He Wears The Panties

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I like to put my wife in charge of things when I get home. I have a very demanding and difficult job which takes up a lot of my energy and it is nice to relax as I walk through the door of our house. The kids all have their own careers now and live quite a distance from us so we have entered into a new phase of our relationship and enjoy our new lives.

Mary is quite sporty and drags me along to her various activities as we like being together. We play badminton and tennis. Mary is better at sports than me so if we played against each other in a singles match she would be the winner. She is a bit of a fitness fanatic and likes me to accompany her to Zumba classes and Pilates. It is slightly embarrassing to be the only man at these lessons but I enjoy standing near the back trying not to make it too obvious that I am ogling the various attractive women in front of me.

Mary doesn’t mind me looking and she will sometimes tease me about it as we are getting ready for bed in the late evening. I once admitted that I enjoy catching glimpses of the intimate lingerie the women wear which occasionally shows around their waist area when they bend and stretch. Some of the women still wear short skirts on the badminton and tennis courts and I enjoy admiring the panties that are on show for all to see.

One evening as we were undressing Mary said casually. “I can tell that you are fascinated by my panties aren’t you darling? You always look to see what I am wearing. Do you like this pair dear?”

She had just taken them off and held them up for me to see. I was taken by surprise and blushed.

“You have such a lovely shape below the waist dear and it’s all the more exciting to see your rear end and front bottom encased in expensive lingerie like the pair you’ve just taken off.” I realised that this was a clumsy way of paying her a compliment and blushed again. “Your breasts are very attractive too.”

“Ah, but my bra isn’t as exciting as my panties is it? Here you are dear, feel how soft and silky they are.”

I was not sure where this was going but like to obey my wife so I did as she asked. I noticed a dampness around the crotch area and as I stroked the thin, diaphanous fabric my penis began to thicken and stick out forwards.

“Why don’t you put them on darling? I’ve been thinking for some time that it might be an interesting experiment if I got you to explore your feminine side. It excites me.”

She reached for my hand and placed it between her legs. I could feel her wetness. This all seemed a bit weird. I decided it would be stupid to spoil the inevitable direction our conversation was leading so I stepped into them and pulled them up. The flimsy material felt incredible around my balls and bottom. We are about the same size so they fit perfectly. My face was red with embarrassment but my cock was fully erect.

“Look at you, wearing my panties! Your willy is as hard as I’ve ever seen it. Keep them on whilst we fuck.”

She pushed me back on the bed, moved my cock so it stuck out of the leg of the panties and rode me roughly, mouthing obscenities. Mary likes to tease me about the size of my todger. She had lots of boyfriends before we met so she knows I am not the biggest. It rises to just under five inches. Her taunts will often increase my excitement so it’s a regular part of our sexual play.

“Fuck me with that little sausage you panty wearing sissy. Fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s it, waggle it about, I can hardly feel it. My cunt’s so slippery. I’ll have to find a bigger cock. I love you in panties. Oooo. I’m coming. Ah! Ah!” She pulled off me and rolled onto her back, it was ankara grup escort very quick and I had not orgasmed. Mary looked across at my willy still standing proud.

“Would you like me to finish you off with a blowjob darling?” Mary rarely sucks me off so I nodded in surprise. “Yes, please.” My voice sounded softer, more feminine, I thought.

“I’ll do it if you agree to wear panties around the house in future. I think it will help to make you even more submissive than you already are at home. I want you to be my panty wearing sissy from now on.”

“Okay dear, if that’s what you want.”

“Before I put my mouth around your chipolata I want to be sure you have fully understood. Tell me what you will be doing in future.”

“I promise I will wear panties around the house from now on and become your panty wearing sissy husband.”

Before going down on me Mary looked directly into my eyes with a superior mysterious smile. I wondered if she had other plans for me but felt powerless to resist her.

