Have You Been Drinking Ma’am?

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“Oh, that’s great.” Becky looked in her rear view mirror at the flashing red and blue lights. “That’s just fucking great.”

Becky’s day had already been a day from hell. Actually, her whole month had been nothing but stress and chaos. From the outside looking in, Becky seemed to have a great life. She and her husband Bob, were still technically newlyweds, having been married just under a year. They made the perfect couple – young, gorgeous and were totally in love with each other.

Since the wedding, they had been leasing a gorgeous, though somewhat small, condo in a nice middle class neighborhood. They had planned on living there until they could afford a nice home of their own. But that all changed when the entire complex had been sold out to make room for a new shopping center. They were suddenly told that they had to move out at the end of their lease, just two short months away. So, for the last month, she and her husband had been busting their butts working slave hours, picking up as much overtime as they could to be able to afford a decent down payment on a nice home.

Becky’s job as an emergency room nurse was already hectic to begin with. But now that she was picking up extra shifts, she never knew if she was coming or going. And, as if her job was not stressful enough, her new boss was a complete asshole, who seemed to delight in making everyone around him miserable. But, she couldn’t afford to take a transfer and a probable pay cut until the house was bought.

The result of all these crazy hours was that Becky and her husband were seeing less and less of each other. When one was coming, the other was going. She couldn’t remember the last time they even slept in the same bed together. And when they do, they are usually both so tired they fall straight to sleep. And that was another problem. Their sex life had taken a major hit during all this mess, which up to this point had been extremely active. They had gone from making love 4 or 5 times a week, to almost nothing. She could count on her hand the number of times they had sex the past month.

So tonight, Becky decided to force the issue and spend some quality time together. She had gotten off from the hospital at a semi reasonable hour. And although her husband was still working, she knew he would have a lunch break coming later in the evening. It was a beautiful summer evening, so she packed a beautiful picnic lunch, complete with table cloth to spread on the ground and a CD player for romantic music. Her plan was to have a nice, peaceful meal under the stars together, then fuck his brains out before he had to go back to work.

Becky dressed for the occasion, wearing a very tight black leather mini skirt and cotton halter top. She glanced in the full length mirror in their bedroom. The outfit made her look slutty, the exact look she was going for. He flame red hair was tied up, with gentle swirls falling about her face. Her large, c-cup breasts, which looked even larger then they were on her small 5’4″ frame, were barely held back by the cloth of her halter. The skirt hugged her hips perfectly. He turned and looked a killer ass that was tight and round. She blew herself a kiss. Her husband did not stand a chance. She then drove to their favorite park to a nice secluded area that they both knew well. Outdoor sex is a favorite of theirs. And this time of night, they could be certain of total privacy. She text messaged her husband and told him to get his ass up there on his lunch for some hot food and hotter pussy. He wrote back that he would be there as soon as he could, but they had been extremely busy all night and it might take a bit.

Becky laid everything out perfectly, including real plates, cups and silverware. She even had a candle for romantic effect. She had also brought wine coolers. She knew he couldn’t drink and then go back to work, but that shouldn’t stop her. besides, drinking always made her horny. Not that she needed the extra help tonight. It had been so long, a stiff breeze blowing up her skirt would probably set her off.

A half hour passed. She texted him back and asked where he was. No answer. She realized he must be very busy. She of all people understood the demands of a hectic job. A few wine coolers and an hour later, she realized he was probably not coming. The food had long gone cold, and so had she. She packed everything up and climbed into her car. Extremely discouraged, she started to drive away, wondering how things could possibly get worse. And now she was being pulled over.

She eased her car to the side of the parking lot. With the bright lights, she could barely make out the silhouette of the officer walking towards her car. She suddenly realized that she had been drinking, and prayed that the officer could not smell it on her. When the officer reached her vehicle, he had his flashlight pointed at her face. She squinted up to see him, but all she saw was the light. Then she heard his rugged, deep voice.

“Ma’am, may I ask what you are doing up here this late at night. You do realize the park is closed?”

“Yes ataşehir escort sir” she answered. “I was suppose to meet my husband up here for a romantic moonlight picnic, but the ass stood me up.”

