Heather’s Hand Me Down

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I had just gotten out of the shower, blow-dried my hair and was lying on the bed lightly running a finger between my moistening pussy lips when the doorbell rang. I groaned in frustration. I wanted so bad to touch my pussy and cum. As usual, after trying to entice my husband the night before, I went to bed without a cock. For some months now, Jim hadn’t touched me once, and I was sure it was because of another woman. Most likely, Jim was banging one of the secretaries where he worked as a general manager. There were the telltale signs, the most telling being the light scent of a woman’s perfume – not my perfume – on his dress shirts.

With a sigh, I pulled on a robe and headed for the door. I was surprised to find one of the young men that my twenty-two-year old daughter dates standing at the door. He smiled a little awkwardly when I opened the door. I’ve only met Ron once before and he seemed so nice that I felt sorry for him. But, you’d have to know my daughter to understand. Heather is a beautiful young woman: long blond hair, trim body with all the curves that men like to see, firm tits and ass, and long, slender legs. Her face is narrow with green eyes and sensuous lips. Being beautiful has caused my daughter to be somewhat of a bitch to the young men she dates. She uses men, and then throws them out like garbage. In short, Heather can be a bitch.

“Hello, Ron,” I said politely. “What can I do for you?”

“I was just wondering if Heather is in. I’ve got the day off and I thought I might take her to lunch.”

“I’m sorry. Heather is at work and I don’t expect her home before five this evening.”


I did feel bad for him. He looked like a lost dog and I wanted to tell him that he’d be better off without my daughter. But a mother can’t betray her own child that way, even if the child is a bitch. The activities I had planned in my bedroom with my favorite toy were beckoning to me but Ron looked so lost that I couldn’t help myself. I invited him in for something to drink.

As I followed the young man into the den, I noticed his slender, athletic build. Long, muscular looking legs, a tight, nicely formed ass under the shorts he wore and wide, broad shoulders. His chestnut brown hair was cut short, his bronze face cleanly shaven. He was a very nice looking young man, as well as polite. I brought him a soda from the kitchen and sat down beside him on the sofa.

“I’ve been trying to reach Heather,” he said after a sip from the soda. “But I haven’t had much luck.”

“Well…Ron, Heather’s been working some overtime lately and hasn’t been home much.” It was a lie and I felt horrible for covering for Heather this way. He deserved much more – they all did, who had the bad luck of running into my daughter. “Maybe she’ll have more time soon.”

“Yeah, I’d like to see her again.”

My pussy was still wet from touching it, as it was when Ron rang the doorbell. And, sitting on the sofa with such a nice young man, especially one so handsome, I began to feel the heat again. My nipples under my robe were becoming hard and I could feel my juices begin to trickle down into the crack of my ass. In no time I wanted Ron and I didn’t care if I was married and I certainly didn’t care if he had dated my daughter. It took less then ten seconds to rationalize what I was about to do: my husband apparently had no interest in fucking me and my daughter could care less about this young man.

My only problem was Ron. Would he welcome an older woman? I mean, it wasn’t like I was some horrid looking old bag: at forty-five, I still looked pretty nice, and I’m just an older version of my daughter, except I’m not as slender as she is. My breasts are bigger, not quite as firm as Heather’s and my ass is a little larger. But I take care of myself, keep active, eat the right foods and I know that men find me attractive. But, I was afraid that the young man might feel he was betraying Heather and I couldn’t tell him that he was probably the furthest thing from my daughter’s mind. I couldn’t tell him what kind of woman my daughter really is.

“You know, Ron, you’re a very handsome man,” I said, deciding to be a little direct. I didn’t think I’d get him in my bed if I beat around the bush. I casually laid my left arm on the sofa back just behind his broad shoulders and turned slightly to face him. “Maybe you should date more than just one woman.”

He shrugged and smiled. “Maybe, but I don’t know…”

“A good looking guy like you should spread yourself around a little,” I said.

“Well, it isn’t always easy, Mrs. Taylor.” He smiled and shrugged. “I hate to sound negative but it’s a little harder for guys.”

“I understand but you are so good looking and I’m sure any woman would love to date you.” I tested the water a little by resting my right hand on his leg. “You have sexy legs, Ron. Do you work out? Your legs are so muscular.”

