Her Dirty Doctor Dreams Come True Pt. 04

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This is Part 4 of a multi-chapter series called “Her Dirty Doctor Dreams Come True.”

Stefania’s soft skin is illuminated by the ambient light from an outside streetlamp bleeding through the darkened room. Even as we toss and turn in her bed, the sheets already a hopeless tangle, I cannot believe the sequence of strange coincidences that lead me to this moment.

I kiss her deeply and touch her all over, running my hands up and down her body, slowing to enjoy the steep contour of her perky rump.

I let my fingertips wander, parting her ass cheeks and continuing my exploration down into the crevice of firm flesh.

The other promised land.

Just because I’ve made a career of studying female reproductive anatomy doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a little ass play.

She giggles as I give her a quick tickle there. Her eyes open wide: “should I worry you’re going to try and fit that big dick of yours into my tight little ass?” Her words send a prompt surge of blood to my stiffening rod.

“Well according to your fantasy story you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I think so. I’ve never done it, actually. The husband wasn’t into it and I’ve never been one to just give that sort of thing away.”

Of course she wasn’t.

My good little girl.

And what the hell was wrong with this ex of hers, anyway?

“But if I were going to do it, it would be with someone like you.”

I feel a smile cross my face.

“Why’s that?

She nuzzles into me.

“Because for almost a year, all I’ve thought about was how I could find a way to give myself to you. All of myself.

Any WAY you want.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’d fuck this girl every which way to Sunday, but the directness of her declaration both flatters and scares me.

I’m thankful that she quickly lightens the mood:

“And because you’re a doctor. If you can’t trust your doctor with that kind of delicate operation, then whom can you trust?”

She guides my hands to those two jiggly tits of hers and I smile before tonguing them eagerly.

She has a point.

Stefania is always vacillating between the two poles of casual and intense. Same can be said for myself, I suppose. You just never know what’s next, and it’s one of the reasons I find her intoxicating.

“But that was also before I saw the size of your cock.”

She chuckles again.

Story of my life.

Her voluptuous breasts still overflowing in my hands, I pause a moment.

“Well don’t you worry, ” I tell her, my tone unexpectedly fatherly.

I look her straight in the eyes: “I’m here to make you feel good, and I’ll do whatever it pendik escort is you like, whenever you like.”

The girl volunteers to be my own personal fuck-doll and this is what I say.

I can’t help it.

I like her.

And she’s young enough to be my daughter.

Apparently I chose the right words as she responds by moving in closer and grabbing for my rapidly hardening cock.

(I also didn’t get this far in life not knowing how to work the system a bit).

As she strokes my shaft, I reach my hand further around her ass, continuing until my fingertips feel her warm wetness again. It’s easy for me to fiddle her swollen clit from behind from this angle, and it definitely hasn’t settled down any since I made her scream with my tongue a few minutes ago.

I maneuver my two fingers until they penetrate her snug little snatch.

A little reminder of what’s in store.

“You know you have a exceptionally tight pussy,” I tell her matter-of-factly. “You must be doing your kegels.”

My medical curiosity sometimes makes surprise appearances.

But it’s true. The way she feels … tight as a drum. She’s going to absolutely strangle my cock, which is already dripping with pre-cum.

No sooner does the thought enter my mind than I feel my balls seize up. Even though I’ve just filled her throat with an obscene amount of cum, I can tell I have plenty more to lavish on her.

“Thanks,” she says sincerely. “I can’t do kegels. Every time I try I end up getting too turned on. It’s inconvenient when you’re on the subway to work and you feel like you need to masturbate furiously by the time you get to the office.

Same at the gym, the sit-ups get me every time.”


This could get interesting.

She’s pops her ass up a bit and begins grinding against my hand, forcing my fingers deeper into her pussy.

“Do you like what you feel?,” she asks.

“Very much. And you should also know that professional medical assessment is that you’re almost ready to try taking my cock inside of you. Do you think I will fit, Stefania?”

I may sound like I’m complimenting myself but the intimidating size of my manhood has actually lost me more than one conquest in the past.

But Stefania seems like a can-do kind of girl, and she dreamed me this way, hung like a racehorse, so I know she wants it.

“Hmmmm let me see,” she purrs as she reaches around behind her, following my same path, tracing her hand down the small of her back in a slow, erotic caress and then continuing into her supple ass cheeks and further around to her tingling pussy.

