Her Feet

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I recall the exact moment when I realised that my friend John’s girlfriend, who’s name is Emma, had fantastic, sexy little feet. We were out shopping; we being myself, Jim Hodges and a few others. Those being John, Emma and my girlfriend at the time, Joanna. Joanna and I finished that very night to be honest, but she’s not really an integral part of the story anyway. But back to the moment in question. We were in a shoe shop as Emma had decided suddenly that she didn’t have enough shoes and she needed more. After ten or so minutes of tirelessly searching through the shop, checking out every single pair, she settled on a pair of red, opened toed stilettos, which had about a 5 inch heel. I knew she liked to wear high shoes because she was only quite small and heels made her look bigger.

It just so happened that she sat down next to me and removed the trainers that she was wearing, leaving her only in a pair of little pink socks with love hearts on. Now at this point, I was only just beginning to think that her feet were pretty; it was when she removed the little socks that I realised they were the most beautiful feet I had ever laid eyes on. I had always had a thing for feet, but had never at that point had a chance to act out any of my fantasies about them. But seeing Emma’s delightful bare feet within touching distance got my cock’s attention immediately. They were so dainty and tiny, with cute little toes. Lovely and curvy with beautiful high arches. They looked so delightfully smooth that I had to fight the temptation to reach down and stroke them. Instead I had to readjust my sitting position to ensure that my erection was not becoming obvious.

She looked so wonderfully sexy in the shoes too, even with just the jeans and t-shirt that she wore with them. I had to remind myself that she wasn’t my girlfriend. Needless to say I masturbated that night as soon as I got in, over the image of Emma’s sexy, bare feet. Joanna was the last thing on my mind, which is probably why, when she phoned me to ask if I felt like doing anything later; I told her I didn’t think we should see each other anymore.

Now you may be asking what part her boyfriend plays in all of this; well, John was my friend and everything, but to be honest, he wasn’t exactly the most loving and caring boyfriend in the world. Whether or not that gave me licence to eventually fuck his girlfriend behind his back or not is not for me to decide, I’m just telling the story. But one thing is for sure, if he were a better boyfriend, none of it would ever have happened. It was his fault really that made us start talking properly in the first place.

Me and a group of friends, John and Emma included, had been out in the town for a night drinking and having a laugh. At the end of the night, myself and the two people in question began walking home. We all lived in the same area and it was only a half hour walk or so from town; we were all walking along and chatting when Emma and John began to argue. I don’t recall exactly what it was about to be honest, but I do know that John got really pissed off for literally no reason at all and ended up stalking off on his own, leaving me alone with his girlfriend; who, just happened to be wearing the same shoes that she had bought a few weeks previously. That night I had noticed she was looking spectacular.

She was only quite a petit framed girl, she had long, naturally curly reddish, blonde hair which fell around her pretty face. Her body was sexy too, with small, yet pert breasts which defiantly stuck out and a nice small ass with lovely, smooth legs and as previously mentioned, fantastically sexy feet. Tonight she wore a red, silky halter top, which showed off what little cleavage she had . She had on a black miniskirt and a pair of gorgeous, whalenet tights. I loved the way her sexy little feet looked in them. The black stocking material criss-crossed all over their surface and her sexy little toes poked through bare.

I told Emma there was no way I was letting her walk home alone at three in the morning and she eventually gave in and allowed me to walk her home, even though it was quite a bit out of my way. We chatted and got along really well; Emma apologised to me for having to be a witness to the argument and told me that John was frequently like that with her. She told me that he treated her like shit most of the time and she didn’t know why she was with him at times. And I, being the good friend like I tried to convince myself I was, stuck up for him for some stupid reason. Told her what a good guy he could be and that she just had to give him a chance.

Despite that, however, myself and Emma grew closer and closer over the following days and weeks; she got my email address and we emailed quite a lot and talked over the instant messaging service. I tried to tell myself to back off from my mate’s girl, because that was just not on, but not matter what I tried to tell myself, I couldn’t stop myself poker oyna from growing closer to her. That may sound like bullshit, but it truly was difficult, she had the most wonderful personality; she was kind, funny and sexy without even trying.

