Harriets Trial Pt. 02

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Harriets first week of the trial had gone really well, she played with her new toy whenever she had the opportunity, whether it was when she was home alone or her husband was asleep next to her.

More than once she had to take her robotic lover downstairs to fuck it as her hubby was restless. He nearly caught her one night but she threw him off by sucking him in the living room.

Her husband was also enjoying Harriets new found sexual prowess, he was getting sucked off almost daily, fucking his wife’s ass at least once a day and liked how she had begun dressing sexier, which he assumed was for him and had no clue Harriet was just keeping him sweet until the time she told him about her toys and the trial.

Harriet had woke this morning with a huge smile on her face, not only because she’d been fucked senseless last night by her husband and her robot lover but because it was Monday and she knew she’d be getting her second delivery today and couldn’t wait to test out her new play thing.

Her husband’s phone rang, turns out he would be going out of town for a month on a business trip from today. Harriets smile widened as her mind raced at the thought of being alone with her fuck machine and what ever other machines turned up in that time.

She played the sad and angry wife that his work had made him go on such short notice but she said she understood, It was a 15 million dollar deal that could earn him the promotion he’d been working so hard for.

Harriets husband finished his call and headed for a shower to begin packing.

Harriet joined her husband in their ensuite shower “well baby” she said as she started stroking his flaccid cock to hardness “I better give you some before you go” she added with a smile, while rinsing the suds from his cock.

His cock was soon fully hard and Harriet wasted no time in taking him in her mouth, she sucked hard as the water ran down their bodies, splashing her in the face as she deep throated his cock.

He held her head with two hands, thrusting his length into her throat, Harriet gagged slightly as he slid balls deep down her neck.

Once his cock was dripping with her saliva she span around and bent over, showing him her tight, puckered arsehole, her pussy was very well reserved for her big toy now.

“Fuck my ass baby” she moaned while slipping a finger briefly in and out of her arsehole, showing she was ready for him.

He placed one hand on her hip and with his other, guided his hard cock to her back entrance. In one thrust he pushed his cock inside her ass.

Harriet moaned as her arsehole stretched around his hard cock, he held her hips and eased his length fully inside her back door which gripped tightly as he eased himself inside her.

Harriet pushed back onto him as he began thrusting in and out of her tightest hole, she yelped a little as he grabbed her wet hair with one hand and pulled her head back. He pushed her forward, slamming her against the shower wall, her big breasts squashing against the tiles, he was well and truly having his way with her.

Her nipples were hard, the cold tiles felt great against them, her husband slammed his cock into her ass hard with every thrust, Harriet moaned loudly each time. He moved his body close to hers and brought his mouth to her ear.

“You like my cock in your ass don’t you slut” he whispered as he thrust his hard cock inside her, ramming her like a man possessed.

This shocked Harriet as her husband had never spoke like this to her during sex but at the same time it aroused her more, her pussy became wetter at the degrading name calling.

“Yes” she barely replied through kadıköy escort a moan “I love your cock in my ass” she added as she reached down and rubbed at her clit while her husbands length slid in and out of her ass, she slipped two fingers inside her pussy and finger fucked herself as her hubby drilled away in her ass.

Harriet writhed against the cold tiles as her orgasm shot through her body, her husband, with a few harder thrusts exploded inside her ass, filling her with his cum as she finished cumming on his cock.

As he pulled his cock from her ass his hot, thick cum dripped from her behind, he slapped her ass hard.

“it’ll be a while before you get anymore of that” he said with a smirk.

Harriet giggled “Sure will, don’t know how I’ll get through a month without your cock” she said, knowing full well she’d be getting fucked every night thanks to her machines.

They washed up and got out of the shower.

Harriet, now running late to drop the kids to school quickly threw on a short white dress and in the rush forgot her bra and panties, leaving her hubby packing for the trip she ushered the kids to the car and left.

Harriet dropped the kids off, she noticed a few of the dads at the school eyeing her up, it wasn’t until she looked down and noticed her nipples were erect and could be clearly seen through the fabric of her white dress.

