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I think it’s because I care; that’s why she likes me so much. I could go on and on about how I’m the luckiest guy in the world or a girl like her only comes around once in a lifetime, but that’s boring and cliché. Not to undermine her brilliance or anything though, because she is rather wonderful.

But like I said, I care. When couples plan their weddings, I think all Americans understand as a culture that the woman is supposed to be in charge. She knows what she wants and the man is not to interfere. And don’t get me wrong, Maria was no exception to this stereotype. But I cared about the wedding just as much as she did and I was not about to let the general public’s expectations stop me from offering contributions whenever I happened to have an opinion. Not that my suggestions were ever implemented, but I did care and I’d like to believe Maria appreciated it.

I did manage to convince her of one change though. She had her heart set on having the color scheme consist of pastel yellow and pastel blue. Now, if there is one thing I learned from middle school art class, it’s that a color scheme looks best if there is a neutral color involved. So after a lengthy discussion, I succeeded in convincing her to change to black and a normal light blue instead of that watery pastel stuff.

Not only did these two colors look much better, but it had a dramatic effect on her entrance to the sanctuary. When the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, the pastor, and the audience were mostly dressed in black, the room naturally seemed darker. But when I saw my radiant bride enter the room, dressed all in white, striding gracefully down the aisle toward me, it was almost too much to handle. The sudden brightness of her gown, the most divine of affections splayed across her features, and every moment I had ever shared with this wonderfully fantastic woman drove me to my emotional limit. While I managed to suppress the sobbing, I could not stop the tears of joy suddenly rolling down my face. She believed in the tradition of the groom not being allowed to see the bride before the ceremony, so that was the first I’d seen her in all her resplendence. That was the high point of the ceremony for me. The kiss was nice and all, but we had kissed before and honestly, I couldn’t get the image of her gliding down the aisle toward me out of my mind. I hope I never do.

It happened hours ago, but everything seemed to be on fast forward after we left the altar. The reception hall was literally right across the street so we didn’t need a car ride which meant no alone time. While this was the most pragmatic approach, I think I would have liked just a few minutes alone with her after the ceremony. Alas, I was denied this privilege. Dinner was wonderful though (Maria always knew what she was doing when it came to food) and my little brother teamed up with her older brother to give The Toast to End All Toasts, as we began to call it afterward. As with any good toast, it thoroughly embarrassed Maria and I while still managing to give everyone the feel-good sensations of vicariously experiencing our happiness. Which is a little weird, and one of the reasons I don’t really enjoy attending other people’s weddings.

Then it was time to say good-bye to the hundreds of attendees. Thankfully, many of them were families of their own and one good-bye could cover anywhere from 2 to 6 people. But this reduction was undermined by all the guests that wanted to personalize their good-byes, which turned them into 10 minute manifestos of adulation and well-wishing.

Finally, at ten o’clock, my new bride and I were on our way to my—our—home. I thanked God for giving us the brilliant idea to have our wedding at two in the afternoon. It gave us plenty of time for the ceremony and the reception and the ordeal of talking to family members afterward. The drive home was interesting to say the least. Maria and I spent virtually the entire time laughing. Not that anything in particular struck us as funny, but we just got married! We weren’t coming down from that high for at least a week.

But now we are home. The car is off, but our seat-belts remain buckled. I turn to my darling Maria and look her in the eyes. One of the reasons I absolutely adore this woman is because we are able to communicate so much non-verbally. In that look, I saw the joyous rapture, the eternal gratitude, the weight of the day finally lifted from her shoulders, and… desire?



Never in all my life have I felt this much desire all directed at one very specific—and very tangible—item. I didn’t even know it was possible poker oyna until now. I probably shouldn’t call my new husband an item, but I am a bit overwhelmed with everything that’s happened today, so I’m not sure I care. Thank God everything went smoothly though. If today’s events had not been executed perfectly, I honestly don’t know if I could even enjoy my first night as a married woman.

