His Problem Solved Ch. 02

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Copyright 2005 by ‘JollyRancher’ (all rights reserved)

This story contains explicit descriptions of various sexual acts between a man and wife. If you are underage, or if it illegal for you to read such material, please exit now.


Jim and his wife put some of the doctor’s techniques into practice. This accounting will make a lot more sense if you read chapter one as it explains the WHY as well as the WHAT. You may find some of the doctor’s techniques disgusting and perverted, then again, maybe not, but so far Pam and Jim are quite pleased.

If you are offended by stories containing piss play (including ingestion), oral/anal play (including ingestion of feces), anal dilation and penetration of the urethra by devices, then this story is not for you. If you continue on, rest assured that it is all fiction, well, maybe part of it and the characters are not intended to portray any person, living or deceased.


It had been a strange day, a strange week for that matter. After months of not being able to reach an orgasm by any means, not only had I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life, my wife and I had been exposed to some aspects of sex that we had never dreamed of.

Not only had we done some things that a week ago we would have thought too kinky or perverted, Pam discovered that, for the first time in our lives, she enjoyed taking the lead. Little did I know that Dr. Williams had created a monster!

As I drove home, I basked in the afterglow of the relief that I had been given. Even though we had showered afterwards, I could feel a little of the lube seeping out of my ass and when I scrunched my anal muscles they reminded me that they had been dilated by Pam’s fingers… and I had loved it!

Pam had been thumbing through the literature we had been given so I was not paying that much attention as I drove, until I heard her give a little moan. When I looked over at her, I saw that she had unbuttoned all the buttons on her blouse and was busy pinching and rolling her nipples. I hadn’t even realized that she had not put her bra back on when we dressed.

It was not unusual for her to display a little cleavage when we went out, but now her blouse was open and her breasts in view to anyone who cared to look inside the car. Fortunately we were only a few blocks from home, but in that short amount of time my cock took an interest. Thankfully there were no neighbors out and about because when I pulled up in the garage, she didn’t even wait for me to close the door, she got out without pulling her blouse closed and walked around behind the car and into the house.

By the time I got the car squared away and gathered up the materials we had been given and made way in the house, she was no where to be seen. I dumped the stuff on the coffee table and walked to the bedroom to get my comfy clothes on.

I expected her to be in the bathroom, but when I entered the bedroom I found her lying on the bed, completely naked. She smiled at me, gave me one of those ‘come here’ motions with her finger, and said; “Now it’s MY turn.”

I was out of my clothes in a flash and on the bed with her. It was my intent to lay down next to her, but before I could, she pushed me back and said, “not here, THERE,” pointing between her legs.

As I mentioned before, she had never been bashful in the bedroom, but her taking charge was a new concept. Who was I to complain, so I moved down between her legs as she spread them open.

I had gotten a look this morning, and again in the doctor’s office, at her smooth pussy but had not been allowed to touch it. Now I openly took in every detail as I laid down with it inches from my eyes.

So soft and smooth, like a newborn, I reached out with my tongue and gave it a tentative lap. Pam is one of those ladies whose outer lips close leaving only a slit, hiding the treasures beyond. Hiding them, that is, until something like a tongue begins to open it up.

Evidence of her arousal was plain to see as I hooked my arms under her legs and raised them up, her juices were running out of her vagina and trickling down between her cheeks. I lightly touched my tongue at very bottom where her juices were leaking out and traced upward all the way to the top. Then I repeated that motion, applying a little more pressure and making her lips part slightly.

As I dragged my tongue from bottom to top a third time, her outer lips had opened enough for just the tip to contact her inner lips and I felt her tremble. Slowly but surely I kept forcing more and more of my tongue in until it was parting her inner lips as well and brushing over her clit, now protruding from its protective hood.

The heady odor of her vaginal secretions was turning me on and I scooted forward just a little more, using my arms to raise her legs even farther and allowing me to move my hands around to reach her pussy. I raised my head up enough to focus my eyes as I used my thumbs to spread poker oyna her lips wide open. With no hair to block my view, it was as if I was looking on it for the first time.

