Hayley the Intern

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Her long, curly, sandy brown hair moved with her head as it shook from side to side. Her smile flashed in disbelief at the taboo nature of the conversation we were having. Being from the Midwest, she was raised with a rather conservative viewpoint when it came to matters of the bedroom variety. Her eyes sparkled as we talked and it was painfully obvious she was attracted to me.

I had expected the conversation to take this turn. Sex was becoming a more and more frequent topic with us, and I wasn’t about to stop it either. I enjoyed talking about sex, especially with a beautiful young woman. Especially if I thought there was a chance at bedding said beautiful young woman.

“You mean to say you could do…” Her eyes darted about the room, she moved her head a little closer and lowered her voice to almost a whisper…”that…down there…for hours? I call baloney!”

We were sitting across the table in the employee lunch room. Our daily chats had gotten more and more intimate as the past few weeks went by. She was new in my office. Fresh out of college in the management program. She wore this facade of innocence, but I suspected something much more lurked just inside her farm girl smile.

“My last boyfriend could do some amazing things with his tongue, but he couldn’t last an hour!”

Looking directly into her eyes, with all the “smoldering lust” I could muster, I calmly, quietly and deliberately said, “You will beg me to stop before I get tired of licking your pussy”

She inhaled a little sharper than usual at this and I watched as she just looked at me for a few moments. Her perfectly natural, corn fed breasts rose and fell as she breathed. She had her tongue in the side of her mouth and a grin spread across her face. It was an inviting grin.

“Prove it.”

I held her gaze and inhaled slowly, then exhaled and I grinned sideways as I slowly pulled my pen out of my pocket, grabbed a napkin and wrote my phone number down. “Text me your address about six o’clock tonight. Be showered and ready by the time I get there. I’ll do the same.”

Her grin got bigger, her eyes raised as she took the paper from my hand. “Do you think I’m that easy?”

“Haley, I think there’s a side of you that would devour me, if given the chance. I’m giving you the chance.”

Haley put the number into her phone contacts and said, “We’ll see.”

With that, our lunch was over and it was time to get back to work. It’s a good thing I was wearing a jacket because I had to take it off to cover my hardening erection as I left the break room. This didn’t go unnoticed. As I turned around to say something to her, Haley slowly looked down, then looked back up to me, put that tongue in her cheek and grinned a knowing grin.

At exactly 5:59 PM I received a text from Haley with her address. I said a silent thanks to the universe as the address was only 15 minutes from my place. I hurried home, showered and shaved and slid on some comfortable jeans and nicer t-shirt. I made my way to my car and proceeded to the address.

She lived in one of the nicer apartment complexes near work. I climbed the stairs to the third story apartment, and knocked on the door. When she answered the door, blood began to rush from my brain straight to my dick. She leaned against the open door with one arm stretched upward and the other on her hip, accentuating the fact that she was wearing a tight pair of boy shorts and white t-shirt with no bra poker oyna whatsoever.

I could see her hardening nipples and I could make out her aureolas through the thin material. I was getting dizzy from the lust building and the blood flowing away from my brain downward, creating a raging hard on in my pants.

“Well,” ,she said with that damn Midwest charm and farmer’s daughter grin, “You gonna come in and get me off or are you gonna stand there, in the cold, with your mouth all agape?”

I stepped into the apartment, she closed the door and locked it. Then, slowly covered the couple of feet between us and wrapped her hand around my neck, pulling me into a kiss.

The kiss was slow and tentative at first. Gentle and probing. Eventually the lust inside us began to take over and the kissing became more urgent. Her hands roamed up and down my chest and back finally giving in to the urge to wrap her hands around my manhood. As I was slipping my hands underneath her see thru t-shirt, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples, her hand snaked into the front of my jeans, rubbing the underside of my very hard cock.

