Happenstance and Opportunity

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If you don’t want to read about sex outside marriage… go elsewhere.

We lived next to each other. She was married to a guy about five feet eight and wimpy in my opinion although he was always nice enough to me. He’d told me many times that he didn’t find his wife attractive and had moved into another bedroom. Her name is Honey and she is five feet ten and in my opinion very attractive.

He had offered many times to help me in anything I needed but he didn’t really know much about tools, repair or construction and so I hadn’t except for the item I’ll tell of in a few more lines.

Honey’s face isn’t that of popular Hollywood type sexy stars but it is sweet. She is also submissive in attitude and demeanor. My opinion of her legs, ass and breasts is that they are more than attractive. She also looks to have a powerful body meaning that if she were to wear shoulder pads she could easily intimidate a lot of men and I’d always thought she’d make a great lover or mate..

We’d been neighbors for more than eight years and I’d caught her many times studying me with her eyes slipping quickly and frequently below my waist and returning. Also, I’m quite certain that she knew I always checked her out and yet in those years we’d only talked as friends and only been alone together out in the yard where we might cross paths while working outside. This part of the story will evolve and be expanded soon in the story.

I work from home in the daytime and spend nearly all my time there and I break my routine usually only for outside cleanup or shopping unless my work requires me to meet someone away from my home. I’m also a bit of a fitness freak and try my best to exercise each night using a tiny gym I’ve constructed alongside my bed and a three-a-week neighborhood run to keep up my stamina. I’m single and very tall plus I’ve always had more than an active Libido. My dating has fallen off in the last two years and this day I had nobody with whom I was socializing.

For my house and yard I have nearly all the tools I’ll ever need except for a wheelbarrow that I need only very occasionally. It just so happened that this day I needed a wheelbarrow and it was only nine-thirty in the morning and my ‘out’ when I needed a wheelbarrow had always been borrowing his from that wimpy neighbor but I didn’t want to wait all day until he got home.

Our houses do not have utility spaces for laundry machines but the garages do. Both of us had added washing machines and dryers several years earlier and this is where my story really begins.

I wanted to get the job outside done early before it got too hot and decided to go next door and ask Honey to borrow the wheelbarrow.

However as I rounded the corner of my garage I noticed Honey walking into her own garage. She hadn’t seen me and she looked strange. It took me a moment to recognize why she appeared strange.

She had been wearing a well-worn thin button-front house dress and high heels. I’d seen the dress many times and frequently wished the material would wear thin enough for me to see through it. Why was she wearing heels?

I almost turned around to forget asking until he got home but the thought lasted only a moment when I decided to follow her into the garage and ask her.

Our properties are near mirror-images of each other. Her garage was next to mine and separated only by about a six foot wide stretch of lawn which I usually tend.

I crossed my driveway and then hers and turned to follow her. Inside the garage was a near new half-ton pickup truck that he’d bought but she kept clean and shiny.

She was at the dryer unloading it into a laundry basket atop the dryer. I didn’t speak for some reason and didn’t sneak up on her but she hadn’t heard me approach. I noticed the basket was nearly filled with her clothing including several pieces of near new lingerie that I’d never seen.

I was about to speak when she suddenly stood up and removed her dress. She was immediately completely naked and I had my first real view of her body and was speechless for the moment. She was facing the back of the garage and tossed the dress atop the washer as my eyes savored her form. Her legs were strong and perfectly formed as was her back. Her ass was rounded and yet soft and not as perfectly outlined as her legs but it was arousing.

Even as I stared I must have made a soft sound with the athletic shoes I was wearing and she jumped then turned part way around to see what had made the noise. I caught a perfect view of one full beautiful breast in profile as she turned.

When she saw me she managed to stifle a scream and tried quickly to cover the body’s exposure with her hands.

I think I might have laughed at that moment and then I tried to apologize for coming up behind her.

She grabbed a blouse and skirt from the basket and hurried forward and around the front of the truck before she slipped on the blouse and then stepped into the skirt with her back still toward me.

