High School Harem Ch. 03

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(Author’s Note: All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age. This is a continuing series of fantasies harbored since my own high school years. I welcome any and all feedback. It’s why I write! Enjoy.)

Chapter 03: Kim

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, Staying Alive, Staying Alive! Ah, ah, ah, ah, Staying Aliiiiiiiive!”

If only he had some retro bell bottom pants, Rick Thomas thought, as he strutted down the middle of the Valleyview Mall, his internal soundtrack pumping out the smooth styling’s of the Bee Gees. Then, his transformation would be complete. It was a Saturday, a week removed from the Friday night orgy with Amy, Leanne and Beth that had transformed his life forever. He had skulked into school on Monday, as normal, but his head full of the glorious time spent with the three nubile teens. And that not a month past his very first sexual experience with two older girls!

He noticed the whispering in the hallways, but that was de rigueur for the 18 year old boy. Someone was always ridiculing him in some way or the other. However, this, his senior year, had been markedly better, what with the maturing his body had undergone over the summer and, of course, his defloration at the hands of the “college chicks” and his four-way with his classmates. He hadn’t expected anyone to find out about those events, the girls “swearing” him to silence in each case, but the Pony Express of the Wild West had nothing on teenage girls!

The rumors about Rick the Dick spread like wildfire! By Tuesday, it seemed that every girl he passed in the hall had a smile for him. On Wednesday, he had to pick up at least a dozen pencils “dropped” by girls in class and as he would rise up from the floor, he was always greeted by a delicious view down a neckline as the dropper reached for her pencil and thanked him with a big smile. Thursday he was forced to walk from class to class clutching his books at his waist as several senior girls were discovering how apparently good their pens tasted, all the while staring at him hotly. And just yesterday, he had to wrench open the “jammed” lockers of several girls who assisted him by reaching around him from behind, their soft breasts boring holes in his back. At the rate he was filling up tube socks at night, he would be well served to buy stock in Fruit of the Loom.

So here he was in uncharted territory on Saturday. The mall! Rick never went to the mall, a popular hangout for teens. Well, he did go once a year with his mom to buy school clothes, but he insisted that they do this on a Wednesday night in order to minimize his exposure to his contemporaries, but never by himself. As he cockily walked down the middle, his head held high for once in his life, he could see the clumps of girls whispering and nodding his way. He even heard a “looking good Rick” from behind him and it was all he could do not to spin around and “shoot” the speaker with twin hand pistols and offer a sly wink. “Would that be cool?” he thought. “How do the cool kids interact? Do I just go up and talk to the girls or wait for them to approach me?” He sat down at the fountain area to ponder this.

For all his external new cock sure attitude, Rick was still painfully shy. Two glorious nights were not going to erase 18 years of reclusiveness. Apparently his God given endowment was opening doors to potential new relationships with girls and he wondered how to use this to his advantage. As nice as this was, he still longed for friends, not just fuck buddies. The sneers of the guys at school had been replaced by looks of awe and in some cases jealousy. He wished he had a guy friend he could ask some questions of. He heard a commotion and turned his head.

Approaching the common area was Blake Reeves, senior starting quarterback, class president and all around stud. Now there, Rick thought, there’s a guy who’s got all the answers. He watched as Blake and his usual posse of “dudes” shoved their way through a clump of junior high boys unlucky enough to be caught in their path. Now normally, Rick would have fled the scene like a black man at a Klan rally, but today something made him stand and lock eyes with Blake. Maybe, just maybe, he could use his newfound popularity to insinuate himself into the group. Wouldn’t that be the coolest, Rick thought, hanging with the football jocks! No athlete himself, but maybe just being around them might take his cool quotient to yet another level, he thought. But then again, Blake’s face would be the one he would undoubtedly picture, when years later, he might find himself pouring his angst out in therapy. The husky boy was often the lead tormentor of any game of “Let’s humiliate Rick”. He started to sit back down, but Blake had noticed him and elbowed his buddies, raising his Big Gulp to point out Rick. They headed his way.

“Hey Rick! How’s it hanging?” Blake said, walking up to him. The boys around him all giggled and laughed with Blake’s over emphasis on “hanging”.

Rick gulped nervously and shifted pendik escort his weight over his feet. Smiling nervously, he ran a suddenly clammy hand through his close cropped brown hair. “Hey guys. What’s going on?”

