He Had No Idea

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I could hear the snores and the breathing of our friends sleeping in the nearby tents as I made my way to the small creek and pond that was nearby. The night had brought some relief to the heat of the day, but I was still hot and sticky and needed a dip. It wasn’t far to the water, but by the time I made it there I was sweating again. The moon was full and bright above me, and the small pond the creek made looked like something from a movie. I couldn’t wait to feel the cool water on my body.

I took off my hiking boots that I had loosely slipped on to make the small trek and sat them down on the rock beside me. I was only wearing my white cotton panties and Nate’s t-shirt, which was big enough to be a nightgown, so I took those off and folded them neatly, putting them on top of the boots. The moon was making my pale skin seem to glow, and I looked down at my body, taking in breasts and figure. Nate was really tired after the hike and I was slightly disappointed we weren’t have hot camping sex, but it was a pretty vicious hike.

I noticed a couple of scratches on my knee from when I had slipped during the hike and bent over to inspect it a little closer when I heard a noise. I turned instantly, my arms wrapping my breasts while peering into the woods around me. The moon was so bright I could see almost everything, but I couldn’t see anything that could have been the source of the noise. Probably just some animal making its way through the woods, so I dropped my arms and turned around to make my way into the pond.

The water was delicious. Not too cold to be uncomfortable, but just the right temperature to feel amazing. It was only about the size of a large Jacuzzi and went up to my ribs. I felt the soft mud slide between my toes as I made my way to the middle, taking the hair tie out of my hair and letting my dark curls loose. I crouched down so I could completely submerge, and when I came back up, it was hard to believe only moments ago I was sticky and sweating.

I stood back up and made my way to the edge where I could lean against the still warm rock and enjoy the slight breeze that made small goose bumps form on my skin. I stared up at the moon, feeling serene and kind of one with nature when I remembered how horny I was earlier. I smiled to myself a little and thought why not?!?

With my face still upturned to the moon, I started to slide my hands over my breasts, gently squeezing them and rubbing my nipples. I felt incredibly naughty out here in woods, naked, touching myself, and it was also incredibly exciting. I opened my eyes, looking up at the moon and stars, and allowed my hand to makes its way down to my ataşehir escort pussy. I slowly slid my middle finger between my folds, surprised to find them still warm despite the cool water.

I brought my hand back up, and when I lowered it again I used my index finger and middle finger to slide down on each side of my clit. The sensation was exquisite, and I rubbed myself the same way, slowly, over and over, letting out quiet moans while my other hand continued to rub my tits. I lowered my fingers a little lower and could feel a different kind of wetness than the water I was in at my entrance. It was slick and silky, and I spread my legs a little more and inserted my middle and ring fingers inside of me. I took a quick intake of breath, jerking slightly as I curled my fingers toward my belly, trying to reach that magical spot that Nate could always hit. I had close my eyes in my pleasure and opened them now, slowly, the stars looking blurry, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I was terrified for a moment, but then I recognized the shape. It was Nate, making his way to the pond towards me. He was close enough and the moon bright enough that I could see the huge smile on his face. He was already taking his shirt off, and by the time he was at the pond I could see his stiff cock pressing up against his gym shorts. I kept touching myself, excited at the idea of him catching me, even more excited at the thought of feeling him inside of me soon.

He got into the water, and was instantly in front of me. He grabbed my wrists, and started to pull my hands away from my pussy. I made a small sound of disappointment, and looked up at him with sad eyes. He was looking down at me while he took my arms and placed them over my head against the rock. He knew how much I loved when he restrained me, and I felt a warm heat creep across my chest and face. The look on my face turned serious as he started to spread my legs a little farther apart with his knee, and I started to bite my lower lip in anticipation of his big, hard cock entering me.

He took my wrists in one hand, crouched down a little, and used his other hand to guide his hardness inside of me. Every time he fucked me, I could feel myself spread around him, tight and hot. I started to slide up against the rock, feeling almost like I was impaled on his cock as he stood straight, taking every inch of him inside of me. I opened my eyes wide, and my gaze drifted over his shoulder when I saw something I didn’t expect.

There was Emily, looking like she was trying to hide herself behind a tree. Nate was starting to fuck me slowly, one of his hands kadıköy escort bayan still holding my arms above my head, the other hand under one of my ass cheeks to steady me while my legs wrapped around him. I then realized that she was watching us fuck, and instead of feeling shy or embarrassed, I felt myself become even wetter as Nate slowly slide himself in and out of me.