I quickly moved my poker oyna fingers through the basket and found a bright green bra with transparent mesh for cups. Next I found a nearly matching green thong also with transparent mesh in the front. I tossed them onto the hood of the truck with an apology and a smile then said “You forgot your lingerie.”

She was facing me defiantly or as defiant as a submissive personality can allow when she said “I didn’t hear you. What do you want?”

“Well I came over to see if I could borrow your wheelbarrow but now I’ve seen something that I want even more.”

She said “Well. Go ahead and take the wheelbarrow. I’m sorry you caught me naked I wanted to change to fresh clothing before going shopping.”

“I’m not sorry at all and I really enjoyed the view. If you’d asked I might have helped you dress but now I’d like to help you undress again.” I said with a smile.

She was still flustered at my presence and tried to say that I should leave now but it didn’t seem to come out right. She couldn’t see the front of my pants below the fender of the truck but her eyes flickered that direction anyway several times.

“If you’d like to see what I look like that way I’ll certainly let you.” I said.

“Why would I want to see you naked?” she said daringly.

“Well… let me tell you a story and perhaps that will help.” I was still staring into the blouse while almost knowing what her breasts looked like naked.

She put her hand to the neck of the blouse and pinched it closed as I continued and she was blushing.

“About three or more months ago I came into my bedroom then stripped because I always do my workouts in the nude. I believe it was the first time I’d forgotten to pull the shade… and I really was accustomed to pulling it. I was on the slant board and had just finished a series of bench presses and put the weights back and sat up. I was as hard as any sex starved man can get and as I sat there catching my breath I noticed a movement outside the window. I tried not to stare but I was fascinated because it looked like it might be a woman.

“I managed to get to a position beside the window where I could watch while working out and realized it was you watching me. I finished the workout without pulling the shade and then the next day I had an idea.

“I have a video recorder that has a remote control and shoots video in nearly dark conditions and so I set it up at the edge of the window that afternoon. I also positioned my video monitor at the corner of the room where you wouldn’t be able to see it see it.

That night I left the shade up again and watched the monitor. I guess you must not like leaving the kitchen trash in the house at night and I also presume hubby was asleep on the couch. Again you came out about the same time and put the trash in the container and then carefully walked up to the edge of the window and watched me again for my entire workout. I remotely started the recording when you got close and kept it on until you returned to the kitchen. I even stroked it a few times while you watched, as if it was needed, although it wasn’t because knowing you were watching had me even harder than that first night.

“I stopped pulling the shade during workouts and the following week I sat on the edge of the slant board and jerked it off and watched you on the monitor. I saw your mouth open when it shot three feet in the air and then watched your tongue lick your lips.

The next night I did it again and this time you lifted you dress and I had a great view as your fingers danced and I watched as each climax wracked your body. Your Lady parts are beautiful.

“The next night you didn’t wear panties or bra and you seemed to enjoy it every bit as much as I did.

“Now I have almost three months of videos of you watching me and I’ve seen you almost nude a few times. I wanted to mention it to you but I’ve been putting it off because I enjoyed the game as much as you seemed to even when hubby almost caught you about a month ago when he came out to see where you were. I hid at the side of the window while he was out there with you.

“Today when I saw you nude as I came over to ask for the wheelbarrow I couldn’t speak while you stripped and right now I want you more than anything I can remember.”

Her mouth had fallen open as she realized what I knew and she didn’t know what to say. Finally I held out my hand and said “Come see what it’s like up close and very personal. Touch it, taste it and enjoy it.”

She was frightened and hesitant until I finally snapped my fingers and motioned for her to take my hand. When she did her heart was racing as I pulled her around the fender of the truck then pushed her hand down against my hardness. She didn’t move and so I finally held her hand as I used my other hand to take it out and then I brought her hand against it again.

This time her eyes went to mine and she bit her lip but a moment later her hand was busy as she began serious exploration. canlı poker oyna I closed my eyes and let her work and her hands came together around it. I gave it a few more minutes and then told her to come with me as I pulled her past the truck’s door.