Every minute detail was clearly visible, her clit peaking out, the inner lips flowering open, her vulva gaping open and even her little pisshole was visible. I don’t recall ever actually looking at that part of her, at least in a sexual way.

I lowered my head again and inserted my tongue as far up inside her as I could; it was immediately coated with the juices that I had grown to love. Then I slid my slick tongue up between her lips until I reached her clit and flicked it gently, resulting in another shiver and little moan.

I could feel her tensing up as I continued swabbing her sensitive clit, but I couldn’t resist and slipped the tip down just a little until it was touching the urethral opening, causing her to shudder and gasp. I was curious if I could cause the same response that she had elicited earlier from me as she worked over the opening of my cock.

As I flicked the tip of my tongue rapidly back and forth over the little opening, she started thrashing around and crying, ” YES, YES, oh PLEASE!”

Her entire pelvic region began to vibrate, but I was still caught off-guard as the first spurt of her hot piss erupted into my mouth. I swallowed immediately and it was replaced with another. I had heard her urinate many times and it was always a steady, full flow, but now it was coming in individual spurts. Each time my tongue would zero in on her little hole, another blast would gush out, forcing me to swallow in great gulps to keep up.

I was determined to drink her dry, as she had done me, so I persisted even though I was starting to wonder if I could. Finally the portions dwindled in volume, then stopped altogether. I could still feel the little hole pulsating as I held my tongue against it, savoring the unfamiliar taste and knowing that this was something I would want again.

I had every intention of paying some attention to her asshole as well, but I made the mistake of moving back to her clit. As soon as I fastened my lips around it and sucked gently, she screamed and exploded in orgasm, bucking so violently that I could hardly stay with her and soaking my chin and the sheets with her sweet discharge.

Each time I sucked softly on her clit, another spasm would hit her and I lost count of how many times she came. Finally she just collapsed back onto the bed and sighed deeply. I left my position between her legs and lay down beside her, kissing her gently and brushing her hair out of her eyes. There were many things to discuss and new adventures to pursue, but they would have to wait… both of us fell into a deep sleep in just a few minutes.

While it was not unusual for us to take naps, old people tend to do that; it was seldom that they lasted for more than an hour or so. As I lay there, waiting on my mind to clear, I looked at the clock and could hardly believe that it was after six… I had been asleep for four hours!

I also became conscious of a taste lingering in my mouth. I extended my tongue and licked around my lips, finding them caked with her vaginal secretions and I imagined that my face looked like I had been eating a glazed donut. In addition there was a reminder of what I had drank so eagerly from her bladder, a tangy, salty taste, and my mind recalled the erotic sensation of her piss gushing into my mouth.

Thirst, and the need to relieve my own bladder, finally drove me out of bed. As I stood at the toilet I automatically reached to retract my foreskin as I had always done then remembered this morning and left it down. I quickly discovered that the feeling, as well as the sight, of my piss hosing out of my foreskin was very erotic, and I tried to imagine what it must have felt like to Pam this morning as she held it between her lips and received my offering through it. When I was finished, old habits took over and I retracted it and washed thoroughly. While there, I also washed my face and brushed my teeth before going to find out where she was.

The house was completely quiet as I padded through it, finally discovering her in the computer room, her attention focused on the monitor. My heart did a little flip-flop when I realized that she was sitting there completely naked! I crept up silently behind her and she gave a start when I put my hands on her shoulders. The monitor screen was filled with text that she was reading and when she leaned her head back I looked down and noticed that her skin was flushed and her nipples were erect.

I was trying to discern what she was reading that had caused such a reaction when she stood up and moved around and embraced me in a hug, then said, “I can’t believe the last couple of days, I haven’t been so excited in years!”

I had to agree with her on that, then without breaking our embrace she went on to explain that she had only slept for an hour and since then had been looking at canlı poker oyna some of the websites suggested by Dr. Williams, including the one she was on now, a site called ” that was mostly stories about people’s experiences and fantasies.