I slipped her t-shirt off, revealing her firm, young natural breasts. Bending over, I kissed and fondled and flicked her nipples with my tongue. She unbuttoned my pants and slid them down my legs along with my boxer briefs. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Then she broke the kiss long enough to pull the t-shirt over my head. She kneeled slowly and, never breaking eye contact, took my cock in her mouth and slowly and intentionally showed me what that tongue of hers was capable of.

The next ten, maybe fifteen minutes was pure ecstasy! A half naked woman, half my age, was kneeling before me using her mouth and her eyes, driving me toward a sweet, sweet release. My balls began to tighten and she began to caress them with one hand and stroke me with the other. Not once did her mouth release my cock.

“Haley, I’m. Going. To. Cum.”

She slid her mouth away from my rock hard cock, and through that farmer’s daughter grin said, “That’s my plan. I want you to be able to make good on your promise and I don’t want you distracted. So, I’m going to make you cum, then, I’m going to swallow all of it. Just relax and enjoy.”

With that, she slowly ran her tongue up the underside of my cock and engulfed me once again. This time she went slow. Her eyes never left mine and I could feel the impending release building ever higher. I placed my hands on the sides of her face and, matching her speed, slid my dick in and out of her mouth. Her hand still gently massaging my balls, the other went around to the back of my thigh and she rested it there. This slow build up was so intense, the tingling in my balls began and I looked deep into her eyes, my mouth open in pleasure and disbelief.

When the orgasm hit me, I pulled her face as far down on my cock as it would go and emptied my balls into this willing young woman’s mouth. After two or three pulses of cum, I pumped my erupting cock in and out a couple of more times and pulled her face against me again and fired off some more volleys. I repeated this action three more times until I could do so no more. My knees began to shake as I opened my eyes, to see this vision kneeling before me, open her mouth.

She had a mouth full of my seed! She smiled, closed her mouth and swallowed it. Then, wrapped her lips around my softening shaft one final time canlı poker oyna and cleaned off the remaining cum.

Then, she slowly rose to her feet, kissed me hard, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. Her ass swayed left to right in those tight boy shorts. There was a pronounced wet spot in the crotch and I couldn’t wait to tear them off and dive head first between her legs. Even though I had just come, and come hard, I could not fight off the desire to eat her young, farm raised pussy until she was begging me to stop.

Haley led me to the foot of her bed, where she turned around and pressed those soft, perfect tits against my bare chest. She lifted up on her tip toes, wrapped her hand around the back of my neck and placed her other hand on my shoulder. We pressed our lips together and slowly became drunk on the intense pleasure we each felt.

I gently pushed her back against her bed where she sat down and started to scoot back towards her headboard. As she scooted, I slid her boy shorts off. As I tossed the shorts to the floor, Haley pressed her legs together and lifted them straight. Pointing her red toenails at her ceiling.

I caught her eye and she smiled and slowly opened her legs. Spreading them wide for me. She was giving me a present and she wanted me to open it.

Slowly her legs parted, revealing a most delicious looking pair of freshly waxed and barely used pussy lips. My hands caressed her inner thighs, moving closer to her treasure. I look up and she was smiling at me. Her chest flush with desire, he young pussy lips puffy with anticipation.

I made my way way up each leg moving ever closer toward my target.

I could smell her arousal and it drive me crazy. I held back as long as I could. Slowly kissing and teasing and making myself familiar with her sweet, wet pussy. When I could no longer hold back my desire, I grabbed her legs, lifted them up and spread them wide. I placed my mouth gently on the opening of her moist slit and begin an onslaught of licking and sucking and nipping.

An orgasm hit some minutes later. One hand went to her tit, tweaking her nipple while the other hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed me hard against her dripping cunt. She rubbed her pussy furiously against my face and her back arched. She yelled out her pleasure in a high pitched squeal and obscenities begin to flow from her mouth. Her body was shaking uncontrollably and just as the orgasm started to subside, I slid two fingers in her tight, slick entrance and curved them upward. As I began to slide them in and out, I placed my tongue at the top of her pussy and gently flicked at her now hardened clit. Another orgasm exploded inside of her, this time she nearly sat up as every muscle in her body went taught. Her mouth hung open, silent.