Mary insisted that I go alone to buy my new panties. She lent me some of her own pairs for the first few days. I visited a number of women’s clothes shops and looked at the array of women’s underwear. I felt that the women shoppers were all staring at me and each time I left empty handed, too embarrassed to make a purchase. Funny that women never have this problem buying men’s underpants. Mary was getting impatient. She told me that the deadline was Saturday night. If I had not bought them by then I would be in real trouble. It took all my courage to go into our local Tesco Family store and buy two packets of five. When handing them in at the pay counter I tried hard not to look embarrassed. The woman who took my money smiled knowingly. My penis filled with blood and I held the bag in front of me to conceal my erection hoping no-one had noticed.

I liked wearing the panties and was tempted to throw out all my other underwear. But I was too scared to wear panties at work. At Mary’s suggestion I got my boss to agree I could work from home on two days per week. On these days and every weekend Mary instructed me to make the evening meal. She bought me a pretty apron saying it was fitting for a sissy to wear with its frilly edges and mainly pink floral pattern.

Mary used to be in the habit of having the very occasional night out “with the girls” up to the time I started to wear panties. After I had become her sissy they began to happen more regularly until it was every Saturday night. She told me she had found some new friends who loved a good time. As the weeks went by she dressed more and more sexily, leaving off her bra and wearing hold up stockings not tights. I suggested that she was bound to attract men that way. She looks gorgeous and her long shapely legs and perfectly shaped breasts would turn any man on. She grinned and nodded. She was just about to set off on her Saturday night out.

“I love to tease them. I give them a flash of bare thigh above my short skirt and bend over to let them briefly glimpse my breasts. It makes me feel sexy. I don’t need to buy drinks all night.” I asked if she ever took things further.

“Well you know I need to find a real man, don’t you? I’ve said it often enough. You’ll be the first to know if I find one. It’s okay if I fuck someone else isn’t it darling?”

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and closed the door behind her without waiting for a reply. I watched her climb into her taxi. She saw me looking out the window, grinned and lifted her short skirt allowing me and anyone else who happened to be looking gümüşhane escort that way a brief glimpse of her panties.

She would typically arrive home early Sunday morning smelling of alcohol and slurring her words. I always waited up thinking about her in the arms of another, more virile man. I masturbated, wearing my panties and apron, the idea excited me. Why shouldn’t she do it if it made her happy?

Our sex life had begun to change. She rarely allowed me to penetrate her any more so I suspected that she was getting it elsewhere. Sex between us was one sided usually after her night out. She’d flop down on the settee and beckon me over drunkenly.

“Kneel down.”

She’d put her hand on the top of my head and push my head down between her legs. I would happily pull down her panties and lick her to orgasm.

She’d say, “That’s it, lick me panty boy. You like to get your tongue on my cunt don’t you dear. You’ll be doing this a lot from now on.”

One Saturday night she arrived back looking flushed and excited.

“Come over here like you do every week. But this time I’ve got a present for you.”

As she sat down she pulled up her skirt around her waist and I saw she had no panties on. Another man’s spunk was leaking out of her vagina. I didn’t hesitate, pushing my face into her cunt and licking.

“Yes, I knew you’d be pleased. Lick it up like a good sissy. John’s left a deposit up there for you. We went to a hotel and he did me three times. It was lovely. I told him all about you and he wants to meet you. He’ll be here tomorrow just after lunch. I hope it tastes good, you’ll be getting more.”

I slurped up the gooey whitish mess coming out of Mary’s cunt. It had no strong taste to it but it seemed creamier than my own. Eating it was a symbol of what I had finally turned into- submissive to a superior man. As the idea came to me I felt shame and humiliation but my little cock stuck up in my panties like a tent pole.

“W..W..Why does he want to meet me?” I asked sheepishly looking up with spunk all around my mouth and chin.

“Oh John has plans for you. He’s a bit of a character and I think I’m in love. You wait and see.”

The next day John came to the house. Tall and muscular, he towered over me, shaking my hand with a strong grip.

“Hi there panty boy, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. Mary’s the boss around here isn’t she? Well you’ll soon discover that you’ve got to take orders from me as well. Isn’t that right Mary?”