The sight of these guys staring at her made her pussy moisten slightly, she rushed back to the car brushing off the thoughts she was having. She arrived home in time to see her husband off, he was too busy to notice what she was…or wasn’t wearing.

He closed his door and wound his window down to take a kiss from Harriet, She planted a kiss on his lips and said goodbye, as she walked back towards the house she glanced over her shoulder to see her hubby looking at her ass with a smile on his face, Harriet lifted the back of her dress, showing him her bare ass.

“Don’t miss this too much” Harriet said as she walked into the house bare arsed with a big smile. Her hubby pulled off the driveway and set off. As Harriet turned to watch him drive away she noticed the neighbour across the street was at his window and had seen her flashing her husband, Harriet quickly shut the door, her pussy had become wet at the thought someone other than her hubby had seen her bare ass.

Harriet reached between her legs, her fingers found her wetness, she moaned as she rubbed her pussy slowly, her mind racing at these new, dirty thoughts.



The doorbell rang, Harriet looked down herself, her nipples were fully erect and showing through her dress, her juices were running down her inner thighs and knowing this was her new machine and that the delivery guy was going to see her like this made her even wetter.

She straightened her dress the best she could and opened the door. The delivery man’s eyes focused straight to her breasts then scanned her up and down, Harriet could feel him mentally undressing her, her pussy was very wet at this point, she signed for the delivery and as the driver walked off Harriet stepped outside, turned and bent over to pick up the box, her bare arse showing from under her dress to him, she looked back to see he had stopped dead, staring at her.

Harriet closed the door with her foot and placed the box down. She slumped backwards onto the front door, slid down it until her bare ass touched the tiled hallway floor, the coldness of the tiles reminding her of the fuck in the shower that morning, her pussy throbbed.

“Why am I doing this” she thought

“Why maltepe escort is it turning me on so much” she wondered as her hand felt how wet she was

Lost in the pleasure, Harriet stroked her wet pussy, her fingers sliding the length of her wetness, finding her clit with each stroke.

She glanced over, noticing the box snapped her out of her lustful haze, she was so eager to test her new machine, she jumped up grabbed the box and rushed upstairs, she needed to be fucked, she needed to orgasm, her pussy throbbed as she ran up the stairs.

Harriet threw the box onto the bed, stepped back and ran her hands over her breasts, letting her fingers bump over her stiff nipples, she let out a soft moan.

Harriet tore open the box quickly, first she pulled out a collar, made of a sturdy leather like material with a box about half the size of a glasses case attached at the front, then 4 smaller rings, made of the same material but these she guessed were for her wrists and ankles.

She quickly set up the tablet and pulled her robot lover from under the bed. It activated and spun to face her, the 8 inch dildo pointing towards the moistness between her thighs, it made her smile that it tracked her movements, just waiting to fuck her.

Harriet clipped on the 2 of the smaller devices, one on each wrist, as she bent over to clip on the ankle ones, her dripping pussy was on show to her robot lover, it stretched its arm out placing the tip of the cock to her wet pussy, Harriet moaned at the feel of it.

She looked behind to see the arm was stretched about 2 metres from where the base was, it seemed as eager as ever to get in her moist pussy.

“You’ll have to wait” Harriet said to the machine as she clipped the collar around her neck.

“I want to make you bigger” she added while looking through the selection of dildo attachments.

The machine was stroking the tip of its cock up and down her wet slit, the head barely grazing her clit, making it hard for Harriet to concentrate on the task at hand but it was certainly turning her on more.

She couldn’t wait any longer so grabbed the biggest looking cock from her drawer, it was the 10 inch one.

Harriet detached the 8 inch dildo that had been filling her pussy on a nightly basis and attached the 10 inch.

She watched as the dildo moved around, it seemed to be able to do different things than the slightly smaller one, the dildo itself pulsed and squirmed. The head opened up like a mouth revealing two tongue like attachments inside, then closed again, the dildo vibrated and a smaller penis shaped appendage rose from the top, it looked about 7 inches before retreating back inside, the dildo finished testing itself and came to rest again, pointing at Harriet who was stood with a big smile on her face.