I opened the door and turned my back to the seat without disturbing her and then I used both hands on the seat to lift myself up and onto the passenger’s seat.

When I was in position I pulled her head down to it and forced it against her closed lips. For a minute her eyes searched mine and then I said “You may do what you want with it.” At first she seemed uncertain and then she moved eagerly, opened her mouth and took it in. Then her tongue began the most serious effort I’d ever experienced from a girl. She moaned but didn’t stop as her eyes flickered and then closed.

She was dedicated it seemed in her effort and then suddenly she stopped and I felt her tongue feverishly teasing my tip before she stopped, looked into my eyes and pulled back.

She was smiling and her hand was still working as she said “I’ve never known a man to do that for me. I tried a long time ago with my only other boyfriend before I was married but it didn’t work. Did it excite you?” and then she looked down at a tiny drop that had been drawn out by the tight motion of her hands. Her tongue teased it out and then she sucked my tip hard before she said “There really was more. I like it. Do you think I can get all of it now? I wanted to feel it deep inside me but I couldn’t get it past my throat.”

And then she descended around it again working feverishly. I felt her throat muscles as she tried to swallow it and after another few minutes I extended my hand and placed it behind her head. With the next movement of those throat muscles I arched my back off the seat and pulled her head down hard driving it in and it was through the muscles before she could gag.

She moaned then and eagerly attacked it as her fingers found my balls and I heard “uh huh.” and it was acceptance and affirmation for what I’d done.

The two of us were alive with need as I stroked and she bobbed. It seemed she truly did want and need it and I was nearly there with a need that seemed to match hers.

I emptied again and again with each thrust until finally she slipped her head back and her tongue and lips sucked each final eruption and she hadn’t lost any interest. The sounds from deep within her told me she’d needed it.

“Did you like it?” she asked with a smile as her lungs required deep breaths of fresh air. “I’ve only had a guy this way one other time but he went all over my dress. My husband doesn’t like it. He thinks it’s dirty but I love it now. Will you let me do it again sometime?”

I nodded my head. She’d finally began to speak and was eager and open with me now as I climbed down from the seat and then made her lean across it. I removed the blouse and skirt and caressed her cute soft ass. “You really are special.” I told her and meant every word.

“Do you like it from back here?” I asked.

“I’ve never done it this way before. Maybe I will.” and she wiggled her ass invitingly.

I reached around and cupped each tit in my huge hands. “I’ve wanted to do this since we first spoke together.” I said.

as my thumbs teased her firm nipples and her body came alive. I spanked her ass once firmly and she jumped but immediately began wiggling it again. “Do you like spanking me?” she asked.

“Yes but first I want to make sure you’re ready.” I said against her ear.

“I am…” she started but I interrupted her as I teased her legs apart and slipped my hand between her legs and into the tight lips at her center. She moaned and said nothing more as I continued. Her body was eager for my touch and soon my fingers were dedicated to her pleasure.

Her clit was already firm as if it had been ready all along. I rubbed it with my thumb and then dropped to my knees and lifted her one leg over my shoulder. She was open and ready for me as I moved under her then stretched out my tongue and began to partake of her sweetness. To properly address her clit with my mouth I turned around so that my face was against her tummy and then I sucked in her clit and worked it as eagerly as she’d sampled my cock. I was rewarded immediately and her body quivered with need and spoke to me in a new language. Apparently she hadn’t known this either or it had been a very long time since her last because her body spoke as if 0it was mine forever. She had orgasm after orgasm as I worked then finally licked and tasted before I buried my tongue deep inside her. I curled my tongue and began working her pleasure spot and then I felt her hands on my head and in my short hair there,

She may not have done this before but her body knew what it needed and exactly how to get it as she rode my face endlessly until she was finally exhausted.

I’d slipped an arm entirely around each of her thighs and she couldn’t get away as I finished cleaning her up. internet casino She sagged against me when I finally released her but I held her standing until finally her legs were strong again.

“Do you want to try for more?” I asked with a smile.

