Hide ‘N Go Seek

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It was pitch black down here in the basement. No windows available that would let in the street light, the door leading to the stairs was sealed tight and probably would not have let in light even if the stairs were lit, which they weren’t. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, and in that darkness, there were four other people.

After dinner we had more wine, played a loud boardgame and then, as we all began to feel warm and sexy from the drinks and the company, it was suggested we have a game of hide ‘n go seek. We all slipped down to the basement, made sure nothing was going to hurt us or get broken, and then we shut the lights off.

I had carefully slid across the room, opposite of where I had been. I nearly laughed out loud when I heard someone behind me crash into the bookcase that I had been standing in front of. So now I knew at least one of our group had their eye on me.

All that adolescent excitement came coursing through me. The fear of the dark mixed with a sexual excitement of being chased. Across the room, I had seen Cheryl, her husband Ron had been next to the door where the light switch was. Holly and Dane, an unmarried couple had been to either side of me across the room from each other. I wonder whom it was that raced for my old location.

There were nervous giggles from the other two women, and a guy had bumped into something and swore quietly. So I was in search of Cheryl. We had been secret lovers for a little while and we had talked about including her husband but Cheryl had said not till she had fulfilled all her desires on me first.

My outstretched hands hit the wall, I move to the right and bump into the leather chair. Cheryl had been on the other side of that chair, so I worked my way around. I had figured Ron wasn’t going to find his wife right away, and Dane seemed to have hungry eyes for me ( he was probably the one that hit the bookcase ). Sure enough, I reached out and found someone. And yes, after hearing her scream, I knew it was Cheryl. Now I had to giggle out loud and I took her hand, guiding her further to the right, away from where everyone would have heard her scream.

Now safely over to one side, I begin kissing Cheryl, hard. My fingers dig into her firm ass cheeks, pulling her tight against me, our breasts crushed between us. She slides her hands up under my top, squeezing and kneading my breasts until my nipples responded. Then she’s pinching them, turning them into bullets.

“Bugger off!” a male voice calls across the room. “Sorry.” Another male voice answers. We laugh. Oh oh…did we give away our position? I sense movement coming towards us.

“Dane?” Holly calls for her boyfriend. He doesn’t answer her. “Dane?!”

A hand hits my back. “Ah ha!” sounds like Dane.

“Where are you?” Holly calls again. Now he answers and it’s right beside me “Over here.”


“Come and find me.” He calls while his hands begin to slide over my shoulders, down my arms, around to my front where he encounters and pair of hands! He pulls back. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay.” Cheryl whispers.

Silence güvenilir bahis from behind me as he absorbs the information. And then his hands begin to explore again, pressing Cheryl’s hands as well as my breasts. He presses up against my back, his erection pushing into the small of my back. He must be a little uncomfortable. Dane’s hands are sliding across my belly now, pushing their way into my waistband, and trying to reach between my legs.

Meanwhile my hands are busy unbuttoning and zippering down Cheryl’s shorts. The sound of the zipper unmistakable in the dark.

“What’s going on?” Holly asks, a little closer now. Suddenly she squeals! Must be Ron catching up to her. We pause while we listen to their little struggle, Ron using a sinister laugh “got you now!”

There’s a mumbling as if Holly’s mouth is covered. But something’s not right? Sounds more like a struggle? Slap! No mistaking that sound! We hear her shuffle across the room again, bounce off something, nails scrambling across the wall, hollow sound of the closed door being thumped, the jingle of the door handle and then a soft light from upstairs reveals us and Holly framed in the door.

She turns to look, sees her husband molded along my back, Cheryl in front of me with one of my hands in her shorts.

“Ah ha!” Ron says and advances upon us.

Holly scurries up the stairs…alone.

There’s the four of us now, turning into the guys arms, massaging stiff cocks through their pants, switching until I’m kneeling in front of Ron, Cheryl in front of Dane. When did my top come off? Doesn’t matter. We have the pants off the boys and we are licking and sucking noisily. Cheryl has a hand on my ass, squeezing and pinching. I’m trying to reach between her legs with one hand while stroking Ron with the other.

“Switch.” One of the boys says. Cheryl and I stay put while the boys move around each other. Cheryl and I are kissing, tongues wrestling, fingers playing over each others cunts until the guys poke us with their cock heads and then we are sucking and licking all over again. The light fades for a second and then comes back. I glance over to the doorway. Is that a shadow against the wall over there? Is it Holly?

I have her boyfriend’s cock in my mouth and I turn us a little, in profile to the doorway. I don’t think he knows she is there. I take him out, hold him upright and lick him from head to balls and back up again. There’s a dribble of precum there and I lap it up. I play with his testicles while he slowly fucks my mouth. I tease a finger backwards along his crack, pressing against his hairy hole and suddenly he is pumping his hot spunk into my mouth. I’m caught off guard and I choke a little, spilling it down my chin. That makes a good chuckle.

Dane helps me to my feet and goes to put me in a chair but I tell him I need to clean up. But I suggest that Cheryl get in the chair and so the three of them arrange themselves so that Dane is eating Cheryl’s hot pussy while sucking Ron’s still hard cock.

With the three of them busy, I head for the door. I stop. Look to my right, reach türkçe bahis out, take Holly’s hand and lead her up the stairs. She glances back in the room; her boyfriend is on his knees, Cheryl’s legs open before him, Ron standing to one side playing with his wife’s tits.

