High Heels, Nylons and Champagne

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In my work as a limousine driver I meet all sorts of passengers: executives, party goers, airline passengers and the occasional celebrity. I had a very interesting job recently.

I was booked to collect a passenger, a lady called Eleanor, from some kind of evening reception. From the address in a smart part of London I guessed it would be a pretty classy event, so I wore my best uniform, peaked cap and all, checked my car was spotless inside and out, and made sure I got there in good time. When I arrived I saw I hadn’t been mistaken. I drive a big, silver, almost new top range Mercedes, but even that was outclassed by the Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Jaguars and other pricey metal outside. Guests were already spilling out. As I waited for my passenger I eyed up the luscious women in expensive dresses, trying not to remember I only had my lonely bed and memories of my ex to go home to. Then my passenger appeared.

Eleanor had obviously been given my car’s details. She came straight to my car and I’d only just got out to open the rear door for her when she reached me. She was perhaps mid thirties, a couple of years younger than me. She was an executive of the organisation hosting the event, and she was a beauty! She was in a long black, figure clinging, evening dress, which I think is one of the sexiest garments ever invented. It was halter topped leaving her shoulders bare with her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, and slit high up her bare thigh. The low cut cleavage was closed by a brooch that seemed to only just stop her big breasts from oozing out. Jewels sparkled at her ears, her wrists and on that brooch between her boobs, and a necklace hung in a V enticingly pointing the way down her cleavage. She radiated sophistication as well as wealth. I held the rear door open for her and she slid her well rounded backside onto the black leather seat, treating me to a display of cleavage and bare tanned thigh as the slit of her dress parted.

As we made our way through the ever busy London traffic, in my imagination I undid that brooch and the halter clasp, let her dress drop, watched her slip off the black thong I imagined beneath and saw her in kinky nude poses before I had her in every sex position I could think of.

We arrived at her house, a Georgian mews terrace in one of the most expensive parts of London, with even a resident’s parking space outside for my limo. She treated me to another display of cleavage and thigh as she got out. I thought that would be the last I’d see of her breasts and thigh except later when I jerked one off thinking of her, but she stopped with one high heeled foot on the steps up to her front door. She smiled at me, and spoke.

“Would you like to come inside and see some more of my breasts and legs?”

As she spoke she playfully pulled her dress up her thigh, opening that slit and treating me to a display of even more bare female flesh. I felt as if an electric shock had run through me. I had followed her up the steps into her house even before I remembered I had no more jobs that night and was free till the next day. She led me into the lounge. I stood gazing at the antique furniture and the works of art on the walls. I was still dazed by the shock of being invited in by a sex bomb woman when the lounge door opened, and a second shock hit me.

In walked a pretty girl, perhaps early twenties, with neat almost black hair in a page boy cut, wearing a crisp white blouse well filled with boobs, and a dark grey miniskirt high up her shapely sheer black nylon clad thighs. Eleanor introduced her.

“This is my au pair, Michelle.”

Michelle gave me a look that I’ve never seen in a girl’s eyes without ending up in bed with her. I felt my throat go dry and my erection begin to stir.

“So pleased to meet you, Monsieur,” said Michelle with a sexy French accent.

“Michelle, we must make our guest comfortable. Let’s have some champagne.”

“Oui Madame,” replied Michelle. She twirled on her high heels, showing off the seams at the backs of her black nylons and wiggling her bottom as she left the room.

Eleanor pointed out some of the works of art, obviously just killing time till Michelle returned, but I couldn’t pendik escort keep my eyes off that brooch and bare thigh, and my erection was straining in anticipation. The door opened and in walked Michelle. She was carrying a silver tray with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and three glasses. She was also stark naked except for her sheer black stockings and high heels. Her firm young breasts bobbed and her almost black strip of pubic hair swung with her strides. She bent to put the tray down on a table, with my eyes locked on her cheeky young bottom.

“Thank you Michelle. Now look after our guest.”

Michelle strolled to me. She picked up my uniform peaked cap, put it rakishly on her head, grinned at me, then started to undress me. Eleanor stood and watched, with a mischievous smile on her face as Michelle quickly had me down to just my dark blue cotton briefs, pushed out in a huge cone by my straining erection. Michelle squatted wide kneed in front of me with her face level with my briefs, and pulled my briefs right off so I stood there naked pointing eight inches of hard muscle at the chandelier. Still squatting, Michelle looked sweetly up at me, then took the big soft head of my penis between her lips and rolled her tongue over it. I grunted with the shock of pleasure and involuntarily tried to shove my shaft as far down her throat as I could.

“Michelle!” said Eleanor, “later!”

