Handsome Ch. 12

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All those involved in sexual acts are 18 or older

Chapter 12
My First Party

It was Paul Sosnowski, a senior, who invited me to my first party at which beer and marijuana were available. He did this because it meant I would bring Heather along, not as my date, but presumably as his. I made no mention of this to Heather, telling her only that we were invited to a party and there would be alcohol available, and that she should bring a bathing suit.

That was enough for Heather who had just purchased a new bikini and was dying to show it off.

But before we get to the party, there was an interesting development in my relationship with Heather.

As usual, we were at her house and had just finished a rousing sixty-nine. She hopped out of bed and announced that she: “Had to take a piss.”

Her phrasing of this natural act had a surprising effect on me. I was instantly erect … again.

And after a moment’s hesitation I followed her into the bathroom and found her sitting on the toilet and letting a stream flow into the bowl.

I still have no idea what caused me to do what I did, but I sent my hand between her legs and let the remainder of her golden stream splash against the palm of my hand.

Apparently, this act on my part aroused Heather as much as she had me.

“Do you have to piss, too?” she asked. Her eyes were wide and looking longingly at my dick … which was bobbing with excitement.

“Maybe,” I replied, wondering why she was asking.

“Good,” she said and stepped into the shower and knelt down.

“Piss on me. Give me a golden shower.”

And so, holding my dick in my right hand, I stepped into shower with her and began to piss on her breasts as Heather rubbing the yellow liquid over her chest.

Long before I was close to finishing, she moaned, “My face … piss on my face!”

I obliged her and found it highly exciting. For one, she had her mouth open and appeared to be swallowing as much of my urine as was possible. Then too, as I pissed upon her face and hair, a strange feeling of power came over me. I liked it, and would recall the sensation from time to time in the future.

Back to the party…

“God damn! Look at the set of tits on her!” That was Chase Smathers, in an aside to Nate Johnson, another senior, whom he elbowed in the side to make certain he had his attention. Nate was black, Chase white, and it appeared that they were almost inseparable. Some of my teammates made snide remarks about them buggering each other. But I reserved judgment on that.

The ‘her’ in question was Alexis Silver, a very buxom junior and close friend of Heather’s. I motioned with my head toward Alexis and Heather giggled.

“Alexis is really stacked isn’t she?” Heather said, spilling some of her beer.

I was on my second can of Bud and already feeling it as I replied, “The good Lord certainly gave her an abundance of boob.”

“She told me once that if it were possible she’d share some of it with me,” Heather replied, quietly enough so that only I could hear.

“She seems a kind soul,” I said and grinned at Heather. Heather laughed and punched my arm, and then turned her attention to another group of girls who were jumping into the pool. She waved to them, and when two of them waved back, she told me she’d see me later.

As she made her way around the pool to join the other girls, I signaled Paul Sosnowski, and he nodded and began to follow Heather.

Alexis was already walking away toward the house when one of the girls in the pool lost her top.

Nate and chase got up and moved in that direction. As casually as possible, I followed Alexis, who was adjusting the top of her bathing suit as she went into the house. I was trying to hide my rapidly growing erection from getting noticed by the stragglers sitting around just outside the house by holding the half empty can of Budweiser against it.

Once inside, I didn’t see her, and decided to empty my bladder. I was looking into the toilet bowl, moving the remnants of a marijuana cigarette around and thinking how nice it would be to spend some time nursing on Alexis’ lovely tits, when someone knocked at the bathroom door.

“C’mon, c’mon, I gotta go too!” A muted female voice called out. I could have been wrong, but I was sure it was the one and only Alexis. My dick sprang erect. I know I was blushing as I stuffed my now massive hardon back into my trunks, before opening the door.

It was Alexis, and my eyes went automatically to the mounds trying to escape her halter.

“See something you like?” she asked sarcastically.

“Well … yes, as a matter-of-fact,” I said. “You have a wonderful pair of tits, Alexis. How about letting me have a better look?”

“Heather told me you had a pair of balls on you,” she said, and grinned at me.

“So, come in, join me. I’ll wait for you to go.”

“I don’t do golden showers, Aubrey,” she said, telling me that Heather had been talking rather freely about our sexual activities.

“I don’t want a golden shower, Alexis; I do giresun escort want to see those fine tits of yours.”

