Him and Her – How It Begins

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“I think you’re going to love this sweet heart” he whispered before slipping the blindfold into place. She found herself both nervous and more than a little excited. Her arms tied above her to the rungs on the bedhead and now her vision had been taken, she trusted him but there was still a little flutter in her stomach, knowing she was now helplessly under his control.

She took a shallow breath as it started, fingers gently brushing the strands of her hair off of her forehead, trailing above her eyebrow, such a light ethereal touch sent the slightest of shivers across her. Flowing over the blindfold the finger traced wordlessly over her cheek circling round to graze across her upper lip then circling back along the lower. The deep sensuality of the incredibly slow touch was already having an effect, and he had barely started!

She felt his fingers trace the line of her jaw up to her ear before trailing down onto her neck, back and forth from ear to ear those gentle fingers trailed across her neck.

“Such beauty all in one place” she heard him whisper quietly as his hands slid lower running across the top of her chest, still crawling back and forth almost shoulder to shoulder.

At the top of her breasts, trailing and teasing his hand moved slowly, his fingers began to twist and turn slowly as his hand kept on moving, slipping from side to side circling the top of her breast, slipping slowly to the side grazing as it went before twisting back up and repeating itself again before switching sides.

Again and again his hands trailed over and around her, switching from side to side, slipping across all of her flesh leaving echoing imprints of where he had been.

A finger or two occasionally slipping out from his circling motions to graze the underside of her breasts as his hands moved lower still tracing their way over her beautiful chest.

She was breathing deeper, her nipples erect as he teased and cajoled, gliding in and around slipping past and around her hardening nipples. The lightest of grazes here and there in a passing touch was driving her crazy.

She let out a gasp as suddenly a second hand joined the first twirling and tracing a pattern of its own. Between her breasts up and around, over and across, down and back round. She couldn’t follow the movements fingers, echos and anticipation almost overwhelmed her senses, gliding movements all over her chest.

She let out a groan as he changed the game. With fingers still moving, she felt a nipple engulfed, gentle suckling and a swirl of the tongue and gone almost before it came, his lust ‘Mmmmm’ left in its place.

She was lightly panting, almost trembling. Her skin felt like it was sheathed in an electric current dancing across her, inside her, always moving. She could feel the flush in her cheeks knowing a low burn was growing and growing inside her. And every time a finger or his palm grazed a nipple…

“My sweet little princess” she heard him say with a grin in his voice before he stole another groan from her. Lips locking harder this time with a more forceful passion whilst a hand stilled upon her other breast, circling her sensitive nub, rolling around it, flicking across it in time with his flickering tongue.

Groans as sweet as sugar were echoing from her as her breasts were so sweetly abused, her mind was aflame with sweet wet sensations, but she could still feel his other hand moving, slipping lower down her side teasing and tracing as it went. Rolling back up as it brushed her hip. Gasping aloud as his suckling stopped only to groan again louder as his lips switched to her other nipple, engulfing it with a kiss before slowly sucking harder and a tongue coming to play.

She was on fire her, cheeks were aflame. Trembles ran through her as his head moved bursa escort back and forth, from her breast to her hips his hands trailed wildly, greedily ghosting across her skin, touching and feeling their way all over her leaving trails of fire. Fingers slid under her breast brushing lightly as it passed, whilst another circled the bone of her hip on its way but another circled her bellybutton as it passed no it was brushing the side of her breast, no it was slipping down her side…

Her panting deepened, she was being driven wild with each tiny touch, everywhere sensation burned her. Low moans and groans escaped her as he fanned the flames. Her sex was on fire she could feel how wet she was getting as he drove her to distraction with his wandering tongue. As he kissed from nipple to nipple her panting got ragged hand never stopping slowly covering her from shoulder to hip, trails and traces criss-crossed her body. She could help but squirm.

“Now little princesses…” He whispered aloud. A brief sensation of movement and his hands slid around her breasts no longer sliding over but kneading and firm. Each nipple trapped between finger and thumb, rolled and twitched. Her body on fire her mind nearly gone its was one slow lick and a flick of his tongue as his mouth brushed her pussy making her scream and cum.