“I’m still pretty wet, Doctor,” she maltepe escort announces seriously. “You’re definitely the biggest I’ve seen but I am hoping I can make this work for you.”

She removes her glistening fingers and brings them to her lips, maintaining eye contact with me the whole time.

For some reason watching her taste herself drives me fucking wild.

“Again” I command.

“How about I do it this way?,” she inquires coyly as she pushes up onto her hands and knees.

She clearly enjoys being watched, and sways her firm, round ass back and forth a few times for me.

I waste no time getting behind her on the bed for a better view of this scene.

As she arches her back even more, I get a quick flash inside her cheeks.

Mark my words:

That, too, will be mine.

She smiles back at me wide/eyed from over her shoulder and reaches back again, palming her round buttocks and then gently parting her bare pussy lips with two fingers, pausing that way for a moment to let me enjoy the view of her pink slit.

I can still taste her on my lips and my cock is stiff as a board.

Her eyes remain locked on me as she tantalizes – plunging her fingers in to her pretty little shaven cunt and removing them even more slowly. I tighten my fist around my shaft and start pumping harder on what is now a throbbing erection that refuses to be ignored.

I can’t take her teasing much longer…

Though I savor the thrill I’m getting from putting on this little encore performance for him, I can tell that my number is about to be up.

This time I’m on my hands and knees, my bare ass and pussy on full display for him. I’m wiggling my ass like a little whore, practically begging him to mount me.

But still, he waits, observing me like I am a piece of art. I secretly relish being appreciated that way.

As I watch him run his hand up and down the length that enormous cock of his, I am consumed by intense attraction. I feel my pussy swell as my juices begin to creep further down my thighs.

Speaking of art, his physique, impressive for a man of any age much less for someone in their early fifties, is not unlike an elongated version of The David. Same lean muscle tone and pecs (though obviously a whole lot more in the crotch department).

His skin is slightly weathered, attractively so.

Classic good looks.

The archetypal perfect man.

I am about to fuck the perfect man.

At this moment, I sense his body heat on me.

Still on all fours facing away from him, I feel a hand on my hip, then another brushes my hair to the side.

Lips kartal escort on my neck.

Hot breath.


Fingers burning into my waist.

His stern voice:

“Enough …

“I’m going to give you what you’ve been waiting for.”

I sink into the bed face down, caged beneath the weight of his body. The savage energy he’s radiating shoots through me like a bolt.

Suddenly I’m flipped over like a rag doll onto my back. He buries his face in my breasts as he licks and sucks. My body is in sensory overload from the frenzied grabs and deliciously firm pinches. It is as if the hands of ten men were on me instead on one.

I’d kept him waiting too long.


Look at her a minute. So sexy there, her thick brown hair flowing on the sheets, her arms outstretched. Her curvaceous form and full, pillowy breasts pointed to the sky. A Venus reclined, set out before you for the taking.

I absorb her pure glow one more time before I reach down and guide my rock-hard dick to the hungry mouth of her aching pussy.

I feel a mixture of horror and relief as I watch as his mountain of cock of parts my flesh, stretching my poor little lips to their maximum. I feel the burn as my skin is tugged in two different directions.

“Stay with me, little girl,” he says. “You’ll feel better in a minute.”

I think I am going to pass out.

His monster head is only about two inches inside of me and is not budging any further. I want to wimper like a little girl but I grit my teeth and smile at him. I want so much to please him.

He licks his fingers and begins to massage my clit.

As he strokes my already soaked cunt, something happens. I can feel my body opening to him, millimeter by millimeter, centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch he creeps inside me, shoe-horning himself into my tight, gushing hole.

It isn’t long before I feel his head bumping the back wall of my pussy, but I’m quickly horrified to note that his soda can-width cock is still only halfway in.

“This is a good start,” he says, breaking into a truly devilish smile.

“You can handle it. You’ll see.”

And with that, he starts pumping slowly, pushing hard to force his way deeper. His face locked in an expression of ecstasy, he is massaging my clit as he thrusts.

As he picks up speed, the burning feeling of being torn in two begins to subside as intense pleasure slowly takes its place. I focus on his hot body as it flexes, his hands gripping my waist, pulling me close to him, his intoxicating green eyes, and his log of a cock as it stretches me beyond all comprehension with each excruciating thrust.

Somehow this exquisite pain makes me moan with pleasure.

My pussy responds by utterly dripping with lubrication.

“There you go, little girl. You see? You’re all better.

Now I’m going to really to make you fucking scream.”

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