“Can we?” she asked in reply.

“Bend over that seat again and I’ll see what I can do? Do you remember what you saw in my room?” I asked.

She nodded and I spread her legs by nudging each knee and then I took a position behind her and she said “Are you going to do it this way? I’ve never done it this way what do I do?” she asked nervously.

I grabbed and positioned it then slowly began working it in as I said “Do whatever you like. Show me you like it.”

She moaned as I entered and a moment later she moved her hips and her ass seemed to beg for more as it slid against me. “That’s it. Show me you like it.” I whispered again in her ear as my hands again found her tits.

As her body grew anxious and more needful I drove deeper, faster and harder until I was slapping into her ass and it was so fast that sometimes she couldn’t keep up and finally relaxed and let me provide all the thrust. I moved one hand down between her legs in front and she jumped then sighed and began moving urgently. “This is so good.” she almost shouted back at me.

I felt her body stiffen again and again then she worked to hold her ass tight against me but I still managed the full deep thrusts of an anxious lover.

Finally she said “Are you going to give it all to me? I saw it and didn’t know a man had that power in his climax. I want to feel it splash inside me.”

It was all I needed as I stopped fighting my own climax and filled her repeatedly.

Afterward we leaned together until finally I managed to relax it and it fell free. She moaned as it left but then she asked if she could taste it again. I nodded and she began. A moment later she said “I love my taste but when we’re mixed together it’s even better.” and her tongue swept me repeatedly until finally she straightened up and rubbed her back. “I’m not used to this kind of exercise. Did you like it? Was I okay? Why did you decide to tell me about it and then use me this way?” she asked without giving me time to answer.

“You can only blame yourself.” I smiled. “When I see a beautiful naked girl I’m not responsible for what happens next and besides that I’ve wanted you for a very long time but you’re my neighbor and I didn’t even know you liked things like this until I saw you watching me. If you had knocked on my window then I’d have met you outside and had you against the wall.” I said with a small laugh.

“I knew you were alone in your big house but you never let me know that you felt anything toward me or even that you appreciated my body.” she answered defensively. “I didn’t know men came as big as you are until I saw you that night and every night since then and when you masturbated it was the first time I’d seen anything like that. I mean a man handling it that way. I wanted to be with you and see if I could catch it on my tongue.” she laughed.

“Now we both know.” I told her. “Do you think we can do it again sometime?”

“I can come over to your house any day, every day, and spend the day until he comes home but if he comes home without letting me know in the daytime you may have to sneak me out of the house.” she laughed again.

“I may never get any work done again except when you have to go home.” I told her with a smile. “What naughty words do you know?” I asked intrigued in a strange way.

“Why don’t you tell me and I’ll nod my head if I’ve heard of them.” she answered.

I wanted to see her embarrassed but also to see if I could get her excited again. I told her that every word I said she had to say back to me. At first she would nod and then repeat it back to me but always put ‘My’ or ‘Your’ in front of each word I gave her. She stopped after a few words and said “I never in my life thought I’d say these words to a man.” and we went on. There were a few words she’d heard but didn’t know what they were before but she’d say them back and her face got redder with each word.

I switched then to words used to describe actions and she was fascinated and quickly grew more excited. When I said blowjob and described it she stopped, dropped to her knees and told me she was going to give me another blowjob by sucking my cock. She surprised me with the words but even more by doing it. She loved to suck my cock.

I ran out of words and she said she didn’t know any more and so I dragged her naked between her garage and my house then into my bedroom. I lay with my back on the slant board and pulled her over to straddle me. She giggled at the opportunity but in a few minutes she was very dedicated and hard at work. Her tits bounced in my view and in my face as I curled my huge hands over her hips and began lifting then pulling her hard down around my cock. At first she was uncertain but then rapidly began to enjoy it until she began climaxing repeatedly.

Afterwards she told me she’d never know she could climax as hard, often and long as she had that day. She’d also never ridden a man from on top but said she really liked it almost as much as I when I’d taken her doggie style.

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