Michelle ran her soft fingers smoothly and lightly over my balls and penis before she rose and turned her attention to Eleanor. I watched the show as Michelle undressed her. She started with that brooch. Eleanor wasn’t wearing a bra, and the cleavage of her dress opened far enough to show hemispheres of her breasts with her areoles and deep pink nipples peeping out. The little zip at Eleanor’s back was next, then the halter clasp. Eleanor’s dress fell and hung on her hips for a moment, revealing her big breasts quivering in all their splendour, before Michelle flicked it off Eleanor’s hips and down to her ankles. Eleanor’s black thong was as brief as I’d imagined, and through the black lace triangle of its front I could see the line of her vagina slit. Michelle hung the evening dress over the back of a chair, then smoothly slipped Eleanor’s thong down round her thighs from behind, leaving her exquisite body nude with her smooth shaven sex mound contrasting erotically with Michelle’s sexy little bush.

Michelle gave Eleanor’s sex mound a little fondle before she sent the thong to the floor. Then my erection cranked up another couple of notches as the two of them kissed and fondled each other’s breasts and pussy. Eleanor took Michelle by the hand and led her to an ornate antique couch. Eleanor sat on the couch, spread her legs wide, hooked one leg over the arm of the couch and sprawled arching her back so her breasts thrust up and forward.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she purred. “You know what I like, Michelle, and it will be so much more fun with a man playing with us too!”

Michelle knelt next to Eleanor with one knee on the couch and her other long stocking clad leg stretched out with her foot on the floor. The two of them kissed long and passionately, running their hands over each other’s naked body, lingering on each other’s breasts and cunts, and Michelle leaned over Eleanor getting her face between Eleanors legs to kiss and lick her cunt. It was a penis straining display of lesbian sex! Of course I joined in too. It had been months since I’d touched a naked woman, and now I had two to play with! I fondled Michelle’s smooth round bottom and thighs above her stockings, two pairs of soft round breasts, Eleanor’s deliciously smooth mound and Michelle’s furry pussy. I got the girls squealing in unison as my fingertips stroked two pairs of juice oiled vagina lips at the same time. Michelle soon got Eleanor red hot.

“Michelle! Michelle! Now! Want!” Eleanor gasped, squirming with arousal pleasure.

Eleanor grabbed Michelle’s bottom to frantically pull Michelle against her, the settled back on the couch with her legs spread wide. Michelle’s hand caressed its way down Eleanor’s front from her breasts to between her legs. Eleanor moaned and squirmed as Michelle massaged maltepe escort her smooth shaven sex mound. Then Michelle’s fingers slipped between Eleanor’s juice glistening vagina lips and she began to smoothly and rhythmically finger fuck Eleanor. As she pleasured Eleanor toward her climax Michelle kissed and licked Eleanor’s aroused nipples, and Eleanor fingered Michelle’s cunt.

I’ve always been turned on by watching lesbian sex, whether in porn or strip clubs. My cock was rock hard, towering almost vertical from watching the sex show and from playing with two naked beauties. With the two girls so interested in each other I wasn’t sure if I’d be getting any action, and I just had to finger my cock. I stood between Eleanor’s spread legs with my penis aimed straight at her, braced myself and started to tug my foreskin and stroke my shaft. Michelle’s bottom and stockinged leg were within reach of my spare hand and I fondled her smooth soft flesh and that so erotic boundary between her stocking top and her thigh above as I masturbated. I slowly eased my shaft to rock hard aroused readiness but held back waiting for Eleanor to climax.

I didn’t have to wait long. Eleanor’s gasps and moans rose to a crescendo, she cried out, thrust her pussy forward and her breasts bounced as she shook with the pulses of her orgasm. I was still gently stroking my penis when Eleanor flopped back on the couch, panting, holding her hand cupped over Michelle’s furry mound and softly moaning “Thank you, thank you” over and over.

Michelle, still kneeling on the couch, turned and looked up at me. The “want you” look in her eyes told me exactly what was coming even before she leaned toward me to lick the head of my penis while my hand was wrapped round my shaft. I stopped wanking and shoved my cock toward her face. Her smooth wet lips slid tightly over my penis head and down my shaft till my bush was brushing her nose. She reached round behind me to grab my bum and pull me against her.

I ran my hand over Michelle’s smooth warm bare back and through her soft dark hair while her lips and tongue slid exquisitely up and down my shaft full length from my pubes to my knob, sucking on the upstroke, and with her lower lip catching my frenulum deliciously. Finally my orgasm pleasure swelled up my straining shaft and I gripped Michelle’s head to pull her hard against my belly as I spurted my load into her mouth.

We emptied the bottle of champagne between the three of us, then we all took a raunchy shower together in the huge marble walled bathroom. We lathered each other, and my erection swung up hard again as our wet naked bodies brushed together in the confined space. Michelle and Eleanor licked the last of the lather from each other’s breasts, bottom and cunt, and from my balls and penis, which was freshly hard up again ready for more action. After we’d dried each other off I joined Eleanor in her big wide bed.

