High and Low Ch. 07

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Brenda was really confused. Her family kept pestering her and telling her she should settle down and start a family. They didn’t like her boyfriend at all.

“That Simon seems like a right fag! He’s a total weirdo, going around in his bare feet and everything!” admonished Brenda’s brother Jim, himself a very talented college athlete.

Her family were also concerned that her nineteen year old brother Jake was a little too effeminate acting. They really didn’t need Brenda’s techno hippy boyfriend around as a bad influence.

For Christ’s sake, Simon was twenty eight years old and he didn’t act at all like a man. He needed to grow up! Whatever Brenda saw in him, they could never see.

With her job as a nurse, and going to school at night though, Brenda was under a lot of stress. She was a bag of nerves!

She had now done the unthinkable though . Something she never, ever thought she would do. She had been to see a doctor and had gotten some anti depressants to help her relax. God they helped!

There was a down side to it, it seemed. Because of her use of pills , she just didn’t at all feel at ease to scold Simon, who surprisingly to Brenda, had recently started smoking pot.

At first it really bothered her, but now for some reason, it didn’t so much.

Somehow, despite everything, Simon’s eccentric ways, his unpredictability, his laziness, she still needed him.

Even though she was in no mood for sex at all lately, go figure, with her job, school and taking her meds now. She still somehow felt emotionally drawn to him.

In the little time she was at home though, she just wanted to crash and go to sleep. Life wasn’t easy for her. She needed the meds to cope.

Through all of this Simon was off in his own world. He’d finally tried having sex with men. Brenda knew absolutely nothing about it.

He’d sucked the cock of mutual friend Miguel. He’d gotten fucked by a butch fag down town, and now Simon was developing an appetite for gay sex. It was all he could think about.

His mind was becoming good and dirty. He liked that.

Like any other day, with Brenda at work, Simon woke up late in the afternoon. He took a few hits from his pot pipe. He then slowly got dressed.

He put on some vintage hippie bell bottom cotton pants. They were blue and white striped. They hugged his ample cock and balls and voluptuous ass cheeks. The kind of ass any gay man would drool over.

He boldly put on a ripped fish net top. One of Brenda’s own, that showed his enticing fem boy tits.

He added a few colorful bracelets and wrist bands, picked up his shoulder bag and went out.

He walked like an air headed slut, and thought about nothing but sex.

His cock and balls were enraged and his ass tingled with eager anticipation.

He felt like he’d submit to anyone so very easily. He was eager to talk with anybody about cock!

The afternoon sun was shining on him just so lovely, and of course, he absolutely just hated wearing shoes! Going barefoot was such a feel good feeling that so very, very much appealed to him. Indeed it felt sexy, so why shouldn’t he go barefoot?

Horny as fuck, pleasantly stoned on the pot, he made his way across a parking lot, through a park, across some tarmac and into a cool long Beach shopping mall. The cool tile floor felt precious under his bare soles.

A bulky black security guard eyed him suspiciously. Simon’s cock got even harder. His ass jiggled from side to side subconsciously.

He’d started to do a slut walk. He was more than game now. Simon wanted gay sex. Sex with men. He wanted güvenilir bahis to get fucked.

Here in the shopping mall today, he was going to get his hair done. As always he had Brenda’s credit card. She paid for everything, so what did he care?

Nervously Simon made his way past shoppers and walked inside the hairdressers.

Simon had guessed that most hair dressers were gay, and this one that now approached him looked decidedly so. Simon’s eyes blazed with sexual excitement.

“Hi. How may I help you?” he asked Simon in a soft voice.

He was about forty years old with crystal piercing blue eyes, and blonde dyed spiked hair.

To Simon’s pleasure he wore tight, faded, flared designer jeans, a super low rise on his sexy hips. A maroon tight sleeveless halter top served his upper torso well, and my God, what an ass he had! Simon was melting.

“C’mon sweetie relax! My names Corbey!” He said.

Corbey took Simon by the hand and helped him into a barber’s chair.

“You’re a cutie alright babe,” Corbey enthused, rubbing his slender fingers along Simon’s aproned shoulder.

“I hope you don’t mind if I smoke, most hairdressers do for some reason!” he laughed, excusing himself. Simon blushed and felt his heat rising even more.

“No, I don’t mind if you smoke,” said Simon softly, as the thought flashed through his mind that maybe he should try smoking. When offered one though, he somehow decided he wouldn’t.