She was laughing as she squeezed by me through the bathroom door. Her breasts rubbed against my chest. My eyes never left them. My cock was doing its best to tear its way out of my trunks. She glanced down at my crotch. Shit! Then she looked up at my face and saw I was now staring at her ass.

I closed the door. When I turned back to face her, Alexis was facing me.

“Christ, Aubrey, I feel naked with you staring at me that way.”

She glanced down at my crotch again and said, “Are you going to get any bigger?”

“Yes … you excite me, Alexis.”

“Well, I have to admit I find that snake in your trunks exciting too.”

I closed the distance between us and kissed her.

It caught her by surprise; I guess she thought I’d grope her tits first. But kissing her was the right move. As my tongue invaded her mouth, her arms went around my neck and I felt those magnificent mounds pressing their weight into my chest.

As my hands wandered along her flanks, her tongue kicked into action, becoming alive in my mouth. I cupped her breasts in my hands, sampling their weight.

“Wait…” she said, backing away in order to remove her top and freeing those luscious melons.

“Kiss them?” she said, making it a question. As if I would pass up the opportunity.

I did, pressing her back against the sink to do it; grinding my boner into her pelvic region at the same time.

She moaned, and a split second later, I did too, as I bent to take the right nipple into my mouth and savored the sweet taste of her. Her areolas were crinkly with pebbled nipples both stiff and hard against my tongue as I went from one to the other.

Alexis brought her arms up around my shoulders and buried her face into the crook of my neck as I sampled her tits. She giggled as I started working her bottoms off, still nibbling on one tit after the other. Each was covered with sheen from my saliva.

“Show it to me!” she squeaked. Heather said it was huge!”

“Heather talks too much,” I said, but laughed lewdly and followed with, “But in this case I guess it was worth it.”

I told her to, “Help yourself,” and she did, digging my swollen dick out of my swim trunks and squeezing it in her fist.

“Nice,” I gulped.

“Yes, it is,” she giggled. “Gonna put it in me?”

“Yes,” I grunted, and let my hand drop to her crotch; my fingers became entangled in her thick pubic hair. She took pains to keep herself trimmed, but allowed the hair covering her pubis to remain rather thick. She was all blonde.

“Jesus!” Alexis groaned when my finger sank into the fatty part of her labia. I was still sucking on her tits, but her hand was steering my cock toward her slit and I wasn’t going to argue the point with her. She was slick, wet, and almost gooey. Her hips were rocking against the finger I had fucking in and out of her.

I’ll never know why, but I abandoned her tit, and sought her mouth. She almost fainted from the intensity of the kiss. Her bottoms were hardly down over her ass, and her legs were spread wide, giving my hand all the freedom needed to roam around her hairy crotch.

She was moaning constantly by this point, and her hips were moving in time to my finger fucking.

She wanted it. Her cunt was a juicy mess and her hips were fucking my hand. With my free hand I lowered my trucks. I had to bury my dick into that sloppy, wet cunt.

We ended the torrid kiss and I turned her so that she was facing the mirror. I rubbed my dick against the pale cheeks of her ass. She raised a leg and artfully used it to lower her bottoms to the tiled floor, and all the while staring at me in the mirror.

Moments later, she had her elbows resting on the bathroom sink and was presenting her ass to me. My dick was poking against the lips of her cunt. She reached back, took me in hand, and steered me right into her juiciness.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned softly.

I began to fuck her and was rewarded with a soft grunt with every thrust into her. Her cunt felt like a liquid velvet to me, and tight, very tight.

Soon Alexis raised herself up and her breasts started to swing as I continued fucking her.

“Oh … you’re good!” she moaned. She opened her eyes. “Are you gonna cum?”

“Not yet,” I replied, and that seemed to please her no end.

Her areola and nipples were dark and looked like they had been chewed on. I had sucked them, but I hadn’t thought to chew on them and made a mental note to do so at the first opportunity.

There was a knock at the bathroom door. A male voice called out, “hey, I gotta go. You almost finished in there?”

“No,” I replied. I’m taking a shit, find another bathroom.”

“Jesus Christ!” whoever it was swore, and stomped off.

“You … think fast…” she panted, and I fucked a little faster figuring someone else would be along before long.

We were making squishy noises as I slid deeply into her and the eased out.

Sure gölbaşı escort enough there was another knock on the door. I stopped fucking Alexis so abruptly that she lost her balance and fell forward, her face hitting the mirror and her tits, or one of them anyway, hitting the faucet so hard a bruise was inevitable.

