High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 23

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Having sex with a woman for the first time is both exhilarating and worrisome at the same time. All kinds of thoughts and questions run through your mind. Did I satisfy her, will she want to see me again and if so will she actually be as sexy as the first time?

As I sat at my desk Thursday morning, staring at my monitor, those thoughts and more distracted me from my work. I was absolutely certain that Ginger would be as, if not more, sexy looking the next time we met. Her somewhat conservative attire when we met at the bar was in stark contrast to the spectacular image I enjoyed when she walked across her bedroom. I watched as she let her tailored slacks slip from her hips revealing her tight milky white ass framed by the black lace of her garter, the almost invisible black lace string of her thong between her cheeks and her black silk stockings. The contrast between the fabric and skin was absolutely incredible. To be totally honest, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to study her ass again and hopefully this time watch my rock hard cock disappear inside what I expected would be a very tight ass. I got a hard-on just thinking about my time with Ginger last night and hearing that she enjoyed anal sex.

I’ve never been inclined to judge a book by its cover, but in Ginger’s case the cover was thoroughly enticing. I suspected that once the book was opened and delved into, it would be the kind that was very difficult to put down. I decided to start the novel as soon as possible. Glancing at the clock which read 11:00 AM, I reached for my iPhone and retrieved her name from the contact list, then pressed call.

“Good morning Allen.” Ginger answered confirming she had actually saved my name in her cell phone, and then added. “I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon.”

“Good morning Ginger.” I replied.

“So what’s on your mind today?” She asked.

I simply replied. “You are.”

“I like that.” Ginger answered.

“I’ve been sitting here all morning trying to get some work done, but all I could think about was seeing you again.” I admitted.

She chuckled softly, then in an apologetic tone said. “Well I’m sorry for being such a distraction.”

“No need to apologize, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.” I answered.

“So what should we do about all this daydreaming?” Ginger asked.

I knew this was my chance and jumped at it. “Can I take you to lunch?”

She paused a moment, then replied. “Looks like my calendar’s clear from 12:30 till 2:00 this afternoon.”

“Great, where do you want to meet?” I asked.

“How about I pick you up at 12:30?” Ginger suggested.

“That sounds great.” I commented and then added. “I doubt I could keep up with your little sports car in mid-day traffic. Do you know where our office is?”

“It’s at Sixth and Franklin right?” She asked.

“Yes that’s correct in the Philmore Building.” I answered.

“Okay see you later Allen, oh and by the way I’m very glad you called.” She said just before disconnecting.

Our phone conversation did nothing to help me concentrate on my work, and I spent the next 90 minutes dealing with the tight feeling in my chest as the anticipation of seeing her again mounted.

At 12:25 PM I shut down my computer and headed toward the lobby. My stomach was in knots as I waited outside the building, scanning the traffic in search of Ginger’s little red BMW. I stood there for about 15 minutes, and began to wonder if she was going to stand me up. “Perhaps her last appointment of the morning had run long.” I hopefully thought.

I was about to call her cell phone when Ginger turned the corner and came to an abrupt stop directly in front of me. The passenger side window slid down and she said. “Hop in Allen.”

I settled into the passenger seat of her tiny sports car pulling the seat belt over as she hit the gas and sped off. The nervous fluttering in the pit of my stomach began to fade as I glanced toward her.

“How ya doin?” I asked as we blended into traffic and Ginger slowed down a little.

Ginger was wearing a tailored business suit, but today, instead of slacks she wore a matching stove pipe skirt, which had ridden up to mid-thigh as she moved her feet and legs between pedals of the BMW. Just a hint of the darker top of her stocking showed below the hem of her tight skirt.

“My morning sucked.” Ginger replied.

I studied her profile as I asked. “Why’s that?” Her creamy smooth complexion enhanced by expertly applied make-up almost glowed, and I noticed tiny crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes as she squinted in the bright daylight.

Ginger expanded on why her morning sucked. “I found out one of our largest clients is moving to another firm and my 11:30 appointment ran long which cut into our time for lunch.”

“I’m in no rush; I don’t have anything scheduled until 4:00 PM.” I answered letting her know I could take a long lunch.

“Really?” Ginger said as she reached for the Bluetooth connection on the dash.

The phone she was calling rang pendik escort once. “This is Tim.” The caller answered.