Our relationship took the next step about a month or so after the argument on the way home from town. We were at a friend’s house to watch a few movies and have a few drinks. Somebody had brought some harder drugs around though. Now although I have been known to use marijuana on occasion, when the coke comes out I want none of it. Emma shared the same sentiments as me. So while the rest of the guests were in the front room doing lines, I found myself sharing the big comfy sofa in the conservatory with Emma all alone; half watching television. We chatted for a while and then for no reason at all, Emma swung her legs up on the sofa so she was in a laying position, her feet rested on my thighs. I shrugged it off, it was a common way for friends to sit and we continued to chat. However, Emma complained that her feet were aching and kindly asked me if I would massage them while we chatted. My throat dried up and I managed to choke out a response of compliance. My hands shaking slightly as I took her delicate feet and began to gently massage them.

I realised with each passing moment how my cock was stirring to life in my jeans as I continued to massage her gorgeous bare feet, the feeling of her soft soles driving me wild. What made it even worse were her soft whimpers of satisfaction as I rubbed her aching feet. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I know that the atmosphere became decidedly steamy in the conservatory as I began to rub her feet in a more sensual way. I couldn’t help myself, I knew that another guest might walk in at any moment and instantly report what they saw to a coked up John, but I found myself lifting her right foot to my mouth and parting my lips before taking her big toe into my mouth and sucking gently on it.

She opened her eyes at this in mild shock and for a moment I knew in my heart that she would pull away and never speak to me again. Much to my surprise however, her mouth parted in a little ‘o’ and she let out the softest moan which sent shivers of electricity through me, before she closed her eyes and lay back to enjoy my pampering of her feet.

I found her other foot resting more comfortably against my towering erection which I no longer attempted to hide; we both knew it was there. As I began to softly suck each of her toes in turn I felt her foot moving softly against my penis, her big toe, softly and casually massaging it’s swollen head. We both somehow knew what was happening and when I slowly placed her other foot on my crotch and unzipped my fly to allow my penis to spring free, she wasted no time in wrapping her dainty little feet around it. Circling it with the warmth from her soles. I placed my hands on her feet and slowly I began to move her soles up and down my length, sending tingles of pleasure coursing through me.

Together we began to work her feet up and down my length, bringing my orgasm closer and closer to the fore. We both knew that at any time someone could walk in, but we were past caring. My cock leaked precum which dribbled down my shaft and onto her wonderful, tender feet. She got faster and faster, no longer requiring the aid of my hands to massage my member.

I recall wave after wave of pleasure coursing through me as I peaked and began to squirt my ejaculate out, which flew in the air. Some coated the cushions of the sofa, most however found her feet, which soon became coated with my sticky white fluid. Finally spent, an almost instantaneous spark of guilt hit me and I do believe Emma as well. We immediately jumped to our feet and cleared up the mess around us in silence, both unable to look each other in the eyes. She pulled a wad of tissue from her bag and cleaned my ejaculate from her feet, before she stood; looked at me, hurriedly apologised and then left the room. Needless to say, I felt like a royal shit and struggled to sleep for at least a week. Sure, John was a dick with her, but he didn’t need this.

We didn’t speak again for almost three weeks, and even when we did our conversation was strained as we desperately skirted around the subject of John. I figured that I’d probably ruined our friendship forever that night in the conservatory. The next time we actually saw each other face to face, as opposed to talking over the internet, was at another party thrown this time, by a different friend. As soon as I entered the house that night I saw Emma and John kissing on the sofa. When Emma glanced my way, she gave me a kind of guilty look and then resumed kissing him. I decided that I needed to be very drunk. I think I downed about a full bottle of Jack Daniels in less than an hour without any mixer to dilute the taste. My memories of the majority of the night are pretty vague; only two really stand canlı poker oyna clear. The first was when I managed to grab an equally drunk Emma for a long chat away from prying eyes. The second was what happened later in the night.

