High School Romance Ch. 08

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I’d like to say a special thanks to pizzaboyatdoor (even though he told me not to). He is the reason this chapter was completed.


The weather was a little warmer, the sky a little more blue. Green started to show up on the brown expanses. Tiny flower buds were waiting for the right time.

Brady had been working all weekend, trying to turn planks of wood, nails, and some chain into a romantic swing that he and Ezra could sit in while they looked up at the stars. He could see Ezra watching him now from the front porch. Brady winked and pulled his shirt up over his head and let it fall next to his tool box. Ezra smiled and walked towards him, so Brady dropped his hammer and wrapped Ezra in his arms.

“It’s almost done…I think,” Brady said, gesturing to the half completed swing. The seat part of it was completed and tested. Though it didn’t look very pretty with the addition of a few cushions it would be perfect. Brady was now working on a structure to hang the swing from, which was nearly completed. His biggest concern was the whole thing falling apart, though he had consulted the shop teacher about his plans before beginning.

Ezra stood up on his toes and kissed Brady’s cheek. “Thanks,” he whispered, then laid his cheek against Brady’s chest and closed his eyes.

As the sun was setting that evening, Brady ran inside to find Ezra studying. He kissed him quickly and lightly on the lips. “Come on,” he said, but instead of having Ezra follow him, he swept him up into his arms, carrying him like they were newlyweds. Ezra wrapped his arms around Brady’s neck and nibbled at his ear.

The swing was complete and swayed lazily in the early spring breeze. The night had a bit of a chill to it, so Brady had set a few blankets on the swing. It was a clear sky though, with the sun dying the horizon crimson red. A V-shaped formation of birds soared past, looking like tiny ink dots in the distance.

Brady and Ezra sat close. Brady covered them with blankets and Ezra curled up against his one and only as stars began to appear. Brady kissed the top of Ezra’s head and pushed the swing slowly back and forth.

Brady smiled and traced pictures in the stars as Ezra started to fall asleep on his chest. He knew he’d found true happiness, because the moment he was in was just as good as any sexual encounter they’d ever shared.


Brady didn’t really look at the prom invitation that the preppy junior girl handed him. He stuffed it into his back pocket and forgot about it until that evening when it fell into the grass as he and Ezra were leaving their swing.

“Oh, that’s just…” Brady didn’t say anything. Ezra’s eyes seemed to light up as he looked at the invitation.

It was on black cardstock, with a red ribbon wrapped around the top. In silver calligraphy it read ‘The Westmore Junior Class invites you to the Jr./Sr. Prom: A Night Under The Stars…’ followed by the location and time of the event. In the bottom corner of the invitation there was a picture of the Eiffel Tower with a full moon behind it.

“You want to go?” Brady asked. He was kind of shocked. He hadn’t really expected Ezra to want to go to the prom.

“Y-yes,” Ezra whispered nervously.

Brady tilted Ezra’s chin up and gently kissed him. “Ok, we’ll go. But let me ask you properly. Later, though.”

The next afternoon, Ezra found a teddy bear in a suit jacket and bowtie sitting on his desk, holding a note that said ‘Will you go to prom with me?’


Brady was surprised at how nervous he was. He looked at the fresh flower boutonniere in its plastic container. He’d chosen a white rose because when he saw it, he thought of Ezra. He shifted his weight and tugged at his tux. He’d never worn one before, having skipped his junior prom to start güvenilir bahis the after-parties early, and he was very uncomfortable in it, though everyone had assured him he looked nice in the black tux, black shirt and vest, with a brightly contrasting red tie.

He knew Ezra was about to appear when Mrs. Lockheart rushed in with her digital camera in hand.

“Wait! Don’t let him out yet,” she shouted. “Brady, fix this damn thing.”

Brady laughed and switched the camera from viewing mode to picture taking mode and handed it back to the woman who was more of a mom to him than his own mother was.

Ezra appeared in a tux that matched Brady’s. Their eyes locked for a moment and both smiled uncontrollably.

Brady took the flower out of its container and pinned it to Ezra’s lapel and then kissed his cheek.

“Wait a minute!” Mrs. Lockheart said. “I missed it. Do it again.”

Brady and Ezra smiled at each other and repeated the entire process. After taking pictures by the doorway, Ezra’s mother had the boys pose by a tree in the front yard and on the swing. Brady, Ezra, and Mr. Lockheart were nearly laughing hysterically as she continued to direct the young couple’s ‘candid’ poses. Around the fifth time that Brady had helped Ezra into the sleek black Mustang they had borrowed from Ezra’s uncle, Brady had to put a stop to it. “We’ll miss the dinner if we don’t leave now,” he said.