I loosened our clench enough to place my hands on either side of her face and as I looked deeply into her eyes I said, “Remember how we felt when we first got married… how excited we were as we discovered each other sexually…how much fun it was to discover new ways of giving pleasure… well, I feel much the same way right now.” “In fact,” I continued, “I think that you should get cleaned up and dressed and let me take you out to celebrate and I want you to think about where you would like to take me for our second honeymoon.”

For a few seconds she had a puzzled look on her face, then it dissolved into a big smile and I hoped that it meant that she had caught the double meaning of my suggestion. We parted and I saw a twinkle in her eyes that hadn’t been there in a long time, then she stuck her fingers in the waistband of the boxers I had put on out of habit, pulled it out as far as she could and let it snap back against my belly and said, “These aren’t going to make it, buster,” and turned on her heels and padded off toward the bathroom.

I watched her tight asscheeks until she rounded the corner, then I looked down at my plaid boxers and came to the conclusion that they probably weren’t the sexiest of attire. I was ready to go and sipping at some unbruised Maker’s Mark when she came gliding into the room wearing one of her favorite dresses. It was teal blue and one of those that could be either quite stylish or downright revealing depending on HOW she wore it and what she wore underneath.

“Take me to Gino’s,” she said. That was fine with me as that was one of our favorite Italian restaurants, but I couldn’t quite figure out if she was asking me to take her there… or telling me to.

The place was crowded, but we were seated after just a few minutes. Her dress had sort of a scoop-neck and rather large arm holes and the fact that she was not wearing a bra was plainly obvious to the man that seated us because as he stood behind her, holding her chair, she shrugged her shoulders a little causing her top to fall away from her breasts. He didn’t miss the show and I didn’t miss the smile and the wink.

Over dessert she revealed that she wanted to go to Hawaii, but did not want to stay in a room. Her suggestion of a beachfront bungalow sounded inviting to me as well and I figured what the hell, we can afford it and we can’t take it with us so why not? She also said that we needed to talk about where we were going. I didn’t catch it at first and mumbled something about going to Hawaii and she laid her hand on top of mine and said, “No, not that… we need to talk about this week and where we go from here.”

She was right, of course. I have always been the impetuous one and she the one who thought things through.

It had been an intense day, but after a good meal and a generous foray into the bottle of wine we had purchased on the way home, we had both mellowed out and just enjoyed snuggling together on the couch. I knew that we really needed to talk, and so did she, but neither of us could quite figure out how to start the conversation.

Finally she took my hand and raised it to her lips and kissed it gently, then said, “So what are your thoughts… how do you feel about the last few days?”

I had difficulty finding appropriate words, but managed to say that while the jury was still out, I had certainly enjoyed it and she responded with, “All of it… everything that we did?”

The events of the last few days were rushing through my mind, but I answered that I had found what we had done to be highly erotic and exciting. I could tell that my general answers were not what she wanted to hear because she started asking more questions… point blank!

“Did you like it when I drank your piss, and you drank mine?”

“Did you enjoy having my tongue in your ass?”

“Did you think it was hot when I kissed you with my shit-covered tongue?”

“Did you like my fingers in your ass?”

I was still having problems giving more than one-word answers, but they had all been in the affirmative. By then she seemed agitated and took my head and turned it to face her and said, “Damn it, tell me what you are thinking!”

I finally screwed up my courage and started, and when I did, the words just kept coming. Once I started confessing what my feelings truly were it was like I couldn’t shut it off, all my cards were hitting the table.

“Yes, I loved feeling my piss being sucked out through my foreskin and while it wasn’t as intense as the orgasm that followed, it was like a continuous cum. When your tongue was between my foreskin and cockhead it was so sensitive that I wanted you to stop, and wanted you to NEVER stop.”