“A man should be shot for leaving a beautiful woman up here all alone” he said. He honestly meant it. Even in this dim light, he could see the beauty of her slightly freckled face framed by gorgeous red hair. And a blind man could not have missed her ample breasts filling out her halter top.

He leaned closer to the car and sniffed out loud. “Ma’am, have you been drinking tonight?”

Oh Shit. Here it comes, she thought. “I did have a couple of wine coolers earlier, but that’s all, really” she said. She could feel a slight buzz, but did not think she was anywhere near intoxicated.

“Step out of the car ma’am.”

Becky shut the car off and stepped out. For the first time she got a good look at the officer. He was extremely handsome, young, and filled out his uniform very well, his muscles stretching the sleeves of his shirt to the point they looked as if they would split open. His dazzling blue eyes she could even see in this dim light. He also was getting an eye full. Her tight skirt hugged her in just the right places. Below the skirt her long, lean legs led down to a sexy pair of high heels. She looked more like a street walker then a frustrated housewife. The fact did not escape her that he was roaming his eyes over her young body. This started her juices flowing once again.

The officer told her she would have to go through a field sobriety test before he could let her go. This frustrated Becky, because she knew she was not drunk. But the way this hot young cop was eyeing her body, she thought it might be fun. He had her do the finger-to-nose thing, where she spread her arms out wide and tried to touch her nose. As she moved each each arm, she could feel her braless tits moving inside her tight halter. She could see that he noticed this also. He had her do a couple of more boring tests, then one she had never heard of before.

“Take your shoes off ma’am” he said. This puzzled her, but she did it anyway. She turned away from him and slowly bent at the waist, reaching down to take off each shoe, causing her long legs to stretch tight. His eyes roamed up her lean legs to the hem of her tight skirt that stopped just short of her ass. He knew she was putting on a show for him. He then told her to start hopping on one foot. She shot him a doubtful look, but he repeated his order. She started slowly hopping on her right foot. He told her to go faster. As she did so, her large breasts were bouncing up and down wildly. This is exactly why he had her do this test, which of course was not a real test. He just wanted to she her tits bouncing. Becky caught onto this pretty quickly, as she saw that he was not being shy at all about staring directly at her bouncing boobies.

He had her stop after a couple of minutes. When she did, she could clearly see that he had apparently enjoyed the view. A very nice bulge was forming in the front of his uniform pants. The fact that she was turning him on caused her own arousal to grow. She absolutely loved teasing men, and women for that matter. Its all good.

He next wanted her to walk a straight line placing one foot in front of another. Looking around, she saw that the area was still completely deserted except for them. Time to turn up the heat she thought to herself. She started the test, but faked the fact that she could not walk well.

“This skirt is too tight for me to do this test in” she protested. “Can I make an adjustment and start again?” she asked.

“Sure, whatever you have to do” he told her.

Becky reached to her side, unsnapped the skirt and lowered the zipper on the side. She then let it fall to the ground and kicked it aside, leaving her standing in a barely-there black g-string. “There, that’s better” she said. The skirt was not the only thing to hit the ground. The officers jaw fell wide open as he watched her start to walk away from him. His eyes were fixed on the glorious globes of her tight ass, with just a tiny piece of cloth between them. He quickly adjusted the front of his pants to accommodate his growing cock. When she turned to come back towards him, he saw that the front of the panties did little more then cover her pussy lips. She had to be shaved bare, there was no way for even a single hair to hide behind them. As Beck walked back towards him, she could clearly see that he was having trouble standing straight, the huge bulge in his pants obviously causing him great discomfort.

She stopped directly in front of him and put her hands on her hips. In the sexiest voice she could find she asked “What do you want me to do for you now?”

It took him a moment to gather his thoughts, but then he walked to the car and brought back a small box. He told her it was a meter to see how much alcohol she had in her system. He placed a small hollow tube on top of it. “Now, I want you to place your lips on this tube and blow until I kadıköy escort bayan tell you to stop” he said.

She cocked an eyebrow up and said “So, I blow until you tell me to stop?”

“Yes, and I’ll tell you if you do it wrong.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem” she said.