“It’s me, reschedule my 2:30 for another day early next week, I should be back in time for my 4:00 PM meeting with Cavanaugh.” She said.

“Got it, I’ll take care of everything.” Tim answered.

I assumed Tim was her secretary and asked. “You have a male secretary?”

“He’s my administrative assistant.” Ginger answered as she glanced toward me with a politically correct grin on her face.

We stopped for a red light giving Ginger time to pull her skirt down a little. Her hand moved to the gear shift which she caressed like a phallus, slowing stroking the lever like it was the Beamer’s cock. Ginger noticed that I was watching and moved her hand away. “Sorry force of habit.” She explained.

“No problem, I can tell he likes it.” I replied with a wide smile on my lips.

The light turned green and we sped off again. It only took one or two shifts for her skirt to slide back up her thighs.

“So where are we going?” I inquired.

“Emilio’s.” Ginger replied.

“Don’t think I know it.” I responded.

She glanced toward me then returned her eyes to the road. “It’s a hole in the wall Italian place that does no lunch business, but is packed for dinner. The food is great and the service is fast at lunch time.” Ginger remarked.

In a minute or two Ginger turned into the parking lot at Emilio’s. She was right about the place not doing any lunch business because the lot was basically empty.

“Are you sure they’re open?” I asked as she parked the BMW in a space next to the ones designated as handicapped parking.

“I’m sure they are.” She answered.

I jumped out of the car, or should I say climbed out, and walked around the back. Ginger was collecting her purse from behind the seat with the driver’s door open.

“Let me help you.” I said as I extended my hand.

She lifted one sexy leg over the rocker panel as she said. “Thanks, there’s really no lady like way to get out of this thing.”

With her tight skirt at mid-thigh, I enjoyed a momentary glimpse of her shapely legs as she slid out of the seat, the creamy white above her thigh highs contrasting superbly with her dark stockings.

I released her hand once she was standing and she smoothed her skirt down over her legs before grabbing her purse from the seat and closing the door.

“I need a drink.” Ginger announced as we walked the short distance to the double wooden doors of Emilio’s.

“Ginger!” The Italian gentleman exclaimed as we walked in.

“Hi Emilio.” She replied to him.

I assumed she was a regular, that he was the owner since they were on a first name basis and the restaurant’s name matched his.

Emilio’s was as Ginger described it. The restaurant was a hole in the wall, a cozy kind of place that was dimly lit with small hanging lights above each table or booth and mostly seating for couples. It had a small bar with a few lighted beer signs on the wall behind it.

“Right this way.” Emilio said as he led us to a secluded table for two near the back of the restaurant.

“Is this okay?” He asked.

“It’s perfect my friend.” Ginger answered.

Much to his chagrin I assisted Ginger with her chair then sat next to her as Emilio moved to the other side of the table.

Ginger remarked again. “I need a drink.”

“I have a very nice Malbec.” Emilio suggested.

“That sounds wonderful, but only a carafe I still have to work this afternoon.” Ginger replied.

I don’t normally drink at lunch but figured I’d only have to work an hour or so when I returned so I figured I’d join her for some wine.

Emilio headed off to get our wine allowing Ginger to return her attention to me.

“Emilio caters luncheons at our office occasionally. The kitchen here serves both businesses.” Ginger explained.

I smiled and remarked. “We usually call Pizza Hut.”

Ginger unfolded her napkin and placed it in her lap then returned her delicate hand to the table. I moved mine to cover hers and said. “Last night was incredible.”

“I’m not normally that forward with a man I’ve just met, but you seemed like such a gentleman and to be completely honest I was as horny as hell.” She admitted, smiling widely as she spoke.

“I hope your expectations were met.” I responded.

She slipped her hand from under mine, placed it on top and replied. “You exceeded my expectations on both counts.”

Emilio returned with our carafe of Malbec and offered me a tiny taste.

“That’s very nice.” I said after tasting the full bodied dry almost plum tasting wine.

Emilio smiled and while filling our glasses said. “I’m making a wonderful pasta e Fagioli today; can I offer you that for lunch?”

“That sounds great.” I replied not knowing what pasta e Fagioli was but agreed so I could have Ginger’s attention once again.

“Would you like a salad before your meal?” Emilio asked.

“Oh maltepe escort yes please with your wonderful strawberry vinaigrette dressing.” Ginger replied.

