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The people in my story are all 18 or over.


It comes to that time of year when all I want to do is not answer the door. The only upside is when you get to see the odd mum or older sister in a tight costume but that’s little more than a tease which then has to be dealt with after you close the door.

Now I was new to the area this year and was a teacher at the local school. I didn’t expect to see any of my students as they would all be high school age which was too old to be asking for sweets.

The door bell rang about 8 times that night and at half 7 it rang for the final time. I grabbed the sweet bowl and answered the door. I hardly looked at the costumes and simply stuck the bowl out to their greedy hands. When I looked to find which ever poor parent was out I caught the eye of a pupil of mine. She looked straight into my eyes slightly shocked and just said “Hi Sir”. I too was a little surprised but managed to say hello back. She was wearing a plain black witches outfit which showed off her slim body very well. She had long black hair down to just above her waist which made the costume look that bit better. Her dress was close enough to her body that I could tell it was a little cold out. She must have caught me looking and said “Thanks for the sweets Sir”. escort bostancı I looked away for her chest and said the first thing I could think of which was “If it gets cold you are welcome to warm up in my house later”. With that awkward invitation I just closed the door and just wished the night over.

An hour later when I thought all the kids were home I heard a knock. I went to the door to explain how I ran out of sweets an hour ago and apologise. When I opened the door it was my student again. I was shocked but she must have not thought my invitation so ridiculous as me. I invited her to my sofa and went to join her.

“You look nice,” I said.

“Thanks sir,” She replied.

“Are you still cold?” I asked.

“No, I dropped my younger brothers and sister off and walked back pretty quick,” She said.

I sat beside her which we made small talk about school. I couldn’t understand why she was here but I didn’t want to question it. In school she would be wearing a white shirt, black skirt and her school tie which even the older year groups who were 18 now wore. But now I had her on my sofa in a tight black dress which exposed the top lace of her black bra. She noticed my looking again which I couldn’t help, this stirred a feeling in my now ümraniye escort waking cock. I decided that I would just make my move on her as that would be the only reason she could want to be here. I moved into to kiss her with my hand cupping her perfect face. She kissed back which I took for a sign to go further. My hand moved to her breast where I cupped them down her dress but over her bra. I didn’t want to move too quickly. After a few minutes of fondling and playing with her nipples through her lace bra I moved her hand to my hard cock. She gripped me hard and I took this as a sign to move my own hand to her legs and up her dress.

She worked her hand down my shorts and pulled out my stiff cock. I motioned for her to stand which she did and I took off her dress revealing her small breasts in her black and deep red lace bra. She unhooked this and removed her underwear revealing a perfectly shaved mound.

I wasted no time in laying her on the sofa and pressing my cock to her lips. She looked nervous awaiting my move. I knew she must have been a virgin but this didn’t stop me. I pushed myself in half way while her face winced with pain. I moved in and out still only half way with great restraint. once she got used to this and started bucking her hips I knew I could kartal escort bayan impale her with my full length. I pushed in all the way, her eyes widened and she tried to push my hips out again. I didn’t allow this and kept myself in her until she was used to it. I kissed her lips and started fucking again.

After about 10 minutes she was enjoying it again. I knew she was not going to cum so I pumped harder relentlessly and unforgiving. She started moaning with my thrusts and I could feel myself ready to explode. I pulled out and put her hand around my wet shaft, she started rubbing instinctively. My tongue was deep in her mouth while my cock pulsed out wave after wave of warm cum onto her stomach.

My cock now with her juice and blood on needed cleaning but it would be cruel to make a naive lick it clean so I went to the toilet to wash myself. When I got back she still had my cum on her and was shyly putting on her underwear and dress. I watched this girl who had come in so confident leave so shyly out of the front door.

I next saw her again on Monday in my class. She avoided my eyes all lesson, at the end I asked her to put something in my cupboard while everyone left. I walked in behind her so no one could see and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and I placed my hands on her sides just under her small perky breasts.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell you but I enjoyed Saturday and I promise if you come back I’ll make you come over and over.”

She smiled back and I kissed her again and let her leave my class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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