She pushed back lightly against his chest with her hand, causing him to lean back against the hood of his car. She then sank to her knees in front of him and started tugging on his zipper.

“What are you doing?” he asked, but made attempt at all to stop her.

“I’m just doing what you told me to do.”

Becky pulled down the zipper, having problems getting it over the very impressive bulge. She then reached in and found the prize she was looking for. Grabbing hold of the hot flesh of his cock, she was finally able to wrestle it out of his underwear. It sprang to life right in front of her face. She cooed lightly at the size of the beautiful cock she held in her hands. Thick, long and almost perfectly formed, it made her mouth water.

Wasting no time, she sucked the head of his cock into her hot mouth as she held onto the shaft with both of her tiny hands. He threw his head back and moaned out loud when he felt the soft lips wrap themselves around his rock hard dick. She started bobbing her head up and down on his rigid shaft, each time taking more of his cock into her mouth. He was amazed at how much of him she was squeezing into that small, hot mouth. She pulled him from her mouth and started licking the massive head, swirling her tongue spreading the precum he was leaking out. At the same time she started stroking his shaft. Her other hand reached down cupped his balls, rolling them in her fingers.

She knew she was driving him crazy from the moans he was giving out and the hardness of his cock. The head seemed as if it was about to burst. She increased the speed of her stroking as he started moving his hips forward, fucking her sweet hand. Her hand was moving so fast now it seemed as if a blur.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming” he warned.

She lowered her mouth and again swallowed the head of his cock just in time as the first huge spurt of his delicious hot cum splashed against the back of her throat. Two, then three more long streams followed. Swallowing as fast as she could she could barely keep up, but was able to handle all of his juice without spilling a drop.

As he seemed to be coming down, she pulled the now semi hard cock from her mouth. She milked a few more drops from his cock with her fingers, which she lapped up with her tongue. She have the head a gentle kiss and then looked up.

“Well, I assume I did it right” she said.

Her words seemed to snap him back into reality. He reached down and easily picked her up in his arms. He turned around and laid her on the hood of the car on her back. Spreading her legs wide, he reached and and pulled aside the small piece of fabric covering her pussy, exposing her beautifully bare lips. She was already soaking wet and the lips had parted, exposing her rock hard clit. The night air felt so good on her suddenly exposed pussy, but she only had a second to enjoy it before he dove forward and shoved his tongue deeply into her hot pussy.

She screamed out loud and the sudden intrusion and reached down to grab his hair with both hands, pulling his face even deeper into her. She was pulling his face so hard against her aching pussy that he could hardly breath. The taste and smell of her beautiful pussy were intoxicating to him. No matter how deep he drove his tongue or how fast he sucked, he couldn’t seem to get enough to satisfy his craving.

He pulled back and stood up. Reaching down, he grabbed the elastic bands of her tiny panties and yanked them off her ass, then over her long legs, finally throwing them aside. This time, she spread her legs wide open for him, reaching down and using her fingers spread her pussy lips wide open. Sinking down to his knees before her, he again drove his tongue deep into her, causing her to moan out loud. He drove his tongue in and out of her hot pussy at a blazing speed. Then, pulling his tongue out of her hot pussy, he lifted her legs high, causing her ass to come off the hood of the car. He then lowered his face and ran his tongue over and around her tight asshole. Then placing his tongue against the tight opening, he shoved forward, sinking into her. She reached down and grabbed her legs, pulling them high and wide, giving him unrestricted access.

As he darted his talented tongue in and out of her tight ass, her breathing became very labored and she was grinding her ass into his face hard. He could tell she was getting close. He withdrew from her ass and moving up, he used his fingers to pull her pussy lips wide open. He could see her rock hard clit poking out from its folds. In one swift movement, he bent forward and sucked the hard digit between his lips.

“Oh yeah. FUCK YEAH!” she screamed.

He sucked in hard, drawing her clit deeply between his lips. At the same time he flicked escort maltepe the end of his tongue across it rapidly. Again she reached down and pulled his head to her as tight as she could. Reaching up he shoved first one finger, then two into her steaming hot pussy. He marveled at the heat and wetness of her tight pussy. he shoved the fingers into her hard, again and again, fucking her pussy as fast as he could. That’s all it took.

