Hidden Fantasy

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I think about you. I know that I could never act on these thoughts, but I think them all the same. I can’t help it and I don’t know why. When I sit with you, innocently hanging out, I watch as you unbutton your shirt, and imagine touching your chest, trailing my fingers down your sternum, pushing the fabric of your shirt back and tracing your ribs, touching the hollow of your throat. You pull your hair out and I imagine tangling my fingers in it as I kiss you, pulling you close to me, biting your lip, feeling your body pressed against mine, responding to my touch. I watch you when you are doing intricate things with your hands, watch your fingers move. I like your hands; I imagine your fingers inside me, moving with me as I writhe against your hand. Sometimes, I see you looking at me and I wonder if you know that I’m thinking about touching you, kissing you, fucking you. I look away, in case you can tell, in case anyone can tell. I feel myself getting wet, my cunt contracting, and shift uneasily in the chair.

When I’m alone, sometimes I touch myself and imagine the two of us together. I dip my fingers into my pussy and find myself wet, stroke my clit and imagine it is you. When I think of you, I touch myself slowly, letting the pressure build, until I finally come and I have to stifle my scream.

I think about being alone with you, reaching out with my hand and pushing you into a chair. Without saying a word, I shimmy my skirt up a little and straddle you. You look up at me, wide eyed, and I press down with my hips, my panties already slick with wetness, the thin cotton doing nothing to mask the roughness of denim. I kiss you softly, deepening the kiss as I hear your breathing get ragged. You put your hands on my hips and guide me against you, and I feel your hardness through the fabric. I gasp a little, and press harder against you, feeling my nipples tighten against your chest. I kiss your neck, tasting your skin, licking you, biting you gently and I move with you as I feel your hips rise and fall beneath me.

I feel your hands tug at my shirt and suddenly, my breasts are free. I press my chest to yours, feel your skin against me and your hands move to my breasts. Your touch is light and I feel shivers that run pendik escort straight through me, making my clit tingle with need. I push your shirt off and bite at your shoulders, licking your collarbone. My hands tangle in your hair, trail across your chest, touching you everywhere I can reach. All those nights of thinking about being with you get the better of me, and I can’t keep moving so slowly. I reach down and unbuckle your belt, tugging at the leather, tracing your stomach muscles down to the top of your jeans. I push away from you, and meet your gaze. I stand in front of you and unbutton my skirt, letting it drop to the floor, keeping my gaze steady, daring you to look away. I reach out and unzip your fly, urging your jeans down your hips with my hands, your underwear coming off with them. Seeing your cock makes me want to fuck, right there and then. It is a visceral feeling, well out of my control, my cunt tightens, spasms, I want to feel you deep inside me.

Instead, I kneel in front of you, pressing your knees back, so that I can look at you. I run my hands over your legs, your muscles tight from biking, your hips so slim, and I trace my fingers down your hip bone. I follow my fingers with my tongue, tracing the triangle of your pelvis. I look up at you and see you watching me, your breathing ragged and I can’t wait any longer. I lick the head of your cock and feel you stiffen as I explore, my fingers tracing the path that my tongue takes, following the ridge from the base to the head, before taking you into my mouth and licking you while I suck against you. I taste you and realize I am not the only one getting wet. You tangle your hands in my hair and I gasp a little as you drag my curls around your fingers, pulling a little. I pull you deeper into my mouth and cup your balls with my hand, feeling your body tighten as I suck and lick at your cock. I hold you still at the base of your cock with my free hand, and fuck you with my mouth, keeping the pressure even and steady, feeling your hips move with me, tiny little movements urging me on and I hear your moan. Pulling away from you, I look into your eyes and see my own need reflected in your gaze.

I straddle you again, this time with intention, and press maltepe escort close to you. You put your hand between us and stroke my clit. I gasp, burying my head in your shoulder as you slowly rub me, circling around the sensitive bud, making me shake against you, before you plunge your fingers into me, mimicking with your hands what I know you want to do with your cock. Your lips are on my neck, your arm around me pulling me in tight to your body. I feel you reach for that sensitive spot I find so hard to reach on my own and feel the wetness flood your hand as you press against it with your fingertips. I moan, unable to stop myself from crying out as I move against your fingers, urging you to keep going. My arms are tight around you, my hands clenched against your biceps. My body is shaking as I hover on the edge of orgasm. Suddenly you press your fingers hard against me and I cry out your name, sobbing as I feel myself contract, needing, wanting so badly to come on your fingers. I push my hips forward, grazing my clit against your cock and hear your groan and shudder. I look you in the eye and tell you that I want to feel you inside me, that I want to fuck, that I want to fuck now.

I rise to my knees and press my pussy against the head of your cock, I’m wet and soft and your cock slides against me, teasing at clit, my cunt. I watch you as I rub myself against you, taking pleasure from the anticipation, the feeling of your cock against me. I slip the head of your cock inside me, sighing with pleasure as I feel you push into me, before pulling back, just enough to feel the ridge slide out of me, as my pussy tightens, wanting more. I lower my hips, taking the head of your cock back into me, feeling wanton and wet as I feel you press into me. I rock my hips, letting you push into me and pull back, kissing you and running my fingers through your hair. Suddenly, I can’t take the teasing any more. I feel so wet and I want to feel you fill my pussy with your cock, hard and deep inside me. Without warning I slide down on top of you, feeling your cock fill me, my cunt grasping, wet and warm around you. I hear you groan and feel you pull me tight to you. I tilt my hips up, rocking against your pelvis, feeling your cock rub kartal escort against my g-spot and I can feel my pussy tighten around you. You pull me down hard against your pelvis, your cock so deep inside me and I writhe in your lap, my arms wound around you, my lips on your neck, moaning against your skin.

You pull at my hips, frustrated by these little movements, wanting to fuck me hard. We move to the bedroom and you push me gently on to the bed, you kneel between my legs and take my clit into your mouth, sucking at me and I moan, begging you to fuck me. You replace your mouth with your cock, rubbing the head of your dick against my pussy. My hips work against you, wanting you deep inside me. You thrust your hips forward, and your cock slides deep into my cunt and I wrap my legs around you, both of us crying out as you fuck me, deep and slow, the length of your dick sliding against my clit as we move together. You speed up and I move with you, my hands reaching for the small of your back and pulling you into me. I shudder beneath you, feeling my orgasm build. Your slow, deep thrusts pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

You speed up, fucking me with a steady even rhythm, matching my heart beat, my breath, my moans and I feel my pussy tightening around you, I pull you tight toward me and tilt my hips, pulling you to the center of me, and rock my hips against you, I can’t help it, I just want to come on your dick, want to feel you filling me while I explode around you, my wetness flooding out of me. You know I am close, you must be able to feel my pussy tightening around you, my hands clenched against your back, pulling at your hair, my body tight like a bow, and you urge me to come. I thrust my hips up against you one last time and drive you deep into me, pushing me over the edge and I come hard around your cock. It rushes over me, indescribably good, coming from the very center of my body, wetness flooding over your cock, and I cry out into your shoulder, my cunt contracting tight around your cock, and I feel you shudder as you thrust deeper into me, fucking me hard as I ride against you, overcome with sensation. I feel your dick spasm inside of me, and hear your call my name as you start to come deep inside me. I wrap myself around you, rocking against you as spurt and explode inside me.

I will never act on these thoughts. But I think them. Sitting with you in a large group of people, I imagine us alone, wanton and naked. I can’t help it. I don’t know why.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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