My cock was buried in Alexis’ belly, twitching, and we were both holding our breath.

“Sorry,” I called out, “I’m having a problem. I’m gonna be a while. Isn’t there another bathroom you can use?”

“Oh … sorry,” a female voice said, and left us to finish off what we’d started.

I took hold of Alexis’ hips and slipped my thumbs between the cheeks of her ass. When I peeled her apart my eyes were glued to her asshole. It was surrounded by a hedge of dark, curly hair, and her anus appeared to be nothing but a wrinkled hole in her behind.

“You ready now?” I asked.

I had thought that the excitement of near discovery might have accelerated her climax. If it hadn’t, my question did.

“Go faster…”

I slammed it into her and felt her shudder.

“Faster! Harder!”

I pumped rapidly two … three times — and hemorrhaged a thick load of semen into her belly.

I felt her cunt squeezing me as she climaxed with me. For the last few strokes I was rotating up on my toes, trying to drive my spike through her naval.

Alexis loved it!

A minute later, I was pulling up my trunks and Alexis was doing the same with her bikini bottoms.

And, as she shoveled her left tit into her halter, I took her by the chin and kissed her, and she responded with a passion I hadn’t expected of her.

“We gotta do this again, Aubrey,” she huffed when the kiss ended.

“We will, I want to play with those lovely tits again. But be a good girl and keep this between us. I don’t want Heather to know. She’s the jealous type.

“She’s a slut, Aubrey. She fucks anything in pants.”

“She’s my slut, Alexis.”

“Yeah … I know. I understand. But call me?”

“I will. And I’ll call you soon.”

She gave me a dazzling smile, opened the door and slipped out. I could smell her sex in the draft as the door closed behind her. I counted to ten and left the bathroom. No one was waiting to use it.

I passed a bedroom on my way back to the pool and saw Heather’s ass swaying from side to side as she went down on a guy I thought might be Sosnowski, but I wasn’t sure. Not wanting to be seen, I left then and so was never positive just who Heather was blowing. Then again, I really didn’t care.

I returned to pool and was handed another beer which I consumed a little too fast. Glancing around, I spotted Alexis sitting on a lounge chair between two seniors with whom I had little in common. I waited until she made eye contact with me, and then felt she was dismissing me … at least for the time being. I went looking for another girl to talk too, hoping to make her jealous.

Someone handed me my first joint and I was half-stoned when I saw Heather come out of the house with Paul Sosnowski.

‘So it was Paul that she was blowing, ‘ I thought, and bummed another joint from whomever it was handing them out.

I wandered over to the end of the pool and sat down next to a girl I’d seen in one of my classes. I didn’t know her name, but she looked pretty good in her red bikini, although she wore thick eyeglasses.

“Hi,” I said, using the best of all opening gambits.

“Hi,” she responded. “You’re Aubrey aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m sorry; I don’t know you’re name. I do know you’re in my math class.”

“Clorie. My name is Clorie,” she said. Her voice had a nice tinkle to it and I warmed to her immediately.

“Clorie … that’s a very unusual name. A nice name though.”

“Thank you,” she said and licked her lips.

“I’ve got a nice joint here,” I said, holding the marijuana cigarette up in front of her. “Would you care to share it with me?”

“Oh … I’ve never…”

“Me neither … at least not until a few minutes ago. I’ve never had much beer either, but there’s always a first time, right?”

“I guess,” Clorie said, although she was still noncommittal about accepting my offer.

“You wouldn’t have a light, would you?” I asked, knowing girl’s carried just about everything in their tiny purses.

“I … think I may have some matches,” she replied, already digging into her purse. A moment later she produced a book of matches and handed them to me.

“Thank you,” I said and lit up. After inhaling deeply, and holding the smoke in my lungs for as long as I could stand, I released the smoke and felt the primo Jane hit.

“Here, you try,” I said, hoping she would.

She did, taking just as deep a drag as I had and holding it until I told her to exhale.

In less than five minutes we were both stoned, and Clorie sat on my lap as we shared the last of my beer.

Clorie nudged me with her elbow, and said. “I see some couples going into the house.”

“Um, yeah” I said in response and followed göztepe escort with, “How about taking off…”

“I’m not taking anything…”

“Your glasses…”

“Oh … okay.”

