosom. But her most striking features were the wide and well lashed brown eyes that seemed to radiate sexuality and innocence all at once. I was immediately enraptured. In all my years of making videos I could honestly say that I had never come across anyone as beautiful as this. And this girl wanted to be a Pissmop!!

God, I was so caught up in her beauty that I nearly offered them more than the $500 each I had agreed on the phone. I managed to catch myself before that. Good grief, I thought as we sat there discussing the scenes I intended to shoot and they agreed enthusiastically, these two girls are going to make my greatest video ever. By now Gwen gave little pretence she was doing this for the money, I was increasingly certain that she craved the humiliation my videos gave her. What I didn’t know was whether Sarah was equally as perverted but I intended to find out pretty soon.


I have the delectable Sarah introduce herself to the camera as the camera man zooms in on the magnificence of her beautiful face. For this start I have told Sarah to wear a bookish pair of spectacles, which seem to magnify her eyes and give a good contrast to her face. Plus I have a thing for sluts in spectacles. The camera pans back to reveal her stunning figure clad in a very professional business suit, her hair tied up. Into the shot comes the well known and defiled face of Gwen and at my instruction she begins to disrobe her 21 year old sister. Two minutes later and Sarah stands stark naked before us and I think everyone in the room is momentarily stunned by the svelte, lithe figure and her pert little tits.

I adopt as abrupt a voice as I can and snap at her “Get on your knees, Bitch.”

Her eyes open in a puppy dog stare as she lowers herself submissively to her knees before the camera.

“Tell the world what you want to be Sarah.”

“I want to be a Pissmop” she proudly says.

“Is that right? You want to be a filthy, low down, piss drinking slut? You want guys to use your mouth as a urinal? Come on nod your agreement that that is what you want.”

Ah, the delight in seeing her head bob up and down obediently to my questions.

“Well if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get. Now get up and get into the bath. That’s it baby, slowly now so we can focus on your ass, yeah.”

Sarah climbed into the bath tub as instructed and knelt in the centre expectantly waiting her first taste of lovely, golden, salty piss. Four naked men entered the scene soundlessly and took up positions of the compass on shelves around the bath, their bladders straining to unleash themselves on the red headed babe before them.

“Now Sarah, I want you to slide yourself forward, that’s right, so you’re as horizontal as possible, that’s it now keep that position and I want you to open that pretty little mouth of yours as wide as possible.”

Sarah did all this perfectly, she had obviously been watching Gwen’s previous performances for the cameras. Gwen was repaying the compliment only this time she stood a mere four feet away waiting for the guys to start the action so we reached her part of the proceedings.

The four guys around the bath all had bladders straining to be emptied, they had to grip around their cock and balls to prevent them starting, I think it is safe to say they were desperate to get started. But I enjoyed the tense moment, as Sarah adjusted her grip on the bath rail and slide a tiny bit more horizontal, the four guys twitching over her ready to unleash themselves on her and Gwen looking at once pensive yet also visibly excited.

“Alright Sarah, open your mouth wider, that’s it, stick your tongue out a bit further, yes. Right guys go!” Simultaneously four huge streams of piss erupted from all four sides and targeted Sarah’s wide, innocent mouth. They found their target immediately and quickly güvenilir bahis her mouth was overflowing with hot, salty piss like a water feature in a garden. She swallowed some but had no chance to keep up and soon the fluid was flooding down her chin and running over her chest and through the cleft of her legs and gathering in the end of the plugged up bath. The guys were well experienced as to how to do things and their aim ‘accidentally’ began to waver suddenly finding Sarah’s nostrils, ears and eyes and as she coughed and spluttered it was quite the money shot for my scene.

All too quickly the guys began to slow up and stop, shaking the final droplets out onto her opening eyes. “Right Gwen it’s your turn” I ordered.