“Nuttin’,” Blake replied. “But you know all about ‘nuttin’ don’t you Rick?”

Rick jammed his hands in his jeans and looked at the laughing eyes of the group. He was slowly realizing he’d had a very bad idea. This was confirmed as he watched Blake take the top off his over size soda and then unceremoniously dump its contents on Rick’s head. The icy liquid soaked his hair and clothes, puddling at his feet. Rick had just enough time to inexplicitly think, “Well, he hardly drank any of that,” before Blake crushed the Styrofoam cup against Rick’s chest and shoved him. Rick took a surprised step backward as he felt every eye in the mall turn to the scene.

Blake leaned close to Rick’s face and he could smell the bacon, egg and cheese stink of his breath. “Look here, geek. Don’t for a second think you are anything more than you were last week, last month or last year. You’re still a freak. The fact that you are deformed only confirms it. So why don’t you keep that deformity to yourself like you have all your life? If I even hear of you talking to another girl in school, I’ll personally relieve you of that deformity. Hear me punk? Take that monster to the queens on Canal Street if you’ve got to stick it in something.” The hyenas all cackled as they, to a person, all managed to brush hard against Rick on their way past him.

Rick could feel hot tears welling in his eyes and his inability to stop them only made them come faster. The junior highers that had witnessed his humiliation openly laughed and pointed. As he looked wildly about, the sticky drink soaking every inch of his being, he noticed how the eyes of his classmates, the same ones that had moments before looked at him with awe or lust, now found anywhere to look but at him. Most turned away. At least, he thought, wiping his eyes, their not joining in for once. He fled the scene clumsily, almost slipping down in the puddle drink surrounding him.

Rick hit the exit doors at top speed eager to get anywhere but here. It suddenly occurred to him that his mom had dropped him off and wouldn’t be back for another two hours. Perfect, he thought, where can I go now? He spied the Wal-Mart across the parking lot and thought he might hide out there. As he stepped off the curb, his eyes glued to the asphalt, a black Camaro screeched up right in front of him. He yelped and jumped backwards, certain it was Blake and his cronies back for more.

“Get in.”

That wasn’t Blake’s voice, but it was his car. He bent hesitantly and looked into the car. Even worse, it was Blake’s girlfriend Kim Witt! She flung a hand towel at him which he caught defensively. “Mop yourself off first,” she said as she leaned over to open the door. Rick soaked up what liquid hadn’t already dried to a sticky mess on him and dropped the towel to the ground. “Well? What are you waiting on?” Kim said, racing the rumbling engine. Seeing the look of fear on his face, Kim frowned and shook her head. “Don’t worry. This isn’t some set up. Get in before someone sees us!” What do I have to lose, Rick thought climbing into the car, except for maybe 3 years of orthodontia if Blake saw him. He shut the door and Kim peeled away from the curb, the tires squealing.

Rick huddled in the corner of the black leather seat, watching Kim out of the corner of his eye as she drove. Kim was relatively new to his town, moving there before the start of their junior year. He hadn’t had many classes with her, but with the few he had, he had stored up enough batch material to keep him company many a night.

She was a cheerleader and Rick had often thought that her parents must have sent off to some cheerleader embryo mail-order company to get her. He could just imagine the attribute check list: Blonde Hair? Check. Blue Eyes? Check. Gorgeous face complete with full, red lips? Check. Short, fit body? Check. Big tits? Check. Check. And the piece de resistance: Loose moral values? Big check.

Kim had fucked her way through half the athletes in school before settling on Blake at the end of last year’s classes. They were the perfect king and queen of the school, floating around confidently, sure that everyone in school either wanted to be them or be with them. He had never spoken a word to the haughty princess and didn’t intend on starting anytime soon. To tell the truth he was terrified. He could see her delivering him to the hands of Blake and his goons for the ass whipping to end all ass whippings.

“Push that in for me,” Kim ordered, startling him, as she pointed to the cigarette lighter. He reached forward and punched it in, slumping back in his seat. Kim extracted a Virginia Slim menthol from the pack on the dash and inserted it coolly between her full, lip glossed lips. She lit the stick when the lighter popped out and blew a long stream of maltepe escort smoke over Rick. He coughed, but stayed silent.