Back to the chat we had though; we talked about a lot of things, avoiding what had happened between us for a long while before Emma eventually brought it up. She said it had been driving her wild because she was falling for me, but knew she couldn’t have me. Things were just too difficult. I sadly agreed and said that we shouldn’t do anything else as it was too dangerous and we were stupid for doing what we had done before. We hugged a lot and apologised to each other for not finding a way through it. That talk should have finished things off between me and her, and it probably would have if John hadn’t got so pissed that night.

He had been steadily drinking Vodka for around five hours when he started a pointless argument with Emma in the front room of the house; in view of around fifteen spectators. Most stood and left the room as John mouthed off to Emma telling her how much she pissed him off sometimes; some stayed to watch. And a more stupid few, myself included tried to tell John to shut up. We got a mouthful for that, but I noticed Emma throw me a thankful look afterwards.

The fight stopped in a sense when John had finished the second bottle of Vodka he had brought with him and passed out where he lay on the sofa. Emma still softly crying next to him; but I still couldn’t go comfort her as there were other people still in the room. Finally, the others dropped off to sleep either through drink or tiredness and I whispered in the darkness for Emma to come sit next to me on the sofa where I sat. She came and allowed herself to fold into my arms when I gave her a big hug; she cried softly for a while and we sat there in silence.

After a while I felt her head shifting in positions and the softest touch of her hand on my cheek turning my face towards hers where our lips met in the softest of kisses. I tried gently to break away, knowing that it was wrong, but she pulled me in more needily and kissed me harder. Her tongue slid out and into my mouth, delicately exploring. I responded equally, caught up in the moment as I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her in closer, feeling her pert breasts pushing into my chest. Eventually the kiss broke and Emma pulled away. She apologised and told me that she hadn’t meant to do anything and that she was felling lonely and unloved. I pulled her back in for a longer and more lingering kiss, this time letting my hands wander to her breasts, where I softly massaged them through the thin material of her top. I felt she was bra-less and so began to undo the buttons of the shirt so I could gain access with my hands. She responded by placing her hand on my crotch and stroking the bulge in my trousers as her tongue danced around in my mouth.

As I fingered her tiny nipples I felt them stiffen and grow in my hands; Emma let out a soft moan with the cool sensation of my fingers. ‘Go further down’ She whispered softly in my ears. Now I know she meant with my fingers, but I just couldn’t help myself; I had to taste her. I pulled away from her softly and instructed her to sit back on the sofa. Quietly, so as not to wake anyone I manoeuvred myself into a kneeling position before her. I wasted no time in moving my face closer into her delightful, bare legs. She was wearing a medium length blue skirt and bare legs beneath. I could only see the bare minimum of detail in the darkness, but I found her thighs and began to kiss the insides of them, pushing her skirt up slowly as I moved my head up. She whimpered softly in anticipation and I could smell her delightful sex before I even reached her mound.

I felt the heat radiating from within her panties as I finally reached them, rubbing my nose gently up and down her slit. I began to tease her pussy through the thin material of her panties, using my finger to gently massage her clitoris while I trailed my tongue up and down the outline of her pussy lips. She placed her hands on the back of my head and softly began to urge me on by pressing down on the back of my head. Still I continued to tease her as she continued to grow wetter, her panties becoming damper and damper with the moisture she radiated from within. I pushed my tongue softly past her lips and slightly into the confines of her pussy, still with the material between my tongue and her pink flesh.

This triggered a mini orgasm from her and she shook softly, moaning quite loudly in the process. ‘Oh God, do it properly pleeeaseeee!’ She begged softly as I finally parted her underwear and slid just one finger inside of her tight, wet pussy. Her scent was overpowering and it filled my senses, driving my cock wild. So sensual and full of lust. Her pussy was so tight that at first, I struggled to fit another finger inside of her, despite internet casino her lubrication. At the feeling of two fingers inside her, she moaned out loudly enough to wake someone. Hopefully it didn’t, but I never found out otherwise.