She had exhaled when she sat up and it seemed like a lifetime before I heard her gasp for air again. As soon as her breath came back she began to whimper and shake.

Slowing down my fingers and removing my tongue I looked up. Her juices were dripping from my face. Her eyes were half closed and he smiled an almost exhausted smile. Her eyes saying that she wasn’t expecting something so powerful and her hands pulled me up to her and she kissed me deeply.

Hayley’s hand snaked down between us and gently gripped my hard cock. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at me and placed the angry looking purple head at the entrance to her pussy. I could internet casino feel the heat and the wet and I can sense the urgency in her eyes.

“I thought you wanted me to prove that I could lick that sweet pussy for hours.”

Then she flashes that damn Midwest grin at me and said, “Shut up and fuck me.”

“Hayley, I didn’t bring any condoms.”

“Sweety” she grinned, “I’m on the pill. Now, please fuck me?”

With that, I looked her straight in the eye and slowly sank my cock into her little piece of heaven on earth. I love the first time you slip into a woman’s cunt. It’s different each time, and never disappointing. It had been a while since I’d had the lips of a twenty year old pussy wrapped around my cock. I wanted to savor ever inch.

When I was completely inside of her, I stopped to revel in the moist heat. I could feel her squeeze me with her pussy and I began to thrust. Slowly at first, but as she began to express her appreciation for my dick, I lost all sense of any kind and began to thrust mindlessly and forcefully as deep and as hard as I could. The only thing on my mind was claiming this pussy as my own. I pounded her cunt over and over. I took hold of her ankles, spread her legs wide and then pinned them down above her head. Making hard purposeful strokes with my cock.

Her hands were on my back, fingernails gripping my flesh, moans and grunts and obscenities flying from her mouth. When suddenly she went quiet, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her back tried to arch and she let out anguttural primal scream. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock and I kept on slamming my cock into that tight, twenty year old pussy of hers. I felt her tense up one more time and my thighs and dick got soaked as she released a torrent of ejaculate all over the bed with a delightful squeal.

I began to saw into her, she was even wetter now. She placed her hand on my chest and whispered,”Please. I need to rest a second.” Reluctantly, I slid my cock from its heavenly sheath. Hayley smiled at me, took a deep breath, rolled over and lifted her perfect ass into the air.

She grinned at me as she looked back. She reached around, grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her pussy lips wide for me. “Please?” She said between breaths. “Take my pussy. I need to feel you cum in my pussy.”

I moved behind her, rubbed my dick against her tight, wet, cunt and then slowly slid into home. She felt so amazing. Hayley’s young pussy was slick and hot and tight. Her ass was the perfect shape for gripping and I grabbed on to her hips and start pounding her amazing pussy again. I was slamming her hips back into me as I fucked her wild corn fed pussy with all of my strength. Hayley began to moan and reached under her and started fingering her clit. I start to feel that tingling in my balls again when Hayley decided to coach me.

“C’mon, fuck my pussy. Pound that cock in me! I want to feel your cum in my pussy! You like that tight pussy, don’t you? Fuck it! Fuck that pussy! Fuck me! Faster! Harder! Come on, baby!

Hayley went silent, then stiff as another orgasm flowed over her. When her pussy gripped my cock and she started to moan and shake, it pushed me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and pounded three or four more times, then pulled her tight against me. Pushing my dick as far into her pussy as I could, I released my seed with a loud grunt. Then, I pumped three or four more times and released another volley into her cunt. When my duck was done releasing my seed into her womb, I collapsed next to her.

Hayley rolled over, placed hands on my face and kissed me.

“it’s a good thing it’s Friday. You still owe me an hour between my legs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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