Up the stairs I lead her, not saying a word. Down the hall to the masterbedroom. I turn, take her into my arms and kiss her softly. She stands frozen, her arms down to her side. I step back, reach behind me, and finally release my bra. I watch her eyes as they follow my hands. I slide my palms over my breasts, lift them up, and pinch the nipples. I take hands, place them on my breasts and squeeze her hands over my tits. She’s trembling but slowly she moves her hands. Slowly she begins to knead my breasts and finally she rolls my nipples between thumbs and fingers. I moan softly, encouraging her.

I reach out and undo her blouse, button by button, pushing the fabric down off her shoulders. I reach behind, undo her bra and slide it down her arms too, letting the garments gather at her feet. She shivers as my nails glide over her flesh, her pink nipples jumping to attention. Her breasts are small but firm. Holly has a little weight problem but nothing that rolls, just soft and warm to the touch. She grabs my hands when I go to unbutton her shorts but I shake my head no and continue to work the button and the zipper.

Holly gasps as I slide a hand inside the opening over her panties. They are a blue colour with tiny flowers. I can tell her bush is full. She can’t help herself and whimpers as my fingers glide over the material and over her pussy lips. I free my hand and push the shorts and panties over her hips. I kneel and work them off her legs. Her dark bush is in my face and I lean forward, kissing her softly, and my hands stroking her legs. She is trembling but I feel her hands lay atop my head and she shifts one foot over to the side.

I slide a hand up her thigh and brush her pussy. God she nearly collapses at my touch. I had better lay her down.

I stand, guide her to the bed, and help her lie down. I stand near her shoulder and get out of my own shorts and panties. Holly reaches out a hand and lays in on my ass cheek. “You are so beautiful.”

“Holly,” I say, “so are you.”

“Dane thinks I’m fat.”

“Dane is an ass hole.”

She laughs.

“And his jism takes like shit!”

She laughs again, her small breasts jiggling and begging for attention. I walk to the foot of the bed, and began to crawl up onto the mattress. I inch my way up her body, kissing and lucky, making her open her legs. Soon I have her wet cunt lips between my lips and I suck them hungrily. My tongue darts out, licks her from ass to clit. Again. Again. Harder. I probed her hole with a tongue while holding her lips apart with my fingers. Holly is squirming underneath me; I can hear her panting. God she is flowing like a river! I press a finger into her hole, just up to the second knuckle and just as I roll my tongue over her clit, Holly scream and thrusts her hips up at me, pushing my finger deeper and my mouth all güvenilir bahis siteleri over her.

God! She came! Just like that! She was thrashing underneath me, moaning and whimpering loudly. To think she was so cool before and here she was fucking my finger and tongue like a pro! I’m sure she came again so I slowly released her and slid the rest of the way up, stopping to lick each pink nipple and then to kiss her lips. We shared her juices.

“I’ve never had a woman lover before.” She confessed, as if I hadn’t guessed.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” She hesitated. I stared into her eyes and then gathering her in my arms, I rolled us over so that she was on top. She giggled. And then I pushed her shoulders down. She resisted for a second, and then she began to wiggle down. She took my heavier breasts into her hands, teasing the nipples with her fingers until I told her to lick them. Mmmmm, that’s better.

Down, down she went until I felt her hot breath over my cunt. I had trimmed it and Holly took a second to inspect but then she went to work and although was clumsy, she was committed. I asked her to do a few things but son she was experimenting on her own. She was too involved in her work to notice we had company. There at the doorway was her boyfriend Dane. He was slowly stroking his cock while watching her eat me out. He crossed the room and stood at the end of the bed. I wiggled up higher, my elbows on the pillows, my head now slightly raised. Holly crawled after me, her mouth back onto my cunt, her fingers exploring me. She didn’t even pause when Dane crawled up onto the bed behind her but she nearly screamed as she felt him guide his cock into her sweet cunt from behind.

Holly began to scramble away, but I put my hands on her shoulders and head and gently pushed her back down. She stared up at me but then returned to fucking me with her tongue and fingers while her husband spread her ass cheeks and buried himself inside her cunt. I watched him massage her plump cheeks and tease a finger along her ass hole. Holly began to wiggle and thrust back at Dane. I didn’t have to tell her a thing now, she was sucking and licking and fingering me like a pro! Dane watched me tease my own big brown nipples. I decided to tell him how good a lover Holly was, how lucky he was to have her, how well she tasted and how well she was fucking me now.

Well, that did it! The two of them began humping and fucking! Holly was loud again, the language beginning to turn blue and sexy! Holly was really doing me now and I encouraged her, telling her close I was until I came in her mouth. Holly lifted her face from my crotch and leaned on her arms over my body, her small boobs swaying back and forth over my belly. I wiggled down and kissed her, tongued her, wrestled her in her mouth. She was moaning and panting, begging Dane to cum inside her. He wasn’t long doing as she asked. She came again, loudly! God, what a closet nympho! She may become a good friend of mine!

Holly collapsed on the bed, rolling onto her side. I cleaned Dane off with my mouth and then they lay together in each other’s arms. I threw the cover over them. Holly thanked me…for everything. I kissed her and even gave Dane a peck on the lips. Then I was off to find more action for my poor cunt longed for some harder, longer action.

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