“Well don’t you look like a fish out of water?” she said, indicating his wet clothes. She inhaled deeply from her cig and looked at him again. “You want?”

Rick realized she was offering him a cigarette and shook his head. Maybe he should take one, he thought. Didn’t they offer one to condemned men before the firing squad unloaded on them? Because that’s what he felt like he was headed for, even if she wasn’t handing him over, once word got out that he had been within 50 yards of Kim, much less riding with her in Blake’s car, he was dead meat. He slumped lower in the seat and cast a nervous eye out the window.

“Oh, relax already,” Kim said, rolling up the automated, tinted windows. “This isn’t some setup. I’m not delivering you to Blake.”

Rick sat up a little behind the black shield of the darkened windows. “So, where are you taking me?”

“First we’re getting you out of those wet clothes and then…well, we’ll see then.”

The rest of the five minute drive passed in silence until they pulled up in front of a big brick house. Kim got out of the car. Rick mustered his courage and did the same, looking at the house with more than a little trepidation.

“Would you relax?” Kim said sharply, flipping her cigarette into the bushes. “There’s nobody here. Even his parents are gone for the weekend.”

Rick had started to follow, but upon hearing the word “his”, he stopped in his tracks. Kim had opened the front door and now looked back at him. She tucked a long strand of her golden hair back behind her ear and huffed. “What now?”

Rick gulped and looked around. “His? His who? Is this Blake’s house?”

Kim sighed and put a manicured hand on her shapely hip. Rick couldn’t help but notice how her big boobs shifted under the tight, silk top she was wearing. It didn’t look like she was wearing anything under there from the movement he detected. He wondered sickly what was on the cheerleader’s mind.

“Look. This is the last place he’d look for either one of us. Don’t you want to get out of those clothes?”

Rick still didn’t move. “Why…why are you doing this?”

Kim left the door and walked towards him. She stopped just inside of his personal space and Rick fought to not step backwards. She actually smiled at him, revealing her straight white teeth. “‘Cause that was a shitty thing that Blake did to you at the mall. I saw it all. He’s an all around shit I’ve come to realize, plus he’s an even shittier lover.”

Rick’s eyes widened at her forthrightness. The otherworldly quality of what was happening to him ensured that the still green cocksman that he was, didn’t put two and two together. He just surmised she was somehow trying to make it up to him by perhaps offering him a change of clothes.

He shrugged and followed her into the cool interior. “Ok. You gonna give me some of his clothes?”

Kim shut the door behind him and pointed down the long hall. “Even better. Use his shower and I’ll lay out some clothes for you.” When Rick merely looked at her, his mouth agape, she gently shoved him before her down the hallway. They entered what was obviously a teenaged boys’ room, well maybe not a “Rick” room. Posters of football players and scantily clad swimsuit models decorated the walls. Rick’s eyes locked on the famous one, you know, the “Angel”, her hair teased and blown, nipples leaping off the glossy poster as if in 3D? His mom had confiscated that one, but not before Rick was able to crank off many pleasing ropes as she smiled down at him from where she hung above his bed. Kim pointed to the bathroom door.

“Go ahead. Shower up. Rub his bar of soap on your balls. Put his toothbrush in the crack of your ass, whatever makes you feel better. I’ll be out by the pool when you’re done.” They both smiled at each other at the thought of Blake brushing his teeth with Rick’s ass paste. He headed for the door and looked back over his shoulder at Kim, but she was already rummaging through Blake’s chest of drawers.

“Kim?” She turned to look at him. “Uh, thanks.” She smiled that sweet smile again.

“No prob. I’m sure you’ll repay me later.”

Rick grinned goofily and shut the door behind him, locking it, just in case.

Hearing the lock click, Kim cursed under her breath. Damn, she thought. How am I supposed to see if it’s true now? For as Kim, and you the reader know, Rick was the only person not aware of what exactly was going on. Kim had listened all week to story after story of how Rick Thomas had fucked three of her classmates senseless and this was on top of him banging two of the hottest girls to ever graduate from the school. She had already grown bored with Blake and his immature jock type behavior and was mulling over ways to break up with him, yet keep her ranking in the high school hierarchy. What better way than to fuck the new horse in town? She smiled to herself, kartal escort finding the clothing she hoped to find and dropping it on the bed. She tugged her blouse over her head, her big boobs bouncing free and headed for the pool. Let the second part of her plan commence.