God, Corbey was turning Simon on though. Getting him hot! Simon wanted to squirm in his chair.

When he had a hand free, Corbey stroked Simon’s neck area, and Simon could hear him breathing so soft and sexily, while his hair was being styled.

When he smoked, Simon could see him in the mirror, his thick luscious lips pursed as he exhaled. He held his cigarette and smoked it like a very, very sultry women. It enthralled Simon.

When Simon’s hair was done, it was amazing! It still flowed past his shoulders, but was now dyed black and had been straightened.

He had a thin purple streak down his left side, and a yellow streak down his right.

“It looks so cool! Maybe I should get some piercing done!” Simon exclaimed, now standing up.

Corbey walked over to him.

“Babe, I can hook you up with that,” he said.

Corbey then used his subtle fingers to lightly twist one of Simon’s nipples.

“You wanna come up to my place barefoot boy? I just live up stairs,” Corbey asked, breathing heavily.

Simon’s eyes flashed sexual enticement and he blushed.

“You bet I do Corbey,” Simon said softly and longingly, staring deeply into Corbey’s eyes, and very horny.

Corbey closed up the salon, then he and Simon left through a back door and went up some back stairs to Corbey’s place.

Corbey’s spacious apartment was sun lit, had hard wood floors and had cool designer furniture.

“Well sit down Simon, I’ll get us some wine,” offered Corbey.

Simon stared in lust at his exquisite ass as he entered the kitchen.

Corbey then brought back two glasses of white wine and then sat next to Simon on the couch.

“Let’s get high,” Simon exclaimed, as he pulled a small bag of pot, and a pipe from out of his shoulder bag.

“Oh, you’re not a big druggie, are you hun?” Corbey asked now somewhat concerned.

“No, I just started smoking pot. I really wanna try ecstacy though,” Simon gushed.

“Well please look after yourself if you wanna experiment Simon,” Corbey advised, now lightly rubbing Simon’s near thigh with his fingers.

“I’ll be okay,” Simon insisted, now taking his türkçe bahis first hit from the pipe, filling his sweet, still clean lungs with the pungent smelling smoke.

“You want some?” Simon asked and slowly exhaled the smoke, and then offered the pipe to Corbey.

“Why not?” said Corbey laughing, and they proceeded to get high together.

They sat and drank wine, Corbey continued rubbing Simon’s thigh and sometimes teasingly ran his hand over Simon’s cock and balls.

“So dear, are you gay or bi?” asked Corbey inquisitively.

“I don’t know. Maybe gay. I’ve just started having sex with guys. It’s fun! I’ve just started getting into it.” responded Simon enthusiastically.

“Oh baby, baby!” Corbey whispered like a sex kitten. His subtle fingers stroked Simon’s fore arm. Things were getting hot!

He lightly squeezed Simon’s cock and balls and began twirling his fingers once again around Simon’s nipple.

Simon began breathing heavily with satisfaction.

Just then they were interrupted though.

A slim, but muscular oriental male of about 25, now stood several feet away, and was stark naked except for a skimpy red thong, through which Simon could see his cock stood ultra hard and upright!

He was hot! He was hungrily smoking a cigarette.

“So Corbey, where did you find this sultry babe?” he asked, staring intently at Simon.

“Oh Simon dear,” said Corbey.

“This is my roommate Aja,” he gushed.

Aja groped his own swollen member and smiled.

“So you’ve just started getting into gay sex Simon?” he asked invitingly, taking another drag from his cigarette.

“Yeah. I wanna get fucked and suck cock!” moaned Simon, now getting bold, tenderly groping Corbey’s cock and balls.

“Well I’m game babe! Let’s go!” offered Aja, smiling and feeling himself up, enticing Simon!

Simon’s cock was on fire!

In a moment they were in the bedroom, all stripped naked.

“Go on, get on the bed babe!” encouraged Corbey, patting Simon’s luscious ass cheeks.

A deliciously eager Simon got on the bed on his hands and knees. Aja then got in front of him, waving his thick, stiff, quivering cock in front of Simon’s face.

Simon’s ass shook suggestively and inflamed in front of corbey.

“Fuck me Corbey please!” Simon pleaded.

Then Simon got distracted! He threw his lips onto Aja’s pulsating cock head. His tongue went to work probing and lashing the cut prick. He sucked his cock greedily!

All through this, Corbey’s cock was hard as a metal torpedo as Simon’s ass swayed burningly, in front of him.