But I am not going to think about that. I need to focus on the here and now. Tonight is the night Isaac and I are going to begin our lives together as husband and wife. And that, of course, comes with a few traditions I have been looking forward to very, very much. Growing up Lutheran, I have learned to repress my sexual urges. I don’t hold a grudge or anything; I’m actually quite thankful for my Christian upbringing. As I watched my classmates going through the drama of teen pregnancies or even pregnancy scares, I always took solace in the fact that I would not have to worry about having kids until I was married.

But now I am married. Now, I am free. I no longer have to hold back. Isaac and I can move on from the innocent little kisses of dating life. The whole of my sexuality is finally unrestrained. I just hope he can handle it. He looks a bit confused, actually.

“Is everything alright?” I hope I haven’t accidentally just killed the mood.

“Oh, yes, of course!” he replies, slightly flushed. “I honestly have never been happier.” He smiles genuinely. “I’ve just never seen that expression on your face before. Heck, I’m not even sure I can identify it.”

“You’ll have all night to try and figure it out,” I allude, none too subtly. I do love how in tune he is with my emotions. I was doing my absolute best to hide my desire, but he picked up on it so I’m going to roll with it.

“Then why are we still in this car?” he asks with a mischievous grin. With that, we finally start our journey to our home, the final destination being the bedroom. Or anywhere, really… No. Our first night together needs to be in the bedroom, on the bed. There will be plenty of time for creativity in our ensuing years together.

He opens the front door and holds out his arms. Yes! I love this man so much. I leap into Isaac’s arms and he carries me lovingly across the threshold of our home, both of us laughing the entire time. I expect him to set me down in the front room, but instead he carries me all the way up the stairs and into our bedroom, almost as if he knew what I wanted. I have often wondered whether or not he possesses some form of ESP, but in reality, I think he is simply incredibly in tune with my body language and non-verbal cues. I wish I could be the same for him, and hopefully that will come with time.

He sets me down on the bed, and I notice for the first time how damp my underwear are. It startles me at first, but I’ve been aroused before and the feeling isn’t exactly new. Although for the first time in my life, I can do something about it. Even better, I can have my new man do something about it. This realization cranks up my arousal a few clicks. My breathing is becoming heavier and I can feel my skin starting to flush. I wonder if he’ll notice.

“Well, you sound like you’re ready to go,” Isaac teases. He definitely noticed. But I am not about to let his snark get the best of me. Oh, no. I learned how to combat this years ago. A completely calm and rational explanation of whatever he’s mocking usually shuts him up pretty quickly.

“Isaac, I have been repressing almost every sexual and sensual urge that has struck me since I started liking boys—” over-simplifying my diction works too, “—and tonight, I can finally give in to them. That’s nearly ten years of built up tension that is about to be unleashed here very soon. So pardon me if I seem a bit eager.” I’m glad I managed the calm and rational tone, but I don’t know how much longer I can stay in this dress. It’s practically begging to be ripped off of me.

“Hmmm, I see,” he muses. If he doesn’t make a move soon, then God help me I will tie him to this bed. Actually, that’s not a bad idea…


As much as I want to drag this out and build the anticipation, I don’t want to go so far as to ruin the mood. And good heavens she sounds like she’s in heat. I need to cash in on this fervor now.

“Ok, you got me. But first we need to get you out of that dress.” The fire in her eyes had been there since we left the car, but I swear steam blew out of her ears at that remark. Immediately, she begins frantically undressing. I watch her heels fly across the room, her veil haphazardly canlı poker oyna tossed onto the vanity.

