His Himalayas, Her eyes , the Snow

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It was 3.30 in the morning. It must be a – 40 degrees outside, but inside their tent, it had been a night of heat. Cozy and Comfortable inside the tent – his tent, his sleeping bag. Which she noticed now was made for a couple. Did he plan it all along? Pulling the wool wrap over her shoulder she picked up the smokes, lighter and unzipped the tent. To walk barefoot on the soft snow, that is what she had dreamt of doing before joining this trek. While the white of the snow peaked Himalayas glowed against a black night sky. While the galaxies glowed pink and purple with a silver shine of stars spread overhead. She wanted to lie down, sinking in the snow, fresh flakes falling on her cheeks. But in her dreams she were alone.

They were camping for the night, the morning would require them to continue the climb. After a day of such intense trekking on the peak, the buzz offered by alcohol in the blood was hugely comforting. Around the blazing bonfire, music ensued, glasses clanked and friendships kindred. But not between the quite bespectacled chubby girl on her first trek and the rugged tanned man in dark denim, obviously used to trekking the wildest terrain! His eyes had watched her erect her tent with difficulty but great enthusiasm. She poured over the instructions and smiled for the tips from the guide, he knew she wouldn’t be needing the tent. His eyes watched her as she sat around the fire swaying to the guitar being played. There was another tune playing in his head. He knew she was on her 4th drink, and she smoked a bit along with a few other men.

As the group got rowdy and the conversations murkier, the smokes began to change their flavor. The drinks got heavier, the crowd thinned away into the colorful tents erected around in the snow. He sat bursa escort down next to her, did he spot a glimpse of discomfort in the big round eyes? Soon they were the only ones sitting there. Only then did he pull out his intoxicant. The whole evening he’d sat neither eating nor drinking and here he was finally giving in to the blue smoke. She watched like a child watching their teacher, like a god his arms flexed over the earthen smoke pipe. She had possibly never seen those being smoked.

“She has probably never seen a man without his clothes either,” he thought. They sat there in silence, they sat there in absolute awe of each other. Later she’d realize, she just didn’t know what made her stay. Neel was a walking example of everything women like her steered clear of. And yet she stayed back. The fire was dying out, the breeze was picking up. So much so, that one could hear the whistling in the peaks. After a good 20 minutes of sitting in silence, he passed her the pipe. She copied his stance, the exact way he smoked. She really was taking in a lot of him to her heart tonight. A few puffs, a few coughs.

“What is this thing?” she asked in between uncomfortable coughs. “Heaven” was the first word Neel uttered to her presence. She smoked some more. The fire was almost out by now. “Shall we?” He asked. “You’ll catch a cold” He added. Helping her up to her feet and picking up her belongings he walked towards his tent. She followed, eager, apprehensive, curious, excited. A raging lovemaking continued into the early hours of the morning. Until they both had dozed off, Neel still over her, covering her against the chill. Intoxicated sex has few equals when it comes to pleasure.

In his coat that reached her knees, she was lighting a cigarette as bursa escort bayan Neel emerged outside. Picking up the warmers he closed the tent behind. He reached over her waist, crushing her against his bare chest.

“Madwoman, you’ll freeze for a cigarette?”

“No, I will freeze for this view”. Did she mean these mighty mountains or his strong chest? She couldn’t say for sure. He knew she was falling in love with his home.

They sat over the chilling snow, crushed together in a sleeping bag. She smoked. He waited. Everyone else slept away soundly. He was tracing a pattern up her bare legs. Now that they were sober – somewhat, and quite awake, the thought of walking back into the tent sent shivers down her spine. Or was it just the chilling breeze? The darkening clouds in his eyes sure blew away the thoughts of the breeze or the landscape. Butting away the half-finished smoke, she took his hand. Getting up, his grip on her waist held strong, suggestive, stimulating. It was warm enough inside that she shouldn’t be shaking while he pulled the coat off her shoulders. Baring her skin to his intense gaze. The lamp seemed to make it glow. The lamp seemed to emit magic. He removed aside his track pants. Pulling her close. She took in what she had missed to the darkness of the night. The blue tattoo, the medallion, a couple of scars that hid stories. She’d hear them, but later. She closed the distance, shifting uncomfortably close. Close enough to kiss, close enough to feel his thickness getting harder against her legs. Just as he bent in to reach her, she playfully jerked herself away. Did she see the shadow of a smile of slight amusement? The shadow grew into a look of annoyance, as she dodged him for the second time. The third miss and before escort bursa she knew it, he was on top of her. Before her playful smile could subside, she was crushed upon him. One strong hand pinned her arms at the small of her back. The other slightly chilling palm found his way amid her entangled hair, holding her face rightly in his gaze, To kiss. To kiss again. And once again. “Where do you want to turn away now ha?”

“Nowhere away, Neel!”

She caught the flicker of an amused smile, before his gorgeous face buried in her shoulder. Kissing. “Then”. Kiss. “Don’t”. Kiss. “Move”. Kiss. “Away”. With every word her breath got slower; he moved down, one sensitive spot to the next. Their palms were sweaty by the time he let go of her wrists, pink under his clutch. Blood rushed back to her veins and her fingers gripped through his thick hair. She was aware of her body like never before. Every kiss, every touch tantalizing her senses. He pressed into her. His lips caressed her feminity, his tongue worked a magic of its own. Deep eyes bored into her pushing her farther into oblivion. She shut her eyes looking into his gorgeous ones, she let out a final squeal of pleasure when his maleness entered her, overflowing her senseless. Their sweaty palms entwined, they struck a rhythm;of romancing each other’s bodies; of pushing the other one out of the reality. In that dim light of the ensuing dawn they came, together. Crashing into eachother, washed with the juices of sheer esctacy. They lay in each other’s embrace, spent. They clutched at eachother, too afraid to move, to break the spell.

Later through the day, she walked up the mountain, looking at his back as they were tied upon the same rope. Despite the snow all around her cheeks flushed pink. The others an irrelevant chatter from a different world. When he glanced down at her, he saw the heat, still alive on her skin.

There had been nothing separating them last night, There was something tying them together that very moment!

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