“I, ah, jog some poker oyna and go to the gym a couple times a week.” Ron watched my hand as I lightly caressed his hairy, tanned thigh. He seemed a little nervous and I saw his eyes go to the front door once, as if expecting Heather to suddenly walk in.

“You know, we’ll be alone for another four hours or so,” I said gently, my voice trembling a little with the heat of my building lust. “We could get more comfortable if you know what I mean.”

I couldn’t believe how hot he was making me. I guess it had a lot to do with seducing a man for the first time in my life, but I really wanted him. I needed his hard, throbbing young cock in me, pumping, slamming hard and fast into my wet cunt.

“I…if Heather found out…” He knew exactly what I meant.

“Heather doesn’t have to know, Ron.” I slid my hand slowly up his thigh and onto the front of his shorts. “You’re hard, baby. I can do something about that.”

“Mrs. Taylor…” he gasped softly.

“Karen,” I said with a smile. “You can call me Karen.”

I released his cock and stood up. I walked around the coffee table, kicked off my slippers and turned to face him. I was so aroused that my legs trembled. He sat on the sofa watching me. Without a word, I shrugged out of the robe and let it fall to the floor around my feet. I sucked in a long, deep breath. I had never been this brazen before but it felt so deliciously wicked that I thought I would go mad with desire.

“”I’m offering you my body, Ron,” I said softly. While he watched, I cupped my heavy breasts for a moment, gently pulled my hard nipples, and then ran my hands slowly down over my hips. His eyes were wide as he watched one hand slip between my legs and part my wet lips. “If you’re interested, I’ll be in the master bedroom.”

Without another word, I turned and left the room. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked and this made me hotter. I felt like such a slut, something I had always despised before. But now, not only did it feel right, but also I liked it! I liked being a slut! I crawled onto my bed and spread my long legs wide and waited. I nearly stopped breathing so I could hear the door close if he had chosen to leave.

Then, he was at the door to my bedroom. I lay in bed watching his eyes rake over my naked body. I can’t tell you how excited it made me feel to be naked for this young man while he was still dressed. It was wicked! I could see the huge bulge his cock made in the front of his shorts and I almost cried out for it. But I remained silent. For some reason I wanted Ron to be the first to speak.

“You are so fucking hot!” he exclaimed breathlessly.

“You like my body?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”

“Take your clothes off and fuck me, Ron!” I said, my voice husky. “Please give me your hard dick!”

A jolt of indescribable pleasure came over me when he shoved his shorts and underwear down, revealing his hard cock. His cock was a fat seven-inches, with a massive purple head that glistened with pre cum, and I licked my lips impatiently anticipating the feel of it inside of me. I groaned with unbridled passion when Ron lay down beside me and his hard dick brushed a hip.

“You don’t know how bad I need you, baby!” I gasped softly, wrapping an arm around his neck. “And, I think you need me too from the feel of your lovely manhood!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned loudly when I reached for his cock and grasped it with one hand.

“You want my forty-five-year old cunt, don’t you, Ron?” I asked softly, pulling his face to mine.

“Oh, yeah, Karen! I want it bad!”

“Then it’s yours, baby! Take it! Fuck my pussy hard, Ron!”

We kissed then and the feel of his young tongue in my mouth was pure ecstasy. I groaned and whimpered softly into his open mouth while he explored my body with his hands. The light caress of his fingertips seemed to dance across my heavy tits, my tummy and finally my pussy. I was dripping wet and screaming silently for more. I wanted to go higher and faster with this young man. When he touched my sex-swollen clit, I thought I would pass out with the inexpressible delight he sent racing through my tummy.

Ron’s lips brushed the soft skin of my neck; his teeth and tongue devoured me as he slipped lower to my tits. My nipples were hard and aching to be touched. He kissed my tits, licked the skin of the heavy mounds of flesh and chewed the sensitive nipples until I became filled with a wild, uncontainable desire. I held his face to my tits, cooing and talking dirty to him while he continued to consume me.

Time became inconsequential; minutes, hours – I didn’t know – passed while my young lover continued to take me to new levels of uninhibited lust. No one, not even my husband, had ever made love to me this way before. Ron took his time, enjoyed my body and drove me wild with his touch, his searing-hot kisses. When his tongue finally canlı poker oyna found my clit, I screamed long and loud. I began to rock my hips, humping his eager face with my sopping wet cunt.