Ten minutes later, after soaping his nut sack a dozen times with the bar of soap and spitting a big loogie into the shampoo bottle, after he used it of course, Rick toweled off. He spied Blake’s toothbrush and giggled to himself while he put it between his ass cheeks. He did a couple of deep squats before it fell out of his crack and he dropped it back in the cup. He unlocked the door and opened it slowly, still fully expecting to find a hit squad on the other side. Whew! No one there. He spied a gym bag and put his crusty clothing in it. Now where were the clothes Kim had picked out? He spied a lump of fabric on the comforter and picked up what was possibly the smallest bathing suit he had ever seen.

To call this a Speedo would be an overstatement, he thought. He briefly thought about selecting something else, but figured getting out of here while the getting was good was his best choice. He squeezed into the thin suit and turned to the mirror. It looked like he was smuggling fruit in there, a big banana and two large plums to be exact. Maybe it was something that Blake wouldn’t miss he rationalized as he covered his front with the gym bag and stuck his head into the hall.

“Pssst! Kim?!” he called before remembering she had said she would be by the pool. He crept down the hall and headed for the back patio. He opened the French door and shut it behind him. His breath caught in his throat as he spied Kim lying on a reclined lounger, puffing on a cigarette.

She wore a pair of sunglasses and nothing else. Her top was off, exposing her healthy fun bags to the bright sunlight. Rick could feel a definite tightening in his suit as he looked over the fleshy, tan mounds. They stood up proudly and defiant of gravity, each topped with a tiny, erect nipple. He watched breathlessly as with each rising of her hand to take a puff, her arm would brush her boob, sending it jiggling. His eyes slid down her flat, slightly muscular stomach to her pubic mound. She definitely knew her way around a razor, as only a thin landing strip decorated her glistening sex. Kim slid her foot up along the calf of her opposite leg, exposing her pussy lips to the suddenly dry mouthed boy. He licked his lips nervously and jumped when she spoke.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer,” she called. Kim sat up at a forty-five degree angle, raising the back of the chair up. “Come on over here.”

Rick gulped and clutched the bag tighter to his waist and walked slowly over. Kim was now reapplying baby oil to her brown skin. What looked heavenly at 18 would probably look like an alligator handbag in another twenty years, Rick thought. She rubbed the greasy lotion into her calves and thighs while her blue eyes peered at him over the top of her sunglasses, the smoldering cigarette all the while clutched sexily between her red lips. He openly ogled the slosh and sway of her tits as she rubbed lotion along her arms and stomach. He thought of averting his gaze, but quickly concluded that his looking was the whole point to the show.

With a rush of bravado he didn’t know he had, he dropped the gym bag beside her chair and stood with his hands on his hips. Kim pushed her glasses further down her nose and coolly looked him over. Damn, some things do get better with age, she thought. While she had never given Rick Thomas even a first look, her pulse quickened and her already hard nipples twisted tighter as she examined his broad, muscled shoulders and chest. He had the beginnings of a sexy six pack on his abs, but just below that was the prize she was hoping to see. His fat, hardening cock stretched under the tight fabric almost to his left hip. She could almost see it growing longer, the spongy head snaking under the suit.

Kim was a girl who knew what she wanted and didn’t believe in beating around the bush. If the cat wasn’t already out of the bag, Kim upended the bag and shook it, looking up at Rick’s face and saying huskily, “That’s some cock you’ve got there Rick.”

Rick’s chest puffed with pride at the look of lust on the unattainable cheerleader’s face. He watched her slowly lick her lips before taking a last puff of her cigarette and flicking it into the pool. He had been slow on the uptake, but he knew now that all this wasn’t just for him to get back at Blake, but also for Kim to exact revenge for what he didn’t know. Nor did he care.

“You wanna suck it?” he boldly asked.

Kim nodded her head quickly. “Uh huh. Gimme.”

Rick swung a leg over the seated girl, bringing his crotch to her eye level. Her hands seemed to move in slow motion as they came up and began to peel down the tight swimsuit. She really had to pull to give his now hard cock room to exit the top. It swung out thickly, striking the side of her oversized sunglasses, almost knocking them from her head. Kim pulled it down further, until his big balls flopped out and hung down heavily. She looked up at him awestruck as the long shaft bucked in time with the pounding of his heart.

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