Mrs. Lockheart kissed both boys on the cheek and said, “Be careful.”

“Be back before sunrise, boys,” Mr. Lockheart added.

Brady smiled as they drove away, noticing Mrs. Lockheart snapping a few pictures of the car leaving. The sky was overcast and Brady hoped it wouldn’t rain. He reached over for Ezra’s hand.

“Are you happy?”

“Yes.” Thunder rolled and a few raindrops hit the windshield.

“That’s all I want,” Brady said.

They were one of the last couples to arrive at the Riviera Country Club and at that point the rain was coming down hard. The front doors had been decorated with white Christmas lights. They joined the line of arriving couples. Chaperones were checking invitations and the teacher in charge of the yearbook was taking pictures of the couples as they arrived.

The man taking invitations gave them a dirty look and the school photographer refused to take their picture for the yearbook page. Brady was angry about that, but he didn’t want to ruin the night so he let it slide and put an arm around Ezra as they entered the dining area.

The buffet table had chicken and beef, a salad with vinaigrette, a pasta dish of some sort, green beans, and asparagus. Once they had their plates, Brady led the way to an empty table. The tables were large enough for eight people and though some people ate while standing, none accompanied Brady and Ezra.

The wait staff brought the dessert out and Brady was sure to thank the young waitress that brought theirs because she was the first kind face he’d seen since arriving at the prom. The dessert was a lemon with candied curls of the peel on top. Brady laughed at the cute way Ezra wrinkled his nose when he tasted it.

“You don’t like it?” Brady asked.

Ezra shook his head and pushed the plate away.

“I’ll give you something sweet later,” Brady whispered in his ear. Ezra blushed and smiled.

The clock chimed at seven and the students herded towards the separate area that the dance would be held in. Brady could hear a pop song playing as they entered the room, passing the area that was being set up for the professional photographer. The backdrop was of a starry night sky, and a mini cardboard Eiffel Tower covered with lights stood for the couples to pose next to. The room itself was lit by Christmas lights and candles with rose petals strewn over the black cloth covered tables. türkçe bahis The dance floor was disappointingly small, but no one was interested in it. As was common for most Westmore dances, everyone crowded to the tables and against the walls until a country song was played.

Brady got a glass of punch and brought it to Ezra as they sat at their own table. The dancing started to pick up. Girls tossed away their shoes and boys took off their jackets as they started to really enjoy their night.

Brady started to worry. Ezra was silent as usual as he watched the couples on the dance floor.

“Do you want to have our picture taken?” Brady offered.

Ezra nodded and they went to wait. The line was short and soon the young couple was standing under a bright light next to the cardboard cutout.

The photographer was a man in his late forties, with a beard and ponytail and glasses that made him look scholarly. The boys posed in the classic prom picture way, standing slightly sideways, Ezra in front of Brady, and Brady’s arms around Ezra’s waist.

“No, no, no!” a voice called just as the photographer was about to take the picture. The assistant principle stepped in front of the camera. “We don’t condone that sort of thing here.”

The photographer narrowed his eyes. “You may not, but I am an independent photographer. You cannot tell me I can’t take this lovely couple’s picture. Now, if you would kindly move out of my shot.”

“We are running this prom!” she shouted, her product laden hair nearly moved showing just how frustrated she was.

“The Westmore school district rented the dining room and function room twelve. We are currently in the foyer. You have no control here,” the photographer said.

The assistant principle rushed off to find someone with more authority.

The photographer smiled at the boys and took a few shots. He stepped in front of the camera and guided them into a different poses.

“I just wanted to say…” he began. “I’m gay also. I know how tough it is in high school. I have to say, you boys are braver than I was. I didn’t go to my prom. Just know it gets better.” He winked at them and returned to his camera and took a few pictures of them standing, facing each other and holding hands.

“One more, pose however you want,” the photographer said.

Brady saw the assistant principal returning with the superintendant and a member of the school board. He quickly leaned down and kissed Ezra’s lips. The camera flashed and as soon as it had, Brady took Ezra by the hand and they returned to the dance.

The young couple had found new hope in meeting another gay man.

The DJ played a fast pop song and the dancers trickled off of the dance floor. He followed that with a slow song, ‘Your Guardian Angel’ by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Brady and Ezra shared a look and then stepped onto the dance floor.

