Hey Neighbor Ch. 01

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**Other than names, this story is for the most part true, just like all my other stories will be. Everyone in the story is 18+**


Brian and I became instant friends the moment his family moved in next door when I was only three years old. We grew up going to the same schools, hanging out with the same people. Our moms, who became best friends as well, thought nothing of it when we would hang out all day in his room or when we’d fall asleep on my bed while we were watching a movie, because in their eyes, we were like brother and sister.

I developed a crush on him when I was 15, but I never imagined anything would happen between us but there I was 3 years later, trying not to scream from pleasure as he fucked me for the first time on his bed while his mom slept in the room across the hall…

We were both 18 when this all first started, a couple months away from graduating high school. I’m a short Latina, standing at only 5’2″ with dark brown eyes and curly, unmanageable hair up to my shoulders. I’m not what you call fat, but I’m a bit bigger than your average girl with a nice 36C rack, wide hips, and a close to flat tummy with fair skin. Brian, being on our high school’s basketball team, had developed nicely defined arms and chest, someone totally out of my league. He stands at 5’10”, with light brown eyes and dark hair and fair skin with the whitest smile I’ve ever seen.

So anyways, this all started a few months before we graduated high school. I was lying down on my stomach on Brian’s bed flipping through a magazine while he sat next to me playing one of his video games, something we always did.

“Hey, so whatever happened to that guy you were dating? Haven’t seen him in a while,” he asked.

“Oh Eric? We broke up last weekend.”

“Why?” he asked. “I thought you liked him”

“I did,” I said. “But he was only after one thing, and he isn’t the one I wanted to fuck for my first time.”

“Who do you wanna fuck for you first time?” he asked as he paused his game. I slowly looked up from my magazine and stared back at him. I could feel tension escort ataşehir building as he quickly figured out that I wanted him to be my first. My heart raced as we stared at each other, lust growing without breaking eye contact. That tension was cut pretty quick as we heard footsteps rapidly approaching his door. There was a knock at the door, swinging open before Brian could tell his mom to come in..

“Oh, hi Lisa,” she smiled at me, not all surprised or bothered that I was over again or that I was lying down on his bed. “Brian, I’m gonna go to bed, work was hectic today so I’m pooped. Don’t forget to lock up after Lisa leaves, okay? Goodnight guys!”

“Goodnight!” we both called out to her as she closed the door behind her. I giggled nervously, feeling like we got caught even though we weren’t doing anything, yet.

I gasped as I felt Brian’s hand on my leg, my pussy tingling as I anticipated what was about to happen. The tips of his fingers moved slowly inch by inch over my calf then over behind my knee. I bit my lip, trying to hide my nervousness as his hand inched higher and higher up the back of my thigh, reaching the edge of my shorts. His hand slipped underneath my shorts, then underneath my underwear. I spread my legs a little as he pushed my underwear aside, my pussy exposed. His fingers moved up and down my pussy lips, not yet entering me. He slowly pressed a finger into me, sliding it in and out my wet pussy. I moaned softly as he added another finger, pumping them into me. He was fingering me slowly at first but started gaining speed as his thumb rubbed my clit. I could hear how wet I was, his fingers moving faster inside me while I tried to not to moan out loud. He pulled his fingers out of me suddenly, leaving me wondering why he stopped.

“Turn around,” he said. I quickly kneeled on the bed and turned around to face him. His hands reached for my face, pulling me in towards his. Our lips met for the first time, our tongues taking turns wrestling in our mouths. His hands moved all over my body while mine played roughly with his hair. He stopped our kadıköy escort kiss just long enough to take my t-shirt off, pulling it over my head. I quickly followed suit and pulled his t-shirt off of him, my hands going all over his bare chest and body as he began to shove his tongue in my mouth again.

He pushed me down towards the bed, him lying on top of me, his hard dick pressing against my pussy. His kisses started to trail down my neck, then my cleavage. I arched my back as he reached under to undo my bra. He tossed my bra across the room and took my nipple into his mouth. He started sucking on my nipple, hard. I hadn’t ever felt so much pleasure and pain at the same time, but it was amazing! His tongue flicked my nipple rapidly before he switched breast.

I was squirming underneath him, I could feel my panties were soaked. Brian started moving down, kissing my body along the way. He finally reached his destination. He undid my button slowly and pulled down the zipper.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this,” he whispered. I lifted myself off the bed a little so he could pull the shorts down over my ass. Finally off, he dropped them to the ground. He began kissing my inner thighs, moving closer and closer to my pussy. My breath and heartbeat quickened as he calmly dragged his tongue up my thigh. He placed his face against my pussy and taking deep breathes. He grabbed my panties and peeled them off.

He kissed my pussy first, then ran his tongue up to my clit. He started sucking on my inner lips while he put his fingers in me once again. His mouth moved to my clit and alternated between licking and sucking. I was in heaven! No boy had ever licked my pussy, and this was amazing! His fingers moved furiously inside me while he licked and sucked faster.. My whole body began to tremble and I let out soft moans. No boy had ever gave me an oragasm before! He slowed down, took one last lick and moved up my body to kiss me. I could taste myself on his lips, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth.

I pushed against his chest and maneuvered myself maltepe escort bayan on top of him, straddling him as I kissed him. Just as he had done, I moved down his body kissing him along the way till I reached his dick. I could tell it was hard through his basketball shorts.

“Take them off,” I said. He obediently listened and kicked off his shorts and boxers. His 6 inch cock sprang up and glistened with a little precum. I bent my head and put the tip of his cock in my mouth, giving it a little kiss and licking off the precum. I began licking the shaft, then wrapped my lips around the head. I began bobbing my head, sucking more and more every time. His cock reached the back of my throat and I felt his hands on my head, holding it in place while he started to face fucked me. His dick moved so fast in my mouth, his dick touching the back of my throat with every pump. He finally let me up and I pulled my mouth off his dick. I stared at his saliva covered cock and then up at him as I gasped for air. He smiled then lunged at me, bringing me down onto the bed as he shoved his tongue in my mouth.

“I need you to fuck me,” I said. He pulled a condom out of his drawer and slid it down his cock. He grabbed some pillows and placed them under my head, then placed himself between my spread legs. He reached between us and placed the tip of his cock in my pussy, then gave a gentle push and he was in me. I gasped as he entered me and grabbed on to his biceps. He kissed me as he went deeper with every thrust until he gave a final one and was completely in me. I moaned with pleasure and pain as I felt the hymen break, but his tongue shut me right up.

He fucked me slowly at first, gaining speed little by little, He moved his lips to my nipples, sucking them again. I moaned with pleasure, grabbing onto his hair while his thrusts became harder. I moaned with pleasure he picked up speed, fucking me faster and faster. I knew he was close.

“Yes, fuck me baby!” I moaned. “Oh Brian…” He pumped into me a few more times and groaned loudly when he came. He lay motionless on top of me, his dick still inside me as it grew limp. He kissed me once more then got off.

I picked off my clothes off the floor and got ready to go home. “Same time tomorrow?”

“Sure thing,” he laughed, kissing me one more time and gave me a light spank before I headed for home.

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