“Whoa, whoa slow down there.” Betrayal and puzzlement cross her face. “I said we. Sit down.” The realization breaks and she follows my orders. I slowly lift her dress, never severing eye contact. Goodness, she’s practically shaking. I peel off her hose one gorgeous leg at a time and toss them over my shoulder. I can feel the heat radiating from under her dress and as badly as I want to go in now, I know I would have trouble breathing. So instead, I take her hands and bring her to her feet. Once spun around, I slowly undo the zipper to loosen the dress. I let it fall to her feet and she steps out, like butterfly emerging from her chrysalis. All that’s left now are her undergarments which, despite their plain nature, are the most enticing of all.

“Wait,” she says and stays my hand. “You are a bit overdressed for this.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I kick off my shoes then hold out my arms, and she immediately starts on my tux shirt and jacket. I have never been undressed before and I must say, it’s an odd sensation. I hope I’ll have more opportunities to acclimate myself with it.

“Slow down! I don’t want to sew these buttons back on!”

“I’ll sew them back on right now if that’s the only thing on your mind.”

There is no stopping Maria now. I throw up my hands in mock defeat, which actually helps her pull off my shirt and jacket. I fall back on the bed and almost make a similar comment while she tears my pants and socks off. It’s probably for the best because any words would have been smothered by my beautiful and extremely eager bride. I barely have time to react. She is all over me, passionately kissing every part of me she can reach. I bring my mouth to hers and she abrasively engages my tongue in a one-on-one battle with hers. Meanwhile, her hips are grinding my pelvis so hard I’m afraid she’s going to hurt herself. But after getting to know Maria over the past five years, I’d leave it to her to blur the line between pleasure and pain.

“Isaac, please,” she begs breathily. “Get this stuff off me.” I can only assume she means her bra and panties, the latter of which look quite damp. I start with those because they don’t have an infamous clasp known for its perplexity. Phew she is in heat. I never realized just how intoxicating a woman can become when she’s in the mood. I toss the panties aside, but make a mental check of where they land. I know I’ll want to revisit them later. Maria turns her back to me so I can have a clear shot at the clasp. Bless her. Obviously, she knows how much they can stymie beginners. I quickly examine the mechanism and unhook it with ease, pleasantly surprised. Still turned away from me, Maria slowly lowers the garment from her shoulders and tosses it aside as well. She is now fully nude and the anticipation is killing me!

“Are you ready?” Ugh, she is such a tease. I think I’ll turn the tables on her. Instead of answering, I hug her from behind and cup her in my hands. The sharp intake of breath tells me I succeeded in catching her off guard, and she hardens instantly under my palms. She adapts quickly and places her hands atop my own, breathing erratically the whole time. But that isn’t enough for Maria; she shrugs me off and throws herself onto the bed, face up. I can’t help but follow her one beckoning finger, though my eyes linger over her nearly steaming sex. When I get close enough, she grabs me plants an especially long kiss on my lips. Then she looks directly in my eyes and guides my head down to her newly exposed bosom. I have been dreaming of this moment since I asked her to marry me.

Still not breaking eye contact, I slowly exhale onto her right breast. I know her hormones are in overdrive, but she must also be sensitive in this area because that sent her eyes fluttering back into her head and caused the first moans of pleasure to escape her lips. I haven’t even made contact yet! But her nudity has fueled my passion as well, so I waste no time in kissing her incredibly erect breast. She wails, high in her vocal register. She wraps her legs around me and grinds into my abs as I begin softly sucking on my prize. More wailing. And she places a hand on the back of my head to keep me rooted in the source of her pleasure. Oh! Ow! She’s digging into my back with the nails of her other hand! It hurts, but I think I like it.

I do like it. I can feel her sexual energy flowing from her fingernails into me. I need more. I open wider and take more of her breast into my mouth. Maria moans louder and rewards internet casino me by dragging her nails across my back. Oh, this is euphoric. I don’t even try to repress the shiver that runs through me. I lift my head to give equal affection to the other breast, but quickly replace my mouth with my hand. Her breasts are so perfect, and I don’t care how cliché that is. I know she has always yearned for bigger, but I am enamored with her precious A cups. Mental note: tell Maria that afterward…


This is infinitely better than anything I could have ever imagined.

