Happy Shavesgiving

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I woke up, to the most wonderful feeling in the world, as Brandi’s lips were wrapped around my cock. She smiled and winked at me as I opened my eyes. She released my cock and caressed my balls with her talented tongue before returning to the head of my cock and slowly, teasingly, gently engulfing the head of my cock. I was close and she knew it.

Suddenly she popped out of bed, leaving me hanging and told me to hop in the shower while she started the coffee. I watched her perfect ass leaving the room in a pair of pink boy shorts. If the neighbors were looking through the kitchen windows they would have seen her magnificent tits on full display. I grumbled and moved to the master bath. It was nearly impossible to pee with my cock so erect so I sat down to pee. Brandi walked in as I was finishing up. “Ooh, foreshadowing,” she commented cryptically as she handed me a cup of coffee.

I sipped the coffee while she started the shower. Our master bath has a magnificent shower, big enough for both of us and then some, with a bench, multiple spray heads, and an endless supply of hot water. She dropped her panties on the floor and stepped into the shower. She seductively shaved her legs while I watched, sipping coffee. “I think the cold is here to stay, she mentioned nonchalantly. Shorts season is definitely over. “

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we had the week off. Living in the upper Midwest, the winter sometimes came early and cold and this year was no exception. I hadn’t worn shorts in weeks and I think I knew where she was going. You see, Brandi totally owns me. I’d do anything for her and I’ll do anything she asks. She has a devilish streak and a long memory. When we were first dating, I’d been reluctant to help with some housekeeping chore. I just wanted to watch football. So I told her it was woman’s poker oyna work. I was just kidding, but she didn’t let me come for a month after that, and only then when I agreed to her terms.

Her terms were that I was to be dressed in panties and other feminine attire of her choosing whenever we were doing housecleaning chores. I am to submit to her shaving any part of my body she chooses. And she will decide when and how I orgasm at all times. In the ten years since, I haven’t masturbated once and I now have a collection of panties and other lingerie. I suspected the pink boy shorts came from my dresser and that her shaving her legs was more foreshadowing. I’d always kept my balls smooth but lately she has been shaving my underarms. She has commented that I don’t sweat as much and laundry is easier as a result. I suspect her comment about shorts might mean she wants to shave something.

She invited me into the shower with an evil grin. She soaped my body under the warm spray, teasing my semi erect cock. She bent over and sucked me back to full hardness but stopped. “We have lots of housecleaning to do before family gets here for Thanksgiving dinner, so we have a busy day ahead of ourselves.” I grinned, knowing the panties on the bathroom floor were not going back on her but on me. What I didn’t realize was her other evil plans.

She shook the can of shaving cream and lathered my crotch. My pubic hair was short — she rarely let it get too long – and I’d almost gotten to the point where I could shower at the gym without embarrassment. She shaved me slowly and gently, taking time to nuzzle me back to hardness every so often. When she was done, she wiped the shaving cream away and had me turn into the spray. I felt her hands on my upper back and I realized she wanted me bent over. I leaned against the shower canlı poker oyna wall and she lathered my ass. Once again she slowly shaved, occasionally slipping a wet finger inside me. She kept shaving and fingering me and I got lost in the sensation as she tickled my prostate. I didn’t notice until her finger slipped out of me that she had shaved all the way down the backs of my legs. “You are going to look so sexy,” she cooed.

She kissed me, hard. Her slippery hand stroked me as we kissed. Then she knelt down and started shaving the fronts of my legs, working upward from the ankles. Before long, all I had left was a little chest hair, but she took that too, grinning ear to ear. She nuzzled my ear and pulled my hand to her pussy. She ran my fingers through her bush and whispered in my ear, “Now you have less body hair than I do. You are my bitch for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. Whatever I say, you do without hesitation. Understood?”

“Yes, mistress,” I meekly replied.

We dried off and she handed me a bag with my outfit for the day. It was a French maid skirt, blouse and stockings. She had me wear this while we cleaned and prepped food for thanksgiving. Throughout the day, she would grab my ass under my skirt and comment on how much she liked my smooth skin. I was dripping precum all day. She had spent the day in a flannel shirt and baggy jeans, so I felt really out of place in my frilly feminine attire.

As we finished our work for the day, she said, “Good boys who do all their chores deserve a super sexy blowjob.” I was excited to finish what we started this morning before she continued “But remember you are my bitch, not my boy. Get over here on your knees.” Her jeans dropped to the floor as she walked away and when I got to where she was, she turned around and her strapon cock slapped internet casino me in the face. I knew what she wanted and I put on a show for her, lavishing her cock with my lips and tongue, deep throating it and sucking on her balls. I mimed a sexy bitch who loves to suck cock, moaning and purring. “Oh, you are so good at that,” she said proudly, “I need to find you a real cock to suck. Would you do that for me?”

“Anything for you, mistress,” I replied meekly even though I was terrified she might actually do it.

She smiled a wicked smile and told me to turn around. I felt her tugging my panties down and she pressed the hard cock to my smooth ass, rubbing it and down the shaved skin. “Oh, I love your sexy ass, and so will Malcolm when he comes this weekend.”

“Wha??” I started to respond but she silenced me by plunging her cock deep inside me in one smooth movement.

She allowed me to get used to being filled up, then she fucked me, slowly at first, but gradually faster and faster until she screamed in orgasm. “Oh my god, that was so fucking hot,” she said breathlessly. “I really do want to see you suck a cock and get fucked by one. Will you do that for me?”

“Anything for you, mistress,” I once again replied. She smiled a very happy smile and once again began fucking me, much more slowly this time.

“Malcolm has a great cock,” she teased. “And I bet he will love your sexy sissy shaved body. I can’t wait”

After she came one more time riding my ass with her strapon she had me sit on the couch and she sucked my cock slowly with lots of eye contact. “This is how I want you to suck Malcolm. Make me proud of your cocksucking skills. Will you do that for me?”

“Anything,” I panted, close to cumming. Finally she let me explode in her mouth with the load that had been building all day. She moved up and kissed me, the cum still in her mouth and pushed it into my mouth and told me to swallow it.

“Get used to the taste my little bitch. Malcolm can come over and over and you are going to swallow a ton of cum this weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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