Gently I began to massage her swollen clitoris with my tongue, noticing for the first time that her vagina was shaved bare. I was finally able to taste her musky juices as I slid my tongue down and into her flesh. Her slightly salty taste drove me wild and I began to circle the tip of my tongue around her clitoris as I continued to slide my fingers in and out of her. Her breathing became ragged as she lifted her legs to part her pussy more and placed her bare feet on my shoulders. This gave me the ability to slide another finger inside her fleshy confines, her moan this time was one of deep pleasure and it was loud alright. I thank god to this day that everyone was so drunk that night, because Emma sure could moan.

She dug her toes into my shoulder blades and tried to pull me even closer in to her pussy which was now so wet juices actually flowed from her. I removed my fingers from her pussy and decided to finish her off with my tongue. I began massaging her clit with my thumb while I pushed my tongue as deep inside of her as I could, tasting her wonderful love juices fully. She moaned constantly now as I fucked her with my tongue, faster and faster until I felt her body began to tremble and she now dug her heels into my back and pulled me closer in, mashing my nose up against her clit as she shook violently from the force of her orgasm. Her juices coated my face and dribbled down my chin. I myself nearly came from the excitement of it all, but managed just to hold on.

She moaned and wailed through it all, still not a soul stirred in the room to my knowledge. When she had finally finished coming she seemed to collapse back into the sofa, her legs resting on my shoulders. I gently moved myself away and positioned her petite, sleeping frame into a laying position on the sofa. I myself lay down on the cushioned floor in front of the sofa and, despite still nursing a raging hard on, found myself drifting off into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the next day, I found that I had slept quite late. I quickly discovered that Emma had awoken earlier and left before any of the other guests, her own boyfriend included. Everybody put it down to the argument that they had subjected everyone to the previous night, but I knew different. I didn’t hear from Emma again until a week later when a group of us decided to go out for a meal and then to the pictures. We chose an Italian restaurant and when I arrived, I noticed that Emma and John were already there, sat next to each other at the table. I found myself sitting directly opposite from Emma, but was unable to try to make eye contact with her for fear of suspicion. So I made conversation with everyone and ordered my food, pretending that everything was normal. What happened after our started course had been taken from us was completely unexpected.

I felt something brush up against my leg under the table and at first didn’t notice it. When I felt the touch of gentle toes running up the inside of my leg I coughed up some of the Cola I was drinking. I remember that John asked if everything was okay and for the most surreal of moments I almost blurted out that his girlfriend’s sexy foot was working it’s way slowly to my growing erection.

Now, Emma was only a small girl and across the table with her legs stretched out fully, her feet stopped a little short of my crotch. Still without glancing in her direction, I scooted my chair closer in to the table, noticing from the corner of my eye that she did similarly. Now I found that she was just able to reach the bulge in my trousers with both her pretty little feet. Softly she began to tease me with her wonderful toes, not in any rush whatsoever. I found myself begin to enjoy the massaging feeling on the head of my penis. They didn’t feel like they were bare; I figured that she was wearing a pair of socks or something. I hadn’t noticed earlier as she had been already sat at the table when I had arrived at the restaurant.

In the meanwhile, our main course was delivered and Emma stopped massaging me for a while in order to eat her food; much to my dismay. Yet, as soon as she had finished, I felt her feet finding my crotch once again and I immediately rose to the occasion. This time, she was serious; I felt her toes working the zipper of my trousers down, before she worked her foot into my pants. The feel of her soft, stockinged toes against my penis made me flush with delight.

I felt myself flushing, and when one of my friend’s pointed it out, I had to make up an excuse about the heat in the restaurant. Emma in the meantime, had worked my penis free from it’s restraints and it was now out in the open. I was so grateful at the time that the restaurant had full length tablecloths so that nobody could see what was going on under there. I found the feel of her feet in a pair of thin, cotton socks very enjoyable; there was something about the friction that sent hot, pulsing sensations through my entire body.

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