Corbey couldn’t help but see that the soles of Simon’s feet were pitch black!

“Dirty slut!” he muttered affectionately.

He patted Simon’s ass again, and briefly fingered his asshole. Simon exploded with pleasure.

“Let’s get wild then babe!” uttered Corbey, smashing his cock into Simon’s hungry fuck hole.

Simon was going insane with pleasure now!

He manically voiced his pleasured expletives, with elation, depite his busy, busy cock sucking! Indeed! Simon was learning to suck cock like a pro now!

“Baby you are so good at this!” testified a groaning, ecstatic Aja, now pumping his cock in and out of Simon’s mouth!

Corbey slowly and steadily battered Simon’s raging anus. Every time he thrust his cock up against Simon’s prostate, the feeling was just mind blowing!

“So this is what it feels like to be a slut!” thought a feverish Simon, as the passion raged.

His tongue maddeningly licked and slashed Aja’s hairy balls and cock. Corbey moaned in passion güvenilir bahis siteleri fucking Simon.

“Fucking whore!” he uttered!

His cock felt like a pulsating powerful spring inside of Simon. Driving him wild with every insertion.

Simon’s ass gyrated wildly as Corbey rode and fucked him like a bronco cowboy!

Simon smashed his own hand madly against his own cock and balls in insane peak sexual experience.

Corbey fingering his nipples, added even more fire to the vicious suck and fuck fest.

Aja’s faced grimaced and he groaned in impossible heights of sexual satisfaction.

This was the wildest fucking sex possible baby! A fucking inferno!

Corbey was now leaning over Simon, passionately licking and kissing him, as he fucked his now raw ass faster and harder.

Simon’s ass swiveled and kicked back in the elation. The bed shook mercilessly.

Aja moaned in unbelievable pleasure as his cock twisted in Simon’s mouth and slammed against the back of his throat, like a rabid Boa constrictor.

“This is so fucking good!” thought Simon as he palmed his own stiff, wet, pulsating cock.

Finally with one final blast, Corbey’s cock slammed into Simon’s asshole and the cum shot into him like a blown fire hydrant. Hot, sticky Semen swam inside of him.

At the same time, Aja’s cock exploded into Simon’s mouth. It gushed semen down his throat and forced Simon to gag.

Some of the delicious cum ran down his chin, as Aja repeatedly slapped his cock over Simon’s face, squirting seed up his nostrils and into his eyes, soaking his hair.

“Oh baby!” screamed Simon in indescribable delight.

Now Simons cock discharged too. His cock and balls on fire! The cum flowed into his hand and onto the bed sheets.

He massaged his sex madly, making the most of this incredible orgasm, as Corbey’s cock still danced in his cum filled crack, and Aja’s prick still slapped against his face, firing the last of his semen onto him.

“Oh fuck!” Simon screamed!

Slowly, very slowly he finished himself off.

At long last all three of them fell about from exhaustion. The beautiful climax fully realized.

“Honey, you are such a good fuck slut!” enthused Corbey, nestling against Simon, and kissing his cum stained lips.

They drank more wine and smoked more pot. Aja had to leave to go to his waiters job.

“Gotta do it again soon babe! You are hot!” He told Simon, hugging and kissing him.

“Thanks for teaching me a few things babe,” Simon replied sincerely, with his eyes watering.

Simon and Corbey spent the rest of the night drinking, making out, and engaging in a burning, impassioned 69 session.

Corbey gave Simon money for a cab and walked outside with him.

“God damn! You are sexy!” Corbey told him urgently as they hugged and kissed, just before Simon got in the taxi.

Just as he got in the cab, from the corner of his eye, Simon saw Brenda’s friend Josephine, standing just across the street .

Josephine had never liked Simon and she had been staring at him and Corbey the whole time since they had first walked outside.

“Oh well!” thought Simon in his drunken state.

Very fashionable, very fickle Josephine was shocked by what she had seen, even though she had always considered Simon a complete oddball.

“Wow! Brenda wouldn’t even know!” Josephine said to herself, more than slightly amazed.

When Simon arrived home at 3 a.m. he went straight to the bathroom and began puking out the wine. Brenda was awakened by it, but just tried to snuggle up closer to the the pillows.

“I wonder what he’s up to now?” she muttered breathlessly.

When Simon felt better, and had cleaned himself, he climbed into the bed next to Brenda and went straight to sleep.

He had a hangover from hell the next day.

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