During her sisters performance Gwen had stripped naked and at my command she got up onto the bath and positioned her feet either side of the bath and slowly lowered herself so her pussy hovered inches from Sarah’s piss soaked mouth. I had wondered if they would have been willing to do this scene but both had easily agreed.

“Sarah, I want you to get every last drop and keep your damn eyes open” were my only directions. Then Gwen fired off, she too had been bursting for a piss for nearly an hour and given the command she let fly with a torrent of urine into Sarah’s beautiful face. Sarah gamely tried to catch and swallow it but she had little chance and before long her entire face was being coated in her sister’s piss.

I knew this was pure money I was filming here and verbally encouraged Gwen to keep it flowing as long as possible until it reduced to a few drips and I commanded Sarah to catch every last drop of the nectar on her outstretched tongue.

I toyed with having Sarah lick Gwen clean but that would be moving into a genre I wasn’t known for and I stopped short so Gwen clambered down leaving her younger sister sitting in a puddle of yellow urine, her exquisite body glistening under the lights. She stayed like that for a few moments allowing the camera to capture her magnificent state then as agreed beforehand she hoisted herself up onto her knees and slid forward in the bath until her head hovered over the pool of mixed piss. It was surprisingly deep and showed up as a heavy yellow against the bright white of the tub bottom.

“Sarah I want you to splash in that like the dumb Bitch you are.”

Blunt instructions I know but followed to the letter by the red head as she used both her hands to splash the piss about in the tub and up into her face.

“Good girl” I encouraged, “Now look up at me.”

When she did I spat a mouthful of spit onto her upturned face.

“Now wash it off in there.”

She dipped her face into the pool and shook her head in it for a minute until she looked up like a dog that had just emerged from a river, her once lovely mane of hair a saturated mess.

“Nearly done, I want you blow bubbles in that, understand?”

She nodded her head and dipped it until her full lips entered the piss and then she comically blew into the puddle for a minute or so. From there it was a quick journey over to our specially developed toilet bowl; Sarah balancing her chin on the porcelain edge of the bowl, her tongue extended waiting on me unzipping my flies. God I was bursting and as soon as I released my dick I pointed at Sarah and let fly with a forceful stream that splashed against her tongue and teeth and the piss she couldn’t handle spilled into the bowl. Once finished I had Gwen force her sister’s head into her wide bowl until her face was submerged then flush the cistern herself, engulfing Sarah in a deluge of toilet water. When that finally relented Sarah’s head emerged from the bowl to tell the camera that she was “a piece of shit, pissmop” with a big, cheesy grin on her face.


After everyone had cleaned up and had lunch we were ready to shoot scene two of this masterpiece. I had thought long and hard for the dirtiest, nastiest ideas to unleash on the sisters to really test the depths of depravity they were willing to stoop to. When I suggested this I was certain they would reject it, money or not, but in fact their eyes lit up at the suggestion and they even added a twist of their own.

Basically, the scene would commence with Gwen and Sarah bent over on their knees, their naked behinds pointing upwards. One by one a guy will enter the scene and alternating for each man they will insert their cock in one of the girl’s assholes and piss into it. The other girl then has to position her mouth under the full ass and as best as she can manage, drink the piss from the asshole. She then has to keep as much liquid in her mouth, make her way over to two large beer glasses on the far side of the room and spit what she can into the glass marked with her sister’s name. Once both are nearly full the guys will return and masturbate a thick, white, frothy head of cum into the glass (that was their idea!) and the two sluts will down the türkçe bahis glasses simultaneously.

So that was the idea and it had plenty of potential to get real messy quickly so we had a waterproof lining down on the floor. I stood up as Gwen and Sarah entered the room and took off the white, fluffy bathrobes they were wearing. In many ways they were a nice contrast: Gwen with her ample bust and short hair, Sarah with her pert breasts and long, red hair tumbling over her shoulders. Whichever, they were both visions of loveliness that I would take great pleasure debasing and degrading.

