His Fantasies: Car Hood

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A collection of stand-alone stories, which can be read in any order. All stories will begin with the same introduction. Many thanks to JD for providing inspiration.


They had been talking over coffee when she brought up the subject the first time. “So, tell me about your fantasies.”

He had smiled and laughed, asking, “Where did this line of questioning come from, love?”

“I’m curious, of course. I want to see how closely they match with mine.” Her eyes had danced a little as she added, “And perhaps I just want to hear you talking about sex.” His Irish brogue was charming, and she loved listening to him.

They had met online – common enough these days – and he had written to her that his accent, “… would have you on your back with your jeans around your ankles in no time. Don’t ask me why, but American women just love it.” Too true. She loved it.

And so he had told her a few of his fantasies, and she had listened, flirting with him, enjoying the way he shifted in his seat as she added views of her cleavage to his descriptions.

“I’m starting to think you’re just trying to make it difficult for me to stand up and walk out of here without being noticeably erect.”

She had laughed, and offered to help him take care of whatever difficulties he might be having in that department.

And she had quietly filed away his answers to her question.


The weather was gorgeous. It was a combination of very late summer and very early fall, when the sunshine makes short sleeves comfortable, but standing too long in the shade makes a person want to be wearing something a little more substantial.

They were set to meet at the cabin. Secluded, but with a beautiful view of the lake, it was the perfect kind of weekend getaway to erase the stressors of the work week. They had visited here many times, but usually traveled together. This time she had asked him to drive separately to meet her, making up some excuse that sounded plausible at the time.

She arrived early to get ready, and changed out of her usual jeans to put on a cute skirt – a little bit floaty and coming to just above her knees – along with a button-down shirt and her favorite pair of cowboy bursa escort boots. And then she waited for him to arrive.

The sun was just beginning to set over the lake, turning the sky into a riot of colors streaking the clouds, when he finally pulled up. He parked next to her car, got out, stretched the kinks out of his back and shoulders, and started towards the cabin.

And then stopped in pleased surprise when he saw her coming down the cabin steps.

He made a sound of masculine appreciation, saying, “Well, hello sexy,” as he put his arms around her waist. The kiss was immediately passionate, skipping the preliminaries to get straight to a deep tangling of tongues. His hand slid down to cup her ass, and he broke the kiss to say, “You look fucking amazing.”

“I’m so glad you like it,” she replied. “Did you notice that I took my car through the car wash?”

The non-sequitur seemed so odd, and his brain was so otherwise occupied, that he could only stare at her for a few seconds before saying, “What?”

She smiled, and repeated her question. “My car. Did you notice that I had it washed?” Taking a small step backward, he watched as she walked to the front of her sedan, trailing her hand along the hood. “It’s very clean now,” she added, leaned for a moment against the grill of the car, and then pushed backwards enough to sit on the hood, feet on the bumper.

And, as he continued to stare, she slowly spread her legs.

He swore half under his breath, “Oh, fuck me,” as he rapidly approached her.

“That was the general idea, love.”

His hands made the rapid ascent up the outside of her thighs as he resumed their passionate kiss, and then paused momentarily as he realized her ass was bare. “Oh, fuck, are you kidding me?” He moved his hands over the top of her thighs until his thumbs grazed her trimmed pubic hair, confirming that she was not even wearing a thong. “Fuck,” he said, “I’m so fucking hard. I want to bury my cock in your wet pussy.”

“No,” she said, pushing back to look at him. “Go down on me. Lick me. Right here, right now. Make me cum. I want you.”

“Fuck me,” he swore again, “oh, fuck, yes.” And he pushed her further up on the hood of the car, pushed her bursa escort bayan skirt up around her waist, and pushed his face between her legs to bite at the inside of the top of her thighs.

“Your thighs are so fucking beautiful,” he said between kisses and bites. “I want to leave a mark on you,” more kisses, harder bites, “I’m going to leave my mark on your thigh.” His voice was raspy, passion making his accent thick, and he sucked at a spot right at the top of her right thigh until a small hickey appeared. “Oh, fuck yes,” he whispered, moving finally to his ultimate destination.

Giving oral to an excited woman ranked as one of his greatest pleasures in life. To have his partner lying on her back in such a vulnerable position, yet yearning for his next move… he couldn’t even put into words how that made him feel. And car sex was one of his top fantasies. In the car, on the car… he got hard just thinking about it. To have her offering herself up on the hood of her car was making him crazy before he even started.

Her smell was intoxicating. He tasted her vulva, reveling in the taste and texture as he licked her, beginning at her outer lips, slowly making his way to her inner sanctum. She was already moaning, allowing him to hear her arousal as he thrust his tongue into her, and she shifted, encouraging him to move closer to her clit. He wouldn’t be rushed, though, wanting to slowly build the level of pleasure he was giving her, making her wait long enough to raise her arousal as high as possible before release.

“Oh, God, please!” she begged, and she pressed herself into his face, grinding against him. He moved up finally, licking her clit as she squirmed, moaning and panting. “Fuck! Oh, fuck. Don’t stop!”

As if he would stop before he pushed her over the edge. He sucked on her clitoris, and gently used his teeth as he continued to flick his tongue over her. She was repeating, “Yes! Yes!” as he used the flat of his tongue to lave across her, and she screamed his name into the twilight as she bucked against his face.

He continued to lick her as she came down from her orgasm, reluctant to stop, but she pushed his head away, too sensitive for him to continue. She sat up as he wiped his escort bursa face along her inner thigh, biting down towards her knee as she pushed him further away.

“I want to fuck you.” He kissed her, trying to push her further down against the hood of the car again. “Now. Hard.” She slipped to one side and off of the hood of the car, much to his disappointment.

“Yes, but like this.” She turned to face the car, flipped the back of her skirt up, spread her legs, and bent down across the hood.

“Fuck. Fuck.” He was swearing as he fumbled with his belt, “Oh, for fuck’s sake!” His zipper caught momentarily, and she smiled to herself at his eager frustration. Finally released from its prison, his hard cock pressed against her entrance for just a moment before he shoved hard and pushed his entire length into her in one thrust, holding her hips to pull her against him.

It was her turn to swear, feeling his length fill her, his thickness stretch her. She pressed her hands into the hood of the car, frustrated that there was nothing to grab and hold on to as he started moving, drawing back and thrusting his length into her again. And again.

He was rock hard as he increased speed, moving one hand to press against her back holding her to the hood of the car as he continued to pound into her.

“Fuck me! Oh, yes, fuck me!” She was shouting, and she heard him grunting with exertion, coming closer to his own climax.

He felt his balls contract up towards his body, felt the muscle contractions start that would send him cumming inside her, and he grabbed her hips with both hands again to pull her back into him.

The spasms lasted for what seemed like forever in those moments of release. He bucked into her erratically as his ejaculation subsided, slowly coming down from the high.

“Oh, fuck,” he breathed, resting for a moment with his hands on her back, unwilling to pull his cock from her right away. “That was fucking amazing.”

She pushed backwards to get off of the car, and felt his softening cock slip out of her finally, as her skirt fell back over her ass.

“Christ, that was so fucking good.” His accent was thick, and she smiled and kissed him. “Where did that come from?”

“I knew you would enjoy it,” she replied. “And it’s fun to surprise you every once in a while.”

“Well done, then.” He tucked her into his arms, and said, “Please feel free to surprise me like that any time you’d like.”

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