“Yes, I had enjoyed your tongue in my ass.” “I have never experienced internet casino something so depraved, yet so exciting and while I was worried about not being clean, once your tongue started up inside me, I didn’t care… I just wanted more!”

“Yes, when you kissed me, it took a bit for me to figure out what I was tasting, but when the realization hit me, instead of being repulsed it created an instant desire.”

“Yes, I liked your fingers in my ass and rubbing my prostate, I have never cum that hard in my life and it seemed like the more you rubbed on it, the better got… but I loved the feeling of my asshole being stretched out almost as much as my prostate being massaged.”

I guess that I had been afraid of telling her my real feelings, worried that she would think that I was a old pervert and be disgusted by my revelations, but once I got started I experienced a great relief that it was finally out in the open.

I was holding my breath, waiting on her response, but instead of saying anything she pulled me to her and kissed me deeply. When we parted, there were tears in her eyes that matched my own. She had been as worried about how I felt as I had been about her.

In the hours that followed we talked absolutely candidly and honestly and basically set up some ground rules for the rest of our lives. Foremost, we agreed that neither of us wanted to bring others into our relationship, nor was there an interest in whips or chains or anything that would cause damage or injury. Except for occasional playtime scenarios, neither would be dominate, but rather, our sex life as well as our personal lives would be a partnership… each free to suggest new things, indulge in things already tried and accepted, and free to call a halt to anything at any time.

It had been a long time since we went to sleep in each other’s arms instead of on our own sides of the bed. As I waited on sleep to overtake, visions of things to come, things I wanted to experience filled my mind.

I managed to slip out of bed the next morning without waking Pam. I reached for my boxers and was ready to step into them when her words the previous day came to mind so I wadded them up and tossed them in the trash basket beside the bed. I needed to go shopping, but what to wear till then? I considered just going naked, then remembered something that I had received, as a joke, on my birthday. I slipped the dresser drawer open and sure enough, there it was in the back… a three-pack of thong underwear.

I had never even opened the package, but after stealthing out of the bedroom and closing the door I tore it open and held one up. Nothing but a little pouch in the front and a strap in the back and it felt like I was wearing nothing when I had slipped a pair on. When I spread my asscheeks a little, though, the strap in back settled between them and came to rest directly on my asshole. I only took a few steps until it dawned on me why some ladies preferred them; the narrow strap rubbing on my hole was nice.

After building a pot of coffee, I retired to the computer room and logged on to our favorite travel agent’s site and perused the listings. One jumped out at me as being exactly what we wanted so I called him for the details. I knew that his office wasn’t open so I called on his mobil phone and asked if it was still available. He said that it was, but wouldn’t last. He had had a cancellation but the drawback was that we would have to leave tomorrow. I told him to grab it and we would be ready. I could hardly wait to tell Pam.

While I was there, I decided to check out some of the websites that Pam had visited while I napped. I pulled up the history file and started going to some of them. Most were of the information type and dealt with everything from ‘normal’ sex to some of the things Dr. Williams had introduced us to. I noticed that there was one that she had gone back to three times so I clicked on it.

That site dealt with anal sex in all it’s varied forms, including anal intercourse, analingus, fingering and toy insertion. There was even a section on enema play and another on anal fisting.

The call of nature interrupted my browsing, but even as I sat on the throne my mind was going over what I had read so far. Dr. Williams had told us that there was no danger in ingesting each other’s piss, as long as neither had any kind of infection, but had not gone into detail about feces. The article said that although there was some danger of infection, it was minimal and many chose to accept the risk, feeling that the pleasure was worth it.

I had never considered taking a dump as an erotic event, but this time I paid attention as I felt my anus being stretched open by last night’s dinner. Her fingers had felt good going in and now that big fat one stirred similar emotions as it eased it’s way out and I wondered if that little used dildo of Pam’s would feel good too.

As I stood up after finishing my business, I couldn’t help but look as I reached for the handle and made the observation that what I had deposited was easily larger in diameter than my cock and as I slipped the little thong back into place my cock did a better job of filling out the front.

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