“Gwen get down on your knees and get ready for guy number one” I commanded, “Sarah as soon as his cock is clear of your sister’s asshole you can position yourself for your first mouthful. Remember, you will spit that load into the glass marked ‘Gwen’.OK?”

She nodded and in came our first of twelve guys I had lined up for this; I felt six loads of piss would amply fill the glasses, whatever was spilt. So to work and the guy plugged his cock into Gwen’s ass as the camera got an extreme close up and we could hear the unmistakable sound of piss splashing onto skin as he relived himself inside her. He had enough that it soon filled up and began to spill out underneath her as he finished off. Gwen kept herself upright as Sarah slipped under her, lying in the piss that hadn’t fit inside Gwen’s asshole, then Gwen lowered her ass and a flood of foul liquid spilled into Sarah’s waiting, gaping mouth and all over her face. Holding as much in her mouth as she could, Sarah hurried over to the glass and spewed the concoction into the glass. It nearly filled a third of the glass with a murky coloured fluid and Sarah hurried back to take her first load in her ass.

This continued for the best part of thirty minutes with both sluts getting saturated in their own piss very quickly. It also became apparent that with each mouthful they were catching less and less (indeed one hilarious instance saw Sarah fail to control herself properly and her whole load spilled out over Gwen’s unsuspecting face as she was just getting into position). The room was a disgusting sight, the plastic cover sloshed with spilled piss and at the end the two glasses stood nearly full when I brought proceedings to a halt, leaving the last guy disappointed. Not wanting to have him left out I instructed the two sisters to kneel together, cheek to cheek, and had him stand over them and spray them with a full bladder of his piss until it dripped from their chins.

Then I had the guys take turns jerking off over the piss glasses until they were topped by a messy head of mixed cum, just as the sisters had asked for.

“Right, you two Bitches come and get these while their still nice and warm” I announced as I pointed out the two glasses to the camera.

Both Sarah and Gwen crawled over the plastic covering, their bodies shimmering in a coating of piss, towards the table that held the two glasses and then when they got there they held them in their hands, looked each other in the eyes and started to pour them into their waiting mouths. Wow, what a sight! Their mouths and throats had little chance of keeping up with the constant flow off ass-passed piss and cum and as hard as they tried to drink it it soon overflowed and began to run down their magnificent bodies. I was so hard watching these two lovelies do this that I nearly forgot I was making a movie and I’m not ashamed to admit that I came in my pants when after both had emptied their glasses they bent toward each other and kissed on the lips, leaving a long trail of cum between their lips as they parted. What a scene, how could I top that?


I film my two leading ladies walking hand in hand, clad in only string bikinis, as they enter a local college dorm. I get a lot of feedback from students with ideas and wanting to be in my films in one way or another but one from a whole fraternity piqued my interest for this film. I thought I had two girls here who were dirty and nasty enough to do the idea justice.

Gwen led her sister by the hand into the main hall of the dorm where their entrance was greeted by a mass of students (mostly male but with some girls visible also) with a huge cheer. The crowd moved back to admit the two girls and the camera crew and revealed two large metal tubs in the centre of the room.

I hushed the students and spoke to my stars “Listen up you two piss sluts, we’re gonna have a contest here. First up you can take off those bikini’s, let all these kids see your bodies,” they did that to another big cheer and whistles and calls.

“Right , on each floor of this dorm there is a toilet at the end of the corridor, in each corridor there are six urinals, in each urinal there is a urine cake that has been there and being used for the past three weeks. You will each be allocated a tub and it will then be your job to collect as many cakes and drop them in the tub, the one güvenilir bahis siteleri with the most cakes will win. OK?”

“By the way, your hands will be handcuffed behind your backs, you must use your mouths to pick up the cakes and carry them back , during the contest these guys (indicating the student throng) will be filling these tubs with their piss and the loser will have to get in the tub and I and going to fuck all three of her holes for the camera. Right start!”