Fire raced through her from her very core, the tongue left a throbbing in its slow wake till a flick at the tip ground right over her clit. A cry for mercy burst forth from her lips as spasms tore through her body igniting it. Her heart was pounding in her chest as nipples were ground between his finger draw her onward. Her eyes closed, but lightning still danced across her vision as her hips heaved upwards of their own accord again and again jolting upwards as sheer euphoria rocked through the very fiber of her.

Then he licked her again. He spread those exhausted thighs, a leg rising over each shoulder, his arms would slip under and around her raised legs, holding her steady with the freedom to roam. This time when his tongue shot forth, it wasn’t aimed at her throbbing heaving pussy. Scorching fires exploded on her thighs as his tongue and teeth worked their teasing magic leaving a fire behind wherever they touched. Inching higher and higher up her thigh, circling inward and outward, teasing with a swipe of the tongue, the brush of a lip or even the firm grazing touch of teeth. Her legs were on the verge of spasms as wildfire sprinkled across them, burrowed down and started to travel inside her, her body already throbbing, eliciting gasps and groans.

Her breath started to waiver and shake as his hands started to move, his mouth never stopped as it climbed higher and higher but now his fingers were back teasing and trailing across her chest, doubling the voltage raging through her.

From side to side his head moved driving higher and higher up her quivering thighs at a ghastly sedate pace, but slowly he Was inching higher. Her thighs were throbbing and twitching as he reached the end of her leg and with the tip of his tongue he began to trace the crease where her leg and body combine. One of his arms drawing across her waist firmly holding her trembling hips perfectly still in place. A hundred soft diagonal licks flicked slowly up the crease, each a hairs breaths apart as slowly, so slowly he crept up towards her hip.

After an eternity of trembling he reached his goal and with a swirl of his tongue and a soft gentle kiss, his lips left he’d body traveling down across her pussy. His very breath leaving a trembling ache in its wake as she felt him move so succulantly close to her. Starting again on the other side with his diagonal licks he forced her to take a deep staggering draw of breath.

Flick up to the right, flick up to the left, flick bursa escort bayan right… Her hands were clenching, held as they were in place, her ragged breath shuddered in and out, her heart was thundering in her chest and there was an uncontrollable tremble wracking her body, breaking through here then there, then there… A gasp torn from her lips as he reached her other hip only this time she felt a nip not a kiss.

‘My sweet little princess…’ she heard him mutter as she felt his head breeze across and down her again. Her breathing quickened as she realised where he was headed but her groan quickly turned to one of frustration as his mouth landed just to the right of her lips.

He heard the groan and smiled to himself as he started to lap. Widening his tongue in short little licks he traced his way up the outer edge of her lips. Long slow wide continuous licks, tracing up her contours, up one side, then the other, back and forth, teasing the sensitive skin. So close yet so far from what she so desperately wanted.

Her body was writhing, her hips couldn’t stay still wriggling and writhing as much as she could with his arm holding her immobile. Bolt after bolt tore through her body, fired upwards like fireworks exploding and sending out their own, explosion after explosion all contained within her throbbing skin. Lights were flashing in front of her very eyes, every time his tongue landed, every time brush his finger made was making her hotter and wilder, it was almost more then she could take.

Lowering his head hid slid even deeper, his long pointy tongue slipping between her cheeks, tickling its way almost you her rosey little ring then drifting upwards just shy of her dripping hole, back and forth with just a trail of the tip. Widening ever now and again for a heavy broad stroke before slipping back to the tip, dragging forth a whimpering moan. He was in heaven, with the scent and the sound, her quivering soaked pussy right in his view. A single tear formed from her lips and slowly started to drip down her, resisting the urge to taste her sweetness, he again pulled his tongue free and let it slip down her on its own accord.

Moving closer to her quivering quim he leaned forward and with the tip of his nose started gently running up the very tip of her outer lips, his tongue slipping out to flick a following trail. Once side then the other than back and forth again, bring moans and groans as he held her down tight to stop her from bucking try as she might. Again and again he trailed over her, almost lost in the scent and sounds. Still back and forth he shifted his tongue flicking wider, grazing the outside of her steamy inner lips as his nose continued the gentlest of grinds.