“Yes darling, John here will be fucking me from now on. I want you to accept it and demonstrate your agreement. Since actions speak louder than words I want you to kneel down in front of him and unbuckle his belt. That’s it. Now unzip him and pull his trousers down, now his underpants. Isn’t his cock magnificent? Now put it in your mouth. Go on dear, it won’t bite. Once I’ve seen you suck him off I’ll know you accept your place as a good sissy.”

I did as she requested. As I slurped on his manhood, a good eight inches long and very wide, I accepted my submissiveness completely. Until then the very thought of man on man sex had been abhorrent to me but this act excited my need to be humiliated. It was not too bad and after all I had already tasted his spunk. I glanced across at Mary. She was staring entranced at the scene before her, her panties around her ankles, legs wide apart, fingers moving in and out of her wonderful twat. I reached up with my arms, and with my hands on his bum cheeks I tried to pull more of his cock into my mouth, sucking it in and out. John grabbed hold of my head and began fucking halkalı escort my mouth. Standing over me emphasised his superiority. He must have enjoyed my efforts as he suddenly spurted, holding my head to force me to take it. I swallowed it down as Mary watched intently, still masturbating furiously. John turned towards her.

“Hey, slow down young lady. Save some for me. Let’s put on a show for panty boy here.”

I watched as they kissed and fondled each other, my first wife watching experience. It wasn’t long before his dick began to stir, and, when fully erect he bent Mary over the kitchen table and entered her from the rear. They went at it like rabbits, grunting and swearing in a way me and Mary had never done. They changed positions a few times before he spunked again and I could see that Mary was loving it. She finished up on top and screamed out her final orgasm at the top of her voice. I had read a bit about cuckolding and reflected that we now had a cuckoo in the nest. Watching them together I felt a strange mixture of jealousy and arousal. After all the fantasising it was now a painful but strangely rewarding reality. I had spurted twice whilst they fucked and this did not escape the attentions of John who laughed and sneered, saying “Fucking wanker” to which Mary replied,

“See I told you he’d like it. He’s a wimp who likes being ridiculed and abused. He’s so weird he’d probably enjoy a good spanking.”

John noticed my willy jerk as she said this and smiled wickedly.

I cooked them a meal and John stayed the night. I begged to be allowed to sleep on the floor of our room. They agreed finding it very amusing. I usually sleep naked but Mary put me in one of her sexy nighties. She said I might get chilly on the floor.

I was expecting John to move his stuff in. He owns a house near the town centre and elected to continue living there to keep his independence. Mary says she prefers her own home so they slept together at our house twice a week. John managed to persuade her to stay over at his for a party one Saturday. When she found he’d set her up and she ended up fucking five of his friends I got angry and phoned him up telling him not to come round any more. When I came off the phone Mary said I shouldn’t have interfered. Apparently she’d really enjoyed the night at John’s house.

“It was so nice being the centre of attention from all those men dear. I expect you’ll have made John angry by what you said.”

He marched straight around to our house and Mary let him in. She was flushed and animated with an expectant look on her face.

John grabbed hold of me and quickly forced me over his knee.

“Get his trousers and panties off his arse whilst I hold him down. I’m going to give him a good spanking my dear.”

“Oh good, I’ll enjoy watching that darling. He’s been a very naughty sissy. He deserves it.”

I realised I had been too hasty and said “Sorry John, I got a bit carried away. Spank me please, but not too hard.”

Using one of his large hands he laid into me with a will, the slaps echoing noisily around the room. Pretty soon my rear had turned red. I was in a lot of pain and my fantasies about him spanking me turned out to be a lot different from the reality. He had me weeping and pleading for him to stop but there was an erotic element so my little todger had stuck out a bit but was not fully erect.

My wife was turned on by the spanking so I was unceremoniously dumped on the floor whilst John and Mary stripped and fucked in front of me.

Since then they have contrived to find me guilty of a number of other misdemeanours so that my spankings are happening more than twice a month. Mary has been to a few more parties round at John’s house where she gets to fuck other men. She’s getting quite a reputation in the neighbourhood. She enjoys being seen as the local slut. I like it too and am proud to be her husband.

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