Brady put his arms around Ezra, his hands lightly resting on the small of Ezra’s back. Ezra’s hands were on Brady’s shoulders. They danced as close together as was possible, the heat between their bodies seemed to fill the room. Everyone stared, but they didn’t notice.

Disaster struck as the instrumental break began. Two of Brady’s ex-teammates flung full glasses of punch at the dancing couple. It splattered at their feet and some of it got on their clothes. Brady went blind with rage and the next thing he knew he was being pulled away from a boy with a bloody nose.

The room was nearly in a riot of shouting and chaperones desperately tried to tame the crowd.

The assistant principal sneered as she approached the source of the commotion with the principal at her side. After hearing the jock’s point of view, the principal turned his rigid face to Brady and said, “Fighting, Mr. Walker? I’m afraid you’ll have to güvenilir bahis siteleri leave the prom and report to my office tomorrow so we can discuss your punishment.”

“That is completely unfair,” someone said before Brady could make the same statement. “It is obvious that those boys started this.” The new English teacher stood in front of Brady and Ezra protectively. She was a petite brunette young woman, fresh out of college.

“Brady was the first to throw a punch,” the assistant principal said, scrunching up her face like she’d just smelled a skunk.

“Throwing this couple out of the prom is completely and utterly wrong. You and I know it’s not about the fight. It’s your own damn prejudice. You have no right to be in charge of this school if you condone such blatant discrimination.”

The principal shoved the English teacher aside and said, “Mr. Walker, you and your”—he paused and made a sound like he’d bitten into something rotten—”date…need to leave now.”

Again, the English teacher spoke before Brady could say anything. “I’ll escort them out. I need to be leaving too. Consider this my two-week’s notice.”

It was still raining outside but barely as Brady, Ezra, and the young teacher stepped out into the parking lot.

“I’m so sorry about that,” she said.

Brady shrugged. “Thank you for standing up for us.”

She nodded and fished in her purse for her keys. “I hope you boys have a nice night, despite all this.”

Brady nearly wanted to hug the woman, but he didn’t and she climbed into her Ford F150 and left. Though the night hadn’t gone as planned, he was amazed to see that there were some people willing to speak out against the bullies and homophobes.


Brady parked the car in an abandoned dirt lot near a park and the young couple climbed into the back seat.

“I love you so much,” Brady whispered and then slid his tongue into Ezra’s hot waiting mouth.

They had quite a difficult time getting themselves out of their tuxes, but it only added to the heat of the moment as they tore at each other’s clothes between hot, wet kisses.

Ezra’s erection was the first to spring free and Brady immediately took the hardness into his mouth. Ezra moaned a little and leaned back against the door, accidentally hitting the button and cracking the window as Brady swallowed him. He squirmed and whimpered with delight as Brady’s tongue laved over his sack.

After five minutes of pure bliss, Ezra signaled that it was Brady’s turn. Ezra smiled shyly as he kissed Brady’s muscular chest. He nibbled at Brady’s nipples and worshipped well-toned abs with his agile hands, before taking hold of Brady’s manhood. He dove down and licked away the pre before taking every hard inch into his mouth. He flexed his throat muscles and Brady let out a husky moan. “Yeah, baby…that’s good,” he said.

Brady thought he was about to explode when Ezra stopped and whispered, “I l-l-love you.”

Brady gave Ezra’s firm ass a squeeze and started to kiss his way down Ezra’s stomach, to his inner thigh, to Ezra’s rosebud opening. Brady licked slowly and Ezra trembled with desire. He let out a soft sound as Brady penetrated with his tongue, working inside Ezra to get him nice and loose.

Ezra searched for words to communicate the desire to be filled by Brady, but none came to him. Instead he moaned Brady’s name and squirmed against Brady’s tongue.

Brady pressed the head of his cock against Ezra’s opening. Their eyes locked and Brady entered as gently as possible. Ezra chewed on his bottom lip and reached up to trace the lines of Brady’s pecs as Brady started to move slowly in and out of him. Ezra closed his eyes and moaned from the bliss as Brady hit the right spot.

Brady sped up his thrusts and watched as Ezra’s shyness disappeared the way it always did. Ezra arched his back and moaned. “Oh!” Ezra moaned as the first white rope of cum painted his smooth stomach. Brady felt himself starting to cum as well. He delivered two final thrusts and then emptied himself into Ezra.

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