He Had No Idea

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Black Cock

It all started a long time ago when I was a teenager. A new kid moved on the street, he was cool. He stayed over one night at my house. That night he showed me his cock and talk me in to letting him stick it up my ass. It hurt at first but i got used to it. While we lived on the I let stick it to me some more times. We both moved off the street and lost touch. I guest I enjoyed his cock more than I though. I found myself thinking about a lot. But that was then and lets talk about now.

Now I am married and happy, but in the back of my mind I think about getting fuck in the ass. I played around on some of the dating sites. Massing around in the chat rooms and using my web-cam to show off what I had. I stared to talk to that one black guy on a regular bases. This went on for a few mouths but we could never meet up with each other. Sends we could never meet up I stop going to the site.

One weekend my wife went out of town with some of her friends, and I found my self at home alone and nothing to do. So I was playing around on the web and found my way to the dating site that I been to before. There was some messages for me from some guys how like to hook up with me. There one message that captured my eye, it is one from the guy that I was talking to. In his message, he wont to know what happen to me and when can hook up. I replied to the message by saying that I was free and come over to his place now if that is good. I did not hear from him right a way so I went to the instant message to play on the web-cam. While on there I was showing off my goods and talking to some guys how wont to suck my cock, but no one can host. I was about to leave the chat room a message came over it said so you are ready. It was the guy that i send the message to so I answer to him, yes i like to come over. He gave me his address , said I will show you a good time and that was all. He left the chat after that and I wrote the address down.

I could hardly wait to get over there, I got in the shower and cleaned up. On my way over I though that I would get a speeding ticket, because i was drive so fast. I finely got over to his house, it was a very big and nice house. I drove by it first, I was not sure if I was going through with it. I wand down to street and sat to make up my mind to go in or not. I sat there for a little wile and made up my mine to go for it. I went up to the door and knot on it.

When the door open he stood there to let me in. I have never saw him before, only a pictures of his cock. I have never said this before now he was very good looking, was wearing a tight shirt and looses pants. Even the looseness of his pants, I could see his cock. As we went to a room of his house, I could tell that he was muscular and he would have a lot of stamina in what ever he does.

We made it to the room and he sat down in a chair. He told me strand in front me so I did. He said let me see what you have. So I stared to take off my pants and he stopped me. He told me to start with my shirt. So I took off my shirt and then my pants. There I am standing in just my boxers with a rock hard cock. He said go on take those off to. So I did and my cock popped out. He said not bad, I gust you like me to suck it. I said i would like that. He said no I am not going to do that. I stood there with a puzzled look on my face. He explained to me that I was come silivri escort over to suck his cock and maybe if I do a good job he suck mine. That is when to stood up and doped his pants in front of me. That is when I got a good look at his very large cock. It was not even hard and it is bigger than mine when its hard.

He sat back down and spread his legs of me to get to his cock. I stood there not knowing what to do, he said get down on your knees and put your hand on the floor. So I did what he said and my face in his crouch. I started to lick his cock all a round the shaft, he said go ahead put it on your mouth. I started to lift one of my hands to grab his cock to put in my mouth, he said let me help you out with that. He reach down to grab his cock and told me to open wide. When I did he shoved his cock in my mouth. I was bobbing my head up and down on that cock . I felt it grow in my mouth, with every stroke it got bigger and bigger. I did not when it was going to stop growing. When it finely did it was about ten inches long and five or so round. I was trying my to take it all in but was unable to. At times he grab my head and forced more of his cock down my throat. Wile this was going on some of his friends came by and did not make a sound. I did not know this at first. One of them took his close off and got behind me, Tim grab my head so that I would stop sucking me when his friend put his dick in my ass. I did not know that is why he grab my head. I got ready for him to shove more of his dick down my throat.

The guy behind me got ready to shove his dick in me, when he tried. That is when I knew there was someone else in the room and that is when he found out how tight I was. He said dam you tight let me try again. When he tried again, he got just the head of his dick in. When that happen my ass muscle tighten up, he said hey there just relax it will be OK. I tried to relax and concentrate on sucking the cock in my mouth. When I did that he was able to slide the head of his cock in and out of me. I hear him say that is better and let see how much you can take. With every stroke he went a little bit deeper, before long he was able to get his whole dick in my ass. With his whole dick in me it hurt but it felt so good at the same time.

Tim the guy from the internet site must have read my fantasy on my profile. It stated this same thing. I had no idea that this was going to happen but that OK I was enjoying it very much and right now if I could talk I would say more the merrier.

Back to the action. After i was able to take the whole thing he started to pick up speed. After about two or three minutes he was fucking me with no problem. At the same time two more guy s showed up. Now I have four large cocks to take care of, I had one in mouth, one in my ass and one in each hand. Shortly after the last two guy showed up, Tim grab my head for one last time. I felled his dick to swell and it started to spill out cum. Forcing it down my throat, I try to keep it all in my mouth but was unable to. Now the one in my ass is starting to cum also. Once these guys get done pumping me full of cum, they got up and the other two guys get in to place so I can take care of them.