I couldn’t tell if she knew I had seen her, but the idea that she could be getting wet watching us made me want to make sure she didn’t leave. I decided to close my eyes, keeping the image of her watching us in my mind, and concentrated on Nate’s cock inside of me.

But my mind kept wandering. I wanted to give her a show. I wanted her to get so wet that she would undo the button and zipper on her jean shorts and slide her hand down, down, down…down into her soaking wet pussy. I let out a load moan, and Nate growled a low growl into my neck. I opened my eyes, and saw out of the corner of my eye that Emily had moved closer, yet off to the left a little. I closed my eyes again and imagined her pussy. I thought of it glistening wet in the moonlight and how her fingers would move in and out in the same rhythm of Nate’s cock moving in and out of my pussy.

I was moaning more now, and Nate’s thrusts were getting harder and faster. He had let go of my wrists and had a hand on each ass cheek now. I had my arms over his shoulders, my nails placed firmly in his back, just the way he liked it. I couldn’t help myself, and looked directly over at Emily and made eye contact with her.

She froze. I kept looking at her, moaning, not breaking the eye contact so she would know I liked her watching. I look of understanding crossed over her face, and she smiled a small smile.

She leaned her back against a tree, and undid the button and zipper of her shorts. I nodded my head, moaning “Yes, oh god yes.” Nate thrust into me even harder now, and I knew he thought I was talking to him. Emily’s hand had disappeared into the front of her shorts, and the look on her face turned serious as I saw her hand start to move. It was so incredibly hot to see her touching herself as she watched us. My eyes never left her as I came, my pussy squeezing Nate tightly and making me spasm over and over again.

He started to slow down, and wrapped my legs around him tighter. I looked over at Emily, nodding my head once to let her know to hide, and leaned into Nate’s ear. “I came so hard baby, but I want to come again. I want to be on top of you. I want to squeeze the come out of you.” And I kissed him deeply.

He groaned deeply into my mouth and then escort maltepe lifted me off of him and helped me out of the pond. His cock was so hard and beautiful in the moonlight, so I grabbed him by the shaft and slowly started to stroke him. He leaned into my hand movements, and I slowly led him by his cock, to a small patch of grass nearby.

He laid down, and I stood over him, a foot on each side of his hips. I glanced up quickly to see where Emily was, and was happy to find her nearby. I looked down at Nate, and reached down to touch my pussy. I pressed two fingers inside of me and then pulled them out, holding my hand up to show two glistening fingers in the moonlight.

“Do you see what you did?” I asked him. Looking almost intoxicated he nodded his head, and I slowly started to lower myself down so that my pussy was right above his hard cock.

I slid onto him slowly, putting my tits in my hands and pinching my nipples as I started to move on top of him. First I moved my hips in circular motions, feeling his cock touch every part of my insides. His hands were on my hips, moving with me, thrusting upward every now and then, making me moan and pinch my nipples even harder. I started to move up and down on his cock, slowly at first, getting faster and faster and my orgasm built stronger and stronger within me.

I snuck a quick glance at Emily. Her hand was moving viciously under her shorts now and she was squeezing her breasts underneath her shirt. She looked so amazing, and I started to move faster on Nate’s cock, his thrusts pushing him deep inside me as I came down. I was going to come again, and soon.

I looked down at him, and he slowly slid a hand up the front of me and placed a hand around my neck. He squeezed lightly, and I grabbed his arm, digging my nails into his flesh. I was bouncing and grinding, the pressure on my throat bringing me to heightened levels of excitement and pleasure.

I looked over at Emily, and she was such a sight. She had one arm over her head, her face turned into it with the sleeve of her shirt gripped between her teeth. I could tell from the way her body was moving that she was in the throw of an orgasm, with her eyes clenched shut and little spasms running through her body.

I looked up to the moon and stars and felt my own orgasm take over me, even stronger than the first. As I squeezed Nate’s cock with my pussy, I felt his body tense up under me and felt shot after shot of spunk unload itself inside me, making me slide even more on his cock.

I collapsed on top of him, and it took us a long while to catch our breath. I finally rolled off of him, glancing for an instant to where Emily had been, but she was gone. I felt a moment of shame, but quickly got over it. “That was fucking amazing.” Nate croaked, slowly rolling to face me as I laid on my back, staring at the sky.

I smiled a big smile and looked at him. He had no idea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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