Harriet squeezed her left breasts caressing it, her index finger rolled across her stiff nipple as her right hand found her wet pussy, she rubbed her clit, giving her robot lover a show.

“You want this?” She said softly “you want to fuck me don’t you?” Harriet added as she parted her pussy lips, showing the machine her insides.

The machine lunged forward until the dildo was a few inches between her legs, it angled upwards and the tip opened up revealing the double tongue, as Harriet rubbed her clit the tongues extended out, one slid into her pussy, the other stroked across her puckered arsehole.

Harriet moaned as she strummed herself while one tongue slid in and out of her wet hole and the other caressed her back door.

She leaned back against the bedroom wall escort bayan and lifted a leg to place her foot on the corner of her bed. Harriet raised her arms above her head, as she did the wrist straps vibrated and slammed against the wall, pinning her hands there.

Harriet tugged her arms but couldn’t move them, she was pinned there. The tongue circling her ass slid inside her, having a squirming, thrusting tongue in each hole made Harriet moan loud, she tried again to pull away from the wall but the collar vibrated and pulled towards the wall this time.

Harriet couldn’t move her head or arms away from the wall at all, it was as if her robot lover had her pushed against the wall, holding her while it worked on her. She gave herself to it, relaxing and enjoying the forcefullness.

Harriets sensitive, stiff nipples were harder than they’d ever been before, almost to the point of being painful, just then the box on the collar opened and 2 tendril like appendages snaked out, they slid down under the top of her dress.

Harriet squirmed and squeezed a little as they found her breasts, making their way over her ample tits, coiling around them, squeezing her breasts, Harriet tried to resist them at first but they felt good, the tips found her erect nipples, they flicked across them, Harriet moaned, her pussy gushed as she orgasmed right then from their touch.

The ends coiled around her nipples and squeezed, holding tight they pulled each nipple, Harriet moaned as her sensitive buds were being stretched out under her dress.

The thought of being helpless as the machines worked on her most private parts turned Harriet on more, her mind raced between what was happening and the men staring at her earlier, this made her scream in pleasure with her next orgasm.

As she gushed her juices over the bedroom floor the huge 10 inch dildo retracted it’s tongues and thrust straight up into her wet, waiting pussy. The full 10 inches slid straight in, stretching her pussy more than it ever had been, the tip of the cock hit her cervix, Harriet had to tippy toe to ease the initial thrust.

Harriet arched her back against the wall, the collar tightened, restricting her breathing. She was pinned against the wall being fucked hard by her robotic lover, it thrust its full length in and out of her several times hard and fast before pulling most of the way out, just leaving the cock head inside her.

Harriet gyrated her hips, swirling the cock tip in her pussy, the base of the cock opened and the second cock like appendage grew from it, the tip touched her arsehole, Harriet knew what was about to happen, a huge smile spread across her face.

The second cock oozed some kind of lube from its tip, the thick clear fluid ran evenly down its length. Once it was covered, her robot lover raised its arm, the 10 inches slid in her pussy once again but this time the 7 inch one slid into her arsehole in one motion, again she tip toed to ease the first thrust.

At the same time her pussy and arsehole were filled more than they had ever been, Harriet let out a loud moan as she was double penetrated, the machine wasted no time in fucking her, it was firing on all pistons, slamming into both her holes as her nipples were being teased, pinched and pulled.

Harriet came several more times as she was held against the wall being fucked.

As her next orgasm hit the 10 inch cock began to pulse, as did the one in her ass. With a last few strokes both cocks erupted inside her holes, filling them both with the hot, white, thick substance.

After the double dildo had stopped pumping her with its cum the tendrils withdrew into the collar, then the collar and wrist restrains released their hold and Harriet fell to the floor an exhausted, sweaty and cum filled mess, the robots juices flowing from her pussy and arsehole.

she felt fulfilled, used and naughty but she lay there, pussy twitching, ass spasming with a huge smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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