“YESSSSSSSSSS!” I screamed, grabbing his head and holding him tight. “EAT ME, BABY! EAT MY PUSSY!”


Ron slipped a finger into my fuck hole while his tongue bathed my pussy mound, lapped and teased my clit. I cried out with excitement building and roaring unabated throughout my being. I grasped my tits and kneaded them roughly and continued to rock my hips fast and hard against his face. My lover held my thighs tightly in his hands while he ate me, his tongue devouring me with each greedy lick.

“Please…m-make me c-cum!” I pleaded. “Ohhhhhhhhhh…”

I began to thrash and writhe wildly, bucking my ass like a bitch in heat. It was breathtaking, electric, and so damn exquisite to be made love to like this. Ben had never made love to me this way; my husband’s idea of making love was a quick, three-minute event that seldom satisfied me. Not my young lover, though. Ron was quickly making up for all of the unrewarding years of lying under Ben while he grunted and humped like a barnyard animal.

Then it came. It was totally unexpected and I cried out with delight. I felt the oncoming orgasm, traveling hard and fast, careening out of control as it slammed violently into me. Ron’s strong hands on my thighs kept my legs pushed wide apart so that my pussy continued to be on display for him. He was staring intently at my sodden pussy while he furiously rubbed my clit.


Then it was over and I lay gasping, my eyes closed as I sucked in a huge lungful of air. My brain buzzed with the awesome release of so many years of pent up sexual frustration. Finally, when I opened my eyes, Ron lay beside me, one hand gently caressing my face.

“You came hard, Karen,” he grinned.

“Oh, baby!” I gasped delightedly. “That was the most remarkable thing that has ever happened to me!”

“You have such a gorgeous cunt!”

“I’m glad you like it,” I murmured, as his lips touched mine.”

We kissed with a hard passion. Ron was aroused, his cock hard and throbbing as it lay against my side. The feeling of it began to renew and stoke the fires of my lust. It wasn’t long before I needed more than just my pussy eaten – I needed a hard cock slamming into me. I wanted to impale myself on his hard dick, to feel him in me, stretching me wide with his fat girth.

“Fuck me, Ron! I want you in me!”


“You like that, don’t you? You want to fuck your girlfriend’s mother, don’t you, baby? You want to bury your manhood deep inside of me!”

“Oh, fuck, yes!”

Ron quickly crawled between my spread legs and brushed the massive head of his dick between my wet, greasy lips. Then, without warning, he lunged and sent his cock deep inside of me in one fast, hard thrust. I cried out and clamped my legs around his waist, grabbed his ass cheeks and buried my nails into the soft skin.

“Fuck me, baby!” I cried out with a lust-filled voice.

“Take my cock, Karen! Fuck me with your cunt!”

“Yes, baby!” I began rocking my hips hard and fast to match my young lover’s tempo. Our eyes were locked together as we danced a most wonderful and delightful dance of lust. “You feel so good in me!”

“You’re so fucking beautiful and sexy, Karen,” he gasped. “I don’t want to stop fucking you, baby!”

“Don’t stop, baby! Don’t ever stop fucking me!”

Ron mashed his lips to mine and I began shamelessly sucking his tongue. I could taste my pussy in his mouth; it was something I had never done before and it drove me wild with excitement. Feeling him inside of me, fucking me in my marriage bed, was so wicked, so wrong that I couldn’t get enough. I raked my long nails up his back, ran my long fingers through his hair and kissed him like a slut. I was quickly going out of control.

“I don’t have a chance with Heather do I?”

The question took me by surprise, but I shook my head no.

“That’s ok,” he grinned. “I have all the woman I need, now!”

“Does that mean I can expect you in my bed again?”

“Fuck, yeah!”

“Then cum in me! Fill me up with your cum!”

“I’d rather cum in your mouth!”

Before I could say a word, Ron pulled his cock from my pussy and quickly crawled up until his legs were astride my upper body. I lay there looking at his hard dick, shiny with my pussy juice and not more than a few inches from my face. His hairy sack was tight and full of cum and I realized what he was about to do. And, even though I had said more than once before that I would never suck a man’s cock, I wanted Ron’s fat dick in my mouth. I wanted it bad!

“It looks like my lover is about to feed me,” I grinned.

“Oh, internet casino yeah! I’m gonna give you a mouthful of cock, then I’m gonna cum in your hot mouth!”