She was an inferno. The burning center of the bonfire of her pussy was pulsing, radiating outwards threatening to engulf her. Her gasps for breath not coming close to what she needed but it was so far out of control. Her body was going haywire. Spasms here there and everywhere, yanking at her restrained hands did no good they were held tight, her lower body had a permanent quivering tremor and try as she might she was held firmly still, squeezing her thighs did her do good he simply ignored it. And good god the strobe lights flashing before her covered vision. She could see, she couldn’t move, she could’t even think, all she could do was try to gasp for breath and feel her body trying to so desperately explode.

Feeling her body beneath him, rocking and racking he pulled his arm down slipping free of her breasts, tickling and tracing its way down her side he widened his fingers you squeeze her cheek as it passed before sliding under. With a finger and thumb he started to tease her. The tip of his thumb tickling where his tongue had been. His crooked fore and middle escort bursa finger, working in tandem together, flicking back and forth like a pair of walking legs, tickled and teased round her tight little sphincter, never to close never too far, just close enough to want a ragged cry.

Never slowing his pace he leaned himself back and spread his tongue as wide as it would go. With the next upward slide he lowered his tongue in, with the briefest of contact to the tips of both her inner lips he started to glide over her, but teasing enough to pull his tongue free as he closed on the hood of her clit. He wasn’t cruel though, isolated and alone his tongue shot out wide, up and around, as close as he could get with making her scream. Then repeating it all over again, and again, and again. Feeling the trembling beneath him, his tongue slipped free bringing a cry of utter indignation.

A twist of the wrist and his walking fingers tickle the very edge of her now dripping hole, coating them self in her juices. Her gasp is short-lived, as soon as they appear they are gone this time wetly tickling her little rosey rim. Taking his tongue to a point he slips it a little deeper in, grazing up the inside of her quivering lip then down the other. Feeling her throbbing as it passes, soaking in all her wetness as it bubbles up to the surface. Now he has to hold her down tight as her hips try to buck harder, her moans taking on a more ragged desperate tone.

“My sweet little princess…” He mutters with a grin before dipping his head back in.

Circling her rim with a single finger he slowly starts pushing, pressing the very tip in and circling to open her wider, all the while his tongue running round its merry circuit, only now slipping around the edge of her opening, greedily steeling as it goes. She is now panting away quick ragged breaths as he body twitches all over. The finger inside slips a deeper, the whole tip now engulfed, its ceases its circling and almost imperceptibly starts rocking back and forth.

Pulling back once more he quickly views his work, her pussy is swollen, wet and throbbing. Now it’s the time. Leaning forward again his nose dips inside her pressing firmly now not a slithering touch, running slowly higher, his tongue dips deeply between her lips before suddenly widening and following upwards. His lower lip bringing up the rear flowing all over and around her. As he reaches the top of her slit, untouched and alone her clit gets his attention, his teeth briefly slip across the top of her hood as his tongue glides over then circles and flicks as his lips lock down around it. Sucking hard as his tongue flick away he has another surprise. With a finger still inside her he shifts his wrist and his thick thumb slides inside her, and then his whole arm starts to vibrate.

The cry that erupts from her lips shake the walls of the room, her whole body simply explodes, her soul shattered as every breath inside her left her lungs. Fire erupting from her tortured groin. Molten bubbling heat tearing through every fiber of her being, down her legs, up through her stomach, her sides glossing over her chest as her heart pounds loud enough to deafen. Out along her arms and straight through her core up her neck to her head. She Was pure molten fire. As strong as he was her body was rigid. Her thighs clamped tightly to his head as he drove her further and further into the abyss. Suspend by his shoulders and her tightly bound hands, she hovered above the bed as it coursed through her, on and on. Colours without name or descriptions shot like lightning though here mind as her sightlessness was stripped away with lights brighter than the sun. A minute, an hour, a day or a year, she didn’t know she didn’t care, unbridled joy tore through every inch of her.

Collapsing back to earth her body turned to jelly almost bouncing back into the bed, the body was floating, no spinning, she had a brief second of clarity, and one terrible thought.

‘He hasn’t stopped yet.’ Then the second wave hit her.

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