“Yes, yes, yes….FUCK YES!”

Her orgasm crashed down on her hard. She bucked her ass off the hood shoving her pussy as hard as she could against his face. As wave after wave crashed over her, her juices flowed fast and hard, coating his fingers and chin. She was cumming so hard she got dizzy, it had been too long. Each time his tongue hit her now super sensitive clit she jumped as if she had been shocked.

He stood up quickly and took hold of his cock, which was still sticking out of his pants. Again rock hard, he guided it to the opening of her still pulsating pussy. She was still dizzy and feeling the effects of the strong orgasm and did not even realize what he was doing, until she suddenly realized he had the head of his dick touching her pussy lips.

“Oh God, give me a second, let me recov……..”

Too late. In one smooth motion, he sank his huge cock the entire length into her soaking wet and well lubed pussy. The sensation of being totally filled by his beautiful cock and the waves of orgasmic pleasure that were still washing over her were almost too much to bear. She felt like she was going to pass out.

He slowly backed his cock out of her pussy, until just the tip was still inside. He then slammed it back all the way in, causing her to jump and scream. He continued this action for several more strokes. Looking down he marvels at the his juice coated cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

She reached down and pulled the halter top up, exposing her bare breast to his view. He marveled at the size of her almost perfect globes as she cupped and kneaded them. As his strokes increased in speed, she started to tweak her nipples hard. He also reached up to her mouth, offering the pussy coated fingers he had been fucking her with. She eagerly sucked them into her mouth, savoring the sweet taste of her own juices. After she licked them clean, he reached down with both hands. Taking her legs behind each knee, he pushed them backwards and apart. Planting his feet squarely on the ground, he know started fucking her tight pussy in earnest.

“God yes. Fuck me, fuck me HARD!!!!”

Using long, hard strokes, he rammed into her tight pussy at an ever increasing speed. She thrashed her head back and forth, in total ecstasy. She released her tits and threw her arms above her head. He marveled at the huge breasts and they bounced almost violently with each hard stroke of his steel hard cock into her. He nipples were so full and hard he thought they might explode.

She was quickly becoming dizzy again. The feel of his long, hard cock completely filling her on each stroke, the feel of his huge balls slapping against her ass, the rising sensations of another huge orgasm starting to build, was almost more then she could stand. It had been so long since she had been fucked this hard, this well.

He could tell she was getting close and his own orgasm was not far behind. He was slamming his cock into her so hard his cock was almost a blur. He could feel the cum starting to boil in his balls and knew that he could not hold back the eruption much longer.

She reached down with one hand and started rubbing her hard clit with a furious motion. The other hand again cupped a huge breast. As she rubbed her clit as hard a s she could, she could feel the top of his cock with her fingertips as it pistoned in and out of her well fucked pussy. She could feel the tingling start in her toes and rapidly make its way down her long legs.

“Oh fuck…here…we…go…again!!!!!!!!!”

She suddenly saw white lights behind her tightly shut eyes as her orgasm washed over her body. She tried to scream, but found she couldn’t. Incredibly this orgasm was just as powerful, if not stronger, then the first. She tried to scream, but couldn’t. She was completely lost to everything but the intense jolts of pleasure that were shooting through her.

As she came, and came, and came her incredible pussy was clenching hard against his still hard pumping cock. That’s all it took. He could feel the eruption starting. He pulled his huge cock out of her soaking wet pussy with a loud slurp. He rapidly stroked his cock. The first, huge stream of hot cum shot out and landed across her huge breasts and neck. He continued to stroke himself as he threw his head back. Two, then three more incredible gushes of cum sprayed out across her stomach and pussy.

When his own orgasm subsided, he looked down at her. Spread eagle on his hood, naked except for the halter top munched up over her magnificent breasts. Totally covered from neck to pussy with his cum. Her fingers absent mindedly playing with her soaking wet and gaping pussy. Yes sir. She had the look of a well fucked, and highly satisfied, woman. She looked up at him and smiled. After they both recovered, she cleaned them both up with towels she had brought with her, and then she dressed. He walked her back to her car.

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