AH! Oh dear, I am going to break Isaac’s ribs I am squeezing him so hard.

This is too much. I need a break.

“Isaac, wait.” I gently unravel myself from around his form.

“Is everything alright? I thought you were enjoying this,” he says, genuine concern and perplexity in his eyes.

“Oh no, I was! So much…” I’m starting to feel dizzy. “I am a little lightheaded, though.”

“Water?” he asks and hands me a bottle.

“Where did this come from?”

“I put them here earlier today. The internet says to stay hydrated while… consummating marriages,” he says and winks at me. I hadn’t even noticed the water bottles on the end table. He opens the second and takes a long drink and I follow suit. Yep, that was it; my lightheadedness is subsiding. God, thank you for this man. He thinks of everything.

“I love you, Isaac.” I look directly in his eyes, as deeply as I possibly can.

“I love you more,” he retorts with a grin. Oh so that’s the game he wants to play.

“You sure about that?” I ask, standing. I push Issac onto his back and yank his boxers down off his legs. Now we’re finally both nude. I pull Isaac to his feet and push him up against the wall and hold him there. He winces. Good. I start with a barrage of kisses, mostly on his lips, but a couple stray to his jawline and neck. Oh my, his cock feels so good straining against my cunt.

Wait, cock? Cunt? Who am I? Oh, I don’t care; all I know is I want Isaac inside me right now. I have never let these urges progress this far and it’s probably good that I didn’t. This is intense.

I reach down and grab his engorged member to guide it into me. Isaac seemed sheepish when he first told me how small he was, although I was too when I told him my bra size. I certainly don’t see any problem though; it’s longer than all my longest finger and at least twice as wide. I stop my kissing and look into his eyes, the same way he did to me earlier. Our breathing is ragged and he gives me a slight nod.

I ease him into me, which hurts slightly, and continue the kisses. After I get past the head, the rest slides in easier. Ohhh, this is so good. I have to stop kissing so I can breathe. When he is all the way inside me, both of our knees give out. Luckily, we’re still leaning on the wall and that helps keep us up.

I don’t know how Isaac feels, but this is fairly awkward. I push off of the wall, but keep him pressed against and inside me. Thank God we are nearly the same height, else this might not work. I quickly but carefully lift a leg and wrap it around Isaac’s back.

“Ahhhh,” I can’t help but moan. This position is so much better. I can feel something building inside me. It feels like a balloon swelling up and the bigger it gets, the better it feels. I am grinding Isaac’s cock so feverishly; he moans and says, “Yes! Oh yes, Maria!” in response. Both of my arms are wrapped around him and digging into his back; his arms are wrapped around me too, keeping me pressed as close to him as possible. Each of our heads over the other’s shoulder. We are building toward something big. Orgasm! That’s what’s coming! I can’t even tell where I end and Isaac begins anymore. This pressure inside me is mounting. Both of us are screaming. Oh this will be intense. I don’t know where we are or when we are or if there will ever be anything other than this ecstasy. The balloon is going to burst! I’m going to explode!

“AHH! YES! YES, YES, YES!” we both scream together. Oh! I think—I am—oh! I can feel Isaac’s explosion inside of me.

“ughhh…” I shudder. My knees give out again, but Isaac catches me and keeps us both from collapsing. I’m still shaking as he slides out of me, the sensation causing an aftershock which is almost as intense.

Isaac lifts me up and carries me over to the bed. He sets me down gently and then lies down next to me. I curl up next to him.

“I love you, Maria.” I can feel his deep voice vibrating through the mattress. I smile and snuggle closer to him.

“I love you more.” While we aren’t making eye contact, I can imagine him rolling his eyes.

“Ok, I deserve that.”

“You certainly do.” I look up with a smile and we kiss. “Mmm, a girl could get used to this.”

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