Her Sudden Transformation

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My wife, Jan, and I have been married for a long time. We have a good relationship, and we always have. When we were dating, I could barely keep my hands to myself. She had always had a petite frame, with curves in the right places. When we would be together, I could feel the piercing stares of every guy we passed, watching her every move…the bounce in her step, the sway of her hips, her breasts moving in perfect rhythm with each sensuous step. She was pure vision on two legs, and my perceived value as a man was enhanced when we were together. The sex was amazing during those years, and it even improved after we were married.

Over the years, we have been blessed with two children. However, those years have not been very kind to Jan. She gained a lot of weight and was not the same person as before, in both appearance and personality. Perhaps this is why our sex had become routine, more like a requirement of marriage. I felt that Jan was feeling the same thing. In our silence, we wondered how the romance and sexual anticipation could be rekindled in our relationship.

One day, as Jan was preparing for work, I sat at the kitchen table drinking my morning coffee. As she came in, Jan made proclamation that she had come to a decision. She was going to lose the pounds she had gained and would start working to get fit…and that she was determined to stay that way. I voiced my eager support, although I was a veiled attempt to hide my fear that she would not succeed. That evening, she became a woman possessed by the goal she wished to obtain. Jan started preparing healthier meals, and she began an exercise program with a personal trainer at the local gym. Her attitude about herself changed and it seemed as if Jan was a new woman…that is, the woman with whom I had fallen in love. However, I thought it a bit strange when she installed a wall-to-wall, full-length mirror on one side of our bedroom. But, thinking it made Jan happy and it figured poker oyna into her new routine, I didn’t mention my concerns. After all, I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal and so I let it slide for now.

After several months had passed, and I had finally become accustomed to her healthy meals and her exercise regimen, I noticed she was spending more time at the gym than usual and coming home later each evening that she was there. Jan would come home in her usual sweaty outfit that was several sizes too big, head straight for the shower, and then crawl into bed to fall fast asleep. Her self-imposed schedule of a full-day’s work, followed by a lengthy evening of exercise at the gym, was starting to take its toll and I was concerned that she had become consumed with the idea of being in shape. And, I must admit, I was starting to wonder if there was a relationship developing with her trainer who I had never met but about whom I had developed a mental picture. Compared to my average physique, my mental picture of him did not make me feel secure.

One day, after finishing up early at work, I decided to venture home. It had been a long, hard day and I was looking forward to relaxing and watching some television. Pulling onto my street, I noticed Jan’s car was in the driveway. I initially thought this rather strange, but then recalled that she was taking a couple of days of vacation to get some rest. Relieved, I walked through the front door and headed toward the bedroom to change. Since I didn’t see her as I entered the house, I decided she must be in the bedroom resting. Not wishing to awaken her should she be asleep, I peered through the open bedroom door.

Jan was standing with her back to the door, facing the large wall-to-wall mirror. She was posing, much as body-builders would in competition, in front of this mirror. That in itself would not be a strange sight if not for the fact that she didn’t have a stitch of clothing canlı poker oyna covering her body. I stood there mesmerized by her toned skin, the muscles across her back and down her legs, the tight ass that flexed with each fluid movement. Her new body had been sculpted as if by a master craftsman. I could not believe this was the same woman who had made that promise to herself those many months before. Her beautiful body had developed into a work of art, her arms bulging with new found confidence and grace. How could I have been so blind not to have noticed this change in my own wife?

I felt a sudden desire to enjoy every inch of this woman standing before me. I needed to wrap my arms around her, to feel her body against mine, to feel her strength consume me. Standing in the hall, I removed my clothes and left them in a heap on the floor. As she continued her “dance” in the mirror, I stepped through the door. When she saw me, she didn’t seem startled…as if I had been expected. I surmise that her dance…her poses…had been for my benefit. Still facing the mirror, she glanced down and noticed the reflection of my growing erection as I slowly approached from behind. Her physique beckoned to me and I had desires I never thought existed. I ran my hands along her ass, feeling her taut body as my fingers felt every inch. I reached around and pulled her to me, cupping her breasts in my hands, my cock fully erect and resting against her.

After a few pleasurable minutes, Jan turned to face me, her muscular arms reaching down as her hands wrapped around my cock and balls. As she sank to her knees before me, her lips parted as she began to slide them over my hard cock. Slowly, her mouth engulfed me, sliding down my shaft with a new talent previously undiscovered. My gaze alternated between her fascinating, sinewy body and her mouth upon my cock. As her right hand grasped my shaft and her left cradled my balls, she picked up the pace, sucking internet casino me in deeper with each stroke. I felt my head swimming and I desperately needed release. But I wanted to be inside of her, to feel that closeness as we joined together. I helped her up off the floor and held her close, my hands sliding over the cheeks of her ass. Releasing her, I turned her around so she could lean against the mirror. With her legs slightly spread, I placed my cock against her moist pussy and slowly entered.

She felt tighter than I remembered and a slight moan escaped her lips as I moved in deeper. Jan’s pussy eagerly accepted my cock as I pulled out and slid back in with ease, her body beginning to feel the rhythm as our movements became synchronized. I held her hips as I plunged deeper with each thrust. She steadied herself, hands against the mirror, her eyes half closed, her breathing heavy and labored. My hands traveled up her back to her shoulders. I could feel her muscles bulging under my finger tips as I gripped her shoulders to gain some leverage as I fucked her ever harder, her body moving back to meet mine. I was like a man possessed, enamored by this woman, needing to fuck her even deeper than was humanly possible. She sensed my need for release, even though I knew that I wanted this feeling to last forever. She reached around with her right hand to grasp my cock as it pummeled her pussy, fully knowing this would send me over the edge. Her touch was all that I needed. Gripping her shoulders, I pulled her body closer to me and buried my cock deep inside her. My cock twitch with sweet relief and my balls released into her. She moaned deeply as my warmth filled her, and coated my still-hard cock. I kept sliding in and out of her slowly, enjoying the sensations of her wet pussy on my softening cock, and we collapsed to the floor as I held her close.

Perhaps her plans to build up her body was not such a bad thing after all, and I realize that I should never have doubted her resolve. I never thought that Jan’s new muscular body would be my new fetish. She has shown me some new things and taken our sex life in totally new directions, and I am truly grateful.

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