She was good-looking to begin with, but on removing the eyeglasses I could see that she was in fact, beautiful. I told her so.

“Get out!”

“No, I mean it!”

“You’re only saying that,” she said, begging for more compliments.

I began to compare her to some of the more attractive girls still at poolside.

It was obvious Clorie was eating it up and when she started to squirm on my lap, I placed a hand on her thigh.


Before she could utter another word I leaned forward and kissed her. Clorie gave herself to my kiss, but kept her mouth sealed.

I pulled her closer to me. By now I was fully erect and knew she must have felt it pressing against her.

Finally, Clorie broke away from our kiss.

“Aubrey … no!” she whispered, “We’d better not … they’ll see us.”

“We aren’t making any noise,” I whispered back.

“Do you care?”

She laughed, evidently having gathered some confidence and said, “No, not really.”

“Kiss me!” I said, making it more demand than request.

Clorie leaned back in and began to kiss me. This time her mouth opened and her tongue ventured out to duel with mine. I responded by putting my hands over the cheeks of her ass and squeezing them at the same time I sucked her tongue into my mouth.

The kiss went on and on, and I allowed a hand to slip into the backside of her bikini and fondle the flesh of her rump.

She moaned into my mouth.

My other hand delved into her halter and my thumb began to tease her nipple.

“Please, Aubrey … Ahhh! No, don’t!” Clorie panted when I tried to put my hand between her thighs.

“They’ll see us!”

I pushed her off my lap and stood up.

“What?” she said puzzled that I wasn’t playing by her rules.

“Come with me,” I said and tugged her by the arm as I headed for the house.

“But … but…” she sputtered as she fought to retain her balance.

We went in through the front door and found ourselves in the living room. It was occupied by several couples in various stages of making out.

Two couples shared the couch. Mostly kissing, but one girl’s breast was exposed, and it was obvious that they were going to go much further.

A girl I had never seen before was going down on Billy Walker as he sat in an arm chair.

I maneuvered Clorie into the second bedroom as the first one was occupied by two. I think they were from another high school or even the local Community College, but I’m not positive. They had their bathing suits on, but were a tangle of arms and legs as they frenched one another.

“My God, I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” Clorie gasped as I herded her up against the bed.

“It’s a wild party, that’s for sure,” I told her. Then we were kissing and I thought I detected a little more arousal in her response.

We fell on the bed still kissing. I had my hand on the upper part of her thigh. The springs on the bed began to creak.

“We’re making … mmmm … a lot of noise,” Clorie moaned between kisses.

I had my hand at the top of her tightly closed thighs and was delighted to discover the flesh there was wet and slippery.

“No … No … Please, no. I can’t … I don’t want…”

I started to rub the palm of my hand over her cunt. Sure she still had her bikini’s on, but all that was between my hand and her cunt was a thin piece of material. It was as if nothing was separating me from her prize.

“Aubrey … not tonight … please?”

“Are you a virgin?”

There was a long silence before she replied.


“Then what’s wrong? Don’t you like me?”

“Yes, I do … but…”

“Then kiss me,” I said.

“Yes … sure, but…”

“That’s all … just a kiss, all right?”

Her mouth was on mine before I’d finished the sentence.

I worked myself into position so that I lay on top of her and began a slow dry humping motion. Several seconds passed … she began to respond. I squeezed a leg into her crotch and felt her yield to it. Her arms were around my neck, and her legs were parting.

There was a noise outside the bedroom and Clorie panicked.

“Don’t you move … be quiet,” I whispered to her ear.

She froze in place and I used the opportunity to maneuver my dick against her cunt. We heard the roar and gurgle of a flushing toilet and Clorie relaxed for a moment and then realizing where my dick was began to cry.

“Don’t cry, baby,” I cooed, and covered her face with kisses, tasting the tears flowing down her cheeks. But my hands were busy, with one now inside her halter as I palmed her firm ripe breast.

Clorie surprised me by reaching between us and rubbing my hardon.

A moment later I realized that she was also rubbing her cunt. Which of the two targets she was trying to attain I could only guess, and I decided that she was touching herself deliberately and me by accident.

“Don’t cry,” I said again, “we’re all alone now,”

I told her and lifted a breast out in the open.

“You have beautiful breasts,” I told her.

“You only have one out,” she sniffed, bringing her tears under control.

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