It was late but we had good old fashioned sex with me on top and Eleanor under me in missionary position with her long legs spread and folded up so her knees were near her shoulders. She was still throbbing from the orgasm Michelle had given her on the sofa and from Michelle and I fingering her pussy in the shower. Her vagina was as soft, warm, wet and tight around my hard hungry shaft as any guy could want. She climaxed quickly while I was still thrusting. She thrust her hips, clawed my back, wrapped her legs over me and pounded my bum with her heels even more frantically than my ex had ever done! After her orgasm she held me tight with her arms wrapped over me while I kept thrusting into her smooth tightness until I pushed her up the bed with my orgasm thrust and filled her with semen. Then we rolled apart and I was asleep next to her in an instant.

I was awakened next morning by the light touch of a hand on my thigh. As I lay there with my eyes closed the hand slowly crept toward my sex kit, ruffled my pubic hair, tickled my balls then finally wrapped around my iron hard “morning woody”. At the same time a smooth leg slid over mine and I felt the unmistakable soft pressure of a woman’s breasts against my arm. Then with a start I realised that Eleanor had been kartal escort to my left in the bed but the hand, leg and breasts were coming from my right!

I opened my eyes and there next to me on the pillow was Michelle’s sweet young face. She kissed me lightly on my lips and gently stroked my shaft with her finger. In an instant my arms were round her naked body, my shaft was squeezed against her belly, and my hands were exploring her thighs, bottom and pussy. Michelle and me romping together woke Eleanor next to me in the bed.

“Madame … oooh please!” Michelle pleaded.

Without waiting for Eleanor’s reply Michelle climbed astride me as I lay on my back. Her neat little black bush tickled the head of my erect penis and the nipples of her swinging breasts brushed against my hairy chest. Eleanor made clear she had no objection to Michelle mounting me by throwing the duvet off the bed to clear the deck for action. Then she knelt wide legged on the bed beside me and Michelle astride me. Eleanor placed herself perfectly for me to reach out and fondle her thighs and cunt, and for her to fondle Michelle’s naked body as she fucked me from on top.

Eleanor and Michelle kissed, then I saw Eleanor’s hand slide down Michelle’s back then a moment later her fingers appeared between Michelle’s legs from behind, ruffling Michelle’s bush and fingering and stroking her pussy. My ex used to like to masturbate herself kneeling astride me like Michelle so she was hot when she rode my rod. I could see, and hear from Michelle’s excited gasps and cries, that Eleanor’s fingers were having exactly the same effect on Michelle. I added to Michelle’s arousal by playing with her breasts and kissing her nipples as they swung above me. If that wasn’t enough, Eleanor’s fingers strayed occasionally from Michelle’s cunt to lightly stroke my straining hard up penis, and I reached between Eleanor’s legs to play with her spread thighs and her sex mound.

I felt Michelle suddenly tense above me.

“Je viens! Je viens!” she gasped, followed by a long deep moan. I’ve remembered enough school French to know Je viens means I’m coming!, but Michelle’s moan said it much more expressively!

A moment later she’d lowered herself onto me so her smooth arousal juice oiled vagina lips slid down my shaft till her pubes met mine. I held her thighs as she bobbed smoothly up and down along my length. Her breasts swung with the rhythm of her body, her eyes were closed and she was obviously oblivious to everything except the sex pleasure welling up from between her legs. Eleanor stayed kneeling beside us as Michelle rode me. I saw she was fondling Michelle’s bottom with one hand and had her other hand on her sex mound with her fingers in her slit gently masturbating.

Michelle came first, with a shriek, her breasts bouncing above me as she shook in the pulses of her climax. I was on the brink as Michelle came, and as she relaxed, panting, still kneeling astride me I held her thighs and got her breasts quivering with my upward thrusts for the last delicious couple of minutes. I lifted her with my final thrust as my load fountained into her, then flopped back on the bed with my penis still half erect flopped onto my belly. Michelle stayed kneeling astride me with her bush tickling my balls, a satisfied smile on her face and my semen trickling out of her vagina and down the inside of her thigh.

Eleanor was still kneeling beside us on the bed masturbating. Michelle reached down, moved Eleanor’s hand off her cunt and cupped her own hand over Eleanor’s sex mound, and the two girls leaned across me to kiss passionately. Then Michelle climbed off me, the girls got kneeling face to face on the bed close enough to each other that their breasts brushed together and began kissing and running their hands all over each other’s naked body. Then Eleanor wrapped her arms over Eleanor’s shoulders and with their breasts pressed together Michelle’s fingers slipped between Eleanor’s vagina lips and began to treat her to what she liked. I left the girls to it and went to make coffee. From the kitchen I heard Eleanor’s orgasm cry.

After a leisurely breakfast served by Michelle my phone beeped with my first call of the day and I reluctantly left them for a pickup at the airport. But Michelle’s parting kiss on the cheek and the note I found in my uniform pocket with her private phone number on it told me that wouldn’t be the last I saw of her – or of Eleanor!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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