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Giving someone free reign of your body is an act of trust. I see it everyday in my work as a fitness instructor. Women let me work their bodies into shape, doing whatever I say, without questioning my instruction at all. They always underestimate what their bodies are capable of, and this is especially true of Lisa.

“I can’t do it!” She is practically crying through the last few reps of her workout.

“Yes you can, you’ve done this a million times,” I encourage her. Secretly though, I have increased the weight on the machine she is working. It’s a trick I like to play with my clients. That, and cheating when I count their reps. It’s simple psychology…if you believe you can do something, then by God you can do it.

Lisa completes the set, then falls to the floor in a poorly-acted death. I kneel down beside her, placing my ear to her chest, pretending to listen for a heart-beat.

“Another one bites the dust,” I say carelessly, “too bad I will be swimming alone…” I stand up and peel off my tank top and shorts. It is Sunday night and we are the only ones left in the gym. It’s our one chance to get the pool to ourselves.

“Skinny dipping, huh?” Lisa laughs and jumps up to join me. We race to the pool, and I outrun her easily, finishing with a swan dive into the deep end. Lisa strips down and enters the pool one step at a time, hanging by the edge to watch me swim laps. I cross the pool 7 times before climbing up on the diving board to stretch out. I am refreshed from the swim, and I pose my glistening wet body in a yoga sun salute, standing up straight, arms in the air. Lisa is not happy with my form and she comes around to correct me.

“There,” she says as she presses the small of my back to arch it properly. Standing behind me, she runs her hands up the front of me, stopping to linger on my breasts.

“You really have a beautiful body,” she states enviously as she brings her hands around to trace the shape of my bottom.

“I can’t complain, this body has been very good to me,” I answer. Not only have I remained injury izmir escort free throughout hundreds of workouts, I am also pretty easy to please. I cum easily and often, and have a hard time relating to women who say they are frustrated in bed.

“Don’t let me interrupt you,” Michael says, from across the pool area. He is here to pick me up, and has walked in just in time to see our two naked female bodies, still wet from the pool, standing together on the diving board. As usual, my heart beats faster at the sight of him.

“Sorry…she’s all mine tonight,” says Lisa, wrapping her arms around me protectively.

“That’s okay, I don’t mind watching,” Michael replies as he kicks off his shoes and sits on the edge of the pool, hoping for a show.

Never one to disappoint, I turn to Lisa and kiss her full on the mouth, pressing my breasts up against hers. I bring my hands to her chest and fondle each nipple, then drop to my knees putting her breast to my mouth. I swirl my tongue around her nipple, then bite- first gently, then a little harder. Michael can’t tell what I’m doing, but he can see the reaction on Lisa’s face, first pleasure, then throwing her head back with the slight pain. I go to her other breast, and at the same time slip my hand between her legs. She is getting wet as I slide my finger around her clit, then into her, just a little. Getting down lower on my knees, I force her legs apart and kiss the inside of her thighs, higher and higher. She wants to sit, or lie down, to reciprocate, but I smack the side of her hip, forcing her to remain standing. I’m in charge here, and I want to show her how good it can feel to be filled, completely.

It is the best sensation, when someone kisses you down there the way they french-kiss you on the mouth. I kiss Lisa that way on her pussy, bringing my tongue in and out of her, sucking her clit, nearly bringing her to orgasm. But I stop for a moment, letting her cool down. I want her to be begging for me. Finally I let her lie back, keeping her legs apart, alsancak escort so I can begin massaging her again. I glance back at Michael and see he has pulled down his shorts in front and is slowly masturbating at the sight of Lisa’s legs spread wide for me. That makes me wet, and I have to rub myself for a moment before I return my full attention to Lisa. I am sitting between her legs, slowly rubbing her with my hand and gently kissing her with my lips. At one point I lean in to let my breast rub her there, and we both start panting a little. She starts to sit up, but I push her firmly back down, I want her relaxed.

She is bucking her hips and breathing heavy, so I know she is ready. I move in closer, so that I can reach her breasts with my mouth while my hand stays between her legs. I suck on her nipple, harder now, to distract her from what I am about to do. Carefully I slide two fingers deep inside her, using my thumb to touch her most sensitive spot. Bucking harder now, I know she is ready to cum. I place my pinky inside her, just to get it wet, then press it firmly against her other opening, the one she is afraid to penetrate. She moans at the unfamiliar feeling as I press all the way into her ass. She screams out loud now, arching her back and pushing her body down harder on my hand. She cums in waves, shaking and pulsing, then finally relaxing as I remove myself from her.

“I would smack you,” she threatens weakly, “if I didn’t love you so much.”

“I love you , too,” I kiss her on the forehead and dive into the pool, swimming towards Michael. Now, I will have him all to myself, with Lisa’s help, of course.

“Come on,” I yell over my shoulder to Lisa, “make sure he doesn’t get away!” I smile and wink at her, and when she reaches the spot where Michael sits, I motion for her to get behind him.

“Take off his shirt,” I order Lisa, as I pull off his shorts. He doesn’t resist, but gives me a “what now?” look.

“Relax, I promise not to hurt you…unless you want me to?” I ask buca escort with an innocent grin. I direct Lisa to sit behind him, close, with her legs wrapped around him, pinning his arms with hers. She’s pretty strong, but obviously he is stronger and could get loose…if he really wanted to. Still, I can have my fun while he is somewhat helpless. I am still in the water, between his legs and I take his cock in my mouth, grabbing his balls with my hand, a little rougher than usual. I take him as deep in my throat as I can, and he moans a bit. I see Lisa, holding him tight, is tickling his ear with her tongue. I pull back and run my tongue around the head of his dick, then up and down the shaft, much too gently for his liking so he pushes himself towards me, wanting me to take him deep again. I will…but not yet. He is enjoying being the center of attention, and doesn’t care that his hands are useless. I play some more, kissing his cock lightly with my lips, sucking just the head, then taking him in, a little at a time, then all the way, in and out, until he is mouth fucking me. Abruptly, I pull away completely. He was on the verge, and looks at me, pleading for relief. I too, need relief.

I float away from them, on my back, as if not a care in the world. In reality, I can’t wait to fuck him, but I let him wait helplessly, and wonder. I get out of the pool and walk around to where they are, him with his raging hard-on, her, still holding him tight. He is seated, arms trapped, on the edge of the pool. I walk over and stand in front of him, straddling his legs, my pussy in his face. I push his head back and rub myself on his mouth, his tongue caressing me. I pull him to me and please myself on his face. I should stop here…walk away…let him suffer, but my body won’t let me. I squat down in front of him, thrusting my tit in his mouth. I find his dick with my hand and guide it up inside of me….sweet relief…mine and his, as I ride him hard. He is dying to touch me, to control the motion, but he is helpless, held tight by Lisa’s arms. I am helpless as well, my body taking over, needing him deep inside me, again and again, until I cum with a scream. I can’t stop moving as I feel him cumming inside me, groaning with pleasure. I kiss his mouth and then relax back into the pool. Floating again on my back I wonder…how does it feel, to be taken by force? Maybe…I would like to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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