He headed off again leaving us to continue our conversation.

Ginger crossed her legs and apparently had slipped off one of her shoes because she began running her silk covered foot along the inside of my calf. “Allen you haven’t mentioned my skirt.”

“I haven’t, but I sure noticed it.” I replied.

“Can I assume you like it?” Ginger smugly asked.

I leaned forward and replied. “I’m no fashion consultant but if I were, I’d suggest you donate all your slacks to Goodwill.”

“Does that mean you think I have sexy legs?” Ginger asked the obvious silly question as her foot slowly slid along my leg

“That’s exactly what it means.” I answered.

Ginger continued teasing me with her foot as she spoke. “I’m glad because my other wardrobe doesn’t include any slacks.”

“You have another wardrobe?” I inquired, hoping she would explain in detail.

She smiled and then replied. “When my husband died three years ago I suddenly had an extra closet. I’ve spent the last few years filling it with what I like to call my playful attire. I have one closet for my business wardrobe and one for the wardrobe I most enjoy wearing. You’ve only seen me in my business attire.”

“What you wore last night was conservative?” I asked, recalling how incredible her ass looked when she slipped her slacks off.

Ginger grinned and then explained. “I absolutely love wearing sexy lingerie, it doesn’t matter if I’m dressed for the office or for having fun I’m always wearing what makes me feel sexy underneath.”

“So you’re wearing a garter now?” I asked already knowing she wasn’t but wanting to keep our conversation focused on her sexy clothing.

She smiled. “No, today I’m wearing thigh highs and a satin thong. A garter shows too much with this tight skirt.”

I took a healthy gulp of wine and then said. “I’m interested in knowing more about your playful attire.”

“You are?” She asked with a wide grin on her lips.

I just nodded my head hoping she’d describe some of it.

Ginger finished her glass of wine and as I poured another she began. “Well my playful wardrobe runs the gamut of fabrics from satin to leather with some latex and my favorite almost non-existent sheers that leave little to the imagination. I have everything from fashion stockings to fishnet body suits to entice you with, and stilettos of every possible color.”

“I can’t tell you how sexy I think stilettos are.” I remarked.

Ginger smiled while dragging her sexy foot along my calf and asked. “Why can’t you tell me? I’d love to hear just how sexy you think a woman in stilettos is.”

I thought for a moment deciding how best to describe one of my favorite things. “There’s something about what high heels do to the shape of a woman’s legs. The muscles are so well defined right up to her ass; her stride is shortened enhancing the movement of her hips and ass as she walks.”

“Wow and all this time I thought stilettos just screamed fuck me.” Ginger teased with a sheepish grin on her lips.

Since she brought it up I added. “There’s nothing sexier than having a hot lady lay on her back at the edge of the bed with her heels pointed toward the ceiling, and grabbing her heels to slowly spread her legs open.”

“Ooh Allen, I like the way you think.” Ginger replied.

I grinned and said. “You are one hot lady.”

Ginger’s wide smile thanked me for the compliment, but her foot sliding nearly to my knee confirmed that she already knew it.

“What other interesting things do you keep in this second closet?” I asked.

“I’ve collected an assortment of toys, vibrators and lifelike dildos of every shape and size.” Ginger admitted before she giggled devilishly.

I smiled and then asked jokingly. “No whips and chains?”

She leaned toward me and with a wink of her eye answered. “Oh yes, those too along with paddles, handcuffs, nipple clamps, wrist and ankle restraints, some blindfolds and satin ropes with a couple ball gags mixed in for when I’m feeling really kinky.”

I was joking but Ginger was serious and my mind instantly imagined her tied up with a ball gag in her mouth. “So there are deep dark fetishes hidden under that conservative appearance?” I inquired.

Ginger leaned back in her chair and slid her foot even higher on my leg and said. “If there’s a sexual fetish to explore I’m there. I loved my husband deeply, but when he passed away I decided that another marriage just wasn’t in my future. His concept of a sexual fetish was fucking somewhere beside the bedroom and he was a one position lover.” She smiled and then added. “So you can understand why missionary isn’t my favorite position.”

“So you’ve spent the last three years exploring the darker side of sex?” I asked.

“Not exactly, my husband was killed in a car crash and it took me a little more than a kartal escort year to recover from his death, so I’ve only been exploring some alternatives in my sex life for less than two years.” Ginger explained.