There was a hushed silence as I announced these rules and had two lucky students cuff my two pissmops, then I blew a whistle and a cheer went up and the game was on!

Visibly it was an amazing sight these two sexy sisters running through packed student corridors, their wrists behind their backs, their breasts bouncing about and usually with a disgusting, yellow urinal cake clamped in their mouths as they rushed from toilet block back the metal tubs. Those tubs were surrounded by young men and women relieving their full bladders into them and were filling up just nicely, their floors already covered by the time both sluts returned with their first urinal cake to drop into the tub.

I had a mobile unit following both sisters on their journeys while a hard unit cover the filling of the tubs. After a short while it was clear that Sarah was both faster and more adept with her mouth than her sister and she established a lead in the number of piss cakes in her tub and never looked like losing it. Gwen tried to keep up but by the time she let the last cake drop from her mouth into a pretty full tub there were 31 in Sarah’s and only 24 in Gwen’s. Sarah was the winner but more importantly Gwen was the loser.

As I stripped for the camera’s I felt a mixture of feelings. I really wanted to fuck Sarah in this scenario – she had the combination of stunning looks and innocence that I would have taken great pleasure in taking to depraved depths on camera (who knows maybe I will in a future film). But there was Gwen, at once both my muse and my nemesis and in many ways this would be a fitting finale.

“I am going to bugger your arsehole first Gwen, so I want you on hands and knees with your head over that tub of piss” somewhat shamefaced at the frankness of my instructions she did as ordered and I moved in behind her to prep her butthole.

“Sarah, you get yourself the other side of the tuba and while I sodomise your big sis I want you to dip her head right into the piss, hold it for at least 30 seconds before letting her up OK?”, her nod and smile told me she was well up for this scene so with us in position I thrust my eight inches of cock up and into Gwen’s tight arsehole and began to establish a harsh rhythm of pounding her. As my cock invaded her arsehole Gwen’s opened her mouth to moan and at that point Sarah pushed her hands to the back of Gwen’s head and shoved it into the waiting yellow gloom, ensuring she received a mouthful of the mixed piss on her first dunking.

I fucked Gwen as hard as I could and she responded, her back arching and forcing herself back onto me to match my thrusts as she was simultaneously thrust into the piss head first only to emerge later like a drowning rat. As I neared climax I pulled out of her ass and with my own hands dragged her head from the tub and wasted no time in slamming my cock straight from her arsehole to her mouth and getting it as deep as I could, enjoying her gagging on what had so recently been buried in her own shitter. I came in torrents inside her mouth and fucked it as I came.

I withdrew softly from her mouth and looked deep into her lust crazed eyes as she said “You’ve still got one hole to fill Mr. Director.”

What a challenge. Especially as I had just emptied my balls down her willing throat! Still I had help at hand as Sarah crawled over to us and took my scrotum into her beautiful mouth and began to slowly manipulate my balls in there. The sensation was increased as she extended her index finger and slotted it into my backside and gently probed for my prostate. All the while her slut of a sister was below me on her back now next to the tub, her legs wide apart teasing me with her bounty. How could I not get hard again?

So I was erect within minutes and as the cameras continued to roll and the students gather close around us I plunged my cock into Gwen’s sopping wet cunt. Sarah kept her finger up my arsehole and played with me as I penetrated her sister and began fucking her like my life depended on it. We rutted like animals on the floor caught up in the moment and soon the crowd and camera’s were forgotten and I was in a world with just these two willing sluts and Gwen smiled up at me as I began to pulse and throb faster inside her.

“I not on anything, you know protection…’s…uurghh…my”

I didn’t care and ejaculated another hot sticky load inside her. Probably the greatest orgasm of my life and I could do little else but collapse atop her as the camera faded to black with a hall full of students cheering our efforts.

Two months later we found out that Gwen was pregnant with our child and we started to conceive ideas for what we could do with that situation (The Pregnant Pissmop?).

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