Her First Breast Orgasm

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The first thing we had to do to get you set for your little “journey” was to get you situated comfortably on the bed. I had you lie on your back and spread you arms and legs out spread eagle so I could secure them to the four corners of the bed. When I finished I propped your head up slightly with a nice soft pillow. I asked if you were comfortable and you said yes. We were ready to begin.

“Now my dear before we get into the serious part of this activity” I said, “We must precondition those sweet cute nipples of yours” You had no idea what I had in mind. I continued… “What I plan to do is use these nice little plastic film canisters you brought (you know, the ones from those 2 rolls of pictures you sent me of yourself!) and get those nipples to stand up as much as they possibly can. You see while I was tying you to the bed, these canisters were soaking in hot water in the sink. They are now very pliable and can be twisted to new shapes.” I then put some KY jelly around your nipples in a ring about the diameter of the canisters. I also put some KY on the inside of the canister. I then squeezed the middle of the canisters such that the cylinder looked like it was crushed at the center. I then proceeded to place each canister on your breasts with the nipple in the center of the circle. When I released the canister you immediately felt the tug of the suction from the canister as it tried to regain its cylindrical shape.

“You see my dear as the canisters cool down, the walls pendik escort of the cylinder will want to revert to their original shape. In addition, as the air temperature in the cylinder cools, the pressure inside also decreases. Since the KY jelly formed a perfect seal between your breasts and the canisters, both of these factors will cause those nipples to be sucked further and further into the canister! And every passing minutes will cause those nipples to grow.”

You could immediately feel what I was talking about as the canisters began their magic. It was a quite pleasant sensation…more than pleasant…like me sucking you’re your nipples but without the tugging. It was very pleasurable and you immediately began to get excited. And since you had bought Fuji film (they use clear canisters) you could see your nipples rise before your very eyes!

I then proceeded to put a blindfold over your eyes. From this point on I wanted your mind to be the primary driver of your excitement…and of course some highly erotic titillating breast and nipple play. I told you I was going to take a shower and would be back in about 15-20 minutes. I left you alone with your thoughts in the blackness…with a constantly increasing suction on your nipples.

When I returned I could see that you were really enjoying those canisters on your breasts. Joy was already very wet (hard to hide when you’re spread eagle – hee hee) and there seemed to be a soft purring sound coming from your lips. maltepe escort You didn’t notice that I had come back into the room.

“Enjoying yourself my dear?” I said.

“Oh” you said “these things are VERY stimulating.” I could see through the canisters that your nipples had grown to twice their normal length. I removed the canisters with care to observe first hand the growth. “Looks like the Grand Tetons” I said laughing. “Guess it’s time for some serious titillation!.”

As always, your senses were heightened by the removal of your sight. The first thing that you felt was a feather tracing soft circles around your breasts moving slowly (painfully slowly) in smaller and smaller circles toward your nipples. When, at last it made its way to your nipples the contact was all to brief, only a quick brush to tease them. After about 5 minutes of this, you felt a piece of fur being used in the same manner. As this was happening, I was talking to you constantly, telling you how hot you were, how you were going to cum without ever being touched below the waist, how wet you were getting.

When the fur was removed, I sucked each nipple into my mouth very briefly and commented on how hard they were and how sexy they looked extended by the canisters. You moaned slightly because they had also become super sensitive. The next sensation you felt was some sort of cloth that was a bit rough but not scratchy. After that you felt an ice cube. Each item was being used kartal escort in the same pattern…circles around your whole breast then moving in slowly toward your nipples, where you were given only the briefest of contact, and I was constantly talking to you, dividing your focus between the physical sensations and my constant observations/instructions regarding how your body was responding.

This was when I began telling you that I would make you cum with just my breath on your nipples. I repeated this statement twenty times as I spoke to you. The next thing you felt was a rough, scratchy piece of cloth, wool actually. Again I stopped and sucked your nipples very briefly and you arched your back. Your nipples were begging for more attention. The next item felt like cool metal, perhaps a pen, tracing the same slow circles and this one confused you for a moment. It was too soft to fall into the natural progression I was employing until you felt a clamp grab your nipple and you realized what it was. You gasped at the sensation… these clamps were firm!

When both nipples were clamped I stopped for several minutes and just talked to you while the pleasure/pain washed over you. I began to squeeze your breasts slowly, being careful now NOT to touch your nipples but focusing your attention on them with my words. I told you I was going to slowly lift the chain that was attached to your nipple clamps and blow softly on you breasts. I reiterated that when I did this, you would cum almost instantly. I let you linger for a few seconds as your mind raced with anticipation. When at last I did lean down and began to blow across your breasts, your body started to convulse… you experienced the most intense orgasm that you have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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