I was very interested in the alternatives she’d gotten into, but didn’t want to seem too pushy, so instead of pressing her from more I decided to admit something about myself.

“I have to admit something Ginger.” I began.

She stared directly at me, a somewhat concerned expression on her face not knowing what I was about to admit.

“I’m somewhat of a voyeur.” I said.

She smiled. “Isn’t every man?”

“I suppose so, I get absolutely turned on watching others having sex.” I answered and then asked. “Are you a voyeur too?”

Ginger responded. “I get so fucking hot and horny watching people fuck, either a male and female, two males and a female or two females in X-rated DVDs I guess you could say I’m a voyeur.” She smiled and then continued. “I’m glad you didn’t just want to watch last night.”

“Trust me, what I did watch as you walked across your bedroom was more than enough to completely turn me on.” I replied.

Ginger giggled knowing how sexy she looked while stripping out of her business attire as she seduced me. “I enjoyed that nearly as much as you because I’m an exhibitionist. I just love having someone watch me.” Ginger said.

Instantly thinking of Kay, the other exhibitionist in my life, I inquired. “Would you like to be in the room and watch me fuck another woman?”

“Absolutely, I’d get even hotter if I was tied to a chair so I couldn’t touch myself or give in to my urges to join in.” Ginger answered.

“What would you think if I told you I’d love to watch you having sex with someone else?” I asked.

“Someone like?” She replied.

“Say another woman.” I answered.

“I’d love that, as long as you joined in at some point.” Ginger remarked.

Before I could ask her the obvious she added. “And yes, I’d love you watching as I fucked another man.”

I just smiled and took a sip of wine.

Emilio showed up breaking our sexual concentration, placing bowls of salad with pink strawberry vinaigrette drizzled on top in front of us both. “Enjoy your salad.” He remarked as he placed a basket of breadsticks between Ginger and I.

Ginger toyed with her salad, but I was still busy with mental images of her and Kay making love.

She got my attention once again when she dipped the end of a breadstick in her dressing. “I just love this taste.” She remarked as she lifted the bread to her lips.

Ginger’s tongue slipped between her parted shimmery lips so she could smear the vinaigrette on her tongue. She closed her lips around the breadstick, moved it slightly in and out of her mouth and softly said. “I wish this was your hard cock.”

I leaned toward her as she bit the end of her breadstick and asked. “Would Emilio miss us if we disappeared into the ladies room so I could make your wish come true?”

Ginger smiled. “I’ve often fantasized about having sex in a public place. Even though this is about as secluded a public place as possible, the excitement of possibly getting caught turns me on so much and I really do want to feel your cock get hard in my mouth.”

I leaned back in my chair and suggested. “Well let’s let Emilio serve our entrée and hopefully he’ll get busy in the kitchen.”

“You know Allen, in my office I give the appearance of a conservative middle aged woman and I like it that way. Just like my wardrobe, I think it best to keep business and pleasure separated.” Ginger remarked.

Since I wasn’t part of her business life, I assumed she was looking for a man to fill the pleasurable part of her life and asked. “Is that where I fit in?”

She smiled and answered. “I believe so. Other than my work, most of my social interaction has been at Brewster’s Pub where Mindy works and the men in that place are the equivalent of sexual morons.

“Ah yes, I recall when I fit that description years ago, the little head always thinking for the big one.” I admitted with a playful laugh.

“Young men are constantly hitting on me when I stop for a drink, but few of them have a clue of what to say or do to impress me. Hell, one guy recently came up to me and asked if I was a MILF. Until that night I had no idea what a MILF was.” Ginger remarked.

I smiled and asked. “But you have to admit you do fit the acronym?”

“I suppose I do, but the way he asked if a MILF like me would like to suck his cock completely turned me off. If a guy is going to hit on me I expect him to do it with some style.” She explained.

I recalled how the night before she had hit on me with little or no style and asked. “So what made you ask me so bluntly last night if I’d like to fuck you?”

Ginger smiled, letting her foot linger on the inside of my knee as she replied. “Up until Tuesday night when we first met I wasn’t really looking for a man, but your smile and the twinkle in your eye caught my attention. I find you very attractive Allen, and when we were having a drink together last night I decided I wasn’t going to let you disappear on me again.”

“Well I’m certainly glad you made that decision.” I said giving her a quick wink.

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