The guy that sat down in front of me had a nice cock, not as big as Tim’s but bigger than mine. I started to suck bakırköy escort him and I found out that I was able to take more of his cock in. Shorty after sucking his cock, the other one put his cock at my ass hole. He push his cock in, at first it was a little tight but with just a few strokes he was able to put his whole cock in my ass. I would say that these two guys are average size, because I was able to take both of them with no problem. It was not long for the guy that I am sucking for him to cum. When he did, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat. He did not give me a chance too taste his cum, it just went down my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, at that time the guy in my ass started to pump even faster and harder. He kept this up for a few minutes and he began to full me up with some more cum. He gets done pumping my ass full of cum, he gets up and sit down in front of me to suck him off. He puts his dick in my mouth and I started to suck his whole dick with no problem. I do not know how i could do this, may be because he just cum in my ass. It does not matter to me, I am have fun and I like it. Now the last guy drained his self in my mouth and is ready to fuck my ass. He was able to go in with no problem, I have loosen up for him to just start fuck me with out having to take it easy at first. While he is pounding my ass like there is no tomorrow I am deep throat the one that I am sucking. Both of them are showing my no mercy. The one in my mouth starts to cum and I make sure that I do not lose a drop of that wonderful goo. He got up and I left with no cock to suck, The guy in the back is still pounding away at my ass.

Hear a something, it is the guy that fuck my ass first. He is back for his blow job. I gladly take his cock in my mouth, he is longer and a little bit thicker. I was not able to take the whole thing at first. While I was trying to deep-throat him, the one in my ass starts to cum. When he got done pumping his load in me he got up. At this time I felt the cum dripping of my ass out and running down my leg. My ass felt sore, but also at the same time it felt empty. I tried not to think about it and put all of my attention on the cock i am sucking. Then I hear Tim come back in the room.

He asked the other guys, are you all done with that ass. He also said, I need some of that ass. The other guys said that it was all his, do what ever you wont with it. Tim knows that he is bigger and thicker than the other guys. He told me to get up and lay down on my back, I wont to see your face when I put my cock in your ass. So I did what he said and wile i was up i saw a guy in the corner of the room with his close on. So I lay down on my back, the guy i was sucking he puts his cock back in my mouth. Tim gets the other two guys to grab my legs and hold them up out of the way. It this time the guy i sucking began to cum. I did not stop bobbing on that cock, I was sucking it for all its worth. After he let his load out, Tim was ready to fuck me. He put the just the head of cock in, I could fell my ass stretch out a little bit more. With a few strokes he was fucking me like the other ones were. With that big cock in my ass felt like i was in heaven. I was loving it so much I though to my self lets ask the other guy to join in. Wile Tim is fucking the hell halkalı escort out of me, I ask the guy in the corner to come over so i can suck his cock. He answers, back no that is OK. I ask him again in a begging way. This time he said OK if you are sure. I said come on I will suck you. All the time Tim is fucking me and good.

He came over to me and dropped his pants and there in front of me is the biggest cock I have ever seen. It had to be at least 9.5 inches long and 7or 8 inches thick. It was soft at this time. He put in my mouth and as I sucked on it, it got bigger and bigger. When it was done growing it had to be a foot long and 10 inch round. If you did not know it was a dick, you would thank it was a fore arm with no hand on it. I tried to get as much as I could in my mouth. As hard as I tried i was only able to get about five inches in. Now Tim is cum and after a few more pumps he is done with my ass. At the same time this monster cock in my mouth starts to bust his nut. So much cum came out I though i was going to drown in cum, but I mange to suck up every last drop. Now Tim is done and he said John there you go he is all yours. He said OK Tim, I will take good care of him for you. All the time they were talking I was sucking every last drop of cum out of him. He told me you are not going to any more out of that, I need some ass now so get up and sit on this cock.

I got up and stood over him. He said come on sit down, so I start down and hit the head of his cock. It did not go in, so he push up and made it go in my ass hole tighten up and clench up on his cock. He said relax it will be over in a little wile. He tried to get it in my ass but he was only able to get about half of in. He said you are to tight for this position right now. Get up and bend over he said. We stood up and I bend over in front of him. He got ready to try again, this time he put in a little easier. He said that is better but you still have away to before you are able to take the whole thing. That is OK I will stay here as long as it takes. With every stroke I could fill my ass getting more and more stretched out. He was going very slow and steady. With every stroke he goes all the way out and back in as deep as he can. He pushes in a little farther each time, before I knew it was able to take the whole thing. Now when he pulls out of me, my ass does not close up. That was the weirdest felling and right as it was started to close up he when back in . He did this a few times every time, he was able to go back in easier and easier every time. Now he was able to start going faster and faster with no problem. Now I can fell his ball hitting my ass. This when on for about ten minutes. He said you are ready to sit on my cock now. With out me knowing he sat down in a chair, bring me with him. When we hit the chair I felled more of his cock go in side me. Now he grabbed my legs and held them up off the floor. Now he started to really fuck me, I though I was get fucked before. He was going from the tip to the base, with no problem and getting faster. I would have never though something would hurt and fell good at the same time. I have no idea how much longer he fuck me but we change positions three more times. He Finely made it to a huge climax for the second time. He just left his cock in me and I could fell his cock get soft. When he pulled out of me, my ass hole dot not close right way. I bet you could shove a soda can in there with easy. He got up and just left me there all used up.

Tim came back in the room and got me up and put me in his bed. That is where I pass out for the night and part of the next day. We had more fun when I got up but that will be another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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