“MMMMM!” I exclaimed breathlessly. “Give it to me, baby!”

I quickly worked myself into a sitting position with my back to the headboard. I reached for his manhood and held it between two fingers as I stared at it through eyes glazed with lust. It was beautiful! I had never been so brazen as to hold a man’s cock and look at it hungrily before, but this day had been a day of many firsts for me.

I began to lick it like a lollipop, hoping my lover would approve. Since I had never sucked a cock before I had no idea of what to do, except what I had seen women do in some of the videos I’d seen on the Internet. Apparently, Ron did approve judging by the long, pleasing groan that came from his mouth.

I teased the massive head, circling it slowly with the tip of my tongue. When I took his cock head into my mouth, Ron took my head in his hands and started slowly rocking his hips back and forth. I grasped my lover’s balls in one hand and squeezed lightly while I caressed the soft skin of his ass with my long fingernails.

“Oh, yeah!” he hissed. “Take my cock, Karen!”


“You like being a little cock sucker, don’t you? You like having a man’s cock deep in your mouth?”

I couldn’t speak with my mouth full of Ron’s exquisite manhood. But he was right. I did like being fucked in the mouth, feeling his fat cock stretching my lips wide to accommodate it, and smelling the musky scent of him. A couple of times he pulled his cock back until just the tip was between my lips, then slowly slid it in until the head touched the back of my throat. At least that’s what it felt like. I gagged immediately, yet I didn’t mind because I loved having him in me this way. And both times, the tip of my nose touched the thick, curly patch of his pubic hair and I breathed his scent in deeply. It was so damn intoxicating!

“Oh, yeah, I’d much rather fuck you than Heather,” he gasped. “You are so fucking hot, Karen!”

I pulled Ron’s cock from my mouth and looked up at him with a grin while I slowly stroked him. “You really mean that?”

“Oh, yeah! You have a lot better cunt, baby, and you suck cock better than your daughter does!”

“I like being your cock sucker!”

“Will you fuck me and suck me whenever I want it?”


I took him back into my mouth and began to suck his cock furiously. The harder I sucked, the more he groaned, and soon Ron began to rock his hips again. All I could do was grab his ass and hold on. He fucked me wildly with short, rapid thrusts, his hands in my hair, twisting and pulling my hair with a fierce, brutal fashion. I loved it! I loved being treated so brutally, as though I was little more than a common street whore. And realizing that I enjoyed being treated like a bitch made me hotter than I could have imagined.

I dropped a hand between my legs and began rubbing my clit with a fierceness to match the way Ron was treating me. I whimpered and moaned while Ron fucked my cock-greedy mouth. The sheet under me was soaked with my juices. It was the most intense experience of my life and I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to continue sitting on my bed with my young lover’s cock stabbing in and out of my mouth, his hands roughly pulling my hair and abusing me in such a delightful way for a millennium.

“Take my cock, bitch!” he hissed. “Suck it like a whore!”

Any other time I would have been humiliated, utterly surprised and horrified to hear a man call me a bitch. And, hearing the words “bitch” and “whore” coming from Ron would have really stunned me. But, it didn’t bother me. It was almost like I was another person and I wanted to scream, “YESSSSSSSSSS!” at the top of my lungs. I wanted to hear him debase me and use me as a slut. I had changed and the transformation wasn’t totally unacceptable.


Ron stiffened for a second, withdrew his cock, and then slammed the head and two inches of his fat shaft back into my mouth. He came hard, his cock exploding ropes of thick, white man-seed into my mouth. I took all of it, every drop his balls had to offer into my cum-hungry mouth. The intense feeling of having a cock explode into my mouth for the first time was all it took and I came with a shuddering, mind-numbing orgasm. Wave after wave of the most fantastic climax washed over me with such a pleasing effect. When Ron finally pulled his cock out of me I slowly pushed his thick man-seed around with my tongue, savoring the wonderfully unique and new taste. His cum, as it slowly slid down my throat into my belly, felt like liquid satin.

Ron slowly lowered his ass onto the bed between my legs and I pulled him to me. We clung to each other for a long while, gasping softly as our bodies trembled with the after effects of the most wonderful love making. As we held each other a thought came unexpectedly into my head: This young man, this wonderful lover, was really my daughter’s hand me down, and I silently thanked Heather for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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