Her First Erotic Spanking

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He was tall, disciplined, suave. He had an air of quiet power about him. If she looked in his eyes he would meet hers and lock them as if he could even control her sight. Being around him was like being near a campfire, hypnotizing and warm…yet consuming and dangerous like a bonfire when he touched his belt.

He often did that. It was a code between them. When he felt she was out of line or hand, he simply touched his belt while looking in her eyes. Instantly her body would flood with excited fear, because this handsome man…so in control, calm and collected could exact a spanking that felt as if the skin of her bottom might tear at the seams and the fire underneath would erupt.

They pretended they weren’t physically intimate, but she often bared herself to him in deeper ways than most lovers. He knew what she tried to hide from most men. She would confess it to him as he wrote it down in a book. Then they would dance. A dance of dominance and submission. A dance of strength and weakness. The dance of domestic discipline.

“20 and 3” he would say…and with those words her body would move involuntarily into position, bent over a straight backed chair. Within moments she would hear the sound of a belt being yanked through its loops with a low swoosh and she would shiver.

Always the first few strokes caught her offguard. It hurt so impossibly much it reduced her to feeling like child ready to whine and cry or do anything to make it stop. Yet at the very same instant…she wanted it, needed it, deserved it and loved him for standing up to her when most men were putty in her hands, spineless and weak. No, this man she couldn’t play mind games with or bat her lashes at til he gave in. This man was a man…everything she desired a man to be; responsible, controlled, decisive, solid, immovable. This one didn’t topple or let her self destruct. And hatay escort she loved and needed him desperately for that.

The first 20 bites of his belt were always administered on top of her clothing. It didn’t hurt any less because he swung harder and she wore such thin layers of clothing. But nonetheless, that is the way it was done, calculated.

After the first set she would stand and clench her ass with her hands, making sure it was still intact. Then she would try to rub the sting out, the way he sometimes did with his hands at the end.

“Hike up your skirt and pull down your nylons.” She looked at him challengingly fighting for time to let the burning sensation subside. She just couldn’t help it. But he was quick to let her know he meant business. “I will add 5 more with the razor strap for your hesitation.” Her eyes blinked puppily up at him, silently begging while she quickly obeyed him. He bent her back over the chair and the next set of 20 was administered with a paddle. Perhaps this was the worst, because there was just a thin layer of nylon and panty between her and his powerful swings with the tear jerking implement. Sometimes he used the one with the holes in it. And try as hard as she could the pain always brought her to her toes, arching her back as if she could escape somehow. But she wasn’t in control. The end of that next set was always marked with tears.

The next set made her nervous, she would be exposed and bare to him, and he often asked her to spread her legs apart and get her ass higher in the air. She worried about what he could see while knowing she was surely exposing everything. Something about the nakedness eased the pain just a little, flooding her with electric tainted excitement. But at the same time it heightened the pain because that last layer belonging solely to her, a wall of control of cover, hurma escort was removed. Every minute took an eternity at this stage of the dance. He bent her over the chair and exacted the final 20 spankings to a sobbing, very sorry woman. Then he would hold her and secretly her mind would race.

She didn’t want their dance to end. But then again she didn’t think she could take any more. It was delicious misery. The best part being that her pillar of strength would wrap her in his arms and hold her. In those moments the world could pass away and she wouldn’t even notice. His arms were gentle, loving, and he cocooned her in an embrace so warm it lead her to fantacize there could be nothing more secure or comforting than being held by this solitary man forever. However, she knew better than to let her mind wander that direction.

These were the ways the sessions went. This was the heat kindling in the bonfire pit, lying wait for the first flame to ignite. Session after session passed in succession til one day a match was lit. It wasn’t anything you could point out and certainly not anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps it was a full moon or something equally inconsequential. It was a simple gesture. He had pulled her OTK his knees for the final 20 spankings, administering them with his hand.

Her body immediately reacted to him. She could feel his warmth on her right side as her body was pushed up against him. Everywhere his body touched hers… his right leg under her and left over her, holding down her legs…came to life with an erotic pulse. Her sex ever wet with their fascinating power exchange betrayed her at that moment and began to drip slowly down her thigh onto his jeans.

He had once told her that if she every had an orgasm during a session she would pay for it in spades. She couldn’t imagine the pain that would ığdır escort inflict upon her, but she knew it wasn’t something she wanted to experience. And she never would have, had he not begun the tantilizing torture of aftercare. His perfect artistic hands began rubbing the heat from her tenderized upturned ass. She might have withstood that had he not curiously parted her cheeks and lightly rimmed her with his fingertip. Feeling the air on her exposed intimacy, and his eyes burning an even more intense heat into her, the dripping between her thigh began to trickle. She couldn’t hide it now. Knowing he would punish her further she tempted fate and reached between the thighs she lay across. She felt his erection. Tears drying on her face, she reached back and grabbed his hand. He didn’t think much of it, she often took his hand during aftercare and stroked it. But this time she took his forefinger into her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue memorized the length of it til it was sufficiently lubed, then she released it, guiding it back to the forbidden rim that was flaming with desire for him. He slowly pushed his finger through the pinkened pucker. A moan of ecstacy escaped her lips as the single sound shattered the barrier between them. His free hand flew to his jeans and before they knew what was happening he was behind her, flesh upon flesh poised to enter her heated ass. Gazing down at his handprints on her cheeks he was caught offguard and he began to push in with sudden passion. Just then the heat within her found a crack and she began to errupt in waves of orgasm, uncontrollable, so intense she seemed to shatter beneath him. It only turned him more on to see that he had such a visible effect on her. He pushed himself inside her with abandon…deeper, faster, harder. His body hugged tightly over the bright pink burning flesh melting beneath him. The heat of her ass seared him everytime it met his skin adding fuel to the flames threatening to engulf them both. It was erotic, spontaneous and wildly hot. Consummated with his own orgasm throbbing through